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12 Best Cheap Date Ideas That Are Also Fun And Romantic

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Looking for cheap date ideas? Believe me,  dates on a budget could also be fun and romantic. So why not have a try to be more creative for your next date? cheap date ideas

Every couple needs cheap date ideas to make their date fun and creative but still save a lot!

We prepared below the list of cheap date ideas we swear by. They are so cute and romantic as well that we can’t wait to try them all again!

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This post is all about cheap date ideas.

Best Cheap Date Ideas Every Couple Should Try

1. Go for a walk.

This is the easiest way to date without spending money. Go for a walk outdoors. You can walk through your neighborhood or park. You can even use a reusable travel mug to bring coffee from home.

This will show that you are considerate and environmentally conscious. Going for a walk seems easy, but your understanding of each other is the same as sitting in a bar, only with increased exercise. Without distractions, you can focus on finding topics and help guide communication.

2. Arrange a picnic.

When you can make a delicious meal with things at home and enjoy it outside in nice weather, why spend thousands to eat a big meal full of strange ingredients and small portions?

You can even ask your date about their tastes so that you are prepared and they know you are thinking about them. Picnics are much more romantic than you think. It is a sweet way to enjoy a meal you make yourself. If you do not know how to cook, you can make simple things.

3. Find a park or botanical garden.

If you spend some time searching, you should be able to find a lot of parks around and explore with your significant other. You can take photos, get to know some new plants and animals, and even meet some interesting people there.

These places are generally free and can be entered freely. If you like this approach, you can make it a routine and do it often.

Free Or Cheap Date Ideas

4. Volunteers.

You can participate in voluntary activities together. Taking your date to the mobile kitchen or the riverside to clean up the trash. Voluntary activities will make you closer and help you establish connections through things that interest you.

Volunteering is not only good for the soul but doing it together as a couple is a great way to keep your relationship alive and healthy.

5. Visit the university campus

Many university campuses have many beautiful landscapes and buildings. Have you visited the university in your city? Or have you seen the university where he attended? Go to school on a bicycle together.

Various exciting activities are often held in the university, such as sports meets, concerts, drama performances, etc. These performances are free, so you can usually bring your partner to these activities, feel the joy, and pick up a good college time.

6. Go to the museum.

Many history and art museums are free. You can explore a historical period or a new art exhibition together without spending a penny.

Whether you are interested in art or not, this is very interesting. Doing something unusual with your partner is the most important thing.

7. Visit the home furnishing store

Add something new to your beloved apartment. Visit the home furnishing store to find new inspiration.

Fun Cheap Date Ideas

8. Arrange a movie night.

Before inviting your date to watch a cheesy movie at your place, you actually have to plan carefully.

Light a few candles, clean the room, prepare a soft blanket to let you two feel cozy, and prepare some snacks. You can also dim the light to make it look like it is in a movie theater.

9. Play games.

Instead of letting you play golf or bowling, you can see what you have, game consoles, checkers, chess, card games, etc.

Cheap Date Ideas At Home

10. Exercise.

If your date also likes to exercise, this is undoubtedly an excellent way to share an afternoon. Exercise will release hormones that make people feel good, and being with someone you like will make dating a lot more enjoyable.

You can run together, climb indoor rock walls, or go to class together.

11. Come to a cooking challenge.

It takes a lot of money to go out to eat or order takeout. You can ask your partner to choose six or so ingredients from your refrigerator and make a big meal.

12. Take a course together

You can go to a community school to learn a skill that both of you are interested in, such as a cooking course. Or you can sign up online to learn new skills together.

cheap date ideas for teens


This post is all about cheap date ideas.



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