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Best Matches For Aquarius Man: Love Compatibility With Each Zodiac Signs

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Want to know the best matches for Aquarius man? Check this post for our expert analysis on Aquarius man love compatibility with each zodiac signs.

Aquarius men have both personality and charm, but their inner world is extremely complicated and difficult to understand. The appearance they give is simple and straightforward, but their inner heart is always in contradiction.

Due to the influence of Saturn, Aquarius men are relatively cold and withdrawn, and may even be very indifferent and inhuman under certain special circumstances. But many times, they show humor, sociability, and they are also very enthusiastic and willing to help others.

In life, an Aquarius man is a person who can intoxicate his loved one in romantic love. In fact, what they like more is friendship rather than love, and they will treat their lover as a best friend, because love hinders their metaphysical thinking. But when love really comes, they can still enthusiastically throw themselves into the embrace of love, but it is easy to idealize everything.

Are you an Aquarius man? Are you in love with an Aquarius man? In today’s post, we will share with you the personality characteristics of Aquarius men, what love is like for Aquarius men, what kind of women Aquarius men like, the best matches to Aquarius men, and Aquarius compatibility with each zodiac signs.

So scroll down to check our analysis. Reminder: All the analysis in this post is based on the sun signs of the zodiac.

Best Matches For Aquarius Man love compatibility

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This post is all about best matches for Aquarius man


Aquarius Man Personality Traits

1. Idealists

Aquarius man is a natural organizer, his smart thinking far exceeds every other star sign, he has a strong creative ability, and is a unique idealist.


2. Generous

Aquarius man’s financial awareness is very weak. He often doesn’t know how much money he has in his bank account or how much he has spent. He is very willing to spend money on his relatives and friends.


3. Yearning for freedom

Aquarius boys are tired of the constraints of rules and old habits. They love a free life and colorful social life, behave in a straightforward manner, and once they truly trust a person, they will unconditionally give themselves to the other person.


4. Self-assertion

The Aquarius man possesses strong beliefs that are very inconsistent with his appearance, and occasionally his emotions will burst out like a dam bursting a bank. In discussions, he often takes the lead in putting forward his own opinions and follows the beat of their own drum.


5. Fraternity

The Aquarius man has always had a casual personality, he is very indifferent emotionally, and often maintains an ambiguous friendship with others, which inevitably gives people a feeling of fraternity and playboy.


6. Be patient

For friends, Aquarius men will always go all out, and will silently endure other people’s comments and rumors about themselves.


7. Cleanliness

Seeing dust on other people’s clothes, the Aquarius man will stretch out his hand to help tidy it out, hoping that people will always keep their appearance neat and tidy. Dirty is definitely an enemy that Aquarius men cannot tolerate.


What does the love of an Aquarius man look like?

Aquarius signs will not stay with their romantic partner every day. Aquarian men have a vast social circle, and you are just one of them. When you get along with the friends of an Aquarius man, you suddenly discover that there are so many interesting and weird creatures in the world.

It is difficult for Aquarius men to be constrained by intense and intimate relationships. They are always looking for a better place and more great friends, and they never want to only maintain the status quo. This is Aquarius natives. So Aquarius partner prefers distanced love relationships and platonic relationships.

It’s not that Aquarius men don’t love you, but that Aquarius men need free space in order to have different experiences.

Although Aquarius men act as if they are always flirting and disloyal, Aquarius men may have more romantic interests in discovering other people’s thoughts and activities rather than other people’s love.


What kind of woman do Aquarius men like?

1. Appearance: tall and slim

In terms of appearance, the women that Aquarius men like do not need to have shiny long hair, just to be creative.

He thinks that women are very handsome in men’s jackets. They must be those who blindly pursue fashion.

He likes women who are well-dressed and full of health and beauty. They should be thinner! They should be of the same height as a model.


2. Aquarius men like women with wisdom and personality

Because Aquarius is an intellectual sign, the love of an Aquarius man is clear and healthy.

Because he can’t please women, women who pay attention to the atmosphere and pursue romance will think that he is a man who is incomprehensible.

And he doesn’t appreciate the kind of woman who likes to daydream all day. People who lack autonomy and agree with others are even more disgusted.


3. Aquarius men like deep thinkers and talented women

Aquarius man is always looking for a soul mate. The resonance between the two is the key point.

At the same time, he likes intelligent women who have strong personalities, opinions and can express their opinions. As long as these two points are met, he may not care about a woman’s appearance, family background, fashion taste, etc.

Besides, a woman who is self-righteous and has no opinion is the most offensive to him.


4. Aquarius men like confidant lover

First of all, you must first see what they really think under the “happy” appearance.

It is important to establish a tacit understanding with them. They like each other (lover) to be their confidantes, and it is best that one of his eyes and a small gesture can be used to generate the resonation with their lover.

Aquarius people are always struggling to get the approval of others in their lives. If you love him, it is better to be his first faithful affirmer. Remember, loving him is to share the pressure for him, not to create pressure for him.


5. Aquarius men like women who are different from others

Aquarius men like women who are particularly different. Therefore, the women they like are either particularly stupid, like to think of messy things, and have their own goals and their own way, or they are very smart and can make correct judgments and actions in their behavior and work development.


6. Aquarius men like women who are weird, at least a bit out of the ordinary.

But getting along for a long time, as long as he feels that you are ordinary and tacky, then soon he will find new goals.

Therefore, women who have such a boyfriend need to be smarter, more fashionable and master the hobbies and personality of an Aquarius man.


Best Matches For Aquarius Man


Generally, the Gemini and Libra from the air signs, and the Aries from the fire signs, are the most compatible signs for Aquarius man. The earth signs and water signs are the worst matches.


No. 1 Aquarius Man and Gemini Woman

This is a perfect love match. Both of them are intelligent, avant-garde and trendy people, and they talk about everything from astronomy to geography in their romantic relationship.

They may even be upset why they didn’t meet each other earlier, so it is easy to know and cherish each other, and then open their hearts to accept each other.

When two people with the air signs meet, they can fully express the characteristics of this sign. The two of them are teachers and friends, a perfect combination of mutual trust and mutual respect.

When an Aquarius man and a Gemini woman fall in love, he is called the hot one, and she is very sexy. Once the raging love is ignited, it cannot be extinguished.

The two people in this perfect match get along very naturally and easily, and they have independent spaces for each other to breathe freely without stress. But even if you are fun and active, you still have to leave some time for each other in your busy life.

If you have a tacit understanding and open mind in your relationship, you have to cultivate feelings to prevent your sense of identity from disappearing.


No. 2 Aquarius Man and Libra Woman

This is a good match. You will have a deep affection, and you will taste the rich and romantic love and the feeling of being loved together.

You both have restless souls, like lovers and friends, very special. Both Aquarius and Libra give people an unpredictable, hot and cold feeling, although the reasons are different, so you can interact with each other and form a tacit understanding.

You can give each other a lot of space after the real interaction, and the communication between both parties is very smooth, and you will not feel alienated.

The relationship between you is a kind of heart-to-heart communication. Starting with friends, with zero-burden contacts, you will be able to get along happily and move towards forever!


No. 3 Aquarius Man and Aries Woman

Aquarius belongs to the air signs, and Aries is the fire signs. The air signs and the fire signs have many similar attributes, so you are easy to communicate and fit together, attract and appreciate each other. You are colorful, dazzling and beautiful lovers. .

Because you two have the same cognition, you can give each other space and time, and no one restricts each other, so you can establish a relationship of mutual trust.

Aquarius is advanced in thought and full of reform and pioneering spirit, which is appreciated by Aries; and Aquarius also likes Aries’ optimism, humor, bold adventure and unrestrained freedom.

If you can pay more attention to each other and inject more love into each other, it will make your life more interesting, and it will be no problem to spend your life together!


Aquarius Man Love Compatibility With Each Zodiac Signs


Aquarius Man and Aries Woman

Aquarius and Aries have very similar characteristics, that is, both of them have the courage to take risks and like to try new things and meet new people.

Based on this common ground, the relationship between the two can have a very harmonious resonance, and each other can give each other wider space. Therefore, even when the enthusiasm is burning, both parties will still feel comfortable and happy, as if love is full of endless joy.

But the Aquarius guy is not only intoxicated by the happy fruits of love, he may also seek torture In order to enhance his own experience of human nature; and Aries’ she has always been alone, so the two can maintain a close and alienated relationship.


Aquarius man and Taurus woman

Aquarius and Taurus are both fixed signs, which means that both have a certain stubborn character.

A Taurus woman does have some stubbornness. She will insist that her partner bring her a full sense of security, mainly in terms of material and experience.

But the Aquarian man is a free and unstable soul by nature. He cannot restrain his fraternity tendencies, it is also difficult for him to refuse a very good relationship between the opposite sex.

Also, the Aquarius is very insistent on his right to freedom, so it can be imagined that the conflict between the two is inevitable.

If you still care about this relationship in your heart, I believe that both of you will give way to each other.


Aquarius Man and Gemini Woman

Aquarius and Gemini are both air signs. The characteristic of the air signs is that they are only willing to use their minds but cannot use their “heart” to feel the people and things around them, so the two can be said to be the least emotional people.

However, both of you have very rich experiences in love. The reason is that the air signs are kind, lively and generous human beings. So your relationship is good, and romantic relationships continue.

You are like the air, drifting with the novelty of people and things. I guess the two are together because each other can constantly provide novel topics and knowledge.

The love between the two seems like a happy game, which makes others jealous.


Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman

A Cancer woman is a person who values ​​family very much, but an Aquarius man is like a hero who wanders around. Therefore, it is difficult to get the sense of security and emotional needs a Cancer woman wants from an Aquarius man, and she will have a hard time in this relationship.

She hopes that he can always be with her. This water bearer would even be willing to care for him like a mother. But he always likes to run outside and fool around with his friends. It seems that the poor Cancer must be alone at home and sigh.

Of course, this does not necessarily have to blame Aquarius men, because they are also men with a sense of responsibility and justice. They are not suitable just because they have different interests and ideals.


Aquarius Man and Leo Woman

Aquarius and Leo are opposite signs. Both are stubborn and fixed signs, and the opposite houses have fatal attraction.

Therefore, these two people have a strong connection. The Leo female appreciates the Aquarius male’s maverick and unconventional, while male Aquarius loves the talented and brilliant female Leo.

However, both of you have the aura of a hegemony, and the mastery of the dominance has become the biggest obstacle for the two of you to get along.

The male Aquarius insists on managing this love in an unconventional way, but the female Leo says that I am the queen and should be the center of attention, and you have to listen to me. So the noisy breaks, breaks, and reunions, which is your turbulent and fierce love march.


Aquarius Man and Virgo Woman

A Virgo woman is a master of human nature analysis. She pursues perfection, pays attention to efficiency, and emphasizes practicality; these are the advantages of attracting men.

Aquarius men are tolerant and magnanimous, focus on ideals, and suffer from certain personality split tendencies.

Therefore, the various advantages of Virgo ladies attract the attention of Aquarius men. The Aquarius man looks forward to Virgo’s analytical and critical ability to help him.

The emotional interaction between the two is similar to psychotherapy. But psychotherapy is far more complicated and in-depth than emotional interaction, because it requires the patience of both parties, complete trust and a high degree of tacit understanding, otherwise the two will turn from sweet lovers to enemies.


Aquarius Man and Libra Woman

Aquarius and Libra are both air signs. Signs with the same attribute can understand each other and communicate better.

The air sign means that the two of them are volatile like the air. Although they are very communicative and smart, they are actually full of anxiety deep in their hearts. Therefore, the two of you have sympathy for each other and comfort each other. This is the harmonious side of the relationship.

But on the other hand, Aquarius men seem to forever hate stability and harmony, and Libra women are prone to gains and losses in intimate relationships.

Therefore, when Aquarius is splitting and turbulent again, the sensitive Libra will inevitably waver after seeing the situation, and the disharmony between the two sides has become a help to maintain the relationship.


Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman

Both Aquarius and Scorpio belong to fixed signs.

The fixation of Aquarius lies in his insistence on great ideals. Therefore, he will treat intimacy as only an experience in his life.

But for a Scorpio woman, fixation refers to feelings, and love is all in her life. She can completely devote her body and soul to this, and she also requires the other party to pay equally.

So there is no deeper conflict than this combination. The absolute possessiveness of a Scorpio woman is simply absurd for an Aquarius man. Aquarius men hate being controlled and oppressed, no matter what the reason.

If both sides get along, you may be able to learn from the most difficult subjects.


Aquarius Man and Sagittarius Woman

The appearance of Aquarius and Sagittarius seems a bit difficult to distinguish, because both of them are optimistic and cheerful, love freedom, love excitement and adventure, and have a high interest in novel people and things.

The two people’s views and treatment of love are also biased towards allowing each other a wide space of freedom.

The interaction between the two is like a kind of knowledge and academic exchange, but there is no lack of understanding of human nature, maintaining the balance of sensibility, intelligence and reason.

Because Sagittarius is like an arrow that keeps aiming at a free target, and Aquarius is like a gust of wind, which can help this arrow shoot to infinite freedom, so let the power of mutual love find the opening of freedom to go through.


Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman

The dominating planets of Aquarius and Capricorn are both Saturn. Saturn is a planet related to public affairs, so the two also have strong ambitions, and they value career development far more than love. This is probably the reason for the combination of the two.

But their acting styles are exactly the opposite. Capricorn is working hard, step by step. The Aquarius is not sticking to conventions and is a model of genius. So the same can be said about love. An Aquarius man may not want to seek stability for a while, while a Capricorn woman has been lurking for a long time.

The two people get along with each other, but it is inevitable that they will be somewhat unsatisfactory.


Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman

Aquarius is the most unpredictable human being among the twelve signs. They often make people feel unpredictable and unconventional. And two Aquarius together is even more confusing.

In the eyes of Aquarius, love is actually not much different from friendship, so the love of two Aquarius is like the feeling between good friends. The two may decide to break up today, and they will reunite with a deep friendship tomorrow.

So it is impossible to predict about this couple. Perhaps we can expect the two to develop the Aquarius humanitarian concept together and bring bright hope to this society.


Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman

Both Aquarius and Pisces are signs of ideals that are rewarding to society and maintaining social justice. It is just that they are conducted in different ways. One is carried out in a chivalrous manner and the other is carried out in a compassionate manner.

As a result, the two seem to be different people.

The weakness and confusion of Pisces, especially the dependence of female Pisces, can be said to be incompatible with the taste of Aquarius. And Aquarius people don’t believe that soft demands can really change anything, let alone any recognition of Pisces’ intuitive sixth sense.

Although it seems that the match between the two is not enough for a while, Pisces is therapeutic and infinite, and her heart of tolerance can move anyone. I believe that a Pisces woman will definitely bring a refreshing feeling to an Aquarius man.

This post was all about best matches for Aquarius man


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