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Best Match For Pisces Female: Love Compatibility With Each Zodiac Signs

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Want to know the best match for Pisces female? Check this post for Pisces women personality traits, performance in love, and love compatibility with each zodiac signs.

Writing this best match zodiac signs series is to hope that everyone will fall in love well. Don’t feel unhappy about not being considered a good match generally. It just means that the two signs are more likely to conflict in personalities.

In fact, a person’s personality is not entirely determined by the sun sign or the other star signs, and there are many patterns in the relationship between couples. Two people who fall in love, are willing to make concessions for love, grow together, and will surely find a lasting way.

In this post, I will analyze Pisces compatibility for women with each zodiac sign, and also summarize some of the most likely problems for each Pisces love match, and try to provide you with some ways to find true love, get along with each other better, and achieve a romantic and meaningful relationship.

I think a good relationship is very simple, it makes you feel comfortable and relaxed without suffering. The purpose of talking about love compatibility is to let everyone learn how to get along well with each other. Relationship suffering is very exhausting and will affect you to complete everything, let alone become a better version of yourself.

Reminder: All the analysis in this post is based on sun signs.

Best Match For Pisces Female

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This post is all about best match for Pisces female.


Pisces Personality Traits and Performance in Romantic Relationships

What is daily life like in a relationship with Pisces? You may hear almost every day:

Don’t you love me anymore?

Where are you

Why don’t you coax me?

Are you lying to me?

Do you have someone else out there?

Are there any Pisces people who don’t fall in love at all? The answer is no. It’s not that Pisces can’t do it. In fact, they are a sign with very high emotional intelligence. They are very good at cooperating with others, being considerate of the feelings of others, and integrating into the surrounding environment though they may have different perspectives. There is almost nothing that Pisces can’t adapt. It just depends on whether they are willing or not.

This final sign of the zodiac can be very generous and decent, very understanding, and very insightful. But for the people they care about, they are just like the legend, with a little princess living in their hearts, who will cry at every turn.

If a Pisces is considerate to you, gentle and cute, then it’s really nothing. For them, it is easy to come by, and there is no Pisces who can’t behave like a coquettish. But if you really care about your sensitive Pisces, you will be asked to talk about love every day. They will always ask where you are, hope to follow you, ask you to report your whereabouts, and want to integrate into your circle. As a typical mutable sign, they want to be affirmed by each other and are afraid that the other party will not love them.

Of course, many Pisces can also avoid being noisy, that is not their true state, they are just worried that they will scare the other away, so they will not say anything. In order to love them, they choose to sacrifice themselves and wrong themselves. But the Pisces mate who truly love you must suffer from gains and losses, and it is impossible to do it easily. If Pisces is too clingy to reason, it is because you have not given her a sense of security.

Pisces is a sign that needs company and emotional support very much, so they especially need love. Of course, there are also Pisces who look particularly strong, are striving for a career, and seem indifferent to feelings. Basically, this is because they don’t dare to open their hearts, it is a strong disguise, and their loneliness will be particularly strong. Pisces’ most real sense of happiness and accomplishment almost all come from love.

In fact, falling in love with Pisces is very simple, they just want to hug. They don’t have too high demands on their lovers, such as looks and material conditions. They don’t pay much attention to these aspects. They just want to find someone who can love them from start to finish, stay with them, and hug them.

Therefore, people who can get along well with Pisces for a long time are basically those who are more outgoing and cheerful, because Pisces has a lot of negative emotions in love. They need someone with stronger energy to accompany them to dispel some of their uncontrollable negative thoughts.


Best Match For Pisces Female: Overview

Generally, Cancer men and Pisces men from the water signs, and Virgo men (the opposite sign of Pisces) from the earth signs, are the best matches for Pisces women.

Air signs and fire signs men are easy to have a hard time with Pisces women. And Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius are the least compatible signs.


So, let’s move on to talk about the Pisces women’s love compatibility with each zodiac signs.


Pisces Woman and Aries Man

Have powers that the other person doesn’t have,

Understanding each other is a problem.

Pisces and Aries can actually become particularly good couples. After an Aries man meets Pisces, their heroism and courage, which are very positive characters, will be well inspired. The Pisces women are protected by Aries, and their special gentleness, patience, and compassion for each other will also be brought to the extreme.

Though Pisces is a romantic partner, Pisces is a sign that is easier to rely on others, and it is easy to escape when encountering problems. Aries provides them with direction and courage to solve problems. The advantages of two people’s personalities will be particularly obvious in getting along.

The problem often lies in communication. Aries likes simplicity and directness, while Pisces likes long talk. Aries either has no patience to listen or can’t understand at all. So this makes Pisces women often feel disappointed.

Aries is a person who has a strong personality and pays more attention to self-feelings. When feelings are more intense, they are very good to others. Energetic, sticky, and enthusiastic. Once an Aries man feels stable or calm, he will focus more on himself, and they will not feel many small details at all.

And Pisces is the kind of person who is too worried in their hearts when you return to messages a while later. They always expect Aries to take into account their emotions, but Aries is really not good at this. Pisces women have to learn to have a deeper understanding of this.


Pisces Woman and Taurus Man

A suitable couple for living together,

More in-depth communication and emotional connection is needed.

Taurus and Pisces are the kind of combination that is reasonably intelligent. Taurus signs can provide real and stable love for Pisces. Maybe what they say is not sweet, but everything can be implemented in practical actions. Moreover, when there are no problems of principle, a Taurus man can listen to his woman. The Pisces woman is also easy to fascinate Taurus. Her gentle and charming qualities are irresistible to Taurus.

Pisces women especially need romantic feelings and are easy to be immersed in vivid imaginations. But Pisces women are also very capable when it comes to reality. Pisces is a person who is particularly aware of current affairs and can adapt to the surrounding environment. Therefore, a Taurus man and a Pisces woman can create a very good life together, and there is no lack of romance on a solid foundation.

But it depends on Pisces’ demands. If a Pisces woman always thinks about romance, she probably won’t be satisfied with Taurus. The romance of Taurus is basically based on material foundation, it depends on whether Pisces can buy it.

Pisces and Taurus also have another problem, that is, the contradiction between the two is easy to be hidden. Because of the personalities of both sides, they will tolerate each other and hide themselves. On the surface, there are hidden dangers behind the calm. And neither of them are forgetful people, they are particularly prone to create problems, the more they think about it, the more wrong it becomes. When the contradiction intensifies, there is no room for recovery.


Pisces Woman and Gemini Man

Would have a good time in the short term.

The longer you get along, the more you will discover the differences.

Pisces and Gemini are both signs that are easier to confuse others.

Pisces will especially change with the preferences of others and is highly adaptable. For example, they can be with introverts, and they can get along well with people who love to play. What kind of atmosphere the other party creates, they can become that kind of person.

Geminis are multi-faceted, they can get along well with anyone, and they can be liked by many people.

Therefore, these two people are particularly prone to feel that each other is the same as themselves at first, and there is no end to the conversation. However, after getting along for a long time, they will find that it is not so.

Gemini men may be able to satisfy some of the emotional fantasies of Pisces women, but in real life, contradictions will increase. A Pisces woman needs her partner to be steady and reliable, but Gemini is changeable and not very pragmatic. The more Pisces women want to get along for a long time, the more dissatisfied they will be.

The sensitivity of Gemini men is actually no worse than that of Pisces, but their sensitivity is mainly used to escape people and things that make them uncomfortable. Gemini men will never be too emotionally restrained by emotions. Even if a Gemini man loves a Pisces woman very much, it is impossible for a Gemini man to surrender freedom.

The sensitivity of Pisces is used in the opposite place. As soon as a Pisces woman feels that a Gemini man is not being serious, she rushes up and entangles the other party firmly. Once Pisces starts nagging and crying, Gemini must run away. 


Pisces Woman and Cancer Man

A perfect match. There is a mutual trust, and no hindrance to communication in love,

Living together requires a clear mind.

In terms of emotions, the communication between water signs and water signs is basically barrier-free, can understand each other’s emotions, and protect each other’s easily injured heart, and the expressions are also very consistent. Tenderness is the main tone of two people, both of them can enjoy each other’s meticulousness to themselves.

Pisces and Cancer only need to avoid one problem in their relationship, and don’t be affected by each other’s negative emotions.

Pisces is habitually thinking about bad things, and Cancer is the kind of person who is particularly easy to have a strong sense of empathy, so two people will enter a vortex of negative emotions and can’t get out. This is very detrimental to the development of relationships. In this couple, there needs to be a person who can actively guide the two to develop in a positive way.

If Pisces and Cancer cannot go on in the end, it is often because of practical reasons.


Pisces Woman and Leo Man

There are contradictions in personality that are not easy to reconcile,

Both of them like the way the other expresses love.

When a Leo man loves someone, he will give him unlimited pampering. He will give you what he thinks is best, even if it hurts his own interests. Pisces women will be moved by this loyalty. Leo will also like women who admire him infinitely. Pisces is particularly good at complimenting Leo men. This makes Leo men very happy.

But sometimes Leo is too tough, they are actually out of good intentions, that is, what they think is good must be accepted by others.

The Pisces girls look gentle and submissive on the surface, but in fact they are very smart and sober, know what they want, and are actually very stressed when they are persecuted.

Therefore, in the beginning, the Pisces woman will be dazzled by love. There is no bottom line. She will tolerate everything about the Leo man. When she regains a little sense of reason, the Pisces woman will begin to accumulate upset in her heart.

For Leo, the most unacceptable aspect of the Pisces woman is that she is not magnanimous enough. The Pisces woman usually doesn’t show her heart out of her self-protection instinct. Once a Leo man perceives that Pisces is not treating him honestly, he will feel that the relationship loses its meaning.


Pisces Woman and Virgo Man

A great match. The views and attitudes towards things are often in opposite directions.

But this is the reason for mutual attraction.

Although a Pisces woman is particularly delicate in emotion, she is often very confused in life and can’t take care of herself. The Virgos are doing their best at this time, arranging everything in an orderly manner. They are also very good at preventing problems before they happen, and can deal with Pisces’ sloppy or unrealistic mistakes.

Earth sign Virgos are emotionally giving, they are very willing to serve each other, they are a little life expert, and they don’t mind cleaning up the mess. Pisces will not hate Virgo’s nagging, because Pisces women feel that this is a manifestation of Virgo men’s spoiling themselves, so that they can be a little princess without burden under the care of Virgo men.

Therefore, a Pisces woman and a Virgo man are particularly complementary in life.

Generally speaking, the Pisces woman and the Virgo man have completely opposite views and ways of dealing with things. Virgo is basically pragmatic, Pisces is still a bit rebellious, and from time to time there will be some thoughts that are not acceptable to Virgo. So two people need to compromise on their own and find a way to get along in a balanced way. Virgo men can be more open.


Pisces Woman and Libra Man

Tenderness and harmony in love,

Neither person is good at dealing with problems.

Libra and Pisces are very gentle. There won’t be any big contradiction between these two people getting along.

Libra knows how to deal with others very well, and behaves gracefully and decently, which can attract Pisces’ attention. The gentleness of Pisces is also sought after by Libra. Pisces women exude the kind of innocent and dreamlike feminine charm, which is the favorite “beauty” of Libra men. So everything is as beautiful as a fairy tale at the beginning.

But Libra men are the kind of people who like a relaxed atmosphere, but falling in love with Pisces is not so easy.

A Pisces woman is too possessive of people she likes and wants to know everything about them, but Libra is a person with a particularly strong sense of self-protection. No matter how good a Libra man is with you, he will maintain his own way, and will never share everything with you 100% anyway. And this small piece of Pisces that cannot be involved makes the relationship between these two people full of crisis.

In fact, Libra and Pisces belong to the side that does not want to be dominant in their relationship. They are better at cooperating with each other and will habitually give in. Therefore, when these two soft personalities meet together, it is not conducive to solving various problems encountered in life.


Pisces Woman and Scorpio Man

There will be no shortage of romantic sparks,

There are many contradictions in real life.

Pisces and Scorpio can become soul mates, and they often have the kind of unforgettable love that both parties can’t forget.

These two people often have neurotic anxiety and extreme demands for love. Outsiders are particularly difficult to understand. And these two people can understand each other.

And Pisces women have a characteristic. They are easily attracted to those “bad” boys and like to redeem those who have been emotionally hurt.

Therefore, the extreme personality of a Scorpio man often attracts the attention of a Pisces woman. Especially when the Scorpio man showed weakness, the Pisces woman could not resist.

When a Scorpio man likes a person, he has a very strong desire for control and possessiveness. Most people cannot bear this for a long time. But for the Pisces woman, the Pisces woman prefers the feeling of love that is so strong that it is inseparable.

In theory, Scorpio and Pisces are compatible, but many of their relationships cannot last.

Pisces women are not disloyal to love, but they are not good at rejecting others, and Scorpio men certainly can’t stand Pisces women being good to others.

In addition, the female Pisces has a weak personality and is easy to avoid problems, which often makes Scorpio men crazy. The Scorpio man is actually very logical and reasonable, but it doesn’t work here in Pisces.

Therefore, if this couple has a disagreement, it is not easy to resolve, unless Scorpio is infinitely tolerant of Pisces.


Pisces Woman and Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius can give Pisces a lot of sunshine,

But it is still a bad match. Pisces may find it hard in this relationship.

Sagittarius men are usually active, outgoing, assertive and courageous people. They are strong in action and can become the dominant person in their lives. In some major life events, Pisces women will be more dependent on the Sagittarius. Sagittarius is indeed worth relying on. In fact, Pisces girls especially need such people to be with them.

But Pisces women may suffer more in this relationship unless they can build more confidence and give Sagittarius men enough freedom.

Pisces women care about many details, but Sagittarius men are more careless, especially if they are dominant in relationships, they will not care about Pisces girls.

This makes this relationship fall into a vicious circle. The less a Pisces woman feels that Sagittarius cares, the more she will stick to him. Sagittarius man is the more you stick to me, the more I have to run away, the less I care about you.

So either Pisces dominates the relationship, holds the initiative, and waits for Sagittarius to chase him. Even if it is not, Pisces needs to adopt such an attitude in order to make this relationship more likely to continue.


Pisces Woman and Capricorn Man

It’s not easy to be together at first.

The longer you get along, the more harmonious.

In fact, Capricorns are not likely to be on the Pisces partner list at all. In the eyes of Pisces, the hardworking Capricorn is only practical and does not understand romantic love at all. And Capricorn also feels that Pisces is not reliable enough. Therefore, Capricorn and Pisces will not fall in love at first sight together. In most cases, it is because they have been together for a long time, and they have feelings after getting to know each other well. In this case, it is not easy to break up.

Pisces women and Capricorn men feel more at ease when they are together, because Capricorn is the kind of person who is very responsible. It’s not that the Pisces girl has to be taken care of by the other person, they just like the other person’s attitude: you can do whatever you like, I will always support you, always help you, and always be by your side. Capricorns are not talking about it, they can actually do it. So Pisces and Capricorn can realize their idealized life with the least worries.

Capricorns have strong self-esteem and strong principles. They can get enough mutual respect and love from Pisces.

These two people are also very loyal and durable to love. They are willing to tolerate each other’s shortcomings, always stand by each other’s side, and feel a sense of belonging together.


Pisces Woman and Aquarius Man

Can live an idealistic life together,

There are many contradictions when dealing with real problems.

Pisces women and Aquarius men are both chivalrous people. Pisces is because of the compassion and kindness of nature, and Aquarius is because of the inner sense of justice. And they are all people with literary temperament and romantic feelings. So they tend to have common lofty ideals and can pursue a romantic life together. If these two people don’t live in reality and live a fairy-tale life, it will be fine.

But once they have to face specific problems such as work, life, and family, Aquarius is very easy to dislike Pisces for being too indifferent, obedient to others, or even falsehoods forced by the environment. You must know that Aquarius is very despised of the rules of the world. Aquarius men want to stick to themselves, and they also have such requirements for those around them.

In addition, the over-reliance of a Pisces woman will also make Aquarius uncomfortable. They hope that even inseparable couples must have independent personalities and have a strong ability to deal with problems on their own.

In addition, a Pisces woman may have to face the problem of hot and cold water in an Aquarius man.

When you get along with an Aquarius man, the sense of distance is harder to control. Getting too close to the Aquarius man will bore the Aquarius man; and being too far away from the Aquarius man will make them unhappy.

The most terrible thing is that the Aquarius man still doesn’t express, he hides everything in his heart, and basically won’t coax a Pisces woman. Pisces is actually very easy to be persuaded, even if there is a big problem, as long as the Aquarius man coaxes the Pisces woman, it will be fine. But if Aquarius does not give in, Pisces will be particularly injured. 


Pisces Woman and Pisces man

A nice love match. Whether you can get along depends on the timing.

Whether Pisces and Pisces can be together in the long term really depends on the arrangement of fate, there is really no way to predict.

From a logical point of view, the same sign is of course to be particularly considerate of each other, and each other is the most suitable for each other. But there is so much difference between Pisces and Pisces.

There is a problem with signs that put more emphasis on feelings, and they tend to become villains. This is particularly evident in Pisces.

They may be relatively pure at first, love is all of their lives, and they are full of illusions about this relationship. After being injured, he suddenly became a bad person and never wanted to care about you anymore.

So you may also have seen a lot of complaints that Pisces is particularly bad in the relationship. In fact, that is a way for them to protect themselves. There are also those mature Pisces who have experienced everything, want to settle down, no longer feel so insecure, and just want to live a good life.

So if the two people are exactly matched with the same life stage, there is definitely no problem. If two Pisces in completely different states meet, they will not be able to communicate at all, and one of them will be seriously injured. Therefore, for a Pisces couple, it is particularly important to meet each other at the right time.


Final Words:

Pisces is a sign that is easy to fall in love. Unfortunately, the love of Pisces is usually not very smooth, because they are compassionate, care about the needs of others, and will not reject others. They are too emotional, easily moved, and believe in one person. Therefore, the Pisces woman easily enters a not-so-good relationship and consumes herself too much for love.

So it is really not easy for a Pisces woman in a relationship. Hope that the love of Pisces can be cherished and guarded and that the Pisces can treat herself well.

This post was all about best match for Pisces female.


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