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Taurus Rising Sign: Taurus Ascendant Meaning In Astrology, Your Personality Traits And More

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Want to know more about Taurus rising? Check this post for expert analysis on Taurus rising personality traits, appearance, love life, career, and more.

In this world, babies are born every minute. From the moment they are born, the twelve sun signs and the rising signs have been determined, which will accompany them all their lives. Then what are the Taurus rising people’s personalities?

Taurus risings appear calm on the surface and are very concerned about beauty, finer things and money. They don’t judge anything, and they are slow, quiet, and even gentle in their words and deeds, challenging people’s patience. However, if you make it into a Taurus Rising’s inner circle, you may be surprised by their traits and behaviors you discover.

So in this post, we are talking about Taurus rising traits, the physical appearance of a Taurus ascendant, Taurus risings’ love life and family life, career development, birth charts, and the combinations of Taurus rising and 12 sun signs.

Taurus Rising

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This post is all about Taurus rising.


What is the rising sign?

In Western astrology, the rising sign is also known as the ascendant sign. At the moment of birth, the first sign to rise on the eastern horizon is the rising sign.

Because of this, the placement of the 1st house on the natal chart (the 1st house that defines your self-image, appearance, mental awareness, early upbringing, and the most primitive state of life) must be in the rising sign.

Therefore, the rising sign is related to the time of birth and the place of your birth.

The rising sign has a great deal of influence on a person’s physical appearance, auras, first impressions, and the way he interacts with others, so the rising sign plays a major role in shaping a person’s outward appearance.


Taurus Rising, Taurus Sun Sign, Taurus Moon Sign


Taurus Sun

Taurus Sun will show their sensitivity and stubbornness, so their personality is not easily shaken by the outside world, and they cannot accept advice or help from others.

They have a strong need for the material world (things and enjoyment), desire financial security, and are practical but should not be described as stingy. They just don’t want to waste resources in unnecessary places.


Taurus Rising

Rising Taurus is thick or sturdy in appearance, and is pragmatic in personality and even cares about money.

Rather than being stingy, they are more concerned about whether they can earn more. Therefore, they are still full of business acumen.

Once their living habits are fixed, they do not like to change, do not like to move, do not like to meet new people, do not consider new suggestions carefully, and do not act rashly.

Once they are stable at home, they will feel at ease. They don’t ask too much for a place to live, as long as they can live there.


Taurus Moon

Moon in Taurus is generally more stable, they like to enjoy food and enjoy life, and usually have a good voice.

They usually don’t waste time on small things and details, they will find it too troublesome.

Taurus moon are always slow to deal with problems, and they are sometimes stubborn and insist on their own opinions too much.

They also prefer music, not to mention whether they are good at singing, etc., their voices are generally more pleasant.


Taurus rising personality traits

The Taurus rising sign actually has a stubborn heart under the seemingly cold appearance.

They pursue the quality of daily life and good things, especially in food and money. Even at a young age, Taurus rising people may struggle for money, and they usually study or work hard to achieve their personal property and real estate security.

They will not let go of the established goals easily, and in most cases, they are in a state of winning while maintaining stability.

They like to go with the flow and don’t want others to interrupt them too much or give advice, and they choose to block the pressure that others bring to them.

They don’t like to make changes and love to stay in their comfort zones, and the same is true for relationships. They prefer to keep their private life private.

However, once they start a romantic relationship with the right person, they want to keep the good times going.

They are warm in nature and enjoy the natural rhythm, and do not want to let themselves be caught in the busy all day, so they prefer to deal with everything with a relaxed and easy-going attitude.

However, after all, they are Taurus people. They either don’t do it. Once they start to deal with something, they will not give up easily.

Perseverance is a good thing, but stubborn people sometimes believe in themselves too much, are unwilling to accept advice and suggestions from others, and even become resistant.

Thus, their obstinacy is often infuriating to others, especially since it takes much provocation to make Taurus rising flare up or respond to their anger.

The heart of Taurus rising is like a noble and leisurely “pastoral master”.

Their physical features are mostly plump, round faces, and double chins. Their auras are serene and poised and elegant, giving the impression of being unhurried, steady and down-to-earth in everything.

It takes a little time for people with Taurus rising to implement their will. They are not good at doing urgent work.

Taurus is ruled by the planet of love and beauty, Venus. Because of this planetary ruler, a Taurus rising person enjoys a wide range of beauty. Painting, playing musical instruments, calligraphy, sculpture, fashion design, architecture, etc. They also have a keen appreciation of the natural world.

Even beautifying their own kitchens is where Taurus ascendants are likely to show their special love and basic needs of beauty.

Taurus Ascendant Physical Appearance

Blessed by the ruling planet Venus, which is the plant of love and beauty, Taurus rising women are very sexy, and men are very handsome.

This is an external feature and physical charm, but it is also a very practical advantage because it can play a very good role in helping some situations in life.

Taurus rising people deeply understand this, so they prefer showing their best face with the outside world.

Physical Body: Strong body, broad shoulders, slightly stubby neck, soft and stable body, easy to gain weight after middle age if they don’t indulge in much physical activity, average height.

Facial Features: Plump cheeks, soft hair, tender eyes, fair complexion, and a pleasant voice.

Auras: Silence, tranquility, prudence and elegance, and emphasis on financial management.


Taurus rising man

The first impression of a Taurus rising man is well-mannered and gentle.

A Taurus ascendant man communicates very little with people, he doesn’t like talking very much, his eyes are a little stray and he seems to be more restrained, and he feels very unnatural and seems to have a sense of inferiority in his innermost thoughts, which is more difficult to guess.


Taurus rising woman

Taurus rising girls give people a positive first impression. They have unique docile and are well-behaved. At first glance, they will make people feel very comfortable, and they will be a little shy and nervous in behavior.

They are a little cautious in their behavior, appear very nervous and unnatural, do not like to laugh very much, and have no expressions on their faces, which will give people a relatively cold feeling, and they will be a little difficult to approach at first.


Taurus Rising Love Life And Family Life

Are you pursuing a Taurus rising beauty? The good thing is, the loyalty in love is also one Taurus rising’s good side. If they fall in love with someone, Taurus rising is always determined. They move at their own pace and are not easily influenced by others. And they never tell lies.

Even if there is a big gap between themselves and their partner, they will try to slowly narrow the distance between each other.


Taurus Ascendant Work and Career Development

Taurus risings are quiet and down-to-earth, and can work hard to start a business. Although sometimes this kind of entrepreneurship is hard, they have great powers of endurance and can calm down and wait for success slowly.

They sometimes lack the ability to innovate at work. Therefore, they seem to be a bit slow when it comes to doing things, without passion and vitality, which is something they need to work hard to overcome.


Taurus Rising Health Problems

Taurus rules the neck and throat, so Taurus risings are vulnerable to coughs, colds, sore throat, earaches, swollen glands, and stiff necks.


Taurus Rising Celebrities

Taurus rising famous people include:

Billy crystal

Serena Williams

Cate Blanchett

Joe Pesci

Ali MacGraw

Mia Farrow

Liza Minnelli

Sigourney Weaver

Nick Nolte

Jean Cocteau

Queen Latifah

Brendan Fraser

George Lucas


Taurus Ascendant Whole Sign Houses: Birth Chart


Taurus in the 1st house

Taurus Ascendants usually express their potential through their financial transactions and the state of their material possessions.

They like some high-quality objects in life and maybe engaged in something related to creating “beauty”.


Gemini in the second house

With Gemini in the 2nd house, Taurus Rising people can usually make money with their original ideas and build wealth on their actual ideas, they are not limited to one method of making money.


Cancer in the 3rd house

Because of their parent-like attitude, Taurus rising people are always more dominant and popular among siblings, neighbors and friends.

Their fortunes in communicating with people always seem to fluctuate up and down.

People who are born under the sign of Taurus usually have the opportunity to travel because of work or financial affairs.


Leo in the 4th house

People with Taurus Ascendant can often make use of their abilities in family life or in the family.

Often, people with Taurus rising will use their home as a showcase for their creativity and their status.

For people who come to their homes, they are very generous to them, and they are treated very warmly.


Virgo in the 5th house

Taurus rising people are very careful and have analytical thinking skills.

They usually notice some details somewhere.

When it comes to social matters, Taurus Ascendants will show their perfect idea, and they will demand that everything be in its proper place and the details of everything must be carefully planned.

In romantic relationships, people with Taurus rising may have a tendency to be overly critical.

This is because they demand perfection in everything, so under their constant scrutiny, their boyfriends and girlfriends often feel uneasy.


Libra in the sixth house

People born under the sign of Taurus have good work efficiency in team work with others.

In the process of cooperating with colleagues or working partners, they will strive to create a relationship of harmony and division of labor, which may be one of the reasons for their economic success.

If they are the boss, they must be the kind of boss who is very fair and treats all employees equally.


Scorpio in the seventh house

People with Taurus rising are very fond of gaining power and status.

They will choose people who are more motivated as work partners because these people have excellent creative ability and the power to achieve goals.

But they need to avoid jealousy, feuding, and possessiveness towards their co-workers.

Like the Scorpio, Taurus’s sister sign, the Taurus ascendant will also have the strong desire to be transcendental in spiritual life in matters related to partners and public affairs.


Sagittarius in the 8th house

Taurus rising will encounter many legal issues related to inheritances, insurance payments, and partnership investments.

They are more likely to inherit wealth than other zodiac signs.

Since people with Taurus rising sign always want to develop in a better and more profitable place, the business partners they choose are usually financially stable and able to contribute to their development.


Capricorn in the ninth house

People with Taurus rising are usually very traditional and conservative in their attitudes towards religion and philosophy.

But because of their emphasis on materials in the physical world, their development in philosophy is limited.

They will show their humanitarian side at work.


Aquarius in the tenth house

With Aquarius in the 10th houses, people with Taurus rising will prefer jobs that require a lot of people to work together, so they often work in large corporate groups or work together with a group of people.

In the eyes of ordinary people, they are usually more famous, more stable, more invariable, but also extraordinarily intelligent.


Pisces in the eleventh house

A Taurus rising person’s enthusiasm and feelings for friends can often be seen in their generosity towards their friends.

They like to share beautiful things with their friends, and they want their friends to have a similar aesthetic to them.

So if you make friends at will without careful thought, those friends may only make them feel deeply disillusioned.


Aries in the twelfth house

Sports and stubborn personalities can lead to failure for Taurus Ascendants, while their natural courage and resolute character are factors that help them succeed.

People with Taurus rising often do unexpected things in order to keep their opponents guessing them.


Taurus Rising and Twelve Sun Signs Combinations


Aries Sun Taurus Rising

They will devote most of their energy to the pursuit of wealth in their lives, and obtain satisfaction and comfort through the accumulation of wealth and material things.

In order to obtain absolute security in a changing environment, it is absolutely necessary for them to work hard to obtain wealth without stagnation.

They have a gifted financial ability, which can also be said to be an instinctive ability to protect themselves. They are often able to find tips for making money in different environments.


Taurus Sun Taurus Rising

They are the type with the most Taurus traits in all the Taurus sun signs, and they are also the men and women who can best show the strengths and weaknesses of Taurus sign.

If the planetary aspect is good, it means that the person is good at getting along with children, and can also give children a positive education model. If the planets are out of phase, there will be many conflicts in getting along with their children, which will affect their career progress.


Gemini Sun Taurus Rising

They will express the thoughts and feelings of Gemini in the behavior of Taurus.

They will still show his talent and wisdom in the way of financial management and work in the unique way of air sign.

They also have the down-to-earth style and patience characteristic of Taurus, which makes up for what Gemini lacks.


Cancer Sun Taurus Rising

They will express the thoughts and feelings of Cancer in the way of Taurus.

If the planetary aspects are not bad, the earthy Taurus will strengthen the ability of Cancer to face the real environment, and also enhance the stability and trustworthiness of dealing with others.

On the contrary, the personality conflict between Cancer, who pays attention to feelings and emotions, and Taurus, who pays attention to reality and material things, is inevitable, which will result in the person’s repressed aura.

They attach great importance to the relationship between brothers and sisters, and are more able to help and cooperate with brothers and sisters to achieve a career.

Relationships between husband and wife, and interpersonal relationships between organizations and societies will contribute to a harmonious relationship between them and their brothers and sisters.


Leo Sun Taurus Rising

Generous Leo behaves in a mean-spirited Taurus fashion, with considerable repression of his fundamental character. Their behavioral patterns and inner intuitions are often in a state of mutual suppression.

The fire-fixed Leo and the earth-fixed Taurus, the biggest problem of the two signs is the absolute insistence of the fixed sign on their own fundamental traits and thoughts, and this trait will lead to the quarrel between the two forces of Leo and Taurus.

They attach great importance to the harmony and maintenance of family and family relationships, and they can devote all their efforts to persevering throughout their lives.


Virgo Sun Taurus Rising

The biggest difference between Virgo and Taurus, both of which are earth signs, is that Virgo is a mutable sign, while Taurus is a fixed sign.

Mutable signs change very quickly in the field of life, and they are not strong in their preferences. They are easy to change their minds and cannot adhere to a specific ideal goal.

However, because Virgo is an earth sign, their changing minds is not easy to discover on the outside, and the nature of the earth sign greatly slows down their action of being good at changing.

They are better at hiding their inner fickle nature, and then show more stability, patience, reliability, practicality, and financial ability.


Libra Sun Taurus Rising

They are Libras who are more practical and have more financial skills.

The earth sign Taurus is practical, down-to-earth, firm, and patient. It can suppress Libra’s hesitation, lack of execution, easy to shake, and lack of patience.

The combination of the earthy Taurus and the airy Libra can easily lead to confusion, conflict, bondage and imprisonment in their hearts.

This person attaches great importance to the way of employing people, and also has talent in this regard. If the Sun is in good aspect, he/she will be a good leader.


Scorpio Sun Taurus Rising

The water-fixed Scorpio and the earth-fixed Taurus are both fixed signs, and they will both stick to their own will and behavior patterns, and their stubbornness is difficult to shake.

There is a serious conflict between the traits of Taurus and the traits of Scorpio. If the planets are not in a good aspect, it will further cause serious physical and mental state oppression, serious contradictions, and serious confusion.


Sagittarius Sun Taurus Rising

Sagittarius pays attention to the realization of ideals, is active, active and energetic. These traits are expressed with the traits of Taurus who pays attention to reality, material desire, passive, unmoved, patient and stubborn, and are seriously suppressed.

The earthy Taurus will restrain the enthusiasm and vitality of the fire Sagittarius, and the fixed Taurus will have more absolute and uncompromising repressive power over the mutable Sagittarius.

They are one of the least Sagittarius types of all Sagittarius Sun people, and one of the most repressed types of Sagittarius.


Capricorn Sun Taurus Rising

The basic earth element Capricorn and the earth element fixed Taurus are easy to reconcile.

Capricornus with the traits of Taurus has greatly increased the desire for much money, material, career, and power. They must prevent their thoughts and concepts from being too materialistic, realistic, and utilitarian, otherwise, there will be spiritual regrets.

They are too assertive, too self-righteous, too ambitious, too tacky, too utilitarian, and too selfish.

They are quite suitable for running a business, engaging in political activities, and accumulating wealth, and most of them have interests and talents in this area.


Aquarius Sun Taurus Rising

Aquarius and Taurus are fixed signs. When these two signs are combined, they will enhance the fixed, single-minded, hard-to-change, and stubborn aura.

The focus of their life will be on career development, and they also have career talents and abilities.

However, if they are in a work environment where everything is fast, they will be slow in early development, and it is difficult to develop and show their talents.

In order to develop their talents, they should be engaged in careers that require deep thinking, and require perseverance.

In addition, be careful of conflicts and troubles caused by family and marriage.


Pisces Sun Taurus Rising

It is difficult to reconcile the two signs with the fixed earth sign Taurus and the water sign mutable Pisces. They are the most repressive type of personality of all Pisces Suns.

The earthy Taurus suppresses the watery Pisces sentimentality and is easily moved by other objects, making them show more calm, more materialistic and more utilitarian characteristics.

If the planets are well aspected, the traits of Taurus can positively help them gain a place in a competitive society.

On the contrary, it is easy to cause conflicts between behavior and mind, which in turn lead to mental and emotional imbalances.

This post was all about Taurus rising.


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