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7 Best Makeup Tutorials For Beginners With Tips And Step-By-Step Videos

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Looking for makeup tutorials for beginners? Here are the 7 best makeup tutorials for beginners that you can easily copy at home! Don’t hesitate to check them!

Makeup Tutorials For Beginners

Want to know how to make perfect makeup with only a few makeup tools?

Want to know how to deal with acne skin when applying makeup?

Want to have natural makeup for school or a date night?

Want to know how to do makeup with only drugstore products?

Want to know how to do the eyeshadow like a pro?

What to have glam makeup even as a beginner?

In this post, we will show you 7 amazing makeup tutorials for beginners to help you with all the problems above!

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This post is all about makeup tutorials for beginners.




1. Full Face of Makeup Using ONLY One Brush @TheMakeupChair

As a beginner, you may don’t have a lot of makeup tools at the beginning, so you definitely need to check this video and you’ll be surprised that an amazing full-face makeup look can be created using ONLY ONE brush!



2. Makeup Tutorial For Acne Skin @Rachel Adelaide

A lot of makeup beginners are eager to know how to have perfect makeup for acne skin. Here is one of the best videos you can follow.

In this tutorial, Rachel introduced every single product she was using even what to use before the makeup to protect the skin.

The whole makeup look is very natural. She didn’t try hard to cover all the acne but to tried to create a natural but stunning look that is great for school or even for a casual night out.

The light coverage of the makeup actually is very suitable for the skin with acne.

Don’t be shy to show your natural beauty, beautiful!



3. HOW TO COVER ACNE | NON CAKEY @Emily Freybler

If you have a really bad issue with acne or want more flawless skin, here is another tutorial you can follow.
All the products she was using are affordable, and she showed step by step how to cove the acnes on her face so that you can copy those at home by yourself.



4. Natural Glow Date Night Makeup Tutorial @Valeria Lipovetsky

If you want to be a little bit more different for your date night out, this makeup tutorial below is suitable for you.

Valeria also has acnes but she managed to create a glow date night makeup that enhanced her natural beauty.

And we love what she said about the importance of a natural date night makeup:

“You wanna look like you are the best thing that ever happened to him…because you are.”

“If you’re going to sleepover and he’s going to wake up the next day, he’ll recognize you!”

Try her tips for your next date night!



5. 5-Minutes Drugstore Makeup Tutorial @Christen Dominique

This is a very easy-to-follow tutorial using drugstore makeup products that are affordable and easy to get for a beginner.

In this tutorial, Christen explained in detail every step and also introduced all the drugstore products she was using.

Actually, you can exactly copy all the products she mentioned in this video.



Eye makeup is super important for perfect makeup. And if you want to pick up only one part to do the makeup with as a beginner, focus on the eyes!

In this tutorial, James Charles showed us all the secrets to perfect brow and eyeshadow application. So you can just choose whatever you like to learn from based on your skill level.

Even you may not be good at some of the complicated eye makeups mentioned in this tutorial, you will still gain many helpful tricks from this video.


7. SIMPLE GLAM Makeup Tutorial @Denitslava Makeup

Want to have a glam look? Follow this tutorial.

Denitslava is very experienced in how to do a tutorial video and how to explain her tricks clearly in a way that even a beginner can understand.

Want to know how to blend the eyeshadow together like a pro? You definitely need to check this video!


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Makeup Tutorials For Beginners

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