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The Best Moving In With Your Boyfriend Checklist You Should Have

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Are you moving in with your boyfriend for the first time? We listed the best tips to make it work for you. Read them today!

Moving In With Your Boyfriend

Moving in with your boyfriend is not easy. There are many common relationship problems after moving in together. To solve those problems and to make your relationship still romantic, you definitely need these great tips.

After reading this post, you will know what you should prepare for before moving in with your boyfriend, and how to solve the problems after moving in with your boyfriend.

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This post is all about the checklist and tips on moving in with your boyfriend.


Things You Should Prepare Before Moving In With Your Boyfriend


1. Don’t move in together too soon

If you have just fallen in love to save a few living expenses and rent, it is not recommended to live together so soon.

Because couples live together without feeling behind them, it is easy to have frequent conflicts and break up.


2. Rent the apartment together and share the rent equally.

Don’t move directly into each other’s house or even live with each other’s parents.

Be financially independent as much as possible, share the rent equally, and don’t let your boyfriend pay all.


3. Give each other enough independent space after moving in with your boyfriend

Couples living together must give each other enough living space. It is best not to live in a house with only one room, as it is easy to feel depressed.

Don’t be with each other all the time. Everyone has their own privacy, their friends, their own work, and family.


4. Don’t do everything you want to do at the beginning, do it in stages

Some couples are dizzy by the sweet future of living together and want to do everything they want from the start.

They are planning to decorate the house, take turns to cook every day, raise a pet, and take care of it together…

These thoughts are very romantic, but don’t be dazzled by the momentary happiness and want to do too many things in a short time.

Moving in together itself is a significant change for you, and it takes a long time to adapt. On this basis, if you add so many changes, the adaptation will only be longer.

And some things, such as keeping pets, are not easy to get rid of once they start. You were very enthusiastic at the beginning. If you later find that both of you can’t keep going, and the pet can’t be sent out for a while, it will bring you constant troubles.

So, Step by step. Otherwise, the excellent life plan you imagined before may become the source of your troubles in the end.

moving in with your boyfriend checklist first apartment


Things To Know Before Moving In With Your Boyfriend


5. Be ready to accept some minor problems after moving in with your boyfriend

Before you lived separately, your boyfriend had many little things in life that you couldn’t see. But once you live together now, not only will you spend more time together, but it also means that many little things in life can no longer be hidden.

For example, every time you meet each other, you may be glamorous, but once you live together, you find that your boyfriend may throw the clothes everywhere and never wash them.

For example, you used to eat outside together, but after living together, you find that neither of you can cook, or the kitchen is in a mess, but no one wants to clean up the dishes.

Or your boyfriend does not brush his teeth or wash his face after getting up in the morning, or goes to bed without bathing after returning from work at night…

Although these things are small, they may cause a quarrel over time and become the quarrel’s fuse between you.

Therefore, you must be prepared for these small shortcomings. Moving in together may not be as good as you think.


6. Be prepared for fights

When two people get along in a small house day and night, it is always inevitable that quarrels and conflicts occur because of various things.

The most feared thing in a relationship is the accumulation of disappointment and exhaustion.

Therefore, please be mentally prepared in advance before moving in.

You can make an agreement: you can’t leave home after a fight, communicate in time if you have conflicts, and understand each other’s tolerance.

moving in with your boyfriend checklist life


7. Share housework

If your housework is unreasonably distributed, even if you can be tolerant because of love at the beginning, you will inevitably be unhappy over time.

Therefore, it is actually very important to plan well in advance the sharing of housework.

Both of you should share the responsibility and take into account the preferences of each other.

For example, one person cooks and the other washes the dishes. One person tidies the closet, and the other person cleans the bathroom.

Sometimes it’s fun for two people to chat while doing housework.


8. Discuss The Financial Issues

Moving in together is not getting married. Even if you two love each other very much, you must be clear about money.

In particular, the rent must be shared equally. If all the rent is paid by boys, it will be embarrassing for girls to break up.

As for the cost of living or entertainment, you can achieve a comfortable model for both of you or establish a living fund where everyone invests a fixed amount of money every month.

moving in with your boyfriend checklist things to know


9. Discuss your schedule

Your work and rest schedules may be different, so you need to negotiate in advance.

To maintain a healthy life, do not affect the other person’s rest.


10. In addition to furniture, kitchenware, and other essentials, don’t forget to prepare common medicines

You two should discuss and prepare common medicines together in case of an emergency.

Don’t let the flustered by your illness disrupt your life.


11. Discuss contraception methods

If you don’t plan to have a baby soon, discuss contraception methods, and agree that both of you must follow them.

Girls should not be embarrassed to express their thoughts on contraception and take good care of themselves.

moving in with your boyfriend checklist must know


Must-Known Tips To Make The Moving In With Your Boyfriend Work


12. Emotion control

Don’t bring work pressure to your home, and reduce the spread of negativity! Don’t treat the other person as your emotional trash can.

If you are really in a bad mood, you can complain occasionally. However, you still have to learn to digest yourself more often because adults really should deal with their emotions by themselves.

Too much complaining will not solve anything, but can easily trigger negative emotions, create a stressful atmosphere, even cause quarrels, or leave a bad impression.


13. Know how to spice up your love life after moving in with your boyfriend

When you live together, because you often see each other, it is easy to forget that you are still in a relationship. Don’t forget to convey your love to each other.

Say good morning and good night to each other every day;

Buy flowers to decorate the home from time to time;

Arrange romantic dates together on weekends and holidays;

Decorate the home even if you are dating at home, and so on.

Knowing how to spice up your love life will prevent you from becoming bored quickly.


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14. Know how to accept each other’s sexual requests and also know how to reject each other’s sexual requests

Life is not easy. Everyone has times when they are tired and unhappy.

Therefore, even if you have needs, you must know how to take care of the other person’s feelings.

When you two live together, you must know how to accept and reject each other’s sexual demands.


15. Be honest with each other

Honesty is the foundation of trust.

If there are more and more lies hidden from each other, you will find that you can only lie forever. After a long time, the relationship will no longer exist, and you will have a breakup.

Don’t think that your liar skills are excellent.

Don’t take each other’s love as a reason for you to lie.


16. Communicate more often after moving in with your boyfriend

Living together does not mean that all of your thoughts are the same.

Try to spend time communicating every day.

If two of you are very busy, you can make an appointment to communicate for half an hour before going to bed, talk about daily life, or how to resolve conflicts.

moving in with your boyfriend checklist relationship tips


17. Guys, please give more care when your girlfriends are in their period

When girls are in their period, boys, please don’t just express your concern in words. Please use practical actions to care for your girlfriend.

Girls, please don’t be overly fussy, and don’t ask boys to do this or that when you are in your period.


18. Prepare an extra quilt before moving in with your boyfriend

The temperature that boys and girls can tolerate is different. If you two feel uncomfortable while covering the same quilt, you can cover different quilts separately.

Besides, it can also prevent girls from finding that all the quilts are occupied by boys when it is cold in the middle of the night. Even if the girls use their strength to get the quilts, it may not help. In the end, they will fight unhappy.

Therefore, when your boyfriend falls asleep, you should stop waking him and let him sleep well.

You can tell him after he wakes up, you did not wake him up, and your love for him is so deep.


19. Tell each other in advance or discuss with each other about the small things in life that affect both parties

Especially at the beginning, you have to remember that some small decisions no longer affect you alone, but also affect your boyfriend.

Even the toothpaste taste, try to discuss with your boyfriend, let him feel you respect and care about him.

best tips for moving in with your together


20. Don’t stay at home all the time after moving in with your boyfriend, go out for a date

Living together is very sweet, but it is easy to get bored with each other by only staying at home.

Hanging out more can increase the freshness of love and bring more romance to your life.


21. When your boyfriend encounters difficulties, be considerate of his feelings

Everyone encounters difficult problems in life and work, and the same goes for boys.

Guys deal with emotions differently from women. They often choose to find a quiet place and think about solving it.

Therefore, if you can’t help with the difficulties he encounters, just stay with him quietly.

If he wants to be alone quietly, don’t bother him and don’t keep asking why.

Some problems can only be solved by your boyfriend himself.


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