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30 Genius Makeup Tips For Beginners To Get A Perfect Look This Year

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Looking for makeup tips for beginners? Want to know how to apply makeup for a natural look? Below we listed genius makeup tips to help you!

makeup tips for beginners

As a makeup beginner, you may have troubles like this:

Why do I learn makeup from a beauty blogger and never get the same look?

Why is my makeup always unnatural?

Why does my eye makeup always look dirty?

I really understand these feelings very well. These are because you have not mastered the correct makeup tips and methods.

Today I will share 30 simple but genius makeup tips for beginners to help you get a perfect look.


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This post is all about makeup tips for beginners.





Preparation Tips


1. Choose the right light. It is best to make up under natural light to prevent the makeup from being too thick or too light.


2. Use gentle cleansing products for cleansing.


3. In the morning skincare, every step of the skincare products should be absorbed before proceeding to the next step.


For basic skincare before makeup, wait 2-3 minutes before proceeding to the next step.


For suncream, wait for 5-6 minutes before proceeding to the next step.


Otherwise, it will easily cause the foundation to be uncomfortable and unclean.


4. Unless the face skin is very dry, do not apply a mask before makeup.


After using the mask, the skin cells will be in a state of excessive hydration, and the skin resistance will not be so strong, which may cause skin allergies.


5. For combination skin and oily skin, simplify the skincare steps according to the skin condition.


6. Suncream is the last step of skincare and the first step before makeup. It cannot be ignored.





Foundation Tips


7. Basic makeup steps: foundation, concealer, setting spray, or setting powder.


8. The shade of the foundation should be similar to the skin tone.


9. When putting on the foundation, it is recommended that beginners use a small amount of makeup.


10. If you have dry skin, you can add 1-2 drops of essential oil to the foundation.


11. Remember to gently sweep the chin and neck after finishing the face makeup to avoid noticeable color difference.


12. When concealing, do not directly press or push the concealer, but apply the concealer dots on the face, and use a small sponge to press the concealer’s edge to make it natural.


13. Setting: Dry skin can be set with a setting spray. Oily skin can be set with loose powder.




Eye Makeup Tips


14. Eye makeup steps: eyebrow makeup, eye shadow, eyeliner, eyelash curler, eyelash primer, mascara


15. When drawing eyebrows, first draw the eyebrows’ peaks and tails, and then follow the direction of eyebrow growth to draw the eyebrows.


16. After drawing the eyebrows, use a small brush to dip an appropriate amount of loose powder and sweep it on the eyebrows so that the makeup can last longer.


17. Use a brush to apply eye makeup. This will better control the range of the eye shadow, and at the same time, it can better blend in to not look dirty.


18. Wet the eye shadow brush head with setting spray and then dip it in bright eye shadow. The bright eye shadow will show more color.


19. Don’t worry if the eyeliner is dry. You can moisten the eyeliner tip with toner, close the lid and shake it a few times, then you can draw eyeliner again.


20. Before applying the mascara, it is recommended to use the lash primer to keep the mascara longer.


21. Before applying mascara, wipe off the excess paste on the eyelash mascara with a tissue so the lashes can be separated when applying the mascara.






Lip Makeup Tips

22. Apply lip balm during the skincare process before makeup. This way, your lips will be moisturized and suitable for lipstick when you apply lip makeup later.


23. Girls with a darker lip color can do a lip concealer before applying lipstick and apply a thin layer of foundation on the lips to cover the deep lip color.


24. If you want to make your lip makeup longer, it is recommended to use matte lipstick.




Blush And Contour Tips


25. Under normal circumstances, the highlighter should be put on the areas that need to be prominent on the face, such as the forehead, nose bridge, chin, lip peak, cheekbones, and brow bones.


26. Spray the brush with a setting spray before applying the highlighter to make the highlighter more obvious.


27. Contouring also needs to be adjusted according to the shape of the face.


Use contouring from the edge of the face to the center of the face so that the whole transition will be more natural.


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Other Genius Tips


28. If you accidentally draw the wrong eyeliner, don’t be nervous. Wet a cotton swab with the lotion and gently wipe off the wrong eyeliner!


29. After putting on makeup, wrap the makeup sponge with a paper tissue and press it lightly on the face before using setting spray or powder. This will make the makeup last longer.


30. Want to have glowing skin? Add some essential oils to the foundation, and then apply the foundation. The foundation will fit the skin more, and the skin will become glowing.



Makeup is not easy, but you can master it by practicing.

Save this post, keep practicing, and become prettier together!

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