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5 Obvious Signs He’s NOT Into You

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Want to know the signs he’s not into you? In this post, we are sharing with you 5 obvious signs that he’s not into you to help you out.

Signs He's NOT Into You

Some girls often ask me: if a guy talks to me every day, does he’s into me?

So please save this post quickly, girls. 

Boys and girls are different in this respect.

When a girl really doesn’t like a guy, she will be very obvious.

But when a boy doesn’t like a girl, he may hold an attitude of not taking the initiative, not rejecting, not being responsible, and continuing to enjoy the benefits you give!

Therefore, everyone must keep their eyes open.

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This post is all about signs he’s not into you.





1. Never takes the initiative to find you

The point is to take the initiative.

Some boys may always maintain an ambiguous relationship with you, which keeps you stuck and unable to extricate yourself

Your feelings have obviously been consumed, but you have always been expecting, and then you have been hopeless and disappointed.

You have to know that if a person likes another person, they will always be tempted to find the other person and want to know what the other person is doing.

But if a boy never takes the initiative to find you and responds to you every time you find him, it can only prove that he is free!

He just happens to be boring!

If, at this time, another girl came to him, he would also reply.



2. When you two chat, you are always looking for topics

You are always avoiding the embarrassment and cold spots in the chat.

You send more messages than him.

And every time you two chat, you are talking at the beginning and end.

Sometimes total voluntary contributions will become cheap and not cherished.



3. Doesn’t introduce you to his friends

The connection between him and you is the same as doing spy work.

He also never took you to meet his friends.

Your relationship will never be made public.



4. Doesn’t care about his image in front of you

He will expose his shortcomings at will in front of you.

There are many reasons not to love in the world, but there is only one manifestation of love.

When a boy likes a girl, he becomes nervous, serious, and cautious.

And boys have a characteristic, they must show their most handsome side when they are in front of the person they like.

Therefore, if he is completely undressed in front of you, don’t make excuses for him, don’t think it’s just because straight men are careless.

You should know that only proves that he is not that into you.



5. Hot and cold on you all the time

He talks sweetly to you for a while and ignores you for a while.

He sometimes makes you think he likes you and sometimes makes you think he’s not into you.

When you see the above sentence, the person who appears in your mind is just not into you.



Girls, remember this sentence:

Never find a boyfriend in the trash can!


Be sure to stop the loss in time.

The next guy will be better!

If you love yourself, you will find the one who truly loves you.

Signs He's NOT Into You

This post was all about signs he’s not into you.


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