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How To Flirt With A Guy In Person Or Over Text: 7 Super Genius Tips

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Looking for tips on how to flirt with a guy in person or over text? Check the post below to find the 7 best genius tips to help you flirt with guys correctly and get the boy to like you back.

Flirting with a guy is one of the most useful ways to make a guy like you. But how should you flirt with a guy so that he can like you more without being obvious or awkward?

Flirting with a guy does not only require courage. Without skills, there will be a dead end.

Today, we are here to share with you how to flirt with guys to achieve your goal.

how to flirt with a guy in person

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This post is all about how to flirt with a guy in person.




1. Start with praises

In fact, many girls praise boys in the wrong way.

You can’t praise him in the same way as you praise your good friends.

You can find a specific point on him. Especially those points that the guy is very concerned about.

For example, some guys like to play basketball, and you can say: You really like basketball. I also hope to have the same hobby.

Complimenting his hobby is more impressive than praising his handsomeness or body.


2. Physical contact

Be bold, and don’t be afraid to make physical contact with guys.

For example, if he tells a funny joke, you can tilt your body slightly toward him while laughing. Then, he will think you are cute when you touch him.

At the same time, physical contact also gives the guy a signal that you accept physical contact with him. So he can feel this signal from you.

how to flirt with guys


3. Whenever you appear in front of him, don’t forget your smile

Even if what he says is not so funny sometimes, you can laugh appropriately.

At least you can face him with a smile.

This way, he will feel that you will bring him happiness and also get you happiness.

So he will relax and be confident in front of you.

We all like to be with people who make us relaxed and confident.

So does he.


4. Try to challenge him

You can try to play some small jokes with him or start some small challenges. This way, he will give you more attention.

For example, if a boy likes to play basketball and obviously you can’t beat him, you can tell him to play with him.

Guys will think you are cute and begin to pay particular attention to you.

Paying particular attention to a person is often the beginning of liking a person.

how to flirt with a guy over text




5. Lower your expectations, and always be confident

Getting someone to like you is not something that will succeed soon.

So don’t show upset or even angry expressions and actions just because one or two of your attempts didn’t work. This will scare the guy away.

Even if you are not very confident when facing him, you must pretend to be confident in front of him.

Ways to quickly help you show a confident look include widening your eyes, keeping your smile, keeping your back straight, slowing down your feet, and slowing down your speech.

Then confide your grievances and anger to your best friend, or write it down in your diary, and hide your feelings in your private place.

Please don’t show it in front of him.


6. Make him have the illusion and fantasy of “love” when chatting with you

When we have feelings for a person, we are not so sure about our feelings.

In fact, the boundary between likes and dislikes is often not so obvious.

Therefore, to make a guy like you, you can add emotional elements when chatting with him.

When chatting, you can try to move closer to the topic of love, no matter what topic you are actually talking about.

For example, if you are talking about history, you can talk about the marriage system’s development.

If you are talking about the economy, you can talk about dealing with the small family economy between husband and wife.

If you are talking about a writer you like, you can talk about his opinions on love.

People will have a sense of identity substitution when chatting.

Thus, incorporating a discussion of intimacy into your chatting will make the guy subtly have a romantic identity substitution.

And he will feel romantic feelings when staying with you.

how to flirt with a guy in person


7. After you are more familiar with each other, suddenly start talking about some sexy topics

You can suddenly start flirting with a guy when you talk about other topics smoothly.

You can suddenly ask some flirty questions to him when you are talking about any serious topic.

Believe me; this will speed up his heartbeat.

Your expression can still be normal, but your words can be bold and sexy.

Suddenly using some flirty questions, this technique is also applicable when flirting with a guy over text.

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This post was all about how to flirt with a guy in person.


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