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Don’t know how to get a boy to notice you? Want to get a boy to ask you out? Here are 5 simple and genius tricks that you can try immediately! HOW TO GET A BOY TO NOTICE YOU AND ASK YOU OUT

Do you have a boy you like, but don’t know how to make him notice you and like you?

Have you always envied other girls, who are often invited by boys to date?

Do you hope that the next weekend or holiday, the boy you like can take the initiative to invite you out on a date?

Don’t worry, read this post carefully. We will show you what to do.

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This post is all about how to get a boy to notice you and ask you out.



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1. Get On His Radar, even if it is over text or on social media.

First of all, let the other person know you and have a certain understanding of you. At least you have to let him know your name.

Therefore, you need to increase the frequency and opportunities of your chat.

Don’t be shy. Take the initiative to say hi to the guy you like.

You may not know that boys today are not as outgoing and active as you thought. They are often very passive in their relationships.

What’s more, now many boys will be immersed in various games and let games and virtual worlds accompany them.

Therefore, there are really not many humans who are chatting with them and caring about them!

So, these are your opportunities.

Your chat does not have to be long and complicated.

You can ask more open-ended questions.

And use more smiling or laughing emojis to show your enthusiasm, optimism, and humor.

Such an emoticon reply will make the boy think that you are enjoying chatting with him.

This will give him an excellent feeling and increase his chances of chatting with you.

Guys only approach girls if they think they are likely to succeed.



2. Increase Your Face Time

If you want to increase the familiarity between you and him, then you need to increase the frequency and opportunities of your meeting appropriately.

For example, if the two of you happen to be in the same class, you can go to the classroom in advance and choose a place closer to him to sit down.

In this way, you can increase your appearance in front of him.

But remember, don’t sit next to him directly, because this will make him feel very strange.

If you meet a guy you like while you are in the gym, you can do some physical stretching in a position where he can see it.

If he happens to say hi to you, you must remember to say hi to him. Remember to show your cheerful personality.

When he approaches you, remember to show a friendly attitude.



3. Master Your Body Language

This is a critical point.

If he is also interested in you, he will also actively want to know you, especially if you are single.

So, you need to send out some physical signals as much as possible.

You have to show him that you are single and do not refuse to date.

For example, keep smiling.

Especially when you look at him, you just smile and make eye contact with him for more than three seconds.



4. Drop A Super Easy Obvious Hint For A Date Idea

This is a super genius trick!

For example, if a boy asks you: Do you have any plans for this weekend?

You can answer:

This weekend, there is an event in …… I really want to go, but I haven’t found anyone to join me yet.

This weekend, there is a newly opened restaurant or a restaurant that has a new dish. I really want to go, but I have not had time before.

To be more targeted, you can learn more about his hobbies or interests through his friends,  his words on social media, or your previous chats. This way, you can more easily develop date ideas that he is also very interested in.

More importantly, the plan you put forward will make him feel more in common with you, which will inspire his self-confidence and a more profound interest in you.

In this way, he will be more confident to try out the ideas with you, and increase his impulse to invite you!

Please remember to give him some ideas he can do with you. This is to encourage him to take you out!


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5. Don’t forget to tease.

This is a very important signal.

After you get along for a while, you need to appropriately create some challenges for him.

For example, that guy likes to play basketball, then you can say this to him:

I heard you often play basketball, but are you really good at shooting, as you said?

Boys are often expressive.

Have you noticed that boys like to brag about themselves?

So, you can jokingly challenge him.

When he hears you are slightly suspicious, he will be more impulsive to invite you to watch him play basketball next time!



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We’d love it if you shared it on Pinterest!

This post was all about how to get a boy to notice you and ask you out.


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