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How To Get A Boy To Like You Over Text: 9 Genius Tips

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Want to know how to get a boy to like you over text? You definitely need to check this post for the genius tips that you can use immediately to get him to like you back!

how to get a boy to like you over text


How to chat with the boys you like over text and get the boy to like you back?

Meeting with boys often seems to make it easier for boys to like you. What should you do if you can’t meet the boys? Is there no way to make boys like you?


Today, we are sharing tips on how to get a boy to like you over text!


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This post is all about how to get a boy to like you over text.


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1. Get prepared.

The biggest problem that many girls encounter is how to start a conversation? What should I do if I have nothing to say?

So, be sure to prepare before sending messages.

Learn about the boy’s preferences.

If you have friends in common, don’t be shy. Just ask the boy’s friends about what he likes to do in his spare time and his hobbies.

Or, you just ask the boys directly what they like to do.

But be careful not to ask all the questions in one go at the beginning. Otherwise, you will have nothing to say later.

And keeping asking is a bit like doing a questionnaire for that boy. That’s very boring.



2. Act properly. 

If a guy does not reply to your text message, he is too busy to answer you, or he is unwilling to respond to you.

So, don’t keep chasing that boy and asking him what he is doing.

Put yourself in your place and think about it. If someone keeps sending you messages and keeps your phone ringing when you are busy, you will be outraged, right?

The same goes for boys.

So, don’t let the boys feel that you are very lacking in love.

Because if a boy thinks that a girl is very, very active towards him, his instinctive reaction will be to avoid it.



3. Use some emoticons.

Don’t just use text to chat.

Always using text to chat is like talking about work, lacking romance.



4. Trigger curiosity.

All love comes from curiosity.

So you must adequately maintain a sense of mystery.

You can talk about something you understand, but he doesn’t understand,

You can also talk about some of your shared interests. Make him think, wow, this girl really understands me.

Doing so can make boys have a slight sense of admiring you and making boys desire to conquer you.

So, don’t keep asking guys too simple questions that you can easily find answers to on Google. Otherwise, the guys will feel that you don’t understand anything, and they won’t want to talk to you.



5. Let boys find confidence in chatting with you.

For example, if the boy sends you some not very funny jokes, you have to express that you enjoy the jokes very much.

In doing so, this boy can find confidence in chatting with you, and he will have a strong desire to talk with you more and even to protect you.



6. Cause emotional fluctuations.

Don’t chat too dull.

For example, if a boy tells you that he is in a bad mood today and cannot sleep.

Don’t just ask, what is it?

Then the boy doesn’t want to share with you anymore.

You can say: I’m sorry, I made you miss me too much.

If the boy told you: My boss gave me a difficult task today, I hate my boss!

You can say: You let me hear your boss’s bad things, so hurry up to please me.

In this way, you can create some emotional fluctuations in the chat, create some small interest, and make your conversation more interesting.

This way, boys will be more willing to continue to find you and chat with you.



7. Actively cut off the conversations.

Sometimes, you have a good chat with the boy you like, but when he suddenly proposes that he wants to end the conversation, you will feel reluctant, right?

Therefore, you can use this method to treat him in turn and actively say goodbye to him in the chat, making him reluctant.



8. Don’t over-explain and don’t educate him.

Some girls like the guy so much, so they care about what the guy thinks of themselves, so that in the chat when the girls found out that they had made some small mistakes, they kept explaining there.

This is a very unattractive move!

So, don’t take the chat too seriously, don’t keep explaining.

Also, don’t always give him advice or try to help him.

Remember, boys like girls who let themselves relax and don’t need to find a teacher to educate themselves.



9. Let the boy develop a habit of chatting with you.

You can actively be chatting with him for some time and then suddenly disappear for a day or two.

Usually, if this guy likes you, he will come to you when you disappear!



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How To Get A Boy To Like You Over Text

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