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Looking for long distance relationship movies to watch? Below are the long distance relationship movies we love so much for you to watch alone or with your boyfriend.

Being in a long distance relationship is really hard. That’s why we love long distance relationship movies to find that someone really understands what we have been through. They are also perfect to watch with your long distance boyfriend together.

long distance relationship movies

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This post is all about long distance relationship movies.




1.The Notebook

The film tells the reunion of a pair of childhood lovers after World War II.

This unforgettable story is narrated in the notebook of an old man who visits patients living in a nursing home every day. As the story emerges, the old lady lying in the hospital bed is the heroine in the story, and the storyteller is the person who proposes.

The film narrates in the way of memories, driving the audience’s emotions back to the days when they met and reunited again, and evokes personal memories of love.

This classical romantic love is even more precious, especially in this more impetuous era.


2. The Time Traveler’s Wife

The film tells a love story that overcomes the obstacles of time and space.

The male protagonist, Henry, suffers from chronic time misalignment since he was a child. He travels naked through time and space every time he becomes ill. By chance, he falls in love with the female protagonist Claire. The two fall in love and can’t help themselves. Finally, they overcome obstacles and get married.

Some people say that “The Time Traveler’s Wife” talks about crossing and special functions, so this movie is not real.

However, it is very real, and its emotions are very real. It just uses an incredible tool to present emotions.


3. Like Crazy

The film mainly tells the story of an international student Anna from the United Kingdom, and Jacob from the United States. They have a secret relationship.

When the passionate period of love fades away, can you still keep the vow of love?

In the film, Anna and Jacob are experiencing such a bottleneck in love. The gap created by a long-distance relationship makes it easier to give up than persist.

This romance film tells us how important it is to trust each other in a long-distance relationship. We must cherish each other and don’t make big mistakes when we are careless.


4. The Lake House

The film mainly tells the romantic story between the female doctor Kate Forster and the architect Alex Wyler. They live in the same house in different eras and communicate through the magical mailbox letters.

Although the twists and turns of the story kept making people cry, the director couldn’t bear to make our lonely and broken heart completely desperate. The film gives us a beautiful ending, and the two people are finally able to be together.


5. Going the Distance

The film tells the story of lovers Erin and Garrett, who live in two different places and start a long-distance relationship with their mobile phones and various communication tools.

This movie will make you think, how can anyone understand everything that long-distance lovers have experienced. You will feel deeply moved by the many plots in it.

Whether you laugh or shed tears, this is a movie that will come to the depths of your heart.

After watching the movie, tell him who is far away, miss you, okay?


6. The Holiday

The movie tells about two beauties Amanda and Iris. They were betrayed by their boyfriends. Then the two happen to meet online, and the two make a bold decision: exchange their own house and everything with herself for each other’s vacation, and when the two arrive at the destinations, Amanda falls in love with a British boy, and Iris also meets an American boy.

This is a lovely and romantic movie. It will make you feel how passionate and worth looking forward to the love between people with different backgrounds and stories.


7. Dear John

The film tells that John meets Savannah by chance on the beach in his hometown. Through Savannah, John re-recognized himself and love. The sweet time is always short. John must return to the army or even be stationed overseas. As time pass day by day, this long distance relationship, which is maintained by letters and occasionally met, is finally brought to an end with a parting note from Savina.

Will this pair of lovers, after the test of war and parting, finally come together?


8. One Day

The starting point of the film’s story is in 1988. It tells the story of Dexter and Emma, who just graduated from school, meet for the first time, and then in the next 20 years, they meet on this day of the year and only meet to talk about each other’s lives.

In the following 20 years, they have encountered various difficulties in real life. Emma’s work experience and love life are not ideal. Durst is addicted to alcohol and drugs all day long, and his marriage is also in jeopardy. When their life paths continue to converge, their relationship also changes, friendship and quarrels, hope and loss, tears, and laughter. During this life journey, the two suddenly look back and finally find that the best one was by their side.

This movie makes you realize that the most important thing in love is communicating with each other and understanding each other, no matter how far away from each other. It also allows you to feel the growth of people.



9. You’ve Got Mail

The film tells the story of Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly. They refuse to give in to each other in reality but become the best pen pals on the Internet and go through a series of twists and turns.

Whether in reality or on the Internet, as long as it is true love, it will be so beautiful, isn’t it?


10. A Very Long Engagement

This movie mainly tells the story of Mathilde firmly waiting for her fiancé in World War I.

Mathilde, unable to accept the news of her fiance’s death, firmly believes that her fiancé is not dead, and he will definitely come back to fulfill the promise the two had made since childhood.

To prove this almost impossible fact, she resolutely embarks on the long journey of finding her fiancé with a disabled left leg. She has nothing but firm conviction, amazing strength, stubborn optimism, and hope forever. She knows that if the fiancé dies, she must be the first to feel it.

She has received bad news from the people around Mannich many times. Still, these blows have never been able to sap her determination to continue searching.

Will she never be able to retrieve her fiance to complete this long engagement? Will love cause a tragedy or a miracle?



This post was all about long distance relationship movies.


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