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What Sign Goes With Aries? Love Compatibility With Each Zodiac Signs

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Want to know what sign goes with Aries? Check this post for the expert analysis on Aries’ love compatibility with each zodiac signs.

“Aries? It’s horrible! They are temperamental, violent, and look down on people. It’s better to stay away from Aries and be careful!”

If you think so, then you may lose someone who is willing to give their life for you. Burned by Mars, Aries is by no means the kind of cold-blooded demon that people imagine!

There are two inner worlds of Aries: the world of hatred and the world of love. Aries’ outer world and inner world are synchronized, but because their “hatred” attitude is more obvious so that they conceal the side of their love.

So, what are Aries’ traits? How do they behave in love? Generally what sign goes with Aries?

In this post, you can find all the answers you need.

Reminder: All the analysis in this post is based on sun signs.

What Sign Goes With Aries love

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This post is all about what sign goes with Aries.


Aries’ Traits

The element of fire is represented by Aries and its fellow fire signs. Striving for the first is the character of Aries.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries also has its characteristics in the constellation rankings. Aries people like simple and direct methods, and they also have the trait of never admitting defeat among the crowd. Not falling behind is the motivation for Aries to themselves.

No matter how lonely Aries are right now, they will not succumb to reality. No matter what they face, Aries is like a warrior, defending dignity and defending success.

Aries can stand up even if they lose.

In the field of career, Aries’ ability to broaden is very strong, especially in a completely blank field, Aries’ ability is fully displayed. Aries must care about every opportunity to show themselves, and Aries will not give up easily in the face of opportunity.

Aries just like simple method, it doesn’t mean they are innocent and stupidity.

If you take carelessness as all of Aries, then you are very wrong. Aries just likes to leave such an impression on others.

Everyone there has a mask, and the mask of Aries is straightforward and bold.


How Aries Behave In Love And Romantic Relationships

In the face of love, Aries has always been like a courageous warrior.

Pursuing love is the correct way for Aries to open up in love. If a few people compete with each other, Aries will not give up the opportunity to contact each other.

Regarding love, Aries has always held the attitude of not giving up. Even if your love is rumored, even if your relationship is controlled by your family, Aries will still live up to your love.

However, Aries is also impulsive, and his desperate actions will hurt lovers.

He is also a typical individualist. He believes that the right things will be adhered to, and his paying for love is more like a game. Is the story really going to have a result at the end? Aries would rather have no results but have to go with the loved one for a long time.

This heart is very rare. The sincerity possessed by Aries is rare in the world, and the intention to be with his lover is indeed very touching.

Aries treats love impulsively. When he falls in love with you, he hopes to possess you as soon as possible.

Aries, represented by Mars, also has extremely high requirements for sex and physical relationship. It’s just that Aries didn’t think so much about how to deal with the next relationship.


What Sign Goes With Aries?


No. 1 Leo

When two people with fire signs see each other at the first sight, nine out of ten couples will emit sparks. You attract each other like magnets, have a solid common ground and common traits, and you are a perfect match.

At the same time, you progress quickly and intensely ever since their first date. You two have similar personalities and ideas, and you are a fiery and dazzling combination of affection.

The confession, directness, and domineering of the fixed sign Leo can “overwhelm” the Aries, and the style of the Aries is also very appetizing for the Leo.

The mutual attraction between you two is usually natural and effortless. As long as you understand each other’s feelings, the enthusiasm between the two will be guaranteed to last.

Advice: Although it is a natural couple and has a solid emotional connection because you are both very strong, there will be occasional conflicts that compete for leadership and naturally suppress each other; even so, there are not many situations that will be out of control.

But the good news is, the Aries and the Leo do not hold grudges, which is the best advantage. So though you may fight with each other badly, you can’t do without each other and you are still romantic partners.

But remember not to be over, even if you match the other so well.


No. 2 Sagittarius

When two fire signs meet, it is like adding fuel to the fire. Once they meet each other, they will actively act with each other. Sagittarius is one of the best matches to Aries. Both of you have simple and neat personalities and belong to the cheerful and enthusiastic action style. It will be a concise and quick combination.

Sagittarius is less able to maintain a state or is limited to a certain point for too long, even if they have to live a 9 to 5 life, they can still play the characteristics of the sign in entertainment, making friends, etc. Aries’s personality traits of seeking innovation, change, and excitement is very close to you, even stronger, and can get along like a fish in water.

However, sometimes life is too lively, lacks of spiritual communication, and you will feel bored!

Advice: Sagittarius and Aries are a couple that can enjoy life together. Both of you have direct personalities and don’t care about any unhappiness.

On the other hand, your tolerance is not very good, and you can’t stand the slightest grievance.

Fortunately, because you are very similar, even if there is a quarrel, you can come and go quickly. It’s just that you are a bit stubborn. Once there is a conflict, it is easy to be inconsistent with each other. You must pay attention to this, and occasionally be courteous to each other.

Although you and Aries are a natural couple, if you want to make your relationship alive, you should learn to tolerate each other and restrain your desires.

Excitement and new experiences do not mean that you have to change people at any time; in fact, when you encounter a zodiac sign that is so similar to you, he is absolutely capable of catching up with your changing speed.

The best bet is to show your personality that doesn’t like being restrained, keep a proper distance with the Aries, and give each other a little bit of self-space, you can also reduce the strength of the collision, and it will be easier to get along with you!


No. 3 Aquarius

This is a colorful, dazzling, and great match. The Aquarius is a sign of wisdom, rationality, and the future, and the Aries’ innovative and energetic characteristics, it is a good match. As an Aries’ partner, there is almost no disadvantages.

Advice: Although Aries loves to talk to friends and acquaintances, he does not necessarily like to see you with friends (especially the opposite gender) quite often, so in order to maintain happiness, your attitude must be more strict, so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstanding.

The Aquarius often thinks that the Aries is too childish, often acting very willful and immature, and sometimes over impulsive and acting out of control. At this time, the Aquarius should give full play to your cordial and comforting nature. Seventy percent of you are probably dreamers. You have so many fantasies. Aries is madder than you and will rush to implement it.

If you are lucky, Aries’ action will be in line with your rational arguments. If something is wrong, the two are quite self-centered and don’t like to restrict each other, and it will be easy to say goodbye to each other.


No. 4 Gemini

Your personalities and behavior patterns are also very similar, and it is easy to appreciate and attract each other.

Aries’ characteristics of seeking innovation and change, not sticking to small details, and not sticking to principles, are quite suitable for the taste of Gemini, and you can inspire new things with each other. However, if Gemini jumps too fast in thinking, let the Aries catch up hard, and it is easy to make him an active volcano, so be careful!

Advice: You who are quick-acting and quick-witted have a milder personality. Although you are stronger than Aries, they have a strong superficial personality and are not willing to fall behind; this is an important point that you should pay more attention to.

Be modest, or hide behind the scenes that manipulate. Although Aries runs ahead bravely, he still couldn’t “escape” from the hand. So this not only can make the relationship better but also achieve the goal you want, which is a good way to kill two birds with one stone!


No. 5 Aries

Two people who are both Aries have similar ideas, thoughts, and practices to each other, and it is easy to live with each other. The progress will be fast, and the Aries couple are full of youthful vitality.

People with the same sign have extremely strong bursts of energy, twice as much as the other couples; in addition, your love concentration is also very high, and the quality is superior.

Advice: Aries man and Aries woman both have the right to act as a leader’s nature and strong personality, so you two often tend to fight due to each other’s control of each other; female Aries are more outgoing and enterprising, while male Aries love to get warmth out of the home.

Although you have many disputes, if you have a solid foundation, I believe that the storm will come and go quickly, and it will clear up soon.

In addition, for those of you who love the new and hate the old, keeping the love life fresh at any time is the only way to maintain your long-term relationships!


No. 6 Pisces

Love advice: one is the “child of the zodiac”, representing the newborn Aries, and the other is Pisces where the ancient reincarnation ends; logically speaking, it should be completely unmatched, but if you look at it from another perspective: the end is another new beginning. Therefore, if these two signs meet together, it should not be bad.

When the fire sign Aries meets the water sign Pisces, it is not that fire and water are incompatible. On the contrary, due to the influence of the constellations angle, both can benefit each other.

Aries can tolerate the shortcomings of the Pisces, and the emotional Pisces will also feel that he can learn a lot from the Aries.

Advice: When a Pisces meets an Aries, it is like a child meets an old man.

Pisces people often shrink themselves in a kind of self-made dreams, and they have the emotions of the twelve signs. They are sensitive but passive; but basically, they are romantic, so it is best that you can resonate with each other spiritually.

Aries must also put away your anxious personality, patiently guide the Pisces to swim into Pisces’ spiritual world, not only let the Pisces feel their dreams, but also prove that their purpose of rushing forward is to achieve that splendid beautiful dreams. This will help you achieve a smooth and sparkly relationship!


No. 7 Taurus

Taurus always follows behind Aries slowly; although you always quietly pick up the scattered things that the Aries are throwing away because of running too fast, but you are also still no regrets.

Sometimes the two of you are like a pair of children, both of you are very childlike, and you are still very dependent on Aries. There will always be Aries leading the way and taking action first, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Advice: One is a child in the earth signs, and the other is a zodiac baby in the twelve signs, so you are a childish combination.

Although Taurus is not jealous, you are very possessive. So if you fall in love with Aries, you should give Aries a certain degree of freedom and space.

It is recommended that Taurus does not have to follow Aries so badly. You may as well let Aries take you forward; put Aries’ daydreams into your actual life goals, look at the bigger picture, and you will be a couple that complete each other happily and have a good time.


No. 8 Libra

Libra is an opposite sign to Aries, and you and Aries are 180 degrees opposite to each other in the constellation arrangement, like two sides of a ball, which are not connected or intersected.

Except that you both have cheerful and lively personalities, the rest are completely opposite. Because of your repeated thinking, sometimes you seem to have no principles, and let the brave Aries think that you have no advocates. In his concept, such people are always losers. Likewise, Aries’ behavior is not well thought out and has an impatient personality, and for Libra, it’s rude and brainless at all.

If the understanding is not deep enough, the mutual exclusion will naturally occur.

Advice: A Libra that loves elegance and harmony will be attracted by Aries’ decisive and positive vitality. Although you think Aries is a bit arrogant, this attitude is sometimes useful for a Libra that can’t make up his mind about love.

In fact, if you have a real relationship, you will find that the Aries is also quite considerate. It’s just that they are usually very ambitious and don’t like to waste time, so they don’t like procrastinating partners.

However, Aries is not an unreasonable guy. A good Libra must think about it, don’t conflict with him directly, and coax him like coaxing children, which is usually very effective!


No. 9 Capricorn

Capricorn is the earth sign, and Aries is the fire sign. The combination of these two signs basically has no intersection.

Aries is full of vitality and confidence. Whether you think he is brave or not, you will be inspired by Aries’ enthusiasm and enthusiasm when you first meet him.

However, because both of them have strong personalities, theoretically speaking, to maintain a good relationship, a considerable amount of effort is required.

Advice: You, as a Capricorn, can definitely be called a master of struggle, but Aries is not a typical example of being willing to bow; so when you wake up from passionate love and confusion, there will be conflicts. It always happens constantly.

Although Aries is fun and looks quite carefree, he still abides by the principle of love and integrity and is quite trustworthy. It is recommended that Capricorn converge more serious auras and don’t always use agitation against him; it is better to use your thoughtful attitude to find out the childish temperament of the Aries, and naturally, you will be able to hold his heart tightly.

Of course, sometimes when he assumes a provocative attitude, you have to laugh it off!

Aries is usually attracted by talents who are harder and better than himself. If you have this condition, and you are suitable for love that focuses on the spiritual level.

Don’t ask his entertainment method to depend on your preferences. Another important thing is: don’t start the war easily, because once you have a dispute, there is very little room for compromise; so you might as well leave the room temporarily and calm down. And proper spiritual communication is definitely helpful to you.


No. 10 Cancer

The couple of the introverted, emotional Cancer and the extroverted and heroic Aries always seem a bit out of harmony, and there are big differences in all aspects. This is a bad match

If you as a Cancer fall in love with Aries, please remember to be patient.

Although the sensitive and careful Cancer thinks that the Aries is reckless, it is not so annoying. You are even interested in Aries’ active and fiery personality because that is what passive Cancer lacks.

Advice: When faced with an Aries whose dominant personality and sign ratio are stronger than yours, the Cancer appears passive in everything. And the unstable heart of Aries will make Cancer very nervous all the time.

If you really fall in love with an Aries who is very motivated and difficult to stay by your side, instead of trying to tie him down, you might as well complement each other “inside and out”.

Get along with the childish Aries in a more effective way and try to build up mutual trust. If you always dispute with the Aries, it will only make him run away faster!


No. 11 Scorpio

Scorpio is one worst match. Basically, apart from being strong and aggressive, your personalities and behaviors are completely opposite.

The passionate Scorpio is cold on the outside and hot on the inside, and all feelings and eagerness are buried in the bottom of his heart; the Aries is exposed in everything, straightforward like a child. So if you, a Scorpio, want to love him, you must first learn to speak clearly!

Compared with you, Aries is more casual and less endurable. It would be a hard time to teach him to cooperate with you; you’d better think clearly whether you want to cooperate with him, or just follow your feelings!

Advice: Both Scorpion and Aries have very strong personalities. As long as they are passionate about each other, they will love each other vigorously.

In fact, if you can communicate with each other smoothly, you will be very happy, and both of them have high loyalty. However, the prerequisite must be that you can have the Aries stay by your side, and know how to appreciate his wisdom that is different from yours.

For the Aries, you often think that he is too impulsive, arbitrary, does not know how to observe the appearance, is careless and numb, and is not very considerate of others; you can’t help but want to “teach” him a little bit, but often it gets worse.

He seems to be innocent, in fact, in addition to his strong personality, he also has the aura of being rather jealous. Aries thinks that you don’t talk about many things first, but you are picky afterward, and even want to take the lead in everything.

Maybe you just want to help him, but such a misunderstanding will hurt your heart badly.

Because of your different personalities, you must first learn Aries’ way of communication and try to let him make a decision, and you can only provide gentle advice. This way will help you get along much better.


No. 12 Virgo

Maybe God has ulterior motives to let the slender, neurotic Virgo and the reckless Aries meet, and to pair these two extreme types without intersection.

As one of the least compatible signs to Aries, when you are mad that the Aries can feel nothing and do nothing, but only say that you are too careful, too picky, and get angry with you, you might as well think about God’s intentions. There must be a reason.

It is easy for you to have disputes. If you want to have a good relationship, I’m afraid it will take a little miracle.

Advice: You are well-organized and thoughtful, and you will often think that the Aries is reckless as if they have no brains, which makes the Virgo who seeks the best and rationalize everything unbearable.t

The longer we know each other, the more conflicts will arise. If you guide him calmly, you may be able to improve your relationship, and then discover that he brings you a stimulating and colorful life.

This post was all about what sign goes with Aries.


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