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23 Romantic Movies To Watch As A Couple

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Looking for romantic movies to watch as a couple? Check out below the amazing movie list today!romantic movies to watch

Watching romantic movies with your boyfriend is always a good idea for a date night at home. We prepared a list of romantic movies to watch to save your time and add more sparks to your next date!

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This post is all about romantic movies to watch as a couple.

The Most Romantic Movies To Watch As A Couple

1. The Notebook

The classic love movie of a poor boy falling in love with a rich girl.

The Notebook is definitely a model of a new generation of romantic films, very romantic, affectionate, sincere, and eternal.

The two, who were not well-known at that time, interpreted their roles perfectly. The kiss between them in the rain is definitely one of the best kiss scenes of all time, and it is highly recommended.

2. Love, Rosie

Two people are best friends. One Day suddenly separated, Rosie got pregnant unexpectedly and became a single mother.

“You deserve someone who loves you with every single beat of his heart, someone who thinks about you constantly, someone who spends every minute of every day just wondering what you’re doing, where you are, who you’re with, and if you’re OK. You need someone who can help you reach your dreams and protect you from your fears. You need someone who will treat you with respect, love every part of you, especially your flaws. You should be with someone who could make you happy, really happy, dancing on air happy.”
― Cecelia Ahern, Love, Rosie


3. La La Land

It tells a love story between a jazz pianist and an actress with dreams.

Show your emotions through dance.

This movie, from the blue sky in Los Angeles at the first second to the end in the dark at the last second, is all about dreams.

More precisely, it is about how a person should stick to his or her dreams.



4. Flipped

The most beautiful youth movie.

This film shows the youthfulness, persistence, purity, and beauty of love between boys and girls in first love. This movie will make you regain your yearning and trust in love.



5. Before Sunrise

Fortunately, I caught you who passed by, and love was born.

From the first time they met each other to becoming each other’s confidante, the various careful thoughts and small actions in love were presented in the film in detail, making the audience feel warm after a knowing smile.



6. Me Before You

You will cry out after watching it.

The movie tells the tear-jerking love story of a young town girl, Louisa, and a paraplegic Will. By mistake, Louisa became Will’s caregiver. At first, Will treated Louisa very harshly, but Louisa took him to horse racing and watching movies…

Gradually, Will’s cold heart was melted, and they slowly became intimate, but his physical condition tortured him every day in pain. Finally, he faced the choice of whether to accept euthanasia…

How will Louisa and Will’s lives change? Watch it to find the answer.



7. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

One person spends two and a half hours telling a movie about life separation, love, and hate.



8. About Time

If you can go back in time, and if you are given a superpower that you can travel freely in time and space, what do you want to use this superpower for?

When Tim was 21, he got the ability to travel in time.

The overall film is relaxed and lively, which makes people happy.



9. Begin Again

Music changes lives. It makes people cry and feel warm.

The reason why this film is moving is that it unabashedly describes the way people pursue their dreams, and the director did not suspend their dreams.

The heroes and heroines have encountered all the embarrassment in the city. Material poverty and mental frustration are normal in their lives. They handle these matters well and are not defeated by trivialities.

The film interprets a completely different taste of life with stories composed of music, love, and frustrated life.



10. One Day

The transformation and the life of joys and sorrows.

The film is truly cruel and beautiful, with touching power.

The ending flashback flashes back to the first day when the two met is the most moving part. The feeling that life is going on is conveyed quietly to the audience.


Best Date Night Movies

11. Love Actually

The film mainly tells a comedy combination composed of 10 love stories. A touching British love story shows a romantic, sweet, and humorous Christmas Eve.

There are many love misses, betrayals, helplessness, and regrets in the film. The true trivial life after love is repeated day by day, but it is the truest love.


12. Twilight

The love between vampires and a human girl.

Many girls will naturally yearn for such a story. Love has always ignited people’s passion and madness.


13. After

The story of a bad student and a good girl.

14. Notting Hill

This is a heart-warming masterpiece that makes people believe in love, with a fairy tale color.

15. The Proposal

This movie has beautiful sea views, a simple and quiet town life, a handsome and rich male protagonist, and even his ex-girlfriends are so generous and decent, and there is also a section where heroes save beauty.


16. Renoir

It tells about the famous French painter. He has gone through a lot of bad things. Only when he met her, he regained his enthusiasm for painting.

17. Pride and Prejudice

Classic love movies. Each version has its own characteristics.

18. Titanic

Romantic storyline and music. The film is based on the event that the Titanic cruise ship hit an iceberg and sank during its maiden voyage in 1912. It tells the story of two poor – painter Jack and aristocratic woman Rose who were in different classes and abandon their secular prejudices and fell in love.

In the end, Jack gave the chance of life to Rose.

19. Love Me If You Dare

Crazy love, dare to do everything but dare not face their love. When they were submerged in the concrete together, they said I love you to each other.

20. Letters to Juliet

Beautiful landscapes of Italy. Going around for most of life, finding the love that was lost. A lovely happy ending.

21. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Some things, such as love, are destined to be inescapable, and there is a destined encounter that cannot be stopped anyway.

In the film, the heroes and heroines have lost their memories. Different from the previous “strange illness” and “car accident concussion”, the director used a joking but an extremely charming technique to depict a jigsaw-like world.

Those jigsaw puzzles are pictures of lovers in everyone’s memory.

The film recombines them in a unique way to become a complete love story. With the occasional running and sometimes low rhythm, the protagonist and the audience are finally allowed to find the last piece of the puzzle and connect the whole movie.


22. Sleepless in Seattle

There is no reason for real love when it is right. The simple warmth of family and love always melts the cold ice.

Although the film seems to have too many dramatic coincidences under the beautiful romanticism, who can deny fate.



23. Bright Star

The film is set in 19th-century England and tells an unforgettable love story between the genius poet Keats and her neighbor Fanny Braun. You will never forget it once you watch it.



romantic movies to watch list

This post was all about romantic movies to watch as a couple.


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