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Scorpio Rising Sign: All About Scorpio Ascendant Meaning, Your Personality Traits And More

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Want to know more about Scorpio rising? Check this post for expert analysis on Scorpio rising personality traits, appearance, love life, career, and more!

Do you have such friends around you? They look very mysterious, they don’t smile very much, but they are very charming when they smile. They like to wear dark-colored clothes. Maybe everyone thinks they are not very close, but their hearts are actually very enthusiastic. Well, they could be Scorpio rising.

In this post, we are sharing Scorpio ascendant personality traits, their behavior in love life and career life, their birth charts, and Scorpio rising and 12 Sun signs combinations.

Scorpio Rising

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This post is all about Scorpio rising.


What is a rising sign?

Rising sign (also known as the ascendant sign) in Western astrology refers to the first zodiac sign to rise on the eastern horizon at the time of birth.

Because of this, the placement of the 1st house on the natal chart (the 1st house that defines your self-image, appearance, mental awareness, early upbringing, and the most primitive state of life) must be in the rising sign.

Therefore, the rising sign has nothing to do with the stars, but with the time of your birth and place of your birth.


Scorpio Rising, Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon


Scorpio rising

Scorpio rising people will think that the world is dark and ruthless, they often have a sense of crisis, feel that there are traps everywhere in the world, and are afraid that they will encounter unexpected events.

They maintain a cautious and suspicious attitude towards itinerary arrangements or food, accommodation and transportation. Therefore, they will take the initiative to control their own lives, and they will also want to control the people and things around them, so that they will feel more at ease.

The aura of the ascending scorpion is sexy, charming and seductive.

It is not easy for people to get close to them. Because rising sign is the most intuitive impression we give to others, so Scorpio rising will obviously bring a sense of oppression to people.

In addition, Scorpio is good at strategy, so people with Scorpio rising are easy to give people the impression of being shrewd and afraid to have deep friendship with you.

When Scorpio is in your ascendant, in a good aspect, you are praised as a counselor, and others admire you but dare not offend you. If you don’t have a good planets’ aspect, you appear to be cunning and scheming. So no matter what the situation is, other people get along with you somewhat defensively.

Therefore, people with Scorpio rising are often misunderstood.


Scorpio Sun

The Sun in Scorpio is much gentler, because the sun is positive, so the advantages of Scorpio will be more obvious on the sun.

In the process of getting along with others, the Scorpio Sun will be very loyal to each other, and understand gratitude, those negative emotions such as control, jealousy, revenge, etc. will be weak, so the Scorpio Sun will be easier to build good and comfortable relationships with others.

Scorpio Sun people are not so indestructible. They are more gentle and considerate, and they are not so defensive. Therefore, they are more likely to believe in human nature, and they will not hold grudges too much.

The sun sign represents a person’s social value and the mark that the person wants to leave in society.

Scorpio is a person with low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. They will be very concerned about their own weaknesses, so they will use blind methods to magnify their own good so as to cover up their shortcomings, and are good at promoting strengths and circumventing weaknesses.

So, Scorpio Suns are very good at taking advantage of themselves. They just want you to know their goodness and be grateful for their goodness.

This may be a conscious or unconscious operation of Scorpio. But as long as the outcome is good, the authenticity of the process doesn’t matter. They know how to get others to thank them, which can be said to be a smart way.


Scorpio Moon

When the moon falls into Scorpio, their inner passion for emotion becomes more secret. Even in an intimate relationship, what the other person perceives is only that thick layer. hard shell. They are hot, they have a strong desire for love, but they have to be suspicious of everything that happened in the past and can’t let their guard down.

Scorpio moon is an ominous moon sign. Scorpio is a very perceptive sign, they can usually go deep into the hearts of others to explore, Scorpio is a sign that is very concerned about human nature. The Scorpion moon’s childhood is destined to be arranged by people with vicious means, usually people close to them, perhaps their caregivers, or other relatives, so that they can see the ruthless and cold-blooded side of human nature.

Therefore, in the face of the later intimate relationship, the Scorpio moon will instinctively remain cautious and look at the relationship with a skeptical attitude. They cannot confess their hearts, but they have a strong desire for love. This complex and contradictory emotion is deeply tormented. The moon scorpion, at the same time, is also torturing each other.

The heat and love in the Moon Scorpion’s heart are hidden so deeply that it is difficult for outsiders to perceive. When others want to touch the Moon Scorpion’s heart, they will always touch that layer of the aggressive shell.

The stronger the Moon Scorpio’s desire for love, the more afraid of harm.

They have to treat this relationship in a way that causes the least damage to themselves. The power of that emotion affects the moon scorpion to control and possess the partner. Emotions are invisible and intangible, and they are invisible to the partner. It was suffocating and breathless.

People with Moon Scorpio will want to control their partner’s life habits and money, but Moon Scorpio will hide their secrets from their partner and keep them to a certain extent.

It is completely understandable for people with Moon Scorpio to do arrogant things and have bad qualities. They can’t be driven by desire. This kind of power is too powerful.

They must not tolerate each other’s infidelity, and the betrayed Moon Scorpion’s revenge is very ruthless.


Scorpio rising personality traits

People with Scorpio rising sign usually have a mysterious and detached aura, which makes people curious and exploratory, and makes people want to know this person.

Scorpio ascendant people are good at hiding their emotions, making it difficult for people to guess and see through.

People with rising stars in Scorpio are enthusiastic and imaginative, but they are not good at expressing their true feelings.

They are afraid of being hurt emotionally and prefer to keep a distance, which makes them always hide their inner thoughts and dare not show them. Such contradictions also make them seem particularly mysterious.

Their willpower is amazingly strong, and no matter what others try to make them change, they won’t waver in the slightest. However, this insistence often makes people feel that they are stubborn.

Scorpio rising natives have strong intuitive powers and they can sense any lurking threats very quickly.

They are afraid that others will see through their minds, so they keep suppressing and concealing their emotions, and they speak carefully. This can make them tiring when dealing with others, who feel they are not real enough.

The masks they were born with were “Detectives”. Their masks are very thick and expressionless. It gives the impression that it is like a mystery, and the truth is hidden in the depths. However, their eyes can penetrate people’s hearts, and they can give people incredible pressure. In addition, there is an extraordinary charm.

Because the mask of the rising Scorpio is very thick and firm, it covers up their real expressions, so they are not good at expressing their real mood. They are never keen to adapt themselves to society, nor do they want to open their hearts.

It takes a long time for others to slowly notice their gentle smiles under the mask. Only then will they abandon their stubborn masks.


Scorpio rising woman

Not too tall, most of them have deep double eyelids; the shape of the lips is very sexy.


Scorpio rising man

Deep eyes, as if they can read someone’s mind at a glance; eyes are the most impressive thing about Scorpio men.


Scorpio Ascendant Appearance

Scorpio rising usually gives people a very aggressive feeling in appearance, with a high nose, sharp, deep and heavy-lidded eyes, a beaked look, with a little mystery.

They are of medium build, with mostly healthy skin color.

People with Scorpio rising always have a little bit of cold sexiness in their gestures.

They are usually more reserved in the crowd, looking at everything around them with defensive eyes.


Scorpio Rising Celebrities:

Famous Scorpio rising people include:

Christian Dior

Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise

Katy Perry

Chrissy Teigen

Elvis Presley

Gloria Steinem

Aretha Franklin

Diana Ross

Martha Steward

Katharine Hepburn

Clint Eastwood


Scorpio Rising Love Life And Home Life

People with rising Scorpio are like arrogant wolves. They don’t like to talk too much with others and maintain their independence to reduce the probability of hurting themselves due to the fetters with others.

If you want to be with a Scorpio rising, first you need to be able to endure their repeated attempts to build up their “trust” in you.

They have a possessiveness towards you, which can be said to be an expression of their love for you. This possessiveness may be “captive”, and you can only be the “prey” in their hands, under their full 360-degree control without any dead ends.

For those who want to pursue the ascendant Scorpio, the simple and rude way may impress them even more.

Because the rising Scorpio is born with a sense of distrust of everything, you show a simple and pure side, don’t play too many “love tricks” in front of them, but it will stimulate their desire to protect the weak and simple people.

Second, don’t interfere too much and ask repeatedly when they are depressed, otherwise, they will be met with a Scorpio-style “unceremonious” counterattack and slam your pain points.

The correct way is to accompany them all the time and to seize the opportunity when they are willing to open up their hearts, to touch them with your tenderness. They will be very grateful to you.


Scorpio Rising Jobs and Career Development

Indifferent and withdrawn is the first impression of Scorpio rising, in fact, Scorpio rising is a very enthusiastic person. And they like to share their happiness with others. They will be very energetic at work, and once they work hard, they will be full of fighting spirit and persevere to the end.

The rising Scorpio is often very successful at work, and the source of this achievement comes from the strong heroism of the rising Scorpio, because in terms of work, the rising Scorpio is born with quite strong energy and explosiveness. They even tend to be workaholics and have a strong desire to be in control of their work.

This is different from people with Gemini rising. The strong working attitude of Gemini rising is derived from competitive spirit, but people with Scorpio rising are derived from their own energy and strong desire to dominate everything, so usually rising Scorpio people have their own ideas and opinions in work, and they are also very active in expressing and showing their strong ambition.

But people with Scorpio rising do not work so hard in every job. They are a group of people who attach great importance to “interest”. That is to say, it is very important whether this job is what they like.

If a Scorpio rising loves the job very much, you will be shocked and surprised by the energy and time, dedication, etc. they put into it.

Therefore, people with Scorpio rising are also a group that is easier to be suppressed in the workplace. If there is no way to cover up their excessive ambition a little, they are likely to be excluded by colleagues or bosses.

But relatively speaking, if the person with Scorpio rising can be engaged in performance-oriented work, then the explosive power and results displayed will make the person with Scorpio rising become a talent that a company or team values.

The strong initiative is also one of the characteristics of people with Scorpio rising. In terms of work, they will be the group of people who try very hard to express themselves. This performance is often only very pure and serious, not especially to win money or status.

Therefore, many excellent employees of companies are Scorpio rising, because their enthusiasm and enthusiasm in their work are quite admirable.

In addition, in the workplace, whether it is dealing with guests, colleagues, or bosses, people with Scorpio rising are more likely to be impatient. Once they exceed the limit of their tolerance, their attitude in speech will become a little eager, and even impatience will occur.

It is recommended that people with rising Scorpio should be more patient, especially when they are facing customers, they need to control their attitude very much.


Scorpio Ascendant Auspicious Planets:

Moon is the most benefit planet for Scorpio rising sign. The other beneficial planets for Scorpio rising are Sun and Jupiter.


Scorpio Ascendant Malefic Planet:

Mercury, Venus, Rahu and Ketu are the malefic planets for Scorpio Ascendant.


Scorpio Ascendant Health:

Potential health ailments for Scorpio rising may come from carelessness or excesses related to sexuality. Constipation or digestive problems are also common. Scorpio rising people are also prone to accidents.


Scorpio Rising Twelfth Houses: Birth Charts


Scorpio in the 1st house

People with Scorpio rising have plenty of physical strength and strong willpower, and they are the kind of people who can put their lives at risk in order to achieve their goals.

Hardly anyone can dissuade a Scorpio Ascendant from giving up something because once they make up their minds, they are bound to move toward that goal.

Once a goal is set, they cast a huge, focused emotion on it, and they have the ability to uncover some hidden aids that can help them reach their goals.


Sagittarius in the second house

Usually, people with Scorpio on the rising sign have a good fortune in terms of money, and they also know how to quickly double the money in their hands.

They use money as a tool to expand their activities and usually have enough financial backing to achieve their goals.

Sometimes they will be standard economic theorists, but they may also often donate money to religious or educational groups.


Capricornus in the 3rd house

People with a Scorpio Ascendant are always extra cautious when expressing their inner thoughts. They will never say or write anything they don’t want people to know without a very clear reason or motivation.

Therefore, people whose rising sign is Scorpio are known for being good at keeping their inner secrets.

Since they have planned in advance how to have the greatest impact with their words, they can be the rude, but straightforward types of people when it comes to speaking.


Aquarius in the 4th house

People with this rising sign usually have unusual and characteristic home environments. Usually, in the family of the Scorpio rising sign, there will be some places that are different from others.

They prefer to invite close friends over to their homes rather than visit friends’ homes.


Pisces in the 5th house

As long as it is related to the emotions in the heart, people with a Scorpio rising sign will have unexpected emotions. They are willing to give everything for love without thinking of themselves at all.

And because of this, as long as it is their loved ones, whether it is their children or lovers, they have the ability to bring them the shattering of their dreams.

Usually, people with a Scorpio rising sign like to live alone, and in addition, researching mysterious things will bring them great pleasure.


Aries in the 6th house

For things that seem impossible to others, Scorpio Ascendants always seem to be able to negotiate difficult situations with efficiency, strength, and originality.

Since they always have the means to accomplish more problems than other Ascendants, Scorpio Ascendants must be able to know how to push themselves to do things.

They are natural leaders, but they are also prone to be bossy and domineering leaders over subordinate employees or colleagues.

Obviously, they are more than happy to lend a helping hand when others are in trouble, but they will hope that the person they are helping absorbs their strength and can quickly stand up and regain the strength to face the problem on their own.


Taurus in the seventh house

People with Scorpio on the Ascendant will consider whether their partner can bring them financial resources or support when choosing a marriage partner.

People with this rising sign will be very willing to work with others, but the purpose of their cooperation is to wait for some practical benefits.

They like to spend their money on some lovely items of good quality, and on top of that, they also like to spend their money on their significant other or partner, because if these people are well-groomed, they will be proud of it.


Gemini in the 8th house

People with a Scorpio rising sign are always full of ideas for co-investing in business with others.

They also often think about death and are very interested in the occult.


Cancer in the ninth house

As long as religious and philosophical views are involved, people with a Scorpio Ascendant can be stubborn and emotional.

Many people in this rising sign have the gift of being a medium, or the ability to see. But the religion they believe in is usually whatever their family members believe, and they follow whatever religion they believe in.

Generally speaking, people with Scorpio on the Ascendant tend to prefer water travel.


Leo in the tenth house

People with a Scorpio Ascendant are very passionate about their work and take pride in their place in the community.

Most people will sincerely admire the achievements of this rising sign.

People with a Scorpio Ascendant are more likely to be leaders and gain positions of power.


Virgo in the eleventh house

People with a Scorpio Ascendant are the kind of people who will do their best for their friends, especially those who need their help.

People with a Scorpio rising sign will learn the strengths of others from the work of their friends and will know how to use the useful ideas and skills displayed by the people around them.


Libra in the twelfth house

It may be hard for others to believe, but in fact, people with Scorpio Ascendant are very fond of seclusion in a more elegant and beautiful environment.

Their hidden strengths are their innate sense of justice and a strong sense of fair play, and their subconscious habit of lavishness can lead to failure for them.


Scorpio Rising Sun and Twelve Sun Signs Combinations


Aries Sun Scorpio Rising

They are easy to get help from others in their life, and they are often able to turn bad luck when they encounter danger.

In their life, they are easy to indulge in mystery and spiritual exploration.

The conflict between the fire sign of Aries and the water sign of Scorpio can easily lead to physical health problems, and whether they can deal with the problem of illness is the key to their happiness in life.


Taurus Sun Scorpio Rising

They will express the thoughts and feelings of Taurus in the way of Scorpio. They can find a partner with the same interests, ideals, and values ​​as their own, and the harmony of their married life will affect their happiness and success in life.

They are easily motivated by siblings or long-term acquaintances to strengthen the person’s married life with the other half.


Gemini Sun Scorpio Rising

Gemini’s inner thoughts and concepts will be expressed in the way of Scorpio’s behavior.

If the Sun is well aspected, they are able to display deep but not frivolous humor and intelligence in their daily lives.

If the Sun is out of phase, they tend to give people a Scorpio-like sense of oppression, which will damage the original lively and sociable character and personality of Gemini.


Cancer Sun Scorpio Rising

Cancer and Scorpio are both water signs, so the combination of the two signs has the advantage of being easier to reconcile.

They will show a more profound sense of life, show strong persistence and persistence in people and things, and can also show deeper feelings and wisdom.

They are easily implicated and dragged down by their brothers and sisters, and they are also prone to conflict.

They love to travel and can improve their mental sensibility during travel, and also express the entanglement and anguish deep in their hearts.


Leo Sun Scorpio Rising

The water-fixed Scorpio and the fire-fixed Leo are two extreme personality types, and they are also constellations that are not easy to integrate.

If the planets are not in good aspects, it will increase the conflict between the two forces of Leo and Scorpio, which will lead to the imbalance of inner emotions and mental problems.

Their life focus is on career development, and they have strong and unshakable career ambitions.

The combination of the two personalities of Leo and Scorpio makes the emotional gap at work quite large.


Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising

Water fixed Scorpio and earth change Virgo, the combination of the two personalities will make them have obvious Scorpio personality traits.

The mutable Virgo is easily influenced by the irreplaceable and strong character of the fixed Scorpio, which in turn allows the Virgo’s character to be transferred and shows the person’s behavior with a Virgo-like Scorpio aura.

They will devote their hearts and minds to the activities of the masses, organizations, and groups throughout their lives, and thereby achieve wealth and career achievements.


Libra Sun Scorpio Rising

The strong, deep, and unshakable spiritual energy is the deep personality held by Scorpio. This power flows into Libra’s personality, and it will take over Libra’s body and mind, making them show a very strong Scorpio personality.

They have a very strong interest in the exploration of the dark soul, and they also have innate abilities in this area.

If the sun in the palace is in a good phase, it means that this power can be directed to a helpful path. Otherwise, it may cause this person’s spiritual loss and confusion.


Scorpio Sun Scorpio Rising

The characteristics of the water sign also make Scorpio attach great importance to feelings, and emotional fluctuations have a greater and stronger impact on them.

Fixed traits reinforce Scorpio’s emotionally persistent, uncompromising, deeply involved, single-minded, and strong love-hate character.

The focus of their lives is on themselves, and how to show their talents, achieve their fame, satisfy their desires, and realize their ideals has become the focus of their lives.


Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Rising

It is not easy to reconcile the two signs with the fixed water sign Scorpio and the fire sign mutable Sagittarius.

Water and fire are the elements that are prone to conflict among the four elements. Fixed and mutable signs have completely different pursuits in the field of life, and the differences are very large.

If the planets are not in good aspect, they will be easily injured both physically and mentally and will show the conflicting personalities of the two extreme personalities, which will further damage the body and mind.

If the natal planets are well aspected, they will show a more cheerful Scorpio personality or a more patient and persistent Sagittarius personality.


Capricorn Sun Scorpio Rising

They behave in a Scorpio way, which will inspire negative Capricorn personalities and make their personality traits even more intimidating and unapproachable.

They attach great importance to the relationship between siblings and friends. And the interaction with groups and organizations is related to their success or failure in life.

In addition, if they can maintain a good marriage relationship, it will also have a decisive impact on their happiness in life.

They must be careful of the calamities caused by migration and travel, and the trouble caused by their subordinates.


Aquarius Sun Scorpio Rising

Aquarius and Scorpio are both fixed signs, so it is easy to cause them to have two strong and difficult personalities at the same time.

The Aquarius Sun sign will manifest in a Scorpio aura, easily deepening their unapproachable personalities, but also strengthening the person’s ability to face loneliness and setbacks.

They have profound and unfathomable wisdom and thoughts, but it will be difficult to develop if they are engaged in ordinary traditional industries.

If they engage in work that requires high intelligence, high knowledge, high patience, and high difficulty, they will be able to exert their talents and super-quality talents.


Pisces Sun Scorpio Rising

Their overall feel is very Scorpio. Because the fixed type of Scorpio is strong and difficult to change, while the mutable type of Pisces is easy to change, when the two signs are combined, the traits of Scorpio will obviously occupy their main personalities.

They attach great importance to their children, and the relationship with their children is the most important thing to this person.

They are also quite entertaining and can enrich their lives by playing and having fun.


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This post was all about Scorpio rising.


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