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The Ultimate 30 Day Glow Up Challenge Guide To Get A Prettier You

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Looking for the best 30 day glow up challenge guide? Check this post for the ultimate guide that help you glow up for summer!

glow up challenge

Summer is coming soon. How to use the last time to quickly become beautiful and to surprise your ex-boyfriend, ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend?

Check this post today! With just a little time every day, you can become prettier than anyone around you IN ONE MONTH!

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This post is all about glow up challenge.




1. Stretch and lengthen your legs every morning

Stretching every morning can make your legs straight, longer, and thinner. We recommend the tutorial from Romee Strijd.

This set of actions is very simple. It only takes around ten minutes to complete a set.

Who doesn’t want to show off long legs in summer?

Get up and do it for ten minutes every morning. After a week, you will be able to clearly feel that your legs are tighter.


2. Drink 8 glasses of water every day

Many girls ignore the role of drinking water.

A scientific report pointed out that when you wake up in the morning and drink 500ML of water, your metabolism will increase by 24%, and your body’s detoxification effect will be better.

So, when should you drink these eight glasses of water?

The best way is three glasses in the morning, three glasses in the afternoon, and two glasses in the evening.

Three glasses of water in the morning promote metabolism. In the afternoon, because you may eat more at noon, drinking water can promote digestion. Drinking water at night can help the body detoxify.

For girls who often forget to drink water, I suggest you buy a cute glass, cup or bottle so that you can take it with you when you go out and not forget to drink water.

Below is the bottle I liked so much recently. It is large enough and has clear marks and inspirational sayings to remind me of drinking water. This product has 4.7 stars on Amazon now with over 9,000 ratings! It has 10 different colors to choose from.



3. Apply suncream all the time

Even if you stay at home, don’t think that just applying moisturizer at home is enough. Indoor ultraviolet rays are pervasive.

Even if you don’t go out, your face will absorb a lot of radiation when you play on your mobile phone or watch TV at home, which can speed up the aging of your skin.

Therefore, you need to apply sunscreen diligently.

The choice of sunscreen is also very important.

The higher the PA value, the stronger the ability to resist long-wave ultraviolet rays. If you are indoors, PA+, PA++ are enough.

The higher the SPF value, the longer the resistance to short-wave ultraviolet rays. The effect of using SPF50 is better, its effective time is longer, and the frequency of reapplication can be reduced at home.

The way you apply sunscreen is also very important. Check the below video from NEOGEN DermaTV on how to apply sunscreen properly:

But don’t forget to remove sunscreen with makeup remover every night before bed!


4.  Lose belly fat

Want to lose your belly fat in about 3 weeks? Try the below simple standing exercises!

These 11 belly fat workouts are all done in a standing position and are just as effective as doing crunches and Russian Twists.

When done on a regular basis, you can quickly see results in 3-4 weeks!


5. Clean your teeth

White teeth are really important.

Brushing your teeth is not enough. Because brushing can only remove 40%-50% of the plaque on the tooth surface, the remaining plaque is still hidden in your teeth!

Therefore, in addition to brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, it is strongly recommended that you also use a water flosser for your teeth.

Using a water flosser for oral cleaning can not only keep teeth healthy but also help remove breath.

The order of using it can be from left to right or right to left. In the process of moving the flosser, the water must be directed toward the gums to flush out the dirt.

It should be noted that when using the water flosser, the mouth should be slightly open so that the water in the mouth can flow out, and that the water does not spray your face.

Here I am recommending two easy-to-use water flossers for you.


YaFex Cordless Portable Water Flosser

  • This electric water teeth cleaner with up to1600 times/minute high-pressure water pulse and 5 different water jet tips, which make it rinse off food debris between teeth and below the gums where the traditional brushing can’t reach.
  • The folded size is similar to a phone. Fit easily in bags or luggage. Come with a protective travel case, keep your flosser and jet tips clean and tidy. Perfect for using at office, gym, home or traveling on business and vacations.


KOOVON Portable Travel Teeth Cleaner

  • Adopt 2021 latest water flosser pulse technique (pressure range of 40-120 PSI), it can powerful cleaning 99.99% of food debris, keep teeth healthy clean and make your smile confident.
  • Cordless and lightweight, KOOVON portable water flosser is foldable, which more compact and space-saving. 


6. Whiten your teeth

Tooth whitening is useless by whitening toothpaste. If you want to have whitening teeth at home, you must use White Strips!

There is no burden, after 30 minutes, take it off and brush the teeth and it is done!

Use it once every night before going to bed, and you can go to bed after brushing your teeth.

The most recommended is Crest 3D White White Strips with Light:

It may be a little sensitive the first time you use it, but the effect of whitening teeth is quite obvious, and many people buy it back. You must try them!


If you think Crest’s is a bit expensive and you are not used to the taste of Crest, you can use the Zimba Professional Teeth Whitening Kit. Zimba uses all-natural flavors to make every 30-minute whitening treatment just a bit more enjoyable.


7. Glow up challenge for clear skin: how to get rid of acne pimples

Acne is very painful. If you feel that the quick method of removing acne is not suitable for your sensitive skin, or you want to adopt a safe method to remove acne and prevent acne marks, you must check out the acne removal we mentioned in this post:

How To Get Rid Of Pimples.

These proven tips can remove your acne, and not easy to leave acne marks.


8. Glow up challenge for soft and beautiful lips

You may not know that the skin on your lips is aging quickly and is irreversible!

Therefore, applying a lip mask is very important.

Apply once every two days, apply the lip mask thickly on the lips.

After 15 minutes, you can have hydrated lips.

Of course, if you are lazy, you can also use a sleeping lip mask directly. When you wake up, you will have soft and beautiful lips.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask



Vivostar Lip Sleeping Mask


9. Glow up challenge for beautiful nails

If you do nail art as often as I do, you need to pay more attention to the nail care of your nails. Only by taking good care of your nails and growing your nail beds can you grow beautiful long nails, and the nail arts you do will look more beautiful.

Below I will share with you a tutorial video on how to grow long and strong nails that I find very useful.


10. Exfoliating hands and feet

Hands and feet need to be exfoliated regularly so that the skin exposed in summer can be beautiful.

But not too often, just once every half a month. Frequent exfoliation will damage the stratum corneum of the skin.

The best way to exfoliate your hands is to rub your hands with a scrub to get the dead skin out. After washing it, apply the hand mask, and you will have a beautiful pair of hands in 20 minutes.

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hand & Body Scrub

Rose Moisturizing Gloves


There are many ways to exfoliate the feet. I prefer to use a foot mask, which is convenient and worry-free.

Foot Peel Mask


11. Face slimming massage

If you are not satisfied with your facial contours, come and get a facial massage:

You can apply some lotion before the massage so that it won’t pull the skin too hard.

In addition to hands, you can also use some massage tools to assist.


12. Learn makeup

Although we always believe that you can absolutely look pretty without makeup, applying some makeup may be necessary for some occasions.

Leaning makeup is not as hard as you think. Check out our recommended MAKEUP TUTORIALS FOR BEGINNERS, and you will know how to apply makeup for even acne skin, how to apply makeup for a date night, and so much more!

You may know eye makeup is the most important part of pretty makeup. Don’t know how to apply the eyeshadow? Check the amazing 7 STEP BY STEP EYESHADOW TUTORIALS FOR BEGINNERS.


13. Glow up challenge for your hair

I don’t need to emphasize the importance of hair, right? Do it yourself at home and do hair care twice a week, and the hair quality can also improve a lot.

After washing the hair, do not use conditioner, wipe the hair until it does not drip, and then apply a hair mask directly from the lower part of the ear.

Then put on a shower cap for 3-5 minutes, a normal shower cap is fine.

So spend some time every week to get beautiful hair!

It is very easy to use. Hair will be smoother after using it once, even if you haven’t washed your hair for several days, your hair will not get knotted.

Below are the products we recommend:


Vitamins Keratin Hair Mask Deep Conditioner

14. Find out a right hairstyle

Choosing the right hairstyle can improve your appearance.

Different face shapes require different hairstyles.

If you don’t know your face shape and don’t know how to choose a hairstyle that suits your face shape, I suggest you watch the following video:


15. Be more confident with yourself

Almost everyone is saying to have confidence in themselves. But what can you do to gradually build your self-confidence?

Even, for you, who may be introverted, how should you build your self-confidence?

I suggest you read this postHow To Be Confident With Yourself: 13 Proven Tips.

The tips in this post come from our own experience. These tips are very practical and can help you quickly build self-confidence.


16. Be more attractive, and even sexier

Who doesn’t want to become more attractive and sexier?

First of all, what we want you to know is that just being beautiful does not mean that you can be attractive!

More importantly, it can be trained to become more attractive.

In addition, there is no uniform standard for attractiveness and charm.

Therefore, in this post How To Be More Attractive To Men And Be Sexier: 6 Proven Tips, we have analyzed how girls with different personalities and appearance characteristics can fully discover and play to their advantage and become attractive.

Why are you still hesitating? Check the post and get started now!

Don’t forget to save this post!

Don’t always be envious of why others can be so good.

If you follow all the tips here, you can have a glow up and shine beautifully!


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