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12 Best Glow Up Tips For A Better Look And A Better Life

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Looking for the best glow up tips? In this post, we listed the best glow up tips voted by our team and we can’t wait to share them with you today! Check them out!

best glow up tips


Many times we will comfort ourselves to “learn to be satisfied,” but the moment we turn around, we still hear the “unwilling” from the heart:

I really want to have those pretty things!

When we slowly become busy and tired in life, it is good tips and habits that push us to become better.

The post I shared today is 12 glow up tips that my friends and I have been practicing. They help us increase confidence, overcome money problems, and allow us to live an efficient life.

As long as you work hard, you don’t need to be jealous of other people’s wealth and beauty because you can have it!


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This post is all about glow up tips.




About Money


1. Record your expenses every month, and always keep a clear understanding of your consumption range and habits.


2. Regardless of income, save at least 20% of it every month.


If this ratio cannot be reached, either increase revenue or reduce expenditure.


3. More frugal & less generous.


Learn to save water and electricity, store more food when there are discounts in the supermarket, don’t buy un-fit clothes and skincare products, reduce eating out, reduce extravagant and wasteful socializing.


At the same time, don’t be too cruel to yourself.


If you like some expensive food, just eat them, and buy clothes that are good after checking them several times. Keep your life in such a balance.


Improve the quality of life while reducing unnecessary consumption.


4. Find a job to earn money.


If you are still a student, find a part-time job. Ensure that the job does not take up much of your time, and it is either your interest or a platform for you to grow.


The money earned from these jobs is placed in a separate account. You can call it a “dream fund.” Use this money to chase your other dreams.


5. Invest in yourself regularly.


Invest in your mind first and in the look. Learn from others.


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About Beauty


6. Develop healthy habits.


No health care product can be compared to a good meal. No beauty products can be compared to 8 hours of sleep. And no weight loss remedy is as good as regular exercises.


Eat healthy food, go to bed early, get up early, take 15 to 30 minutes a day to do simple exercises, and stick to it for a time. You will be better than most of your peers.


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7. Pay attention to details.


Apply body lotion after the shower, apply hand cream after washing your hands, use conditioner after washing your hair, and apply skincare product to your neck.


These 10-minute efforts can help you get prettier.




8. Stable mood is the secret of youth.


Practice dealing with stresses.


You can also practice facial expression management on weekdays.


The inner peace and the smile are the energy of beauty.


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9. Find your own style, dressing style, makeup style, and acting style.


Explore what style you like, try it, and examine whether it suits you.


Don’t be afraid of learning and trying new things.


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About Life


10. Make a cut-off once a month.


Thorough cleaning and tidying up make people stay emotionally stable and reduce stress and fatigue.


11. Plan ahead for each month.


How many work tasks are there, how many books to read, what social activities are there, what kinds of sports do you do, how much money to save, etc.


Don’t just type them on your computer or mobile phone. Write your goals down. This will help you memorize the goals, stick to them, and be motivated to achieve them.


12. Treat your home as a practice field.


Cooking and cleaning can also train your skills and increase your efficiency.


Only when a girl arranges her life properly can she struggle in the outside world with peace of mind.


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