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Virgo Rising Sign Meaning: All About Virgo Ascendant And Influence On Your Personality Traits

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Want to understand more about Virgo rising signs? Check this post for the expert analysis on Virgo rising personality traits, love relationships, career, and more.

When talking about the zodiac signs, the rising sign has a subtle influence on us. You may not feel its existence when you are young, but when you consciously understand yourself, you will find that your thoughts and actions are closely related to it. The rising sign guides our strong individual character through the subconscious mind.

Different rising signs give us different personalities. Our rising sign is hidden behind the sun sign. The rising sign represents who you were born with.

So how does a rising sign in Virgo affect your personality?

In this post, we are sharing Virgo rising personality traits, appearance, romantic relationships, career development, the influence of Virgo rising on different Sun signs, Virgo rising birth chart, and more.

Virgo Rising

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This post is all about Virgo rising.


What is a rising sign?

The rising sign is the first sign rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth in the Astrology chart. It is also called the Ascendant sign.

Because of this, the placement of the 1st house on the natal chart (the 1st house that defines your self-image, appearance, mental awareness, early upbringing, and the most primitive state of life) must be in the rising sign.

Therefore, the rising sign is related to your time of birth and place of birth. And you can calculate your rising sign by the information of your moment of birth and the place of birth on your Long Form Birth Certificate.

The rising sign affects a person’s appearance, temperament, first impression to the outer world, and the way that person interacts with others, so the rising sign represents a person’s outward appearance.

The rising sign has a great influence on the individual, especially after the age of 30, it will dominate the individual’s values and attitude towards life.


Difference Between Virgo Sun and Virgo Rising


Virgo Sun

Virgo sun people often show multiple faces, some are very clean, some are bold and informal; some are very chaste and faithful, and some are promiscuous; some are very sunny, some are very sensitive and shy, Possesses multiple faces that cannot be generalized.

But in general, they are very pragmatic, thoughtful, and have the character of service. They are good at analysis and deconstruction. They always play the role of reminding others and need to feel needed.

They have numerical concepts and strong learning ability. They are often beaten by their own high standards and feel inferior and neurotic.

Most of them are highly skilled, but because of their perfectionist tendencies, they tend to get too caught up in the minute details or even the tiniest details ignoring the big picture, or have too much self-esteem and get out of control.


Virgo Rising

Virgos Ascendant transform their sensitive traits into slimmer shapes. Their bodies and faces are slender.

Their whole life revolves around work and all kinds of busyness unconsciously, and they don’t mind being tired as long as there is something that needs their energy.

They live in a hurry every day, and the more fragmented and hurry, the more fulfilled they feel in the chaos, and they will panic when they are free. They subconsciously fear that they are useless.

They are hard-working, lively, very popular, and have hyperactive tendencies.


The Difference Between Virgo Sun And Virgo Rising

Virgo Sun uses the energy ruled by the position of Mercury for brain use and the nervous system, while Virgo Ascendant uses this energy from its chart ruler Mercury for working time.

They all have the qualities of fragmentation and anxiety. But Sun Virgo is disturbed by brain waves, so even long-term plans are often temporarily adjusted by surrounding influences.

However, the rising Virgo applies it to the new situations (or new people or new things) encountered by the strain and becomes the best state. Therefore, the rising Virgo has strong adaptability and flexibility, such as being able to sleep for a long time during peak work without complaining. Their hard work is astounding.


Virgo Moon

Compared with the general Virgo elements, Virgo Moons pay more attention to the planning of work, the physical health and maintenance of diet, etc. They prefer to work behind the scenes, and hard work and service enable them to gain a sense of self-identity.

There’s always some obsessive-compulsive quirk in their lives, and that’s the way to get inner relief. However, the prominent quality of the Virgo moon sign is abstract perfectionism.


The Physical Appearance Of Virgo Ascendant

Virgo Ascendants tend to be well-proportioned and sturdy, with good manners. Such people often appear younger than they actually are, and remain youthful even into old age.


Facial Features:

The face is small and the stature is tall and thin. Delicate features. The face is thin, the chin is pointed, the lips are thin and dexterous, and the eyes are clear and slightly apprehensive, and they have a straight nose.



The hairstyle is neat. A Virgo rising woman prefers long, straight hair with bangs, while a Virgo rising man generally prefers traditional hairstyles that are well-cut.



Medium build, finely framed. Flat body, slim and delicate body, no fat and muscle. The limbs are slender and slightly skinny, the fingers are flexible, the hands are thin, and the sign language is rich: the hands are habitually folded.

They have graceful neck lines and are signs with strong feminine traits.



Smart and dexterous, quiet and fresh, self-demanding, perfectionist, good at analysis, cautious, disciplined and responsible.


Virgo Rising Health Problems

They easily have problems with intestines, constipation, and sexual organs. They also have sensitive stomachs that are not suitable for their good appetites so they are very careful about exotic foods.


Virgo Rising Beneficial Plantes And Malefic Planets

Venus is the most beneficial planet for the Virgo ascendant, while the neutral planets are Saturn and Mercury. Jupiter is the malefic planet for Virgo rising people.


Virgo Ascendant Personality Traits

People with Virgo in their ascendant house want to show the appearance of an executor who is good at executing things and analyzing things. This rising sign is kind and warm-hearted, sometimes like a nosy.

Because the first impression of Leo rising and Libra rising people is that they can easily mingle with strangers. For Virgo Ascendants, they seem reserved and focused, not even smiling all the time like Leo Ascendants and Libra Ascendants.

Virgos Ascendant are under the influence of the ruler Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo, and they are quite intelligent.

Under the combined effect of the above two points, the following situation may occur: sometimes when they suddenly appear in the ears of others, they are often sharp and not in line with the way others are familiar with or prefer.

Therefore, the thinking and writing of the own pace of a Virgo rising are actually only suitable for use in magazines, media, and other media or professional fields, and it is less suitable for directly facing the crowd, especially on more social occasions.

Virgo rising is characterized by politeness and delicacy. They are clean and tidy in appearance and sensitive and delicate in mind. They are seeking for highly healthy lifestyle. In all aspects of love, life, and work, they must meet their own high standards, otherwise, they will fall into restlessness and anxiety, and they are super perfectionists.

When the sun signs of fire and air meet Virgo rising, they will be more serious and attentive in their study and work, and they will be more principled in their dealings with others, but they will not be too stubborn.

When the water sign sun sign encounters it, it is considerate and caring for people, and it will not be too clingy, so it should be handled appropriately.

However, when the earth sun sign meets Virgo rising, there will be a tendency to love to daydream, be too strict with others and yourself, and be more critical and care about.

Virgo rising are very demanding of themselves and others, and they demand perfection of their personal level in everything. The mental sensitivity is also very strong, so someone else’s unintentional word or look will affect their mood.

They want to share what they have learned with the world, and they like to keep themselves busy, otherwise they will feel that life is empty.

They strictly abide by the agreement. They are serious and clean, and do things very carefully, so they are deeply trusted by those around you.

They are down-to-earth and diligent. Once they plan to take action on things, they will behave very systematically and organized.

People with Virgo on the Ascendant are like a finely constructed instrument, able to grasp the context of things at the first time, and identify the minutiae of events at a glance. These are all important factors of their success in life.

At the same time, they think that the quality of things is more important than the quantity, and they are typical perfectionists.

People with Virgo rising sign are very self-critical, and usually go all out for what they want to do, but they also have the disadvantage of being self-willed and not listening to others’ opinions. They think they are thoughtful and foolproof, and this high self-esteem can easily lead to irreparable failure.

The mask that the Virgo ascendant chooses to wear on their face when they are born is a “secretary” with good ability, which means that their minds are very delicate, they like to be clean and tidy, they are very loyal to their work and obligations, they are good at a supporting role, and they are almost neurotic.

The face of Virgo Ascendant is usually slender, and even in age, it does not lose its vitality. Although they are not beautiful types, they are not conspicuous at first glance, but their unpainted and pure appearance makes people like them.

Though they can have good appetites, they are often very picky and judgemental in what they put in and on their bodies.

Virgo rising people will pay more attention to their healthy diet, health, body shape, and exercise, and will have their own requirements in this regard. Sometimes if they don’t live up to their own requirements or standards, Virgo Ascendants can start to sink into anxiety and restlessness.

However, the inner “secretary” of Virgo rising often dominates them as masters. If they do not follow the established itinerary and do it in accordance with the norms, they will fall into anxiety.

While this perfectionism may help them succeed, it may also put them under enormous pressure.

So they have to occasionally take off their masks, stretch and take a deep breath of fresh air.


Virgo Rising Celebrities

Shirley MacLaine

Sharon Stone

Emma Watson

Marion Cotillard

Nicole Scherzinger

Barbara Stanwyck

Elizabeth Banks

Shannen Doherty


Virgo Ascendant Jobs and Career Development

They are faithful to their jobs and obligations, almost neurotic; they are very persistent in money matters, and they are not tired of taking risks and speculating for profit, so their wealth fluctuates greatly.

They have hidden pride, are too self-centered, and usually go all out for what they want to do, but at the same time can’t listen to other people’s opinions.

Virgo rising people need constant mental stimulation and exercise, so they are looking for very busy professional career or even more than one position to have enough room for their mind to play.

Suitable types of jobs: higher education, medicine, science, accounting, secretarial, public servants, health and business, and all work that requires patience and meticulousness.


Virgo Ascendant Love and Domestic Life

People with Virgo on the Ascendant always treat love with a critical eye.

Their love is about family and principles, so it’s hard to open up and feel true love.

At the same time, their overly conservative love attitude will also scare off many suitors, and their personal life is quite boring.

When it comes to family life, Virgo on the Rising sign is very emotional, and they usually have a strong need of emotional support. In their hearts, they hope that relatives and friends can live together happily, and they will also strive to create a good family atmosphere.

At the same time, they are also very happy to play the role of family members in the group. They often invite a few friends to visit their homes. They are people who attach great importance to emotional connection.


Virgo Rising Love Compatibility

Generally, Capricorn rising, Taurus rising, Cancer rising are the most compatible rising signs for Virgo rising.

Pisces rising or Sagittarius rising could also be the right person for a Virgo rising.

Aries rising, who has little patience for people who are slow and deliberate, is the least compatible rising sign for Virgo rising, and they will have hard times together.


Virgo Ascendant Birth Chart


Virgo the 1st house

People with Virgo on the first house have a very sharp and rational response to more realistic and practical things.

They are very systematic, they know how to organize their thoughts, and they really know how to execute them.

They are extremely observant, and no small details or little things can escape their scrutiny or be inadvertently ignored by them.

The reason why people with a Virgo rising sign are more successful than others is because they are very careful to detect all the subtleties that are easily overlooked by others.

They are standard perfectionists who insist that nothing can be flawed, and they insist on quality over quantity.


Libra the second house

People with a Virgo Ascendant can easily become involved in business ventures with others. Their partner may be their wife or husband.

These people have the ability to earn enough money to bring beauty and good things into their own lives; though the way they make or run their business is very unstable, because they can be very frugal at one time and very profligate at the same time.


Scorpio the 3rd house

Due to the influence of the Scorpio in the third house, people with Virgo rising sign, the ideas in their minds are always running flexibly, they are not only resourceful but also have a creative mind.

When speaking and communicating with people, they always maintain a consistent style of frankness and simplicity. Words are as calming as music to the ears of Virgo Ascendants.


Sagittarius the 4th house

A spacious and comfortable home is the dream of a Virgo rising sign.

They especially like a very wide field, and they like to see everything clearly.

Although they are very generous to their guests, people with Virgo rising sign are more generous to their families than anyone else, and they know better than others how to make people in their families get along well.


Capricorn the 5th house

When it comes to love life or sex life, people with Virgo on the Ascendant tend to have a serious, well-behaved attitude. They can sense some of their expectations of themselves from their loved ones or from the physical and mental activities of their children.

They will become extra careful when it comes to matters that require speculation, and will never allow themselves to easily fall into blind planning.

They like more serious or thought-provoking entertainment and have the ability to endure hardships.


Aquarius the sixth house

Influenced by Aquarius in the sixth house, people with Virgo on the Ascendant have an original style in their approach to things.

They treat colleagues like close friends and enjoy working with others to get things done. But if one of their co-workers can’t hold on to the job until it’s done, the Virgo Ascendant will lose interest in the job.

Because of their performance on the job, they are often praised as methodical workers, know how to perform their jobs effectively, and are caring at work.


Pisces the 7th house

Collaborating with others is the only way for a Virgo rising sign to develop a new space. Often partners can help them understand others and experience love events. Many people who are less organized are more easily attracted to them.


Aries the 8th house

If they are not careful, people with Virgo rising will be prone to some accidents or diseases that may change their life. If they can get an estate, it’s usually accompanied by some lengthy lawsuits. As long as it is a matter of common property with others, there will often be many disputes.

If they know how to take some decisive action, then they can get many new opportunities.

Because Aires is in the eighth houses of Virgo ascendant natives, at work, they are usually the ones taking the lead, possibly even presiding over others and getting the work done.


Taurus the ninth house

People with this rising sign love all things beautiful and practical, and this is their basic philosophy. Most of them take a very realistic attitude towards family education and social issues, and their views on such issues are rarely easily swayed by others. Whether it is financial or interpersonal, they also maintain a fair attitude.


Gemini the tenth house

Usually the careers chosen by people with Virgo rising sign are those that allow them to make full use of their brainpower and labor to realize original ideas that can make them famous and recognized by the public. They are also generally more likely than others to have more than one occupation. The most common occupation for this rising sign is related to mass communication because this type of work is more likely to satisfy this rising sign’s desire to be remembered for their talents by all.


Cancer the eleventh house

People with Virgo on the Ascendant treat their friends as their own family. They can be very prone to engaging with strong and deep emotions, and much sympathy, whether with friends or with a small group or organization to which they belong. Their friends are often invited to these people’s homes for events.


Leo the twelfth house

Generally speaking, people with Virgo Ascendant have amazing willpower, but this power is usually not obvious, but when tested, it will not hesitate to exert it. Such hidden and strong willpower is the biggest pillar that supports them in the face of all adversity. However, the shortcomings of excessive pride and unknown self-centeredness may bring them failure.


Virgo Ascendant and Different Sun Sign Combinations


Aries Sun Virgo Rising

You will devote all your energy to work and service dedication in your life, and you will also have a strong interpersonal connection, especially in getting along with your colleagues and subordinates and juniors.

You can be more active in the pursuit of wealth accumulation, and have the ability to obtain money quickly.

You have a gifted leadership temperament and talent.

If the planets in the houses have a good aspect, you will be able to combine the ability to lead your subordinates, which will further strengthen the creativity and enthusiasm of the Aries Sun sign, and it is easy to achieve an extraordinary career that is beneficial to the public.


Taurus Sun Virgo Rising

You are quite cautious, careful, and agile in your actions, but you are quite willing to travel and migrate. People with the Sun in Taurus Sun in the ninth house will have enhanced mobility and agility.


Gemini Sun Virgo Rising

The focus of your life will be on career development. There is considerable conflict when you express the inner thoughts and feelings of a Gemini in a Virgo manner.

The combination of the air sign Gemini and the earth sign Virgo will have a contradictory dual personality tendency in the performance of personality traits.

If the environment in which they live oppresses this person, this contradictory personality will be more serious. The living environment you live in is often a major problem.


Cancer Sun Virgo Rising

You will express the ideals and perceptions of Cancer in the way of Virgo. The combination of the feminine water sign Cancer and the feminine earth Virgo will create a personality that is too passive and withdrawn.

If the planets in the house are not well aspected, it will also stimulate the fundamental conflict between the water and earth signs.

Throughout your life, you will focus on the interpersonal management of groups, organizations, and societies.


Leo Sun Virgo Rising

The combination of the fire-fixed Leo and the earth mutable Virgo is a calm, careful type of Leo.

You have a good living environment and a good mind and body, which is an important key to your happiness in life.

Your relationship with your subordinates is prone to conflict, which in turn affects your own career achievements.

Also, be careful of troubles caused by travel, migration, children.


Virgo Sun Virgo Rising

You are the most Virgo-inspired person.

The success or failure of your life is absolutely related to the exertion of your own inner characteristics.

If the Sun in the house of life has a good aspect, you will definitely achieve something in a certain field in your life; if the aspect is not good, you will be trapped in the negative influence of conservativeness, stubbornness and lack of creative energy in your life.

If you can put more effort into your children, travel and relocation, it will be of great help to yourself.


Libra Sun Virgo Rising

On the helpful side, Virgo’s prudent, careful, sensitive, and calm behavior will help Libra’s lack of character, make Libra men and women better know how to reject others, and reduce many unnecessary troubles and disturbances.

The Libra character under the suppression of the earth sign Virgo character is easy to cause harm to the body. Therefore, planned exercise and adjustment of physical and mental balance are required.

You are gifted in financial management. If you have a good aspect in the palace, you will definitely be able to achieve success in wealth accumulation. Otherwise, you will have many troubles in wealth accumulation.


Scorpio Sun Virgo Rising

The combination of the earth mutable Virgo and the water-fixing Scorpio will show a more restrained Scorpio type. Although Virgo will suppress Scorpio’s strong revenge energy, but instead achieve Scorpio’s more detailed and flexible revenge.

You attach great importance to the relationship between brothers and sisters, and will do your best to maintain the relationship between siblings, and the quality of the relationship in this area of ​​life is directly related to the happiness of your life.


Sagittarius Sun Virgo Rising

The earth sign Virgo and the fire sign Sagittarius are both mutable signs, indicating that they are consistent in the rapid changes and adaptations in the field of life.

However, the earth Virgo should be cautious, careful, and slow. The way of expression, it is easy to conflict with the character of the fire sign Sagittarius. This combination often creates trouble and conflict in your mind.

You attach great importance to family relationships, and you will also devote yourself to the management and maintenance of family relationships, and the quality of family relationships is related to the happiness of your life.


Capricorn Sun Virgo Rising

The earth element of Capricornus and the earth element of changeable Virgo, the reconciliation of the two signs is easy. The changeable Virgo personality will make the basic Capricorn more sensitive to and responsive to changes in the surrounding environment, and will also strengthen the Capricorn’s resilience and flexibility in dealing with things.

However, the pragmatic Capricorn, who used to be difficult to approach, oppressive, too serious, and too purposeful when it comes to doing things and treating people, now behaves in the manner of a prudent, careful, and critical Virgo, and the combination of these two personalities has an adverse effect on interpersonal relationships and also limits the pattern of your development.


Aquarius Sun Virgo Rising

If the planets in the natal house are well aspected, the earth Virgo qualities can improve the efficiency of the airy Aquarius. Mutable Virgo can also enhance the flexibility of fixed Aquarius in dealing with people and things in daily life.

If the planets in the natal house are poorly aspected, the earth Virgo will suppress the creative ability of the airy bottle.

The changeable Virgo feelings will also shake the fixed Aquarius’s insistence on people and things, affecting your high-quality perseverance and spirit.


Pisces Sun Virgo Rising

The personality of the water sign Pisces will be strongly suppressed by the temperament of the earth sign Virgo.

When the aspect of the sun or the planets is not good, it means that you will be unbalanced or divided in mind and spirit because of the conflict between the two internal and external temperaments of Pisces and Virgo.

If the Sun or the planets in the natal house are in good aspect, the combination of the two temperaments of Pisces and Virgo will only bring you emotional instability and a little trouble in the mind.

This post was all about Virgo rising.


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