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How To Be Confident With Yourself: 13 Proven Tips

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Want to know how to be confident with yourself? Check this post for the expert tips to help you build self confidence and feel more confident in life.

how to be confident with yourself


A few days ago, a girl said to me:


I am a very unconfident person.

Seldom take the initiative to chat with others, so there are basically no close friends;

Never dared to express one’s own thoughts;

During the job interview, I always staged fright and hesitated, so I was repeatedly rejected…

I know this state is terrible, and I want to change, but I have no direction and dare not breakthrough myself…



In an instant, I saw who I was.

I was afraid of being watched by everyone and eager to be affirmed by others.

It took me more than ten years to overcome my introverted and low self-esteem.

I know that the fear of being denied will restrict our growth, so we can only look forward to those who are shining because of the generosity.

But in fact, it is not difficult to become a calm and confident person.

Today I will combine my own experience to write some tips for girls who are not confident.

After reading it, everyone can defeat the monster of inferiority like me and gradually become more confident and powerful.

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This post is all about how to be confident with yourself.





1. Don’t overthink it.

I overthought before, but not many people paid attention to me.

Without a spotlight on the road, passers-by will not stop to laugh at you because you are ugly.

Those selves that I paid much attention to in my mind turned out to just conjecture.

The world is not so terrible, and the attention you desire will most likely disappoint you.



2. Many inner entangled problems can be solved by just opening the mouth.

During my internship, I encountered some hard-to-solve problems. I wondered whether or not to report to the leader, fearing criticism from the leader.

Later, I found out that some problems can be solved immediately if you dare to speak up with courage.

Taking the initiative in life is not so difficult, and the world is not so cold.

When you are introverted, you will blush when you talk to strangers, and if you ask for help, you will most likely get a response from enthusiastic people.

I discovered that many strange things are not as terrible as imagined.



3. Sometimes I don’t always consider others, which is really cool.

I was bullied and didn’t dare to speak out in the past, hiding everything in my heart;

I was exhausted when I got along with people for fear that I could not take care of myself well, thinking about problems from others’ standpoint.

Now I care more about myself, and if I dare to fight back, there are not so many uncomfortable in my heart.



4. Learning will make people feel confident.

Seeing a lot, learning a lot, and experiencing a lot, the natural thinking and cognition level will be improved, and the increase in strength will invisibly increase self-confidence.

Besides, reading is one of the fastest ways to increase your self-confidence.

Over the years, I have been reading every day. My biggest feeling is that the more things you learned, the fewer things you are afraid of.

The best thing is that I have made many friends and cleared what kind of life I want.

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5. It is more effective to speak out what is on your mind than to only think of it in your heart.

Properly open yourself up, you can get rid of all the unhappy rubbish and reduce many negative emotions.

Don’t hesitate so much. Just do what you want to do, and speak frankly what you want to say.



6. Start trying new things.

No longer be afraid of the unknown and fear of failure.

All the things that I didn’t dare to confess, the songs that I didn’t dare to sing, and the things I didn’t dare to say before were all thrown out, and it was not necessarily embarrassing.



7. Laughing is really healing.

When you are introverted, you rarely laugh in front of people you don’t know, and you can smirk politely at best.

Now I will treat people more sincerely, at least dare to laugh the truth.



8. Go boldly to crowded places

In the past, I didn’t dare to look at each other with the boys. Now I have more frequent communication and made friends with the boys.

When I was introverted, I often stayed at home and didn’t want to go to crowded places. Now I am bolder, and I gradually picked up the joy of life.



9. Don’t define yourselves.

Introverts often define themselves. From the bottom of your heart, you think that you are introverted, and it will be difficult to change.

In fact, you can see the extroverted side by gently open the window.



10. Remember: there is no good or bad personality.

No matter if you are introverted or extroverted, be yourself and don’t become someone else just because you want to stay with others.

Moreover, the most ordinary but precious thing in the world is kindness.

Even if you meet someone with the opposite personality, you must understand and respect each other to be a tolerant and lovely person.





Introversion seems easy to suffer in life. Is it really necessary to change?

Of course not. Everyone is an introvert and an extrovert.

Everyone will be an introvert under some circumstances.

Introversion is not a defect but a tolerant attitude towards life.

Introverts will not ask others to do anything, nor will they take the initiative to offend others.

They are compatible with everything in the world, and they do not want to be disturbed.

This seems to be out of sociability, but they actually don’t want to hurt anyone.


For the introverts:

It’s not that there is no thought, but it is not good at expressing.

It’s not that they don’t have my own opinion. They just think more of others.

It’s not that they don’t have a temper, but it’s just too tolerant.


If you really feel that introversion is not good for your work and life and you are determined to become extroverted, I have 3 tips:



1. Take the initiative to seek help from the outside world or help others.

My transformation started from an accidental help.

Whether you are getting help or helping others, you can find that there is indifference between people and the warmth of life.

This feeling allows you to get positive feedback from the outside world and gradually reduce your introverted fear.



2. Change your image, enhance self-confidence and strength.

Introverts are quiet and low-key. Part of the reason is that they have a little low self-esteem in their hearts, so they want to get a fundamental change, increasing their self-confidence.

One way is to learn skills, earn more money, and have more influential power in society.

One way is to improve your appearance and communication skills.


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3. Start with the closest relationships.

Overcoming social fear is gradual.

You can try to open yourself up to familiar friends and relatives around you. When you adapt to this openness, you can get familiar with the unfamiliar environment.

Get along with familiar people for a long time, and you will find the communication skills you are best at.

Apply these skills to unfamiliar communication, and your fear of unfamiliar environments will soon disappear.

The above 3 simple and practical tips are all from my own practice. I hope they can be helpful to you.



I believe that the world is balanced, and it requires a speaker who can speak well and a gardener who is quiet and artistic.

Many people only pay attention to their little joys and sorrows and forget the whole world.


They forget that this world is so wonderful because of the existence of different people.

Whether you are introverted or extroverted, tall or short, plump or slim, heavy makeup or no makeup, you are unique.

And to love yourself forever is something that ordinary people cannot do.

This is also the fastest way to become confident.

I hope you can do it.

I hope we understand and redeem our imperfect selves and fall in love with the selves who are always lovely even if they have defects.


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how to be confident with yourself

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