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Must Know Moving In Together Checklist And Tips To Get Well Prepared

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Thinking of moving in together with your boyfriend? You definitely need to check this moving in together checklist to get well prepared.

moving in together checklist

Congratulations, you are already considering moving in with your boyfriend. For both boys and girls, moving in together is thought to be a further step in your relationship.

But the lifestyles of living alone and living together are definitely different.

Are there any must know tips?

After reading this checklist carefully, you will get better prepared.

This checklist includes must know tips for the couple, and suggestions for boys and suggestions for girls sepatetely. Don’t forget to share it with your boyfriend.

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This post is all about moving in together checklist.


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For Boys


1.You will find more long hair in the rooms, so be prepared to clean the hair from the drain every few days.


2. Don’t be afraid to cook. Living together, cooking together will be very romantic.


3. It is best to divide the work of housework or things that are related to both of you. Don’t just depend on your girlfriend to do all the housework.


4. If you smoke and your girlfriend does not smoke, it is best not to smoke indoors and respect your girlfriend.


5. If you don’t have the ability to bear the result of your girlfriend’s pregnancy, you must take safety precautions. Don’t just care about your own feelings, but take care of girl friend’s feelings.


6. Most girls like to eat snacks. You can prepare more snacks at home to make her happy.


7. Learn the skills of assembling furniture and repairing furniture and home appliances. Men who are good at building furniture and repairing electrical appliances are incredibly handsome in girls’ eyes.


8. Your girlfriend may kick you in her sleep in the middle of the night. Remember to cover her with a quilt at this time and don’t let her catch a cold.


9. Take care of her when she is on her period.


10. If you have a fight, as long as it is not a matter of principle, hug her and coax her. She will be fine.


11. Remember your anniversary, her birthday, and related holidays. Don’t stop creating romance for your relationship just because you have lived together. Create more surprises and romance. Women are very emotional.


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12. Don’t often greet your friends to eat at home, and then ask your girlfriend to help prepare dishes and entertain. She is your girlfriend and not a nanny.



For The Girls


1.If your boyfriend is frustrated during work and study, don’t say “I don’t want to listen” with an impatient expression when he comes home and complains to you. Even if you can’t help him, you can hug him and say to him, “It’s okay, I’m here.” He will be very moved.


2. You can learn more recipes and cook with him.




3. When encountering some things that a man needs to handle, even if you can’t help, accompany him to do it if time permits. Don’t let him feel that he is alone.


4. He may occasionally come back after drinking too much for socializing. Don’t let him sleep on the sofa and wear dirty clothes for one night, so he wakes up in the morning and feels that you don’t love him enough.


5. Regarding the sex, you can be bold and communicate your feelings with him directly. Tell me where you are uncomfortable and unwilling.


6. Give him enough free space. Every man needs time that is entirely his own, playing games, reading books, playing ball, watching games, etc. If you like and have time, you can accompany him. If not, let him go.


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7. You have to have your own hobbies. Living together means that you spend more time together, but it does not mean that you need to focus all your energy on your boyfriend alone. Remember to cultivate your own hobbies. An independent girl is more attractive.


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8. Protect yourself and don’t get pregnant by accident if you are not prepared.


9. Men generally live relatively indifferent lives. When you first started living together, there must be many different living habits. Remember to communicate patiently. Don’t use complaints instead of effective communication.


10. Men really don’t like shopping. So if you want to go shopping, try to go by yourself or with your girlfriends, don’t force him to go with you.


11. Have more understanding and support for your boyfriend, don’t always deny him. Don’t ever be suspicious.


12. Don’t give up too much for him and for this relationship. Don’t forget to make yourself better. Don’t forget to pursue a better life.



Other Important Tips:


1.Negotiate the distribution of money before cohabiting. Financial planning must be done.


2.Negotiate the distribution of housework before moving in together. Perform a more thorough cleaning once a week to tidy up your home together.


3. Don’t lose your temper casually, and speak well if you have something to say.


4. There are bound to be differences in your life and life planning. Pay attention to communicate more and tolerate each other. This is the time to test your relationship.


5. Don’t always spend the holidays together. Boys can go out with their friends, girls can stay with their own friends. Give each other more space.


6. Don’t look down on the other one’s hobbies and insult the other one’s idols.


7. Don’t speak ill of each other’s families and friends.


8. Keep a small medicine storage box at home.


9. Accept the difference in lifestyle, don’t just nag about little things and details.


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