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Rising Leo Woman In Astrology: Leo Ascendant Sign Women Traits, Love Life And More

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Want to know more about a rising Leo woman? Check this post for everything you need to know about Leo rising women, including personality traits, appearance, love life, birth chart, and more.

When it comes to the Leo rising woman, I notice that her 12th house is in Cancer. This is particularly interesting. Because Leo star sign can be said to be the most self-respecting fire sign in the twelve zodiac signs, and the 12th house of such a rising sign is in Cancer. It can be seen how fragile and sensitive the unknown corner of the Leo woman is, and it is a house that is determined not to be discovered by her.

It makes people feel that she can sympathize with all others, but she is not worthy of sympathy for her, because she can’t let go of her pride.

So what exactly does a Leo rising woman look like? What are they thinking deep down under their stronger personalities? What does their appearance, love life, career development, etc. look like?

In this post, you can find the answers to each question.

rising leo woman

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This post is all about rising Leo woman.


What Is The Rising Sign?

In Western astrology, the rising sign, also known as the ascendant sign. At the time of your birth, the first sign to rise on the eastern horizon is the rising sign.

Because of this, the placement of the 1st house on the birth chart (the first house that defines your self-image, first impressions to others, personal appearance, mental awareness, early upbringing, and the most primitive state of life) must be in the rising sign.

Therefore, the rising sign is related to the exact time of birth and place of your birth, which can be found on your long-form birth certificate.


Leo Rising Woman Physical Appearance

rising leo woman


The rising sign shows an impression on people for the first time. Generally, the Leo rising woman is of average height, may have a larger skeleton or a strong physical constitution, and cannot be ignored.

However, though a rising Leo sign woman has a strong character, she is an arrogant child who does not grow up. She always follows fun, good mood and fashion trends, and she prefers hooded sweaters, baseball uniforms, and sports shoes on weekdays. Girls also like to wear Disney princesses, princess skirts, bows, small clothes, etc. crystal shoes, etc.

Leo is the showman of the zodiac. Women of this rising zodiac sign have an unusual need to be noticed and admired and want to look beautiful forever, they don’t hesitate to spend on food and clothing, spending high prices on manicures, hairstyles, and buying all kinds of bags, watches or shoes. This is because they are a little vain, but more importantly because they chase after fun.

Leos are also associated with theater and stage, and they may also experiment with new and exaggerated color matching and tailoring, and have unique insights into art and beauty.

Not only dressing, but Leo rising women have high standards in terms of material enjoyment.

For example, to live in a spacious and comfortable big house; to drive a high-end sports car or motorcycle; to enjoy the best quality meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables, and weekly beauty, manicure, hair care, massage, and body spa.

And the Leo rising women who often earn money are very generous and willing to experience the above enjoyment with those around them. This is also a rising sign who can lend money and won’t hide from bills.


Leo Rising Woman Personality Traits

rising leo woman


After some contact with Leo rising women, you will find that they are bright and cheerful people, especially in group interactions. Natives of Leo ascendants have a strong attractive personality. They are a natural leader and have excellent leadership qualities, an authority figure, and good at body language. Leo ascendants know how to take control of situations, especially social ones. They are always on the center stage and can get along well with everyone, and get along well with everyone.

Typical Leo rising women have a loving heart. They have different ways of making friends with air signs of the zodiac who may have grand gestures. Leo rising Women are more sincere, they can see the good in everyone and can remember almost everyone’s name!

Therefore, such a humorous, warm and sincere person naturally becomes the central focus of everyone. Therefore, the Leo rising woman has a very large social network.

She likes to meet new people, explore new things and make new friends, and attaches great importance to contacting old relationships. No matter whether she goes to school or work, she is always surrounded by groups of friends and supporters.

But only looking at the above levels, in fact, the relationship with the rising Leo woman is not deep enough.

Due to some influences from the family or parent-child relationship, the rising Leo woman’s heart is likely to be a lonely space wrapped in a fiery shell, afraid of loneliness and fear of being ignored and discard.

Many Leo rising women have long been aware of the warmth and coldness of human relationships, intrigues in officialdom, hypocrisy in the family, and even their childhood self have been unconsciously used many times and become involved in the undercurrent.

The above-mentioned situations are more extreme. More likely, although childhood is valued, the love received is far from enough.

The traditional and strict requirements of parents make you mistakenly think that love requires hard work in exchange for results.

Maybe you don’t have to worry about material things, but emotionally, you have a hard time, and you have to worry about gains and losses, and maybe your relationship with your mother is more alienated. This is also the reason why Leo rising women prefer to make friends and be lively when they grow up, filling their inner loneliness with the joy of friends and groups.

Leo ascendant women are loyal and dedicated to any given work they commit to. However, this leads them to intensify their work schedules and they tend to overburden themselves with stress and exhaustion. As a result, they are prone to nervous breakdown and anxieties.

Other important thing of affliction for Leo ascendants is the heart, they should be aware of diseases such as occlusion of cardiac arteries by blood clot or a heart attack.


Rising Leo Woman Love Life And Marriage

rising leo woman


The Leo rising woman likes a lively, playful, free, and unrestrained partner. In a way, they like the feeling of chasing forever and not after getting someone.

Because the 5th house of the Leo rising woman is Sagittarius. Sagittarius is such a sign that is always striving forward to chase the future, a constellation that is always on the road, and she will constantly fantasize about the future for what she gets.

It’s dangerous when partners and romantic relationships are set in stone, as they fantasize about other people to satisfy their natural strong need to chase pleasures.

But it has to be said that Leo rising women are very responsible in marriage and are loyal lovers. Although they often have fantasies, their implementation depends on other planetary distributions.

The descendant of the Leo woman Ascendant is Aquarius, ruled by the malefic planet Saturn in traditional Astrology. Therefore, it can be seen that it may be difficult for a Leo rising woman to experience the joy of marriage.

For them, the existence of this relationship is used to make them take responsibility, and it cannot meet their most real emotional needs.

It can be said that they isolate themselves from this relationship because they are almost desperate, and in fact Leo Rising women are always disappointed, they can only see themselves as the instrumental person of the marriage to keep it working properly.


Leo Rising Female Celebrities

Meryl Streep

Tina Turner

Glenn Close

Jennifer Lopez

Ashley Judd

Selena Gomez

Marilyn Monroe

Ingrid Bergman

Celine Dion

Ava Gardner

Frida Kahlo


Rising Leo Woman Career Development and Professional Life

rising leo woman


The 3rd house of the Leo rising woman is Libra and the 10th house is Taurus, both ruled by the happy planet Venus. It can be seen that if the Leo rising woman is engaged in communication-related work, she will be very handy, and can even be nourished by such work.

It can be said that Leo ascendant people experience far more joy from work than from marriage. They often hold the lead role at work, love spending time on work, and can easily draw people’s attention.

However, it should also be noted that the sixth house of the Leo rising woman is Capricornus, ruled by the malefic planet Saturn, so the process of assigning tasks to subordinates in the workplace is not very smooth for Leo rising women.

Alternatively, Leo rising women will be too harsh on their subordinates to have good subordinate relationships, and the subordinates who work for them will often question what they can offer.


Leo Rising Woman Whole Sign Chart

rising leo woman


The bright and cheerful, generous and enthusiastic rising Leo woman is actually fragile and sensitive deep inside, and even has doubts about some relationships. The person who understands this level must be the most trusted person by the rising Leo woman. Below, we analyze the lifestyle of the Leo Rising woman from multiple angles of each house.


2nd House In Virgo

The second house symbolizes money and value, and the Leo rising woman has an interesting consumption concept, divided into herself and others. There are also differences in the way they consume different items. Regarding daily food, clothing, housing, and transportation, such as buying snacks and ordering takeaways, they are often very simple.

However, once it is related to material enjoyment, such as buying high-quality bags and clothes, and going out to taste high-end restaurants with friends, they are very willing to pay high prices.

However, the Leo rising woman is absolutely generous with recognized friends. In terms of making money, Leo rising women have the gift of turning various resources into money, such as connections and creations.


3rd House In Libra

The third house symbolizes communication, interpersonal relationships, short-term travel, and the early school environment. Socializing is not stressful for Leo rising women, they can communicate with strangers quickly and easily, and naturally become the focus of the audience. They can speak and be sincere. They value interpersonal equality and cooperation, and will not value one over the other. Therefore, in the social circle, they are also easy to be loved and supported by everyone.

Libras are energy conversions that come and go, and even if they have social fears, they are easily infected by the warmness and friendliness of Leo rising women. Most Leo rising women are very popular in school life, with groups of friends and easy to have a lot of people pursuing them.


4th House In Scorpio

rising leo woman


The fourth house symbolizes family and inner security, which is why we said at the beginning that cheerful and sunny Leo rising women feel lonely inside.

Some Leo rising women are born in an environment full of secrets or intrigue. Parents hide something, expect too much, complex family background, etc. They may not be intentional, but the moment of birth determines that you will experience this karma with your family.

Therefore, many Leo rising women are relatively distant from their families when they are young, hate being over-controlled, need private space very much, and often lock their rooms.

The decoration style after growing up also pays special attention to the privacy of their own homes, and they will design a secret room, basement or study, or any other personal space if conditions permit in their home life.

Affected by Scorpio after marriage, they may gradually develop the idea of controlling everything.

The partners of the Leo rising woman love freedom and independence, so when the Leo rising woman has a lot of requirements for her partner, her partner must feel limited everywhere, and you feel that you are not valued, then this relationship is likely to have problems.


5th House In Sagittarius

The fifth house symbolizes entertainment, love and children. Women with Leo Rising sign have real talent in arts. Many Leo Rising women will be interested in artistic fields such as concerts, performing arts, art exhibitions, movies, and dance, and are very willing to consume for spiritual needs.

As long as it is something that makes them happy, they will do whatever it takes to accomplish it.

Women of Leo ascendant sign are more likely to have more opportunities, pursue freshness and excitement, and love is also a way for them to expand their horizons and enrich their life experience.

They are open-minded in the matters of love, like to be in contact with foreign cultures, and may also talk about different places and foreign relationships.

They love their children very much, but do not limit their freedom. Therefore, the children of Leo rising women will travel around with their parents, have many personal hobbies, and are independent and cheerful.


6th House In Capricorn

rising leo woman


The sixth house symbolizes daily work and good health. While Capricornus is about self-discipline, strictness and rigidity, and the generally carefree Leo rising woman is extraordinarily hard and serious in her work and dedication.

They are suitable for entry into well-structured companies and are also good at dealing with organized and planned work, with strong resistance to pressure, self-control and organization.

However, when you are young, you may be too competitive and eager for quick success. Excessive work intensity may also cause skeletal diseases to Leo rising women.


7th House In Aquarius

The seventh house represents marriage or other intimate one-to-one relationships.

Leo rising women are easy to attract partners who are independent and have high requirements for independent space.

Their partners usually have niche interests, work freedom, and dislike being controlled and restrained. A Leo Ascendant woman is also likely to have love at first sight or a long-distance relationship.

Leo and Aquarius also value independence, the difference is that Leo does not want to be interfered, but has a desire to control others, while Aquarius does not interfere with each other.

If the possessiveness of the rising Leo woman is still not dealt with after the two establish a family, it is very likely that the situation we are talking about in the fourth house will occur, one is imprisoned and the other loses love.

However, the positive development of emotions is that they will not only declare sovereignty, be domineering, loyal, generous and romantic, but also appreciate the courage and self-confidence brought by their partner’s free and unrestrained nature.


8th House In Pisces

rising leo woman


The eighth house symbolizes wealth and deep emotional relationships. The Leo rising woman is very generous with her partner and friends, and is very willing to spend money with others, and the flow of resources once again helps with wealth and relationships.

But Pisces also symbolizes distress, ambiguity and loss of boundaries. There are also some Leo rising women who have experienced the situation of not repaying the loan, being cheated of money, etc.

In addition, this is not a suitable configuration for investment, and you need to be extremely cautious when entering the speculative industry, and don’t be emotional.


9th House In Aries

The ninth house symbolizes higher education, long-distance travel and religious beliefs. Rising Leo women have a strong exploration of wisdom and foreign cultures, and pay more attention to high-level mental development. Most Leo rising women have experience or plans to study abroad.

Their way of learning is in a class of their own. Their preparation and review methods are not the same as ordinary students.

Aries is related to action and courage, so when the Leo rising woman is in pursuit of wisdom and travel, she will rush when she has an idea. She enjoys action more than the result, and is interested in caves, deserts, and volcanoes.


10th House In Taurus

rising leo woman


The tenth house symbolizes our pursuit of life, the highest honor and achievement. And Taurus is interested in money. Rising Leo women pay more attention to worldly achievements and wealth, and hope to achieve material success recognized by the public, gain fame and money, to satisfy all their own enjoyment.

So the Leo rising woman will work hard to make money for a high-quality life, and to achieve security and stability in all aspects for herself.

Regarding career planning, you are more inclined to accumulate strength through long-term development and build a solid foundation. You do not want to face changes. It is more like ingenuity than breakthrough innovation. Leo rising women are very suitable for framed jobs, such as architects and interior design.

In addition, the ruler of Taurus is Venus, and Leo rising women also have a strong sense of beauty. Beauty, clothing, jewelry, food, etc. are all areas that you love or will be engaged in. The rising Leo woman has relatively good fortune, and it is easy to establish a noble and wealthy social image.


11th House In Gemini

The 11th house symbolizes interpersonal society and circle of friends. The 3rd house and the 11th house both involve interpersonal friendship.

The 3rd house is influenced by the peace-loving and friendly Libra. The 11th house Gemini is the leader of the social world.

Leo rising women are non-judgmental in making friends, regardless of their status, and they enjoy the collision of minds. Therefore, they make friends in a wide range of fields, which is also an important way for them to obtain resources from various industries.


12th House In Cancer

rising leo woman


The twelfth house symbolizes our prenatal environment, as well as our subconscious emotional state.

As we mentioned earlier, the inner world of the Leo rising woman does not match the appearance, like a closed space surrounded by cheerful enthusiasm, fear of loss and injury, fragile and emotional, often unstable emotions and potential sense of unease.

Perhaps it has a lot to do with the family of origin, and most Leo rising women have some family secrets, a family with complicated relationships, or a somewhat estranged mother.

In short, many Leos don’t think they’re the expected children when they are children. Therefore, the life energy of the rising Leo woman is more obtained from the outside world, such as making friends, travel and career.

Friends and groups are the necessary redemption to help the rising Leo woman get out of loneliness, and she looks forward to using social achievements to prove her self-worth.

This post was all about rising Leo woman.


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