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100+ Best Matching Instagram Bios For Couples And Friends

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Looking for the best matching Instagram bios? Check this post for 100+ unique and cute matching Instagram bios for couples and more.

Now in social media, more and more Instagram and TikTok couples and best friends choose to have matching bios instead of separate bios. This new trend is a great way to show your relationship, make your bios look interesting and unique, and have more fun.

Want to try matching bios? Check the below tips on how to create great matching Instagram bios and the 100+ best matching Instagram bios, and pick up the cute bios you like.

In this post, we include perfect bio ideas for couples on Instagram, cute couple matching Instagram bios, cool bios for couples on Instagram, perfect Instagram bio ideas for friends, best friend bios on Instagram, great Instagram bios for trios, creative Instagram bio ideas for couples, and cute lyric bios.

Before those, we also include tips and a complete guide on how to create perfect Instagram couple bios. So even you are new users, this post will help you get your own bio ideas easily.

Matching Instagram Bios

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This post is all about matching Instagram bios.


What are matching Instagram bios?

matching instagram bios

An Instagram profile bio is the part of the Instagram account profile that is mainly used to give your potential followers or other Instagram users viewing your page some information about you. Such as your name, your different interests / hobbies, zodiac signs, a short description of you, etc. It’s also a good place to show your contact information (like physical location, phone number, email address, a personal website URL, and other contact details) if you want.

The bio is the first impression you give to people on a social media platform. It shows what kind of person you are. It is as important as cute Instagram captions and pictures.

Personal Instagram bios may not need much Instagram marketing efforts, but need more personality and make it fun.

If your partners section of text is matched to yours, it makes your Instagram bios related and matched to each other, and it is easy for people to know that the owners of your accounts are related, and can clearly know who you are connected with, then, these bios are matching bios.

Using a matching bio or a mutual bio is the latest trend on social media platforms like Instagram or Tik Tok. The smartest couples matching bios are those that don’t actually make sense, without you reading your partners second part.


Why to have matching Instagram bios?

matching instagram bios

1. Let others know about your relationship

Setting up matching bios is an excellent way to let others know the relationship between you. It’s going to be fun.

Also, many times this is very useful. For example, if you don’t want to accept some kind of DM from other people, the easiest and best way is to make it clearer in your bios. You can use the Insta bio quotes to show that you are in a romantic relationship and are very happy! This will help you drastically reduce the number of DMs you don’t want to receive!


2. Add romance to your love life and other relationships

Matching bios like this are great fun for couples or good friends. It’s fun to create or pick the best bios and set it up together.

With so many accounts on Instagram, why not make your account bios look different?


3. It is especially suitable for people in a long distance relationship

Listen, careful romantic maintenance in the minutiae is one of the most important ways to make your long-distance relationship sweeter and sweeter! Nothing shows how close you are to your lover or friend than having a matching bio for Instagram.


4. Not just for couples

Matching bios isn’t just for couples. Many good friends are also great for setting up Instagram matching bios. We will introduce it below.


How to create the best matching Instagram bios?

matching instagram bios

1. Be creative

Not only for words but also for emoji. You can also use different fonts to make it unique. Try your best to make your bios to look romantic or cute. However, if you really lack creativity for a while, you can choose a pair of these bios we have today, and yo


2. Keep it simple

Your bios is meant to be read, which is one of the meanings of matching bios. So, you need to keep your bios not too many words, people don’t know what it means, and there is no desire to know more about you.


3. Use a little humor

A little humor is a great thing to make your bios more interesting and make people like your Profiles even more. Use emojis and abbreviations to make your funny bios even more adorable to read.


4. Think of a sentence

If there are some sentences that are of great significance to you in your relationship or in the process of getting along, you can use them in your matching bios. They can summarize your feelings, show milestones in your relationship, or your relationship goals.

Once you have such a sentence, try splitting it in half, with the beginning in one person’s profile and the end in the other. Such matching bios is really very, very meaningful.

Poetry, your favorite song lyrics, a funny quote, are all very suitable. Using sentences from interesting articles is also a good idea.


5. Match your matching avatars

Choose a cute profile picture for each of your Instagram accounts and match your bios. For example, you can choose photos in which you are wearing cute couple outfits. That would be more interesting.


Now scroll down to check the matching Instagram bio examples and the cool ideas we love.


Matching Instagram Bios For Couples

matching instagram bios



Let’s jump on the plane to see the world together

Give you my last name be my girl forever




The bond we share can’t break it

Imma give you my heart don’t break it




You already know that you the perfect one

Girl when I’m with you, feel like a champion <3




Are you falling in love

I have been feeling you are




Cus your love is my medicine

Aye, your love is my medicine when I’m up, bring me downnnn




Whatever our souls are made of…

His and mine are the same




Only you babe…

…Only you darling




I stop the world

…when I with you




You know I never found love until I looked into your eyes

First time blushin I ain’t even gonna lie




Do you know? You know I love you so.

You know I love you so.




I see forever in your eyes

I feel okay when I see your smile




I jus wanna take you out and you show you off

You already kno that you the perfect one




Bby when I ride I wanna ride for you

And bby when I die I wasn’t to die with you




We can fall in love right here tonight

Run away be together for life




Anything you ever need you kno I’ll be there with no doubt

I need you by my side




The Boss King

The Boss Queen




You are the key

You open my heart




If you find me, return me to Bae.

I am Bae.




Big spoon

Little spoon.




You are the gravy @NAMETAG

To my mash @NAMETAG




You are the one in my dreams

Don’t wake me up




Whenever the sun shines

We will shine together




Love is in the air tonight

Tonight will be a good night




This is a preview of my life, not the whole show

For the extra scenes, go to my stories




Call me a candy bar

I’m half nuts and half sweet




Life is too short

Laugh while you still have all your teeth




I can’t even count how many problems I have

Math is my main problem




I spend a large portion of my life eating

In the next life, I will live in the same way




Look at the sky tonight

All of the stars have a reason




I don’t do matching bios but@NAME TAG

I do! @NAME TAG!




I am the happiest when

I am right next to you




You @TAGNAME are the avocado

To my toast @TAGNAME




We can make it

‘Til the end




I was made for loving you, baby

You were made for lovin’ me




I know hard work never killed anyone

I would never take the risk



Good Instagram Bios For Couples

matching instagram bios


I’ll follow you…

…to the end of the world




I don’t wanna loose you know…

…I’m looking right at the other half of me




Baby, you’re light lightning in a bottle…

…I can’t let you go now that I got it




I’m gonna make this last forever don’t tell me it’s impossible…

…’cause I love you for infinity




Oh home, let me come home…

… home is whenever I’m with you




Darling you’re glowing, if you’re lonely…

… come be lonely with me


Cute Instagram Bios For Couples



Hey here Delilah What’s it like in New York City?

I’m 1,000 miles away but girl tonight I look so pretty




Look at the sky tonight

All of the stars have a reason




The introvert

The extrovert




True love has no end

It is forever




The boss

The real boss




Every day with you

Is the best day of my life




You’re my end

My beginning




Even when I lose

I’m winning




Lost in words…

…that you say to me




I am full of joy and happiness

When I am right there with you




Hold me like you mean it

I’m never going to let you go




I belong with you

You belong with me




Love is a risk

But it’s worth it




If you fall

I will catch you




I will be waiting

Time after time




When we kiss

We become one



Cute Matching Bios For Couples

matching instagram bios



Let me take your hand

I’ll make it right




If we ever fall

We fall together




Don’t go BACON my heart

I couldn’t if I FRIED




The Quiet One

The Loud One




I stole her heart

So I’m stealing his name


Cool Matching Instagram Bio Ideas



I got faith in you and I

So put your pretty little hand in mine




That tingly feeling when you’re into someone

The feeling of common sense escaping your body




Eat right and stay in good shape

You still die anyway




A cartoonist went missing

The details are still sketchy



Funny Instagram Bios For Couples

matching instagram bios



The bus stops at the bus station, and the train at the train station

Guess what happens at my work station?




I only do jobs for money

For loyalty, buy a dog




A single middle finger might not always be enough to express your frustrations

You have two hands




I want you all to myself

You don’t need nobody else




You and me…

…always forever




Why would u ever kiss me…

…I’m not even half as pretty…




Like the birds of a feather…

Baby we real life made for each other




Cause ur one in a million

…there aint a man like you



Best Instagram Bio Ideas For Couples



You hold the key

To my heart




Hold me like you mean it

I’m never gonna let you go




I stole her heart @ NAME TAG

So I’m stealing his name @NAME TAG




Even when the sky comes falling, even when the sun don’t shine…

…I got faith in you and I, so put your pretty little hand in mine.


Matching Instagram Bios For Best Friends Lyrics

matching instagram bios


Girl put ur records on

Tell me your favorite song




I love this feeling…

…and right now I wish you were here with me



Matching Instagram Bios For Friends

matching instagram bios


I’m meant for you

You are meant for me




A true friend will always be there

Even if the whole world turns its back




I am full of joy and happiness

When I am right there with you




When you are in pain, I’m your pain killer

I’ll drown your sorrows for a better tomorrow




A friend might know about your past

But still accepts you just the way you are




You ever fell alone…





When I run out of road…

…You bring me home




But it’s not the end…

…I’ll see you face again




Fool me one time, shame on you

Fool me twice, can’t put the blame on you.




A real friend is the one who walks in…

…when the rest of the world walks out.




True friendship comes when the silence…

…between two people is comfortable.




A single rose can be my garden…

…A single friend, my world.




But when it hurts, I can make it better…

…girl if it works, it’s gonna be forever.


Matching Instagram Bios For Trios

matching instagram bios


I may be bad

but I’m perfectly good at it

sex in the air




bc when the sun shines we shine together

told u I’ll be here forever

said I’ll always be ur friend




This time I’m ready to run…

…escape from the city

…and follow the sun




If I lay here, if I just lay here…

…would you lie with me…

…and just forget the world




I wanna be there with you..

..I really do be missing you..

.everything I do is for you and I really do adore you




A friend is someone who understands your past..

..believes in your future..

..and accepts you just the way you are.




I don’t need a friend who changes when I change..

..who nods when I nod.. shadow does that much better.




In the end..

..we will remember not the words of our enemies..

..but the silence of our friends.

This post was all about matching Instagram bios.


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