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How To Tell If A Gucci Bag Is Real: 11 Steps To Spot Fake Bags

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Want to know how to tell if a Gucci bag is real? Check this post for 11 expert tips on how to spot a fake Gucci bag and find authentic Gucci bags.

Gucci has always been one of the most favorite luxury brands. After this Italian luxury brand appointed its creative director Alessandro Michele in 2015, its style and gorgeous bags took the new female and literary route and became the new favorite designer handbags of fashion!

Gucci products are stylish and elegant, especially the classic double G Gucci bags. The iconic golden Gucci logo is inspired by the classic design of the 70s. It is timeless, retro, and fashionable.

Gucci handbags will have new styles every season, among which there are countless hot styles, and many popular classic models, such as the familiar Sylvie series, Gucci Dionysus bag, Marmont series, etc., all of which are breathtakingly beautiful bags, who can resist them?

Since Gucci handbags are so popular, fake vintage Gucci bags or even fake new Gucci bags are also booming in the second-hand markets and some online retailers. Among them, Gucci’s most iconic Gucci Marmont Bags are flooded with replica bags, and there are so many fake Gucci Marmont Bags including new bags, so that it seems to be fake when even looking at the real Gucci GG Marmont bags or other shoulder bags.

And more and more fake bags’ manufacturing process is improving, so it is hard to spot the fake products only from the look of the bag. These all make it hard to spot a fake bag and get the real deal.

Gucci’s website or a Gucci store is of course the best place to shop for real Gucci purses, but if you want to get good deals especially the cute vintage bags from the other retailers, how to authenticate a Gucci bag?

So, in this post, we are sharing the best tips on how to tell if a Gucci bag is an original product, how to do a Gucci authenticity check, and the best way to get authentic Gucci handbags. So remember these red flags will help you to quickly identify the real high-quality bags.

How To Tell If A Gucci Bag Is Real

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This post is all about how to tell if a Gucci bag is real.


1. Identify the authenticity of Gucci bags from the dust bag 

A luxury brand, such as Louis Vuitton, often only uses one or a few types of dust bags. However, the colors and styles of Gucci’s dust bags are varied. The fabrics are black and white, and the fonts are black and gold.

Gucci’s usual dust bag is brown or dark brown, with “Gucci” written in gold on the front of the bag. There is also a more common pure white bag with a black box on it, with the black “Gucci” written in the middle of the box.

The dust bag is printed with the GG logo or the Gucci brand name. Although the current fakes also have dust bags and standard cards, there is a certain gap between printing and branding.

Pay attention to the spacing of the letters and the symmetry of the edges. The letter spacing of a real Gucci handbag is the same, and the letter spacing of the fake product is different.

how to tell if a Gucci bag is real

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2. Check The Controllato Card

A genuine Gucci bag will come with a check card with GUCCI written on it and Controllato written in a smaller word below. This word means “check” in Italian. The number below says 1234567890.

The significance of this card is to tell the buyer that the bag had been tested before it went on the market and the quality was up to standard.


3. Identify the authenticity of Gucci bags from the Information Booklet/ Information Card

Genuine Gucci bags will come with an information booklet. Fake booklets often have spelling errors, and the printing effect, font position, and letter spacing are also different from the real ones, which can be distinguished by more comparison.

how to tell if a Gucci bag is real

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4. Check the Firenze Card

Genuine Gucci handbags will also have a “Florence Card”, a gray card with black GUCCI, which is placed in a dark brown envelope with golden GUCCI written on it, embossed with Gucci’s most representative brand Logo pattern, and Firenze 1921 is written on the bottom of the envelope.

The GUCCI on the envelope is absolutely centered, while the GUCCI on the card is relatively high. Remember the size, font, and letter spacing of those of real Gucci bags, and pay attention to the distinction when encountering a fake Gucci handbag.

This card means that Gucci originated in Florence, Italy in 1921.

how to tell if a Gucci bag is real

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5. Check the internal leather tag (“Made in Italy” Tag)

There will be a leather tag sewn on the inside of the bag, with a larger ® on it, indicating that it is a registered trademark symbol.

Below the ® is the word GUCCI, and below it is written Made in Italy in a slightly smaller font.

Please remember the font, size, spelling, and letter spacing of all the capital letters and lowercase letters of the heat stamp on the interior tag.

Some Gucci antique bags have different styles of inner leather tags from the current Gucci bags, but the styles of the inner leather tags of the Gucci bags that have been released in recent years are the same.

The left G letter on the leather tab of genuine Gucci bags is round left and straight right, and this is not in our common fonts. The fake fonts will be directly engraved in batches. Also, the left side of the U letter is thicker than the right side.

how to tell if a Gucci bag is real

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6. Identify the authenticity of Gucci bags from the serial number (production code)

There is a serial number of the Gucci handbag on the back of the inner leather tag.

The arrangement of the serial number is different. The most common arrangement is two lines. The serial numbers of antique Gucci bags are varied and different from those of current bags.

The numbers are all 6 digits, the upper row represents the style number / model number, and the lower row is a supplier code /production code inside Gucci. Through this code, you can find out the bag’s production location, workshop, and other information.

The font on the fake serial number tag may be vague, and there is no number on the back of the label or it will not be as clear as the original number.

how to tell if a Gucci bag is real

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7. Check the QR Code Tag

The recent Gucci handbags will have a QR code tag, sewn inside the bag, with a product code on it. The early Gucci handbags do not have this tag. These QR codes can be scanned with smartphones to authenticate the bag.

how to tell if a Gucci bag is real

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8. Take a close look at the handbag’s materials

Gucci handbags are mainly made of high quality suede, sheepskin, cowhide, pigskin, canvas, nylon, and other materials. Rare leathers include crocodile skin, ostrich skin, python skin, horse fur, etc. These finest materials are the softest and best places on the animals.

Some Gucci bag leathers are made of wild boar skin, which has a heavier small than other leather materials such as cowhide, calfskin, or earthen ostrich skin.

You can spot a fake bag by examining the handbag’s materials. The fake artificial leather for general use smells a little plastic.

Gucci’s nylon cloth feels crisp and thick; while the fake Gucci nylon cloth is relatively thin and has no texture to the touch.

how to tell if a Gucci bag is real

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9. Have a closer inspection on the logo pattern

GUCCI bag body often uses this kind of canvas covered with an all-over logo design. The authentic double G logo rotates oppositely. The G on the right is obtained by turning the G on the left by 180 degrees. It is not symmetrical, nor is it a simple inverted stand.

how to tell if a Gucci bag is real

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10. Identify a real Gucci purse from the hardware

1) Zipper metal logo

The zipper metal logo of the genuine Gucci bag has small and neat fonts for all the capital letters, a clear logo, uniform coating, and full gloss; fake Gucci bags usually have shiny gloss, thick fonts, and poor texture.

Although the zipper of the fake Gucci bags looks bright, it is easy to scratch, and the surface is brushed, the lettering is uneven, the coating is thin and the color is not correct.


2) The Double G Logo Gucci hardware

The logo is the most eye-catching part of the Gucci bag. The double G logo of the authentic bag is not connected together. And the fonts of the accessories on the bag are also the same. The openings of G and C are relatively small, while U The thickness of the two sides is different.


3) Check the details of the zipper hardware, the color of an original bag has a faint light and texture, while the color of the fake product is dull.


4) The high-quality hardware of genuine Gucci handbags is made of solid metal, which is very thick and not easy to chip and peel off. There will be lettering on some hardware, the lettering is clear, and the craftsmanship is exquisite.

Though the use of cheap plastic zippers for fake products is decreasing, most of the fake bags still use low-quality zippers without clear lettering.

how to tell if a Gucci bag is real

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11. Check the stitching on the bottom of the bag and the shoulder strap 

Gucci’s stitching and the outside seams of the bag are also important identification points. Why do we need to emphasize stitching? Because there is only a part of the stitching at the bottom of the fake bag, and although the bottom of the real bag is wrinkled, it is almost covered with stitches.

The reason for this situation is that fake bags are usually sewn by machines, and cannot be sewn to the end due to machine and bag shape restrictions, while real bags are sewn by hand.

Besides, The trace of the leather part of the genuine Gucci bag is diagonal, and the pinhole spacing is constant and very neat, tight and uniform; while the trace of the fake is straight, and the trace is not neat.

how to tell if a Gucci bag is real

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Where to buy Authentic Gucci Bags?

The following retailers usually offer the best selection of Gucci products online.

1. GUCCI website

2. Farfetch

Our favorite place to shop new Gucci bags and second-hand Gucci bags, we love Farfetch’s pre-owned section where you can find designer brands in excellent condition.

3. Net-A-Porter

4. Fashionphile

One of our favorite places to shop pre-owned Gucci bags.

6. Saks Fifth Avenue

7. Matches Fashion

8. Ssense

9. Rebag

Great place to shop for beautiful pre-owned Gucci bags in excellent condition.

10. Vestiaire Collective

This post was all about how to tell if a Gucci bag is real.


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