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Looking for college relationships tips? You definitely need to read this post from a girl who made her college relationship work and alive!

college relationships

Maintaining a healthy college relationship is not as easy as you may think.

My boyfriend and I have a relationship for three years. He is my second boyfriend in college. We are now living together after graduation.

In more than three years we have been together, we have experienced many things:

Because my boyfriend went to Europe as an exchange student, we had to spend more than a year in different places;

There were various job opportunities with different locations before graduation;

Whether to move in together or not after graduation;

We even had a breakup, but we got back together after two months.

We have experienced almost all the problems that every college couple is experiencing.

Below are the 20 most important things I learned from it.

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This post is all about college relationships.


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1. Don’t fall in love for the sake of dating during college.

Every time you fall in love, I hope you love each other, not because you want to fall in love or because you are lonely.

Love is not a required course in college. Your college diploma is what you must obtain.

There are many meaningful and fun things in college. Don’t waste your youth.

Therefore, don’t be stressed.

If you meet a good boyfriend, cherish it and fall in love.

If you don’t have a good boyfriend, you have to be confident that your college life can also be exciting.


2. If you have someone you like, please don’t hold back.

Your confession may fail, and maybe you will not want to live after confession. But don’t be afraid, and don’t worry too much.

Youth means being brave at least once.

Even if others do not accept your confession, it does not mean that you are not good enough, nor does it mean that he is a bad boy.

Keep calm. Continue to love yourself and love life.

Use a better state to meet another person who will fall in love with you.


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3. Look for a boyfriend based on his character and personality

It’s not about whether that boy is handsome, rich, or capable.


4. If you have a boyfriend, please cherish this relationship.

Don’t lose your temper often, don’t make troubles unreasonably.

He treats you well because he likes you, not because he needs his money, abilities, or something to take care of you.

Therefore, don’t listen to some suggestions that if your boyfriend doesn’t buy you anything, it means he doesn’t love you.

Learn to appreciate the care and love of your boyfriend for you from daily life.

Learn to love, learn to be grateful, learn to cherish.


5. Healthy relationship is not one-sided

In falling in love, if he only pays unilaterally, his energy will be exhausted one day.

If you only make contributions unilaterally, you will only raise a bad guy who doesn’t know the reward.


6. Guys are not omnipotent

Allow him to do things he cannot do for you.

Don’t use various techniques to make things difficult for him.

Never compare your boyfriend with your friends’ boyfriends.


7. Observe and learn boys’ thinking

Don’t just complain that your boyfriend doesn’t understand you. Your boyfriend may also be complaining about girls thinking too strange.

Communicate well.

The most basic way is to calm down, slow down, and wait patiently for him to clearly hear what you want to say, your communication purpose, and what you want him to do.

Then, listen carefully to what his response is.

Don’t presuppose his response. This will have the opposite effect.


8. Don’t forget your most true feelings

If a relationship makes you uncomfortable and makes your whole person bad, please calm down and think about whether the relationship is meaningful.

A relationship is not to prove something to the people around you.

If this relationship is wrong, please give up this relationship decisively, and doing so is good for both of you.


9. Don’t be humble and cater to boys

Treat yourself well and always maintain your self-esteem in love.

You are unique in this world.

Only if you respect yourself others will respect you.


10. Protect yourself

In love, even if you love him very much, don’t forget to protect yourself.

Not only the physical aspect but also the psychological and spiritual aspects.


11. Love needs to learn

Always learn how to bring more fun to your college relationships.

Learn how to love others, love yourself, and love life more.


12. Respect each other in a long-distance relationship

If you decide to start a long-distance relationship, don’t coax him in a long-distance relationship while telling other boys that you are single or dating other boys.

Although long-distance relationships are very bitter, it is really wrong to do so.

If you really can’t keep going, please break up decisively and tell him to end this relationship.

Don’t deceive each other.


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13. Stay independent and don’t let him occupy all of your life

Staying independent is not only for the good of him but also for yourself.

You can think of him when you do things, but don’t forget to do your own something because you think about him.

Everyone is an independent individual.

Don’t even need your boyfriend to be with you all the time.


14. Don’t give up your friends just because you fall in love

Friends are a part of your life and a part of who you are.

You have to maintain your independence, integrity, and spirit to be more attractive to boys.

You will also have more energy and enthusiasm to fall in love.


15. Learn how to break up

There is a possibility of breaking up in love.

First of all, don’t use a breakup to prove whether your boyfriend loves you.

Mature love should be the decision to get along well when they are together, but to break up rationally if they can’t get along.

It is stupid to scare your boyfriend by breaking up. This will only consume his love for you.

Besides, if you really broke up, please protect your mentality after breaking up.

Don’t do impulsive things. Don’t hurt others.

College students are all grown-ups, so you need to be more mature.

Breaking up is one of the most critical lessons for helping oneself understand life, understand feelings, and even understand yourself.

Don’t treat it as a punishment.

Remember, breaking up does not mean you are wrong.


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16. Please do not make important life choices that are not in line with your own heart because of your boyfriend

College relationships often face many challenges.

Changing majors, transferring schools, changing places, choosing a job after graduation, etc., are all challenges faced by college relationships.

These choices are important to your relationship and even more important to your life.

When making an important decision, ask yourself whether such a decision is what you really like and whether you can bear the consequences of such a decision.

If you make a decision just for him and your relationship, it will be bad for you and your boyfriend in the end.

Because once you have a dissatisfaction with this decision, it will turn into dissatisfaction with him. Finally, it will even cause you to break up.

Believe that true love will still be true love.

True love will not disappear because you make a decision that suits your own mind, instead of just making a decision that suits your boyfriend’s mind.


17. Learn how to have a healthy fight with your boyfriend

Even if you love each other very much, there will always be disagreements, bad tempers, and fights.

It’s okay to have a fight, but please remember the below tips.

First of all, don’t talk about breaking up during a fight.

Girls are very emotional. When girls say the words break up, they often do not want to break up, but an emotional vent.

But boys’ thinking is different.

Boys will seriously think about it every time they hear those words.

Thus over time, it may really lead to an irreversible breakup.

Remember, a fight is a form of communication. Therefore, the important thing is communication.

Whenever you fight, remember to clarify your purpose and don’t fight only to vent your emotions and pressure.

Don’t ignore your boyfriend after a fight or even delete contact information after a fight immediately if you are not really determined to end the relationship.


18. Learn how to apologize

After quarreling, even if your boyfriend did not anger you, learn to apologize.

One tip is to hold his hand after quarreling and then apologize.

This is because physical contact will promote the body to secrete more oxytocin, and cortisol will continue to rise sharply under stressful situations.

These hormonal changes will help the two of you lower various physiological responses during a fight, including lowering blood pressure, slowing down your heart rate, etc. At the same time, you will feel more positive emotions.

Besides, when the level of oxytocin rises, people will be more able to communicate effectively. Their trust in each other will also increase.

With trust, it is easier for couples to establish a cooperative relationship in communication rather than a negative relationship, making it easier to reconcile.


19. Think carefully before starting a relationship

Especially after just ending a relationship, you need to think clearly and start a new relationship.

Don’t enter a new relationship with regrets about the last relationship before you get out of the shadow of the breakup. This hurts your new boyfriend.

Adults must learn to be responsible for the decisions they make.


20. The most immature thing in love is to treat the other person as a projection screen, desperately trying to show the movies you want to watch.

Love is not about romance novels and movies.

You can learn how to spice up your relationship. You can also learn how to make your love more romantic. But more importantly, the real communication, eyes, smiles, hugs, kisses, and interaction between the two of you are all the real love between you.

college relationships healthy relationship tips in college

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This post was all about college relationships.


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