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30 Sweet Valentine Day Poems For Her And Him To Express Your Romantic Love 2024

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Looking for sweet Valentine Day poems? Check this post for 30 sweet poems that you can use directly for this special day.

There are so many different ways to express your love on Valentine’s Day, but using romantic Valentine poetry on a Valentine’s card along with a gift of loves is always a better way to make the recipient feel more special and romantic.

That’s why romantic Valentine poems are in great demand every year. They, including even a short but beautiful poem, help us to express our further understanding of the meaning of true love, and describe beautifully and exactly the heart beat in the romantic love.

In this post, we prepare these 30 sweet Valentine day poems for you.

Whether you need a touch of art for your Valentine love poem to your soul mate or a serious romantic Valentine poem for a long time love, whether you are looking for short poems for your valentine’s day card to your good friend or cute Valentine’s poems to your little kids, you can always find the perfect words for this special day.

The best thing about these poems is that it is so simple to adapt by changing just a few words.

Why not make good use of this perfect time and great opportunity to better express your love this year?

So scroll down to check these romantic poems to celebrate the good times, find a short love poem on your Valentine’s day card to your sweet love, or pick a sweet poem for a special people on this magical day of love.

Sweet Valentine Day Poems

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This post is all about sweet Valentine Day poems.


Valentines Day Poems For Your Best Friend


1. You are my best friend

By Mizscorpio

You are my best friend; you belong in my heart.

We go through ups and downs, but still nothing can tear us apart.

I know you as a sister, and I will always care.

Love, respect, and trust are the things we share.


I know you as a person; I especially know you as a friend.

Our friendship is something that will never end.

Right now, this second, this minute, this day,

Our sisterhood is here, is here to stay.


My friendship with you is special and true.

When we are together, we stick like glue.

When I’m in the darkness that needs some light,

When you’re by my side, I know things are all right.


Our friendship is so strong; it breaks down bars.

Our friendship is also bright, like the sun and the stars.

If we were in a competition for friendships, we would get a gold,

Because responsibility and cleverness are the keys we hold.


I met you as a stranger, took you as a friend.

I hope our long friendship will never end.

Our friendship is like a magnet; it pulls us together,

Because no matter where we are, our friendship will last forever!



Sweet Valentine’s Day Love Poems


2. She Walks in Beauty


She walks in beauty, like the night

Of cloudless climes and starry skies;

And all that’s best of dark and bright

Meet in her aspect and her eyes;

Thus mellowed to that tender light

Which heaven to gaudy day denies.


One shade the more, one ray the less,

Had half impaired the nameless grace

Which waves in every raven tress,

Or softly lightens o’er her face;

Where thoughts serenely sweet express,

How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.


And on that cheek, and o’er that brow,

So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,

The smiles that win, the tints that glow,

But tell of days in goodness spent,

A mind at peace with all below,

A heart whose love is innocent!



3. I Will Always Love You

By Richard M. Deets

I desire you when splinters of light appear

And the dew lazily joins morning sky.

When arias, pining birds to mates sing,

I want the soothing softness of your kiss.


I desire you when the sun centers the sky

And shadows hide beneath the soles of feet.

When butterflies dance among petals white,

I want the sparkle of your smiling eyes.


I desire you as the moon welcomes the night

And skies are flooded with twinkling bright stars.

When candles flicker their last silent breath,

I then want to feel your sensuous touch.


I desire you when passion swells all your soul

And your lovely face shines with radiance.

When your moist lips are full of love’s desire,

I want to feel every pulse of your heart.


I desire you when you are weary and down

And gray skies sprinkle droplets of sad tears.

When the world laughs at your every stumble,

I want to gently sooth your sorrows.


I desire you my love in every moment.

As time adds years like sands on the beach,

When you sense your beauty slipping to the wind,

I will want you so much more than now.


4. Sweet Valentine

By Harry Boslem

I could watch the sunrise, I could watch the sunset.

I could walk in the rain without getting wet.

I could witness their beauty as the flowers bloom.

I could I could listen to bird songs as the new day dawns.

I could feel the sunshine through the darkest clouds.

I could hear a sweet whisper through the roar of a crowd.

I could walk on water without soaking my feet.

I could travel the world in less than a week.

I could ponder the knowledge passed down by the wise.

I could dwell in a castle built in the sky.

I could paint a portrait and bring it to life.

I could sleep without pain, on the edge of a knife.

I could play a sweet melody to soften the mood.

I could take all the bad and turn it to good.

I could float on the breeze, I could fly on the wind.

I could soar high in the sky, leaving the world behind.

I could travel the cosmos and watch it unfold.

I could witness its power, so wonderful to behold.

But of all the wonderful things I could do,

There’s nothing in the universe that compares to you.

I’ll hold you in my heart for the rest of my life.

You’re my living miracle, my sweet valentine.


5. A Red, Red Rose


O my Luve is like a red, red rose

That’s newly sprung in June;

O my Luve is like the melody

That’s sweetly played in tune.


So fair art thou, my bonnie lass,

So deep in luve am I;

And I will luve thee still, my dear,

Till a’ the seas gang dry.


Till a’ the seas gang dry, my dear,

And the rocks melt wi’ the sun;

I will love thee still, my dear,

While the sands o’ life shall run.


And fare thee weel, my only luve!

And fare thee weel awhile!

And I will come again, my luve,

Though it were ten thousand mile.

sweet valentine day poems


Valentine’s Day Poems For A Little Girl

6. If apples were pears

If apples were pears

And peaches were plums

And the rose had a different name.

If tigers were bears

And fingers were thumbs

I’d love you just the same.


Romantic Valentines Day Poems


7. For You Sweetheart

By Catherine Pulsifer

This Valentine poem is for you my sweetheart

My love for you will never depart.

May we be together until the end of time.

I would never trade you, not for a million dimes.

With each passing year our love continues to grow

It is more beautiful than fresh fallen snow.

So let this poem be a reminder to you

I love you more each year through and through.


8. How Do I Love Thee?

By Elizabeth Barrett Browning

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height

My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight

For the ends of being and ideal grace.

I love thee to the level of every day’s

Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.

I love thee freely, as men strive for right.

I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.

I love thee with the passion put to use

In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.

I love thee with a love I seemed to lose

With my lost saints. I love thee with the breath,

Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,

I shall but love thee better after death.


9. Why Do I Love You?

Why do I love you? I can’t think of why,

Unless it’s the sweet way that you make me sigh

With pleasure and rapture, emotion and bliss,

Each time that you hold me to give me a kiss.

Why do I love you? You’ve brought contentment and peace.

Each hour that I’m with you brings total release

From the cares of the day and the stresses of living.

You do that with caring and loving and giving.

Why do I love you? Reasons abound;

I know for a sure thing that I love the sound

Of your voice and your laugh, and I love your dear face,

And I know no one else could take your place.

Why do I love you? Did I mention your eyes?

The way that they smolder and hypnotize?

Your touch–what delicious sensations when we’re…

Well…I’m crazy about you, I guess that’s very clear.

May I be your sweetheart? And will you be mine?

Please say I can be your Valentine!


10. Upon the earth the snow kisses

By Angela M. Torrence

Upon the earth the snow kisses

Glittering flakes drop as the ice glistens

My soul has awaken and now my heart listens

In my mind your voice whispers

When I close my eyes at night I dream of you

When I awake to the morning dew I think of you

Somehow I feel in your arms is where I belong

I’ve waited for someone like you for so long

Now my heart beats with a happy rhyme

Couldn’t have asked for a better Valentine.

sweet valentine day poems


11. Valentine Love Note

by K.Y. B

Valentine Love Note

You’re the reason why,

Why the sun shines brighter.

Why my steps are lighter.

Why life’s worth living.

Why my heart is worth giving.


Happy Valentine’s Day



You’re my friend…

You support me, encourage me, bring out the best in me.

I trust you and feel completely safe with you,

so I can share with you my hopes, my dreams,

and even secrets I’ve never told anyone else.

You’ve created a refuge for me to come to

when I need to escape from the hard edges of life.

You’re my lover…

When we explore every part of each other,

touching, teasing,

creating an ecstatic fever in each other,

such sweet torment–

I marvel that we can create together

such astonishing pleasure.

With you, I feel satisfied, complete,

wild and peaceful at the same time.

I’ve never felt this way with anyone else.

You’re my partner…

You let me know that whatever life hands me

I’ll have you on my side to help me.

I’m grateful for all that you give to me,

all that you do for me.

Together, we can live life to the fullest.

I’m so glad we found each other.

You’re the joy of my life,

and I’m so very happy to have you as my Valentine!


13. My Little Valentines

I love my little valentines,

I love to watch them grow.

The first little valentine

Has a little button nose,

The second little valentine

Has fingers that can wiggle,

The third little valentine,

Has feet to run and giggle

The fourth little valentine,

Has little hands that clap

The fifth little valentine

Loves sitting in my lap


Short Valentine’s Day Poems

14. i carry your heart with me(i carry it in)

By E.E. Cummings

here is the deepest secret nobody knows

(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud

and the sky of the sky of a tree called life

which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)

and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart


i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)


15. A Joy I Never Knew

By Joanna Fuchs

Have I told you, Valentine,

That I’m all wrapped up in you?

My feelings for you bring to me

A joy I never knew.


You light up everything for me;

In my heart you shine;

Illuminating my whole life,

My darling Valentine.

sweet valentine day poems


Romantic Valentine’s Day Poems

16. They Flee From Me


They flee from me that sometime did me seek

With naked foot, stalking in my chamber.

I have seen them gentle, tame, and meek,

That now are wild and do not remember

That sometime they put themself in danger

To take bread at my hand; and now they range,

Busily seeking with a continual change.


Thanked be fortune it hath been otherwise

Twenty times better; but once in special,

In thin array after a pleasant guise,

When her loose gown from her shoulders did fall,

And she me caught in her arms long and small;

Therewithall sweetly did me kiss

And softly said, “Dear heart, how like you this?”


It was no dream: I lay broad waking.

But all is turned thorough my gentleness

Into a strange fashion of forsaking;

And I have leave to go of her goodness,

And she also, to use newfangleness.

But since that I so kindly am served

I would fain know what she hath deserved.


17. You are the true meaning of beauty

In a world of desire,

Beauty is often confused with appearances alone,

You reflect beauty in every aspect,

Your face is of an angel and your beauty,

Shines through your tender heart and eyes,

Your sweetness and tender warmth, Bring joy to all around you….

My life has never been the same since meeting you,

I am a new man, deeply touched by your influence,

You have made me a better person by loving you,

Your heart touches everyone around you,

And I am blessed to call you mine,

Forever and always I will love you,

Till my last breath, all I know that it is because of you,

My heart danced with joyous gratitude through all of life’s chapters.


18. Eternal Emotion

By Mason C. Ford

As long as the birds are singing,

As long as the fish can swim,

As long as the sun keeps shining,

I will love you in the bright or dim.


As long as the wind keeps blowing,

As long as the ocean waves,

As long as the stars are shimmering,

You will have my heart enslaved.


As long as time keeps flowing,

As long as the sky is blue,

As long as planets are spinning,

My love will forever be with you.


19. I’m in Love with You

By Meagan Murdoch

It’s the way you say I love you and the way you hold my hand.

There’s just so much about you I completely understand.

It’s the twinkle in your eye that I only see when you look at me.

It’s the warmth of your hands; it sends a shock straight to my feet.

It’s how you always amaze me, you surprise me all day long.

This I know is true.

Baby, I’m in love with you!


20. My Valentine, my wife

Since you came into my life, my whole world has changed,

My days are brighter, and I feel there is nothing I can’t do,

There is joy and serenity,

The whole world seems more wonderful and lovely,

I have never felt such a tender, spectacular feeling in my heart,

You are always with me, in my mind,

And I never want us to be apart,

Once in a life time, heaven bestows a gift,

A beauty indescribable,

Felt only in the heart,

To describe this gift, I have no words….to honour its brilliance and my gratitude for receiving it True love is this gift, and my gift is you,

You are the treasured loveliness, very few in this world find,

On this day of celebrating love,

I want you to know I can trust you with my life,

Thank you for being my beautiful wife.

I love you.

sweet valentine day poems


Valentine’s Day Poems For Father

21. Appreciating Your Dad For All His Love

By Vicky Frye

If I could write a story,

It would be the greatest ever told.

I’d write about my daddy,

For he had a heart of gold.

My dad, he was no hero

Known around this world.

He was everything to me,

For I was his baby girl.

I’d write about the lessons.

He taught me right from wrong.

He instilled in me the values

That one day I’d be strong.

He taught me to face my fears,

Take each day as it comes,

For there are things that we can’t change.

He would say what’s done is done.

He would say hold your head up high,

Carry yourself with pride.

Thanks to him, I am somebody,

I will never run and hide.

If I could write a story,

It would be the greatest ever told.

I’d write about my daddy,

For he had a heart of gold.


Cute Love Poems

22. No One Like You

By Joanna Fuchs

My darling Valentine, it’s clear,

I love you more and more each year.

Our love is contentment, happiness, too,

Because there’s just no one like you.


Whenever I feel down and blue,

You make me laugh, and I feel new.

Your loving looks turn my heart to goo;

There’s no one, Love, no one like you.


I’m blessed to have your true devotion;

I’m filled with warm and sweet emotion.

You show your love in all you do;

You’re one of a kind–no one like you.


And so, my dearest Valentine,

I’m oh, so glad that you are mine.

Our love is faithful, strong and true.

Sweetheart, there’s just no one like you.


Funny Valentine’s Day Poem

23. There Once Was a Girl

By Kelly Roper

There once was a girl with a gleam in her eye

For a certain young man she thought cute.

He was reluctant at best,

To hear her feelings confessed,

So she yelled, “Hey, I love you, you brute!”


24. Valentines Day Poems for Him

I Can’t Hide My Feelings

I just want to be with you,

baby, no one else will do.

I know I say I love you often,

but every word I say is true.

You made me realize

that every boy is not always the same.

I wrote your name in my heart,

and forever it will stay.

I know we have our ups and downs,

but no relationship is perfect.

And by the end of the argument

the confrontation wasn’t even worth it.

People try to break us every day,

over and over again.

I don’t let it get to me

because I know who has won in the end.

I love your smile,

your intelligence,

and everything you do.

I thank God faithfully

that He sent you.


25. You’re My Everything

You’ll always be in my heart

Can’t bear the pain when we are apart

Nobody is as special as you are to me

I hope you are beginning to see

I can’t describe how much I care

But when you need me I’ll be there

To wipe those tears when you are sad

To make you happy when you are mad

All these things I can really do

Just remember I’m thinking of you!

sweet valentine day poems


26. This is the love I have for you

By Beverly C. Kessinger

This is the love I have for you.

One= cannot be undone

Two= oh boy! do I love you!

Three= just you and me

Four= please don’t close the door

Five= you make me feel alive!

Six= let’s get hitched!

Seven= oh! I’m in heaven!

Eight= please don’t make me wait

Nine= be mine!

Ten= we can! oh can’t you see?

my heart beats with glee!


27. I hope you remember the day we first met

I hope you remember the day we first met

It was like heaven on the sun

You made me feel very sweet

You made my heart go faster than a shotgun

You did all those things for me

And now its time to repay

To show you love in every way

On this Valentines Day

I wanna show you that I know how to love

So you don’t misunderstand

That only I can make you feel

Better than any man

Its my turn to make you laugh and think of words to say

But its only for this one Valentines Day!


28. Do I really love you?

By Adriana Rajca

Do I really love you?

look into my eyes.

the shine you see is the light of my soul

notice my smile.

how spontaneous and true!

my face in your presence

my lips caress your name.

Can you not hear the hum of my body

responding to your nearness?

my heart keeps time.

touch me.

I tremble

hold me.

I sigh

kiss me.

I melt

Ask me.

I love you!


29. I love you with all my heart

By Amy E. Nelson

I love you with all my heart

Right from the very start

Our love grows stronger everyday

With everything you do and say

Happy Valentines Day

Our love is here to stay.


30. There’s a special place

There’s a special place

within my heart

that only you can fill.

For you had my love

right from the start

and I know you always will.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

sweet valentine day poems

This post was all about sweet Valentine Day poems.


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