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How To Get Rid Of Pimples Overnight

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Want to know how to get rid of pimples overnight? Check the below post for the best tips to get rid of pimples and get clear skin.

how to get rid of pimples overnight

Today, I’m talking about the acne pimple problem plaguing many people, like me, who have been growing acne since puberty.

I used to be thinking that acne was just common in puberty, and I didn’t pay much attention to it. I could eat spicy foods and drink and stay up late to study very hard. As everyone knows, these are all causes of acne.

Besides, because I did not have a comprehensive understanding of this aspect, there was also a period of medicine misuse. As a result, the acne did not heal, but it again turned me into sensitive skin and caused damage. Now I regret it.

I think you may be the same as me. If you have acne, you will squeeze it, and then there will be dense acne marks on your face.

Now I don’t have a large acne area anymore, except during the period or under stress. I sometimes get a few acne from time to time. The rest of the time, I have mastered the methods and dealt with the acne pimples successfully.

So today, I want to share my experience on fast acne removal to help you out!

From this post, you will know how to get rid of pimples overnight and how to how to remove pimples naturally and permanently at home.

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This post is all about how to get rid of pimples overnight.



How does acne develop?

If you want to know why you have acne, you need to understand how the acne develops.

We must start with the “whiteheads and blackheads” in its previous life to talk about acne formation.

To put it simply, our skin depends on the sebaceous glands to secrete oil. Still, due to various influences, the sebaceous glands secrete too much oil.

When the oil flows out, it will be mixed with the dander produced by the hair follicles, and it will be stirred up like a snowball, and then it will cause a traffic jam.

Those greases stuck inside and cannot get out of the air have formed whiteheads. Those who finally run outside are stuck and exposed to oxygen and become blackheads gradually.

But no matter what the situation is, it is already a fact that the pores are blocked. At this time, the microorganisms in the skin (Propionibacterium acnes) are eating and drinking (sebum and dead cells), and they start to party…

What’s even more hateful is that this microorganism can also make the sebaceous glands continue to produce food. As a result, the blockage is getting more and more serious.

Of course, the situation is so serious. Our body’s defense mechanism is started!

There is war, and there will be damage. The leader “macrophages” will damage the skin in the process. The enemy is wiped out, but the skin is also recruited, and acne appears.

Because the war is too fierce, the blood vessels that transmit will expand accordingly, so the acne that grows is painful and red. And it will turn into “pus.”

In the process of “fighting,” the original whiteheads and blackheads will turn into pustules. If they are more serious, they will become nodules and cysts.

The above is the process of forming acne.


What is the cause of acne?

Why do you get acne repeatedly?

1. Internal factors

  • Heredity

In genetic studies, some genes for sex hormone metabolizing enzymes are closely related to acne’s increased susceptibility.

  • Androgen

Androgens are one of the leading causes of repeated acne.

To a certain extent, the secretion of androgens will promote more oil in the sebaceous glands, which will also cause the hair follicles to continue to dander.

Even if many girls have passed puberty, acne still emerges in an endless stream. Especially in our period, acne grows wildly, and the main reason is the stimulation of androgens.

  • Mental stress

If androgens are the culprit, then the mental stress is helping the evil. If the mental stress is too high, the androgens will continue to soar, providing fertilizer for acne.

2. External factor

  • Environment

The environment includes environmental pollution, temperature changes, and sinful ultraviolet rays. They all irritate the skin to a certain extent, causing the sebaceous glands to flow oil and clogging the pores continuously.

  • Diet

For acne skin, sugar and dairy products are also the causes.

They will use various methods to induce insulin to rise and resist. Under the riot of insulin, they will activate androgens, promote the secretion of oil, and return to the androgen point I just mentioned.

So many times, those girls who don’t know why they have acne, please restrain yourself and stop eating sweet food first.

  • Cosmetic

Everyone knows that if the makeup is not removed entirely and the makeup remains on the skin, it will also cause clogged pores and form whiteheads and blackheads.


How to treat your acne-prone skin?

1.Use Acne Pimple Healing Patch

In fact, the most basic and most important thing to treat acne is not to aggravate the condition of acne.

Many girls can’t control their hands after getting acne. They touch and squeeze them. Whether it is a secondary wound infection or squeezing blocked oil into the dermis, it will directly cause the acne to spread.

Therefore, the safest and most effective method is to fully isolate the skin on your hands from the external environment, which is to use acne patches.

The principle of this product is simple. Skin is the first and most important barrier structure of the human body. An acne patch is like a piece of artificial skin, replacing the broken barrier, reducing the external environment’s irritation to the wound, and helping the body quickly recover health.

But there are several precautions for the use of acne patch:

  • An acne patch can only help small areas of acne heal. Long-term and large acne should be treated with more comprehensive care.
  • An acne patch is more suitable for red and swollen acne, or when the acne develops to see white spots, that is, when there is excessive discharge, the effect is best to use.

Avarelle Acne Pimple Patch will shrink your zit overnight or even suck out all the gunk! Their ingredients are formulated with sensitive skin in mind. Infused with Centella Asiatica, Calendula&Tea Tree, the power trio to help fight acne.

Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch can adhere directly to the skin and extract all the pus and impurities from the source.

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch effectively protects the concerned area and creates a moist environment, making the healing process faster.

2. Good lifestyle and healthy mentality

Go to bed early and get up early.

Staying up late will secrete many androgens.

You must also learn how to decompress mentally and learn to maintain a healthy attitude in many things.

Here is a post on 18 Simple And Cheap Self Care Ideas That Every Beginner Should Know, where you can know how to be kind to yourself and get released.

I recently also fell in love with the great tips from The Whole Happy Life. In the video, she gave us 10 great and practical tips on how to sleep well. If you don’t have time to check the whole video, here are the 10 tips:

  • Sleep in a cool bedroom
  • Sleep in darkness. You can use blackout curtains or a sleep eye mask.
  • Use a white machine when necessary.

Letsfit White Noise Machine is the best seller on Amazon in the sleep sound machine category. It can help create a room suitable for sleep.

  • Avoid devices 1 hour before bed. Devices include computers, laptops, televisions, phones. Because they all produce blue light, which tricks the body into thinking it is daytime. This suppresses melatonin (the sleep hormone).
  • Develop a sleep routine.
  • Get enough exercise.
  • Limit caffeine 6 hours before bed.
  • Take a magnesium supplement or eat more magnesium. Whole foods have more magnesium than processed foods.
  • Try lavender essential oil.
  • Try chamomile tea.


3. Healthy diet

Eat less high-sugar, high-oil, and high-calorie foods. The same goes for dairy products.


4. Gently Wash Your Face

  • Use the right Makeup Remover

To reduce the burden on the skin and reduce the clogging of pores, since makeup is put on, it is better to remove makeup honestly.

For makeup remover products, you can choose makeup cleansing oil or makeup cleansing blam. Makeup cleansing water needs to use makeup cotton pads, and the cotton pads will pull the skin to a certain extent, so I don’t recommend it.

BANILA CO NEW Clean It Zero Original Cleansing Balm is formulated with Active botanicals, Hot Springs Water, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C for a healthy complexion, and formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Mineral oil, Alcohol, Artificial coloring, very suitable for acne skin!

  • Use gentle facial cleansers for daily face washing

For daily face washing, it is recommended to choose some mild facial cleansers, such as amino acid facial cleansers; if you use makeup a lot or have a lot of oil on the face, you can choose soap-based facial cleansers cleaning at night.

CeraVe Foaming Face Cleanser has a unique formula with three essential ceramides that cleanse and remove oil without disrupting the protective skin barrier. Gentle foaming action refreshes and cleanses the skin, including removing excess oils.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser: Clinically tested on sensitive skin, this soap-free, fragrance-free wash cleanses without irritation and is hypoallergenic. An essential face wash for all skin types and ideal for those with dry, sensitive skin.

  • Use the proper face wash methods.

I also strongly recommend the below tutorial video from DrLiv on how to wash your face properly to avoid acne, from which you can know what mistakes you should avoid when washing your face. Some important points from the video include:

  • Washing your face twice daily with foam instead of soap.
  • Washing your face with care.
  • Take your time and do not use hot water. Use lukewarm water.
  • Please do not use harsh peelings, and do not use them more than once per week.
  • Take your time while washing your face, and never go to bed without removing your make-up.

5. Deep – Clean regularly

In addition to daily cleaning, it is also essential to clean up pores and trash regularly.

You can choose to use a gentle smear-type cleansing mask to clean up your face 1-2 times a month to sweep away all the excess oil on your face. But remember, not too frequently.

Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque has a strong cleaning power and can clean up pores and garbage.

Although the cleaning power of ORIGINS Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask is not as good as Kiehl’s, it is gentler and can be used by girls with a little sensitive skin.


6. Oil control

Because acne is caused by excessive oil secretion and blockage, you can choose oil control products to control the face’s oil secretion.

Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner uses witch hazel, one of the best natural oil-absorbing ingredients out there. Plus, the brand also uses a unique type of distilled witch hazel that isn’t diluted, making for maximum potency and efficacy.

Ole Henriksen BALANCING FORCE OIL CONTROL TONER is a pore-refining toner with salicylic, glycolic, and lactic acids to remove excess oil, clarify, and freshen the complexion without stripping skin.


7. Clean up exfoliator

Nowadays, the most common method of cleansing exfoliators is using acid. Acid products are used to regulate the secretion of oil on the face, soften the snowballs accumulated in the pores, and ease the traffic jam.

The acid brush here refers to the acid of skincare products, and the most common ones are salicylic acid and fruit acid.

Salicylic acid is more strong, so it is more suitable for non-sensitive oily skin. For the girls who are oily skin and sensitive skin, fruit acid is the best choice. Examples of fruit acids are glycolic acidlactic acid, and citric acid.

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Salicylic Acid Exfoliant with 2% BHA (Beta hydroxy acid), to unclog & diminish enlarged pores, exfoliate dead skin cells, smooth wrinkles, and brighten and even out skin tone. Combats redness, wrinkles, aging, enlarged pores, and blackheads.

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + Ha: Lactic Acid is an alpha hydroxyl acid that exfoliates the skin. This 10% formulation offers mild exfoliation and is supported with a purified Tasmanian pepperberry known to reduce signs of inflammation and sensitivity that are often associated with exfoliation.

Paula’s Choice SKIN PERFECTING 8% AHA Gel Exfoliant gently removes dull skin, naturally revealing the radiance hidden underneath. Revitalizes the skin’s surface and helps keep skin hydrated by removing dead cells and preparing the skin’s surface to receive moisture.


8. Adjust the flora on the skin surface

After the acne develops, the flora on the skin surface is messed up.

At this time, you can choose some skin repair products so that the skin will slowly restore a healthy micro-ecological environment.

LANCOME Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate: An advanced, anti-aging face serum with Bifidus prebiotic targeting the 10 key signs of aging, visibly improving radiance in just 7 days.

These two products above have similar effects. Both can repair skin damage, resist external damage, and help you slowly restore your skin to a healthy state. You can choose one of them to use.


9. Keep the environment clean

This is so important, but many girls may ignore it.

Tidy up your room regularly. Change your sheets and pillowcases regularly.

Wash your hair regularly.

Do not touch your face with your dirty hands!

Do not share towels with others.

Wash your face before going to bed.


10. Seek a doctor in time

If it is the cause of excessive androgen secretion, it is not just the superficial acne problem at this time. Seek a doctor quickly to regulate endocrine.


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how to get rid of pimples overnight

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