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Libra Rising Sign: Libra Ascendant Meaning In Astrology, Your Personality Traits And More

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Want to know more about Libra rising? Check this post for the expert analysis on Libra risings, including traits, appearance, love life, and so many more!

Libra rising is the most elegant sign of all rising zodiac signs, and it is charming because of its affinity. They have the same leisurely spirit as the Taurus Rising, they are not as obsessed with details as the Virgo Rising, and they are skillful and unhurried. People with this rising zodiac sign are very concerned about what others think of them. Also, if you are in need of a peacemaker, you should add a Libra rising to your pack!

So in this post, we are sharing Libra rising personality traits, Libra rising physical appearance, Libra rising’s relationships and love life, career development, Libra rising birth charts, and the combinations of Libra rising and the 12 sun signs.

Libra Rising

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This post is all about Libra rising.


What is a rising sign?

In Western astrology, the rising star sign, also known as the ascendant sign, refers to the first sign to rise on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth.

Because of this, the placement of the 1st house on the natal chart (the 1st house that defines your self-image, appearance, mental awareness, early upbringing, and the most primitive state of life) must be in the rising sign.

Therefore, the rising sign is related to the exact time of birth and place of your birth. And the rising sign refers to the traits that others see when they meet you for the first time. You can find the birth time information on your long-form birth certificate.


Libra Sun, Libra Rising, Libra Moon


Libra Sun

Libra is a cardinal air sign that combines the two auras of war and peace, and it is also the sign with the most handsome men and beauties traditionally.

A Libra individual has a calm personality, strong analytical skills, and considerable intuition, but all of this is wrapped in a friendly and amiable exterior, which creates the illusion that they are as simple as they appear, when in fact they are far more thoughtful than everyone thinks.

Libra women and men are stubborn and unwilling to complain. In the face of threats, they will take direct countermeasures. Their attitudes are unexpectedly tough and ambitious.


Libra Rising

Libra risings often encounter misplacement and obstacles in the direction of their life development.

For example, there are a lot of troubles at home when they should develop a career, or when they are not in the mood to fall in love, there are people who are eagerly pursuing them, and so on. It seems there is always no right time.

There are so many surprises for them that Libra Ascendants have to deal with their lives more “technically” and more ruthlessly.

Libras ascendant people in pursuit of elegance often prefer to put on a mask to match the environment because they don’t want to lose their calmness, do not make extra struggles, and cover up their real emotions and desires, so that they can always seem to be balanced. They may be successful on the outside, but they may be empty inside.


Libra Moon Sign

They want to maintain harmony in relationships and the surrounding environment, so they try to avoid conflict with people or unpleasant emotions.

They are idealists, paint the world in pastel colors, always live in peace and harmony with other people, find common ground in very different people, and become friends with different types of people.

They are a thoughtful friend who can be felt accepted and appreciated by others.

Deep down, they often appear indecisive and contradictory, but these real personalities, through their appearance and character, may be hard to guess.


Libra rising personality traits

Libra rising sign people are kind and charming, exuding aristocratic aura, strong communication skills, good vibrations, and can quickly attract everyone’s attention in their social circles. They usually stand out easily because of their unique features.

Libra rising has a heart that pursues fairness and objectivity, so they are very able to see things from other people’s points of view and have the ability to ease conflicts and different perspectives in the first place.

However, the negative side is, their own hearts are easy to wander between the two extremes, and there is a lot of disappointment that people and things cannot be reconciled. Therefore, they will show a lot of uncertain attitudes, conflicting mood swings, and ambiguous feelings.

Moreover, in a given situation, Librans are focussed on the logistics and less on the dramatic side of it. So Libra rising may sometimes show more pragmatic especially for some important life aspects.

They have very clear judgments on other people’s affairs, but they are super hesitant about their own affairs, and they dare not make major decisions. They always take a long time to weigh the pros and cons and therefore avoid taking a clear position. They only know how to dodge difficulties and unfortunate events.

They are overly others-centered and lack their own opinions. They need to learn to use their judgment to decide when to compromise and when to stand their ground and face up to their real needs.


Libra Ascendant Appearance

Libra’s planetary ruler is Venus. Because the Venusian influence, Libra ascendant people have good looks, and are well-proportioned, well-spoken, and gentle in aura.

Physical Body: Well-proportioned and flattering

Appearance: The facial features are well-matched, and the lips are plump.

Aura: good demeanor, elegant and polite, pay attention to clothing, elegant and expensive taste.

Generally speaking, people with Libra rising like to dress up. In his or her life, the compulsory courses must be shopping and buying clothes. The style of clothing they like is noble, elegant, gorgeous in color, and unique in style. Because Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, the planet of beauty, love and romance, Libra Rising gestures, intentionally or unintentionally, reveal feminine elegance, gentleness, and harmonious beauty.


Libra rising woman

Libra rising sign girls are gentle, and their personality traits are all liked by everyone. They belong to people with aristocratic auras.

They pay great attention to their own life rituals, and the taste of life is also very important to them. They take great pride in enjoying the finest things in life.

Libra rising women will always be able to remain sensible, no matter how anxious they are, they can deal with it calmly and calmly, which makes many signs of envy.

Libra rising women look for an intelligent partner who can experience different things with her and who is not boring at all. So the best way to attract a Libra rising woman is to show her that you can be a good companion with her.


Libra rising man

Libra rising men have a very good affinity. In fact, they belong to the type of people who are hot on the outside and cold on the inside.

Their friendly nature exudes a gentlemanly demeanor and charm that easily attracts attention.

Libra rising men are gentle and considerate, very understanding of romance, and are very open to the opposite sex.

They are smart and sophisticated, but they are lazy, talk more and do less, and are not pragmatic enough, so the partners of Libra rising men need to supervise them a lot to enjoy their gentleness and consideration.


Libra Rising Love Life And Family Life

Libra rising people are very comfortable to get along with, and they can’t help but feel a sense of solidarity.

People with Libra rising will instinctively seek to establish a harmonious relationship with others. This trait is shown politeness and attentiveness without appearing stereotyped or hypocritical.

They are good at the art of flirting. At their highest vibration, they can be absolutely intoxicating. They always use ingenious ways to reduce the disharmony between people, and they will also force out the discordant factors in their relationships.

Before the coming of love, Libra rising is prone to inferiority complex and negative psychology.

They don’t like to be controlled by others, hate to be restrained, and hope to enjoy the same freedom and space as when they were single.

They are not free and easy to deal with their feelings, but they have a lot of requirements for their partners and are usually attracted to competent, active partners.

People with Libra rising sign often have countless admirers because of their natural charm. They are major lovebirds. However, for their close relationships, they habitually sway, often leading to confusion in the situation. They can’t always tell what they really want.


Libra Ascendant Sign Jobs And Career Development

Libra is a sign of partnerships. Libra risings have a dreamy disposition, expect a harmonious environment, use a gentle approach and “soft sell” skills, and they are pleasant individuals. But it is inevitable that there will be disputes in the relationship between people.

Sometimes in order to “settle” this situation, they do not hesitate to go against their will and say some nice words to compliment each other and obtain a superficial balance. They even compromise their own comfort for the sake of the group. However, this sometimes makes people feel that Libra rising is hypocritical.

Libra Ascendant has the traits of being swaying when things go wrong. They are accustomed to considering every plan comprehensively, but often delay the best time to deal with things.

It’s very hard to get them to sit down for an extended period of time. They are good at creativity, imagination, and making plans though sometimes missing the details. Those types of work enable them to be free and work at their own pace.

However, at the same time, they have a habit of procrastination and cannot deal decisively when encountering problems. At work, this Libra rising’s bad side is a huge problem they need to focus on and work hard to overcome. But with proper guidance, they can master the flow of whatever work project perfectly.

Libra rising people who pay attention to fairness and justice, and have strong diplomatic skills, community building and social interactions capabilities. They are major activists and dedicate themselves to social causes. They are especially suitable for lawyers, police, marketing, and investment.


Libra Ascendant Health Problems

Libra rules the kidneys and skin. Libra rising people are likely to suffer from ailments of the kidneys and reproductive organs. Anemia, lower back pain, sugar problems, catching a cold, sensitive skin, are also common for Libra risings. They should avoid rich food, lack of sleep, and too much alcohol.


Libra Rising Celebrities

Famous people of Libra rising include:

Kate Winslet

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Ewan McGregor

Harrison Ford

Robert Blake

Chevy Chase

James Garner

Venus Williams

Jennifer Aniston

Geena Davis

Debra Winger

Neil Diamond

Leonardo DiCaprio


Libra Rising Whole Sign Houses: Birth Charts


Libra in the 1st house

People with Libra on the Ascendant must discover their uniqueness through a process of cooperation with others.

They often observe their own personalities through the reactions of others in the process of working with others. Every move of these people exudes beauty, grace, discipline, seriousness, and fairness.

The most prominent virtue in them is that they can put themselves in the shoes of others and see the same thing from the eyes of others.

People with Libra on the Ascendant don’t like being independent, and if they can’t find anyone else to rely on and have to stand up on their own, they’ll feel very lost and confused.


Scorpio in the second house

When it comes to wealth accumulation, people with Libra on the Ascendant usually have many different ways to make money and always appear energetic.

They have the ability to transform other people’s useless things into valuables. Therefore, if they can make full use of their intelligence and genius for invention, it is often possible for them to make a lot of money in a short period of time.

It must be noted, however, that people with Libra on the Ascendant usually spend their money on items whose artistic value is higher than their actual monetary value.

Their work mates can usually help them get enough money to cover their expenses. And those with Libra on the rising sign will not hesitate to share these works of art with friends or work partners.


Sagittarius in the 3rd house

People with Libra on the Ascendant like philosophy and sometimes express their opinions and ideas in a fanciful tone.

People with this rising sign are also very concerned about the values ​​of society and the code of conduct of the general public, because they believe that these things are the basic elements that bring peace and order to all people in society.

Obviously, they may share things with their siblings, but people with Libra on the Ascendant are very generous with their siblings and even their neighbors.

The short-term trips or spiritual recharge courses they participate in are all to visit areas that they have not participated in physically or spiritually.

They will also be the kind of people who keep getting letters from distant friends and keep in touch with others.


Capricorn in the 4th house

With a stubborn insistence on keeping things fixed in fixed places, people with Libra on the Ascendant are usually extremely disciplined and insist on keeping things in their homes separate.

But no matter how neat the home is, it seems to them that it still fails to meet their meticulous standards, and no amount of planning and regularity can satisfy them.

So they are used to laboriously working from home. No matter how simple and unsophisticated the Libra rising’s home is, for them, they still need to take the trouble to lead busy lives and regularize everything in the home. For them, it is a community contribution within their ability.


Aquarius in the 5th house

Libra on the Ascendant loves one-on-one, exciting relationships. People with this rising sign can find great pleasure in researching special things, making friends, and in group activities.

Children of this rising sign usually have very unique personalities: both original and extremely disciplined minds. But what parents must remember is that although children want to do everything in their power to abide by the rules set by their parents, can their physical fitness and physical strength really match their wishes?

When it comes to art and theatrical appreciation, people with Libra on the Ascendant usually pay more attention to structure and organization, and they like works that are both unique and dramatic.


Pisces in the sixth house

People with Libra on the Ascendant can devote themselves to service and labor without selfishness due to external environmental factors.

They are extremely sympathetic to their colleagues at work and their subordinates. However, if at some point they feel that there seems to be too much work to do and more than they can effectively handle, then they can become confused or even overwhelmed.

If they feel that they have to escape the pressure of the heavy responsibilities of work, they can easily fall into depression.

The health of this rising sign seems to depend entirely on their own emotional state.


Aries in the 7th house

In order to get others to cooperate with them, or in order to get other people’s attention, people with Libra on the Ascendant may appear very aggressive.

They also have the ability to push others to do what they want others to do, completely unconsciously.

Therefore, anyone who is a working partner of a Libra rising sign must keep one thing in mind, if you like a calm and peaceful work relationship, you’d better maintain a high level of activity and work diligently.


Taurus in the 8th house

While Libras on the Ascendant are capable enough to help themselves and their co-workers earn money, their innate love of beauty may prompt them to spend their money blindly on frivolous ornaments.

People with this rising sign also have the ability to make money by using resources that others don’t know they can use.

People with this rising sign usually die peacefully, and they like to start or end something peacefully.


Gemini in the ninth house

People with Libra on the Ascendant like and need a family and philosophy that is more practical, relevant to real life, and easy to understand.

Many people with this rising sign also prefer and focus on writing or discussing such issues.

Among the people born in this rising sign, there are many people who are now famous and have great potential to shine in religious activities.


Cancer in the tenth house

With Cancer in the tenth house, people with Libra on the Ascendant can be very sensitive about their reputation in the world.

They want to be the kind of responsible, respectable person in the hearts of others.

Many people with this rising sign have work and home life in some way, and they are also more inclined to have a work or business partner.


Leo in the eleventh house

Affected by the position of Leo, people with Libra rising sign are more likely to find external help and a sense of security.

Because their own creative ability is mostly discovered and inspired by the help of friends, people with the Libra rising sign should try their best to cultivate some friends with wisdom, creativity and influence.


Virgo in the twelfth house

A Libra on the Ascendant may experience some setbacks if he doesn’t take care to correct his/her excessive apprehension and nagging personality about trivial matters.

What they have, however, is their ability to notice secondary priorities that others tend to overlook, and this ability will help them on the road to success.

People with Libra on the Ascendant work very solidly on their well-planned and regular efforts.


Libra Ascendant and Twelve Sun Signs Combinations


Aries Sun Libra Rising

They will devote all their energy to their married life in their entire life. If they have a happy married life, they will exert the vitality of Aries and the coordination and organization of Libra in their work and career, and can build on the strength of cooperation with others and start their own successful careers.

If there is a problem in the marriage relationship, they will easily lose the goal of life, and easily destroy the interpersonal relationships around them, and will further push themselves on the journey of failure.

Brothers, sisters and friends will be a major help and resistance to the success or failure of your married life. Therefore, seeking balance and coordination among the three will be the most important issue in their lives.


Taurus Sun Libra Rising

They tend to express Taurus thoughts and concepts in a Libra style. The sun sets in the house of sickness, which can increase their focus on health and disease prevention.

From the two aspects of home environment and parental genetics, are the key factors affecting their health.


Gemini Sun Libra Rising

The combination of Gemini and Libra, both of which belong to the air sign, can make the Gemini Sun sign expand the interpersonal relationships around them with a more comfortable way of speaking and aura.

Travel and relocation are their areas of happiness and the key focus of this person’s life or failure.

It is often their luck that they meet noble people during their travels.

They are lucky to travel around. If they stagnate or trust their brothers, sisters and subordinates too much, unexpected harm will come.


Cancer Sun Libra Rising

The feminine and conservative Cancer is expressed in the way of masculine, gentle and active Libra.

Cancer is more emotional and emotional, while Libra is more rational and more objective and fair. There are many conflicts in their auras, which in turn affect the contradictions in their characters.

The focus of this person’s life is on the pursuit of work, career, and reputation.


Leo Sun Libra Rising

This combination is very suitable to express the aura of the fixed type of Leo with the basic traits of the air sign.

Noble, arrogant, optimistic, cheerful, generous, with strong leadership desire and ambition Leo, their fundamental traits are easy to attract the attention and appreciation of others, but also often cause others to reject and disgust.

However, once Libras are mild, casual and fair, their shortcomings can often be subtly hidden, while their advantages are clearly blooming.

They have devoted their whole life to operating the cause of mass service, that they have the innate talent for the leadership of organizations and societies, and have the talent to inspire the masses.


Virgo Sun Libra Rising

The combination of the two personalities of the Libra with the basic air element and the virgin with the earth element change can make their originally more conservative and petite behaviors appear more peaceful, easy to get along with, and not dull.

It should be noted that whether the planetary aspect is good or not will be related to whether it is easy to integrate their personalities for the air-sign Libra and the earth-sign Virgo. If the planets aspects are bad, it is easy for them to have psychological stress.

They attach great importance to spiritual issues, and they will also devote all their efforts to exploring the secret and difficult to understand areas in the depths of the human mind.


Libra Sun Libra Rising

They are the type with the most Libra traits and can show the typical traits of Libra.

Libra is a symbol of fairness and justice, and it is easy for them to rationalize one’s own actions and faults, and it also creates the legitimacy of empathy.

The basic trait is to actively explore an interesting and attractive life area (or people, or things), and then devote all their efforts to it.

However, after a period of time, after the interest and attractiveness fades to a certain extent, they will quickly rediscover new friends, and a new, interesting, and attractive area of ​​life, and without hesitation, abandon the area of ​​life that they are fully committed to and pursuit new people and new experience.


Scorpio Sun Libra Rising

Libra, the basic type of air sign, and Scorpio, the fixed type of water sign, can be reconciled.

Air elements are good at observing people and things around them and measure them with objective criteria. This trait can improve Scorpio’s mentality that is too intuitive, too subjective, and too horny.

The peaceful, irritable, and comfortable Libra’s behavior will greatly help the Scorpio to establish and maintain a good relationship with people, and reduce the resistance in interpersonal relationships.


Sagittarius Sun Libra Rising

The combination of the air-like Libra and the fire-mutable Sagittarius can present the Sagittarius traits that are more popular with the opposite sex, and also make the enthusiasm radiated by the Sagittarius a little more attractive.

However, the traits of Sagittarius, who is impatience, impatience, and constant pursuit of ideals and goals, and the traits of Libra, who is uncertain, inefficient, hesitant, and compromised, are easy to have often conflicts in the heart.

They attach great importance to the relationship between siblings, they will also be committed to the dissemination of knowledge, and they will devote all their efforts to building a network of relationships throughout their lives.


Capricorn Sun Libra Rising

Capricorns should be serious, assertive, stoic, practical and efficient. It is fundamentally confused to behave in the way of Libras who are relaxed, hesitant, difficult to persevere, easy to compromise, and inefficient.

However, if the planets have a good aspect, it means that the ambitious and serious Capricorn can use the elegant and friendly traits of Libra to show their talents.

On the one hand, it avoids the disadvantage of Capricorn in interpersonal relationships and strengthens the affinity of Capricornus in employing people is helpful for the smooth realization of goals and ambitions.


Aquarius Sun Libra Rising

The performance of Libra’s traits allows them to show their brilliance in a more high-quality Aquarius style.

Representing the Aquarius mind in a Libra aura is a good combination, allowing them to exhibit an aura that is more approachable, attractive, and less stinging. They are the life of the party and love to be in front of a crowd.

They will put a lot of effort into their children in their lives, and they will also have certain hobbies that are difficult to quit.

Living happily is their life focus, and the meaning of their life will not be career, power, or money, but how to make themselves and their children live happily.


Pisces Sun Libra Rising

The rationality, observation, and analysis traits of the air sign Libra will help the too emotional Pisces deal with people and things better.

The influence of Libra also helps the mutable Pisces to ease the rapid emotional fluctuations, so that they have better patience, and will not change or retreat quickly when encountering difficulties.

The combination of Libra and Pisces is a good combination, and both men and women of this combination have charming traits and appearances.

This post was all about Libra rising.


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