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24 Best First Date Tips To Make Your Date Successful

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Looking for first date tips to make your date successful? Below are what we prepare for you to nail your first date. Check them out!first date tips

So you finally will have the first date with someone you like? We totally understand how exciting and nervous that could be! We prepared the best first date tips for you to get better prepared. Hope they will help you and make the one you like interested in you!

This post is about 24 tips for the first date.

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Best First Date Tips To Make Your Date Successful

1. Don’t expect too much

The night before your first date, would you be so excited that you would be restless, or would you be so happy that you scratch the wall and scratch the sofa? Don’t be too happy! This sentence sounds very disappointing, but it is a good piece of advice.

Lower your expectations for the first date. Even if the dating process is not very pleasant, you will not be too disappointed. If the date goes well, it is a surprise for you!


2. Don’t choose a place where there are many handsome guys and beauties for your first date

If you are dating in place with a collection of handsome men and women, the dating process will not be so smooth. Because in that kind of place, when you two are sitting face to face, you have to control your gaze and not float around with boys. What a painful thing! Of course, I believe him who is sitting in front of you will have similar problems.


3. Put on comfortable shoes

Maybe you are thinking, your first date should be beautiful, how can you not wear your new high heels? But the fact is: put on comfortable shoes on the first date! You don’t know how your date develops. Maybe the two of you talked very happily. In the end, he proposed to take a walk in the park near your home. Would you refuse? So put on your most comfortable shoes and welcome your first date!


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4. Wear your sexy underwear

Even if your first date does not end in a “passionate” manner, wearing sexy underwear can at least increase your confidence. Moreover, if you are finally “passionate,” you don’t want to show your “grandma” cutie!


5. Take chewing gum with you

Suppose you are eating in a romantic restaurant. In that case, you get up gracefully and go to the bathroom, only to find that you haven’t brought any floss or chewing gum. Do you want to scratch the wall? Back at the dinner table, listening to him talking to you, you can only cover up and smile awkwardly, which is not a good thing.

Don’t forget always to bring chewing gum and dental floss with you because he may appear in front of you in the next minute and invite you to an unexpected First Date!


6. Let your friends cheer you up

If you are nervous because of your first date with him, why not call your good friend for the encouragement! As your good friends, they do not hesitate to praise you so that you can double your confidence before dating!


7. Don’t dress too sexy

This is your first date; it will never be held in a nightclub, right? So don’t dress too sexy, it might make him feel unhappy!


8. Know beforehand

If you lack common topics during the dating process, it will help to know his information more in advance. Perhaps “unintentionally,” saying that a video that appeared on his Facebook page can open the topic!


9. Don’t let him know that you have turned all his information upside down

Maybe you used your powerful search technology to turn his personal information. This is not a bad thing, but it’s better not to let him know.


10. Don’t treat your first date as a cocktail party

A drink may be the right choice, but don’t get yourself drunk on a date. Your crazy behavior after drinking may lead to an early end of a potential relationship. Before drinking, you were a quiet little lady. When you were drunk, you turned into a violent queen. Normal boys would be scared away, right?


11. Don’t forget to keep smiling

Maybe your date is not so pleasant due to various “natural and man-made disasters,” but don’t forget to keep an optimistic attitude during the date. If on the day of your date, the weather turns cold and the restaurant closes, and his car happens to be broken, I believe your smile at this time will make a date not so bad.


12. Now is not the time to go on a diet

Afraid that your good appetite scared him during a date? So would you rather starve and pretend to be a lady and order a vegetable salad? Don’t! Unless you are sure that you can survive a night with a little food.


Best First Date Conversation Tips

13. No, don’t ask his height

Maybe you see his profile shows that his height is 178cm, but after meeting, you found that the height maybe only 173cm. At this time, please don’t question his height.

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14. Be enthusiastic about what he is talking about

No one wants to talk to himself on the first date. If you don’t like the place where you are dating, you can end the date as soon as possible. If you find his endless economic theories are boring, you can try to ask him questions, talk to him, and make eye contact.


15. Don’t let your first date turn into a bitter meeting

Maybe you are experiencing some bad things in your life, but don’t keep talking about these frustrating things on your first date. People are not here to listen to you complaining about your annoying boss, ex-boyfriend, and sick old cat.


16. Don’t use psychology to analyze your date

If your date happens to be a psychiatrist, is there a feeling that everything is seen through? This is not a comfortable feeling. So if you have studied psychology, don’t use your professional vision to examine him on the first date.


17. Don’t ask too personal questions

Although you can develop an intimate relationship, it is not now. On the first date, it is not suitable to ask too personal questions, such as how many children you want in the future, and how many deposits in the bank. Those will only make people feel embarrassed.


18. Don’t talk about your ex

When dating your new partner, never talk to him about your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend because you may become painful, ruthless, or nostalgic when talking about it. I believe the other person would not want to see this.


19. Don’t ask about his ex

Besides not taking the initiative to talk about your ex on the first date, it is probably not right to ask him about his ex. This topic may cause discomfort between you two.


20. Issues of principle are essential

If two people develop the second, third, and Nth date after the first date, but gradually discover that you have different opinions on some critical issues, isn’t that bad? So don’t forget to put forward certain principles that you adhere to on your first date, so that it’s much better than discovering it later on.


21. Do not discuss sex with him

Unless you plan to have a passionate night with him on your first date, don’t talk to him about your “love history” and “love habits.” You can leave temptation suspense for the other person, and also can save your next date.


22. Learn to refuse

If you find that you don’t like him when you are dating, but he wants to talk to you somewhere else after the date, please be brave to refuse! Speaking frankly what you think is good for both people.


23. Don’t rush to add him as an online friend after a date

Whether on dating sites or Facebook, Instagram, or somewhere else, don’t rush to apply to add him as a friend after your first date. This will make the other person think you want to investigate or spy on his privacy. Of course, maybe not. It’s not that serious, but let’s hold your own impatient first!


24. Break the old rules

Who said that girls must be reserved? If you think he is good after the date and wants to continue to develop with him, don’t just wait for his call! Girls take the initiative, and boys will appreciate your courage!

first date tips for women facts

This post was all about first date tips to make your date successful.


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