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Looking for minimalist dorm room ideas? Below we list the 17 trendiest minimalist dorm room ideas and 80+ Amazon finds that you can copy directly for your room!

minimalist dorm room

I don’t know you but I am a huge fan of minimalist dorm room styles. When I was in college, I always kept my dorm room minimal, and actually, it was very popular among my friends.

Below we prepare the minimalist dorm room designs that we obsess over this year and what you can buy at affordable prices to copy those ideas! Check them out today!

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This post is all about minimalist dorm room.


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1. Purchase neutral colored bedding

When decorating your minimalist room, the first thing you need to do is to choose the right color scheme for your bedding. For a minimalist style, you’d better choose soft beiges, creamy whites, or pale greys. Avoid using too bright colors or complicated patterns for your bedding.

2. Cleverly plan and organize your storage space

To make the room feel minimalist, you need to try your best to keep all the surfaces tidy and organized.

Create a space saving wardrobe. Make full use your under bed space.

3. Choose elegant organizers

Your organizers are super important to help you create a minimalist room. You will use them to store most of your things.

However, to make your room stylish, try to use those organizers with good designs and neutral colors.

Also, you need to avoid clear organizers or those without covers or drawers.

4. Use wooden organizers with drawers

Wooden materials and colors go very well with a minimalist style. It makes the whole room feel warmer and relaxed.

5. Use string lights to create a unique wall

I am totally obsessed with these amazing ideas! Can you believe that it uses the string lights as photo frames? So romantic and cute!

6. All black and white

This is a super cool dorm room idea! The key is to decorate the wall with photos/ decors of different shapes, fonts, sizes. Have fun!

7. Blend blue, grey, and marble

Compared with blue and white, blending blue and grey looks more elegant and stylish.

When you are choosing the white decorations, try to choose them with different materials.

This room owner smartly uses marble patterns instead of ordinary gey decorations, making the room much more stylish.

8. Use decorative wall mirrors

Using wall mirrors can help our room look bigger, and the cute shapes will add more fun to your room!

9. Have cute plants

You can put cute plants almost anywhere in your minimalist room. You can also use them to hang your photos!

10. Choose items with a story

When decorating your room into a minimalist style, you will need to use fewer decorations. However, you can spice up your room with colors, prints, and playful motifs.

11. Add a piece of tasteful artwork

By artwork, I mean choosing a cute item that shows your taste, showing what inspires you, what you like.

It doesn’t have to be a very expensive one.

Choose the one you love the most, cherish the most, and the one you enjoy seeing every time you go back to your dorm room.


12. Bring in things made of natural materials or inspired by nature

Things made of natural materials or inspired by nature make your room a sweet place.


13. Make everything beige

Beige is a very safe color scheme for a minimalist room. It looks elegant and warm.

14. Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

This is a smart way to make your room minimal and chick.

Some good ideas we like the most are using a storage ottoman, using a storage cart as a nightstand or food bar, using a dresser as a nightstand.

15. Use warm textures

Minimalist style isn’t about creating a cold room. Try to make it cozy using a little pink and grey colors.

16. Add a minimal metallic accent piece

A minimal metallic accent piece can help add more personality to your cute room.

17. Chose chic patterns

Chic patterns, including stripes, grid patterns, and small dots, introduce personality and taste to the room. 

minimalist dorm room decor

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This post was all about minimalist dorm room.


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