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How To Be More Attractive To Men And Be Sexier: 6 Proven Tips

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Looking for tips on how to be more attractive to men? This is the genius guide you need! Check this post for practical and life-changing tips.

how to be more attractive to men


How to be more attractive to men? Some women feel that they want to please men, and some women feel sexy is enough. But only relying on pleasing men and showing sexy charm will not make men really care about you.

But some women can show off their charms and make men rush to them, but they don’t dare to make mistakes.

This boils down to the fact that this sexiness has layers, not just the performance of sensuality but also the display of style.

Today, we wrote a post sharing with you all about what is attractive to men and how to make it.

In this post, you will know what attracts a man to a woman sexually, how to appear more attractive as a woman, and how to feel and be sexier.

Some of these methods are very suitable to practice slowly at home. So don’t hesitate to check them!

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This post is all about how to be more attractive to men and be sexier.




1. Discover and accept the beauty of your own body

In fact, a woman’s body has its own style.

The prerequisite for releasing style is to understand and accept one’s own body.

I believe that many girls hide their feminine charm for more than ten years when they are not gender-conscious, and they don’t even know how beautiful they are or how to release their beauty.

A few tips for everyone——

Amplify your own female characteristics.

For example, beautiful hair, lipstick, high heels, stockings, a set of sexy underwear, and a slim silk nightdress.

These are all to amplify our own gender characteristics so that we who have avoided female charm for too long can intuitively observe and accept our own bodies and curves.

Long hair and red lips are the most representative of female characteristics.

One of many men’s fantasies about their partners is long hair, which is probably the kind of fluttering and elegant hair showed when brushing the ears, which easily evokes primitive desires.

There are a few tricks on how to deal with hair to look sexy:

For example, if you cut the bangs’ position to the corner of your mouth, the other party’s focus will linger on your lips.

For example, using your fingers to wrap the ends of your hair while talking, insert your fingers into your hair, comb from front to back, leave two strands of hair casually scattered on both sides of your cheeks, etc. These are typical actions in film and television dramas.

Every girl should try to wear a set of lace underwear, suspenders, and high heels.

High-heeled shoes are a powerful tool for creating curves, allowing us to stand straighter, look more hips and have better proportions.

Stockings have a subtle sense of eroticism, making our legs and feet look more sexy and attractive.

For example, in the first half of “The Beautiful Legend of Sicily,” the camera focused countless times on the ambiguous garter buckle under Malena’s tight skirt. We watched the show, just like the male protagonist, and were overwhelmed.

There are several movements related to high heels to learn:

One is to half-take off the shoes and swing them with their toes. Few men can withstand it.

The second is to stand while putting on your shoes, take off your shoes, bend down slightly, lift one foot off, don’t “slap” on the ground with the barefoot that took off your shoes, and continue to tiptoe off the other one.



2. Dance, learn to control the muscles.

Dancers always have their own unique aura, which makes it easy to stand out from the crowd.

Muscles have memories.

Repeatedly practice some sexy, elegant, stretched movements and eye expressions. Over time, this will become a habit. Even if you stand alone, you will unconsciously straighten your body, tighten your chin, move your eyes, and stand out of the crowd.

Here to share with you a few different styles of dance, you can choose the kind of dance that suits you according to your own preferences and personality.


  • Ballet

Ballet is a kind of professional dance with very relaxing movements. Long-term practice can make people straighten the neck and back, posture, and elegant temperament.

Beginner Ballet Tutorial from Kathryn Morgan:



  • Belly Dance

Belly dance clothes are gorgeous and bold, and the basic movement is to shake the waist, hips, and chest.

If you dance well, it’s best not to be too thin. A little belly is better, so it’s suitable for relaxed girls and a little plump.

Beginner Belly Dance Tutorial from Leilah Isaac:



  • Pole Dance

Is there any sexy girl who has never imagined wearing tight leather high heels, showing her curves and sweating on steel pipes?

Although the part on the pole requires muscular strength, pole dancing is really sexy. It is recommended for girls with basic dance and fitness skills to try it.

Beginner Tutorial from FIT 2 FLAUNT:



  • Latin Dance

Latin dance is divided into five types: rumba, chacha, cowboy, samba, and bullfighting.

The expression is exaggerated, the action is enthusiastic, and the explosive force is strong.

But most people can’t be so confident and exaggerated, so the rumba is more recommended. The dance steps are more gentle and lingering, passionate and bold, but not so dramatic.

Rumba dance steps for beginners from Passion4dancing:



  • Tango

Tango is a dance between lovers, with a severe expression and passionate body. It walks between abstinence and flirting. It is really very romantic.

My personal favorite is Argentine tango. I recommend you to go to the tango scenes in “Scent of a Woman,” you will fall in love with it.


How To Do The Tango 8-Step Basic from Howcast:



3. Go to a high-class place to learn

You can’t do anything behind closed doors, discover yourself, and be good at using external forces.

Especially for people who don’t know their own charms, it is tough to figure out how to become charming at home.

Observing the surrounding environment and learn to imitate the words and manners of others. This will make it easier to be more attractive quickly.

For example, go to some high-end places where you have to pay attention to your words and actions, such as exhibitions, high-end restaurants, and so on.

The music, lighting, and atmosphere are all carefully designed. The guests there are restrained, quiet, and elegant, just what you want to be. Observe and imitate, and slowly you can do it easily.



4. Find one of your favorite idols and imitate her

Some girls may say: I haven’t found an idol I really like, what should I do? Or, I like a lot of idols, who should I imitate?

Here, we roughly divided several categories for your reference.


  • Showy

Many people think that showy style is nothing more than a gorgeous appearance.

Actually not.

The feminine appearance also needs the inner support of the ultimate strength.

Beautiful and showy people must have a warm, bold, wild, and untamable character, full of primitive vitality and aggressiveness. Seeing them, you will not think of quiet blooming flowers but cheetahs running hunting in the grasslands.

Recommend an actress: Amber Heard.

Some people think her style is the stimulating effect created by the strong contrast of blonde, glowing skin and red lips.

Yes or no.

Look at the difference between her debut and recent years.

It can be seen that the most important aspect of amorous feelings is related to her warm, obsessive, wild and untamable attitude.

The mentality is strong, the demeanor changes, and the aura and style have changed.

She was the one who sued Johnny Depp and divorced in violent family anger and then was able to print the lipstick on Musk’s face and swear sovereignty.

She has also publicly brought homosexuality to the media, bluntly saying that she is bisexual.

She is a girl who is firm in her heart, boldly released, does not care about other people’s criticism, and does not play cards according to common sense.

Therefore, girls with strong psychological, confidence, boldness, and daring to love and hate, even if their appearance is not perfect, can follow the showy style.



  • Mature mysterious

The charms of mysterious mature women are contradictory, and it isn’t easy to be sure what they are thinking.

They are very “open” in appearance and very “closed” in their words and manners.

For example, Monica Bellucci, her movements and expressions are tiny. But she is the kind of person who has met the world and has stories.

But the kind of polite alienation and calmness made people want to get closer, to explore, to guess what she was thinking and whether she liked him.

This style is very suitable for women who are both mature in appearance and the heart but introverted, do not like publicity, and do not like to socialize.

You don’t have to force yourself to integrate into the wild world. Just be yourself.



  • Innocent Sexy

For example, Marilyn Monroe, her appearance was feminine and charming, but her heart was sensitive and fragile, her speech was slow and soft, her expression was innocent and sincere, she had both the charm of a woman and the innocence of a girl.

She didn’t seem to know that she was a stunner with a personality that made people want to commit a crime. Her words and manners were always calm, innocent, and surprised.

Who is attracted? Then I am sorry, it is your problem, not mine.

This style is suitable for girls who look sexy but have simple experiences.



  • Lazy style

Everyone talks about being lazy.

The focus of the lazy style is one word: slow.

It is the self-confidence to live following the rhythm of life.

Everyone always says that French laziness is the most classic because French girls have this kind of carelessness of not caring about the outside world.

The girl who has a mild temperament and does not like to compete is very suitable for this style.



5. Remain mysterious

Don’t be straightforward but mysterious and stimulating.

Leave a little room for yourself and the audience.

If the skirt is too tight, don’t be too exposed;

If the shoulders and neck are exposed, hide the thighs;

If the makeup is too thick, the hairstyle will be simple;

If the clothes are too exposed, the expression will be restrained.


6. Finally, always remember: be yourself!

After all, there is no uniform standard for being attractive and charming.

I have to say, try to be yourself.

Imitation is for learning, not for being a second person.

Add more colors to your original background color, and finally merge into your new self.

This is the source of unique charm.



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how to be more attractive to men

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