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Pisces Rising Sign: Pisces Ascendant Meaning In Astrology, Your Personality Traits And More

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Want to know more about Pisces rising zodiac signs? Check this post on expert analysis on Pisces rising personalities, appearance, and more.

If you find someone around you who is like a sleepwalker living in a dream, with the bohemian character of an artist, who tends to live in their own fairy tale world, then they are most likely Pisces rising.

In this post, we are sharing expert analysis on Pisces rising personality traits, appearance, romantic relationships and family life, career development, birth chart, and combinations with 12 sun signs.

Pisces rising

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This post is all about Pisces rising.


What is the rising sign?

The rising sign (also known as the ascendant sign) in Western astrology refers to the first sign to rise on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth.

Because of this, the placement of the 1st house on the natal chart or astrology chart (the 1st house that defines your self-image, appearance, physical-self, mental awareness, early upbringing, and the most primitive state of life, also known as the ascendant house) must be in the rising sign.

Therefore, the rising sign is related to your time of birth and place of your birth.


Pisces Rising, Pisces Sun, And Pisces Moon

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune and belongs to the water-based mutable signs. They have many shortcomings, such as empathy, tolerance, romance, etc., but also many shortcomings, such as sentimentality, unclear principles, etc.

We usually say who is a Pisces, but it actually means that the person’s sun sign is Pisces, which is Pisces Sun. In fact, Pisces includes Pisces Moon and Pisces rising in addition to Pisces Sun.


Pisces Sun

The Sun in Pisces is when the Sun falls on Pisces. Many characteristics of the Sun are social, such as how to achieve success, how to have a sense of accomplishment, and what kind of person to be. So people with the sun in Pisces tend to want to be good people.

They may make a contribution to the public and devote themselves to the art industry. They are very imaginative and creative. They will use these to influence more people.


Pisces Moon

We know that the moon signs are more representative of women, emotions, etc. It is the side we show in front of our beloved lover, and of course, it is also the source of security.

Therefore, Pisces Moon is a really good person. They are too easy to empathize with others, easy to be sentimental, and easy to forgive others.

The life of Pisces Moon is as romantic as a TV series. They like to feel the dreamy plot in their relationship and are very eager for the romance in life.

Moon Pisces is often emotional. For example, it is easy to be soft-hearted in falling in love, easy to forgive when it is wrong with a partner, and not to care about anything, etc.


Pisces Rising

Pisces rising is the kind that looks silly on the surface, looks simple and honest, kind, but in fact, this is just an appearance, these are the first impressions they give people, they may not be like this themselves.

Pisces rising is more considerate of others. They will use their artistic abilities, such as imagination and creativity, to bring better things to the world. Therefore, many rising Pisces are excellent directors and writers.

Whether it is Sun Pisces, Moon Pisces, or Rising Pisces, they all have an affinity, they can get closer to all kinds of people, they are also easily influenced by the outside world, and at the same time, they drive the emotions of the people around them.


Pisces Rising Personality Traits

People with rising stars in Pisces are very sensitive, always considerate for others, and have a spirit of helping others, but at the same time, they can also arouse the desire to protect themselves from the people around them.

And they are also very kind and full of good intentions. When they see others suffering, they are always unable to let go.

They have keen insight and can distinguish human nature. When they see the ugly side of things, they will get tired of real-life and start fantasizing about beautiful things.

They like to devote themselves to nature, feel the aura of heaven and earth, the vitality of life, and let them forget the troubles of life.

They are very eager for love, so they will attach great importance to their lover, and they will also maintain the established relationship with their hearts.

The person whose rising star is in Pisces is like a sleepwalker living in a dream, with an artist’s bohemian character, and it is easy to live in his own fairy tale world.

In the eyes of some, it may seem that they need a glass cover to keep themselves safe, but that’s just the surface.

As with all things Pisces, they are always very romantic, meticulous, and sensitive, but sometimes they should also take off their fairy-tale masks and let people see the strength.

Pisces ascendant natives long for a dreamy and romantic world and do not want to stay in a vulgar philistine environment for a long time.


Pisces Rising Woman

Pisces rising girls have thick, smooth hair and like to have long, wavy hair.

They are usually oval face, or round face, typical baby face, soft face;

They have a pair of sleepy eyes that are out of focus, affectionate and kind, giving people a natural and cute feeling.

They have small and lovely noses, medium-sized lips, soft and plump, full of smiles, soft voices, and eloquent speech.

Rising Pisces girls have delicate feelings, love to help others, are kind-hearted, empathetic, charming, giving people a desire to protect them.

They are mild-mannered, love fantasy, and try to use fantasy to escape all troubles and troubles in life, but they are also naturally sensitive and suspicious and have a fragile heart.


Pisces Rising Man

Pisces rising men look like this, they look a little round, but they are not really fat. It’s just because they’re not very tall, and the baby fat on their faces gives the illusion.

Pisces rising men are introverted, somewhat shy, and seem unrealistic among a group of people. They always have a lot of romantic pursuits, but these pursuits are a bit out of reality.

Pisces rising men are very sensitive to circumstances, especially when it comes to dealing with the world.

They are very personal and seem ignorant and petite. In fact, they have many delicate ideas that are not so easy to be seen through.


Pisces Rising Natives Appearance


Physical body:

The limbs are slender and the hands are small and soft. In any case, the feet are very sensitive, and they often feel at a loss for the choice of shoes.



Thick and smooth, with long, wavy hair that falls out when in a bad mood.


Facial features:

Soft face, sleepy eyes, hazy and out-of-focus eyes, affectionate and kind, small nose, medium size, common baby fat, soft and plump lips, full of smile, soft voice, delicate tone.



Rich in imagination, extraordinary in creativity, strong intuition, inattentive, ambiguous, romantic and selfless, out of touch with reality.


Pisces Rising Health Problems

Rising Pisces generally causes physical weakness for the following reasons. One is the instability of the family, unknown, or the father’s irresponsibility. The father may be due to business failure, or alcoholism and other circumstances that the father lacks.

Another reason may be that Pisces Rising is adopted. Pisces rising and Gemini rising are the most special ones to be adopted among the twelve rising signs. The difference is that when Gemini rising is adopted, they themselves know it, but they generally do not know when Pisces rising is adopted!

Another is that the rising Pisces may be premature babies, or have some kind of special disease, easy to get sick, get infected, and have to be hospitalized and take medicine all the year-round.

Most Pisces risings are prone to water troubles before the age of twelve. Therefore, the rising Pisces is also very easy to die prematurely.

Because the rising Pisces has grown up after a hard time, the luck of the rising Pisces after growing up is also very comparable to people.

Generally, the rising Pisces will be reincarnated with the ancient soul, that is, the memory of the past, which is most obvious before the age of twelve, which is often said that the rising Pisces has psychic abilities.

Rising Pisces have a greater demand for food than ordinary people, that is, they like to eat, and they are also very good at cooking.

It is suggested that Pisces rising will find a belief and stick to it. If accumulated over time, it will be of great help to Pisces rising.


Pisces Rising People Love life And Family Life

People with Pisces rising wear an actor’s mask and can play any role.

They have an advantage in society: They adapt well to any situation, even the very aggressive and chaotic.

But in intimate relationships, Pisces risings should be wary of putting on too much chameleon clothing to suit their partner’s expectations and style.

If they indulge in giving relationships, much of their true selves are abandoned.

Gentle Pisces rising is a popular lover. They know how to appreciate and encourage each other. With Pisces rising, even dull and rigid people can feel the charm of love.


Pisces Ascendant Work and Career Development


Working style:

They are aggressive in their actions, but once they encounter setbacks, they will lose confidence in themselves, and even choose to give up, unless someone lends a helping hand or cheers them up, they are likely to cheer up.

The good things are, they are very considerate of others and have a fearless spirit of sacrifice.


Personality shortcomings:

Using fantasy to escape from reality is not a solution to the problem. Without sufficient awareness of danger, they should learn to face it bravely and look at life optimistically and positively.

And they are too emotional, sentimental, weak-willed, lack the courage to face reality, easy to fall into depression and can’t help themselves, easy to develop the habit of lying, not good at financial management, affected by the environment, lack of rationality, emotional.

They need not always expect sympathy and help from others, only strength and independence can make them grow.


Suitable types of jobs:

Music, dance, stage creation, painting, and other occupations require imagination, foresight, and artistic appreciation.

Research work in philanthropy, veterinary medicine, the navy, the hotel industry is also a good fit.


Pisces Rising Love Compatibility

Generally, Aries, Cancer, and Scorpio are the most compatible signs of Pisces rising and will have a good time with Pisces rising.


Pisces rising and Aries:

Pisces rising is under the influence of Neptune, the ruler, and it is easy to indulge in love or addictive things. They need a person who is very motivated and always awake to remind themselves, and Aries is the best choice.

Aries have a clear purpose and are motivated, they enjoy the gentleness of Pisces rising in everyday life, and they can ensure that Pisces rising will not let themselves fall.


Pisces Rising and Cancer:

Cancer has a delicate and sensitive heart and tender emotions. They belong to the same water sign, so they can communicate and understand each other.

They both value affection and look forward to tender romance.

They are a combination of tenderness and sweetness together. They can get a sense of security from each other’s considerate care, and they know how to repay each other in a timely manner so that the relationship can last for a long time.


Pisces Rising and Scorpio:

Scorpio is double-ruled by Mars and Pluto. Although it belongs to the water sign, it has strong energy and abundant energy.

Such energy is embodied in love, the intense and single-minded love that can make Pisces Rising tremble with the soul.

With Scorpio, Pisces Ascendant feels a love that transcends mundane life, through which they can discover what is more important to them and thus achieve spiritual transcendence.


Pisces Rising Celebrities

Pisces rising famous people include:

Demi Moore

Whitney Houston

Gwyneth Paltrow

Nancy Spungen

Amanda Bynes

Micheal Jackson

Richard Pryor

Johnny Cash

Wayne Dyer


Pisces Rising Whole Sign Houses: Birth Chart


Pisces in the 1st house

People with Pisces Ascendant tend to be compassionate, resilient, spiritual, and fanciful.

Their achievements are usually related to their sensitivity to changes in the things around them.

Because of their innate mystical insight, they are able to deeply understand and recognize human nature. People with this rising sign also have artistic and musical talents.


Aries in the second house

Usually, people with Pisces rising will benefit from developing new projects. They put a lot of energy into financial matters, but sometimes they spend money on impulse or have a problem with overspending. People with this rising sign have a tendency to ignore escapism and are constantly looking for ways to increase their finances.


Taurus in the 3rd house

Because people with Pisces rising sign always form their thoughts slowly and thoughtfully, so once they make up their minds, their decisions are not easily shaken by the outside world. They also often have things to do with money or art on their minds.


Gemini in the 4th house

People with Pisces on the Ascendant travel a lot and change places frequently. People with this rising sign may have two different abodes. A well-stocked library is usually part of the home of a Pisces Ascendant. People with this rising sign are very close to their families and are often devoted to family matters.


Cancer in the 5th house

Affected by the position of Cancer, people with Pisces rising are always very emotional about their loved ones.

They will treasure their loved ones as if they were a rare and famous painting.

People with a Pisces rising sign like high-calorie foods, so they are more prone to overweight problems.

Contact with family members and love for children are the favorite things for people with Pisces rising.

Many men with Pisces rising to tend to choose women who remind them of their mother.


Leo in the sixth house

People with Pisces Ascendant, although very docile, may sometimes show their power in front of colleagues or subordinates. When they work or serve, they unconsciously become authority figures.

They will be willing to make honorable sacrifices for their profession and work.

People with this rising sign often get sick because of psychological factors, hoping that being sick will win the attention of others. They are less alive, less vital, and easily dissipated because Neptune affects their 1st house.


Virgo in the 7th house

Usually Pisces rising is easy to attract those who are hard-working, efficient, and rigorous to partner with them. These people usually help them manage some of the more practical matters.


Libra in the 8th house

People with Pisces on the Ascendant usually have partners who contribute to their common property.

People with this rising sign enjoy working with people who have the ability to invent new ways to make money. People with this rising sign may also benefit from insurance or inheritance.


Scorpio in the ninth house

People with Pisces Ascendant are usually religious or philosophical defenders, and they will argue with people over religious issues.

If they are unfortunate enough to be involved in lawsuits, usually these lawsuits are related to their disproportionate actions or opinions.


Sagittarius in the tenth house

People with Pisces Ascendant can be successful executives because of their vision, but sometimes their ideas can be unrealistic.

Their more suitable jobs include education, tourism, and religious work.

With their religious and spiritual accomplishments, they are usually well-known in these types of work environments.

People with this rising sign like to think they are philanthropists more than others, and they are also generous at work.


Capricorn in the eleventh house

Since the aspirations of Pisces rising sign are related to their desire for security to some extent, they will choose to be friends with those who are more stable, conservative, and have status.


Aquarius in the twelfth house

Because Pisces Ascendant will talk to friends about their troubles, and because they demand constant sympathy and support from friends, they may alienate friends from them.

But on the bright side, their emotional attachment to their friends may also help them.

People with Pisces Ascendant unconsciously desire to serve humanity and the universe as a whole, so they usually have a deeper moral conscience.


Pisces Rising And 12 Sun Signs Combinations


Aries Sun Pisces Rising

The basic fire sign Aries and the water sign change Pisces have quite different characteristics. Therefore, they are prone to mental troubles, and they are also prone to swing between material desires and spirituality.

This kind of problem not only troubles the friends around but also causes great harm to one’s own soul.

It will help them reconcile the damage of the two spiritual forces if they can put the greatest effort into both their home environment and their physical health.


Taurus Sun Pisces Rising

They will express the thoughts and feelings of Taurus in the way of Pisces behavior.

Taurus is a fixed sign of earth, and Pisces is a variable of water. Therefore, the combination of such completely different types of signs presents a dual personality, which is also a standard dual personality type, and this is exactly the is their characteristic.

Brothers and sisters, marital partners, and interpersonal relationships in organizations are all important factors and positive for this person.


Gemini Sun Pisces Rising

They will express Gemini’s inner thoughts and feelings in the way of Pisces.

Pisces are feminine, emotional, fraternity, irrespective of intimacy, lack of responsibility, too sympathetic, easy to be used, dominated and other negative characters, which will cause trouble and entanglement to Gemini, making them slow in doing things, lively and cheerful personality is also constrained, thus limiting the dynamism, ambition, and determination of Gemini to spread ideas in all directions.

Parents and a healthy body are key enablers in helping this person build and maintain a loving home. If these two helpers go wrong, their lives will also collapse.


Cancer Sun Pisces Rising

They will express the thoughts and feelings of Cancer in the way of Pisces.

It is relatively easy to combine the two qualities of water-based Cancer and water-mutable Pisces.

The basic type of Cancer’s emotional arousal comes more slowly than the changeable type of Pisces, but the time period of its emotional fluctuations is longer than that of Pisces.

Cancers who have increased the Pisces trait will have a faster emotional response to the people and things around them, but the time for emotional fluctuations will be relatively reduced, which will help their mental acuity and the ability to heal from trauma.


Leo Sun Pisces Rising

The difference between the two characters is too great, but because Pisces is a mutable sign, it can flexibly attach to the fixed Leo.

The watery Pisces can also soften the arrogance of the fiery Leo, making them more approachable.

It should be noted that the good or bad aspects of the planets are related to the reconciliation and conflict of the two personalities of Leo and Pisces.

If the aspects are not good, it is easy to have mental problems.


Virgo Sun Pisces Rising

They will express the inner thoughts and feelings of Virgo in the way of Pisces.

The earth-mutable Virgo and the water-mutable Pisces have quite different personalities.

Virgo, who attaches great importance to reality and materiality, and Pisces, who attach importance to spirituality, emotions, and feelings, are not easy to reconcile their personalities.

The conflict between the two personalities will cause great harm to their body and mind, and they are also more prone to mental illness.


Libra Sun Pisces Rising

The combination of the basic air-sign Libra and the water-mutable Pisces will make Libra easily shaken, weak-willed, hesitant, difficult to make decisions, easy to compromise, good at catering, lack of decisiveness, etc.

The shortcomings are more serious.

But the combination of the two personalities of Libra and Pisces will greatly increase the attractive and high-quality characteristics of Libra, which will make people want to approach them more and make them more troublesome.

They will spend most of their lives in maintaining good health.


Scorpio Sun Pisces Rising

The combination of the water-mutable Pisces and the water-fixed Scorpio will generally have a benign character.

Mutable Pisces can benignly adjust to Scorpio’s fixed characteristics, making Scorpio a little more flexible and reducing many opportunities for conflicts with people.

The Pisces trait of making extensive friends can help Scorpio change their exclusive personality.

They love to travel and migrate, and they can also obtain happiness and luck in travel and migration, which also has a positive effect on the enhancement of interpersonal relationships, and can further relieve the pressure on the mind and obtain spiritual comfort.


Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising

It is quite difficult to reconcile the characters of the fire-mutable Sagittarius and the water-mutable Pisces. They are easily troubled and confused mentally and emotionally.

The combination of Sagittarius, who only pays attention to their own ideas, and Pisces, who cares about the opinions of others, will naturally have their own conflicts.

If the planets in the natal chart are in good aspect, they can reconcile the characters of Sagittarius and Pisces, so that they have a harmonious aura of enthusiasm, sensibility, masculinity, and femininity at the same time.


Capricorn Sun Pisces Rising

It is not easy to reconcile the characters of the two signs, the water-mutable Pisces and the earth-basic Capricornus.

If the planets in the natal chart are well aspected, the watery Pisces can increase the ability of the earthy Capricorn in emotional mastery, which is beneficial to their performance in emotional expression.

The mutable Pisces also contributes to the basic Capricorn’s flexibility and adaptability in dealing with people and things.

They attach great importance to the quality of their relationship with the masses, organizations, and groups, and their success in this area of ​​life is also related to the happiness of this person’s life.


Aquarius Sun Pisces Rising

It is not difficult to reconcile the two signs between the water-mutable Pisces and the air-fixed Aquarius.

The water sign of Pisces can add a little sensibility to the too-rational Aquarius.

Aquarius with the characteristics of Pisces is more able to look at things from the standpoint of others. Better, stronger relationships are a big feature of their Pisces additions.

The mutable Pisces also strengthens the fixed Aquarius’ ability to face rapidly mutable people and things outside of personal space, giving them a good quality of flexibility in the face of environmental changes.


Pisces Sun Pisces Rising

They attach great importance to feelings, care about the relationship between people, have the super spiritual ability, have the ability to predict, and have a good quality of spiritual media.

Their minds are meticulous, their feelings for the environment are extremely strong, and they can quickly transform the energy of their souls.

If the Sun has a good aspect, they can properly contribute to their own innate abilities, especially in areas of life such as psychology, parapsychology, religion, spiritual exploration, spirituality, and superpower.

If the phase of the sun is not good, they are easy to have mental and spiritual troubles, and the exploration of the spiritual aspect will also show a tendency to be too superstitious, and they are easy to indulge in it and find it difficult to escape.

This post was all about Pisces rising.


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