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18 Simple And Cheap Self Care Ideas That Every Beginner Should Know

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Looking for simple and cheap self care ideas that you can stick to easily? Here are 20 simple and cheap self care ideas that definitely will help you out!self care ideas

Are you too busy to implement complicated self care ideas? Are you a mother with many children and don’t have the time and space to take care of yourself? Have you tried many self care ideas and found that they are too complicated to be remembered? Do you find it really hard to implement self care ideas that cost too much money?

In the following list, we prepare 20 simple and cheap self care ideas for you to help you out! Check them out today.

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This post is all about simple and cheap self care ideas.

Best Self Care Ideas You Can Easily Try Out

1. Prepare a self-care basket for yourself.

Of course, you can buy a Self-care basket, but you can prepare one for yourself. It doesn’t need to be too expensive. You can just put your favorite things inside. Everything that can bring you a smile can be placed in it—for example, beautiful food packaging bags.

We must avoid the misunderstanding that it takes a lot of money to get self-care. The most important thing for self-care is to get emotional and spiritual comfort. Anything that can once bring you personal comfort is something you can use for self-care.

2. Create a playlist of your favorite songs

In this way, when you are in a bad mood, put on your headphones, find the corresponding playlist, and let the music heal yourself.

3. Create your own corner

Even if you do not live alone and need to share a space with others, you can create your own corner.

For example, a frame with photos you like, or even a diary of your own. Take time out and return to this corner of your own. You are the queen of this corner. You can be yourself.

4. Talk to yourself

Close your eyes and imagine yourself being a guardian, talking to yourself when you encounter difficulties. You give comfort to yourself, who is crying.

5. If you can’t make a delicious meal, eat slowly

If you may not be able to prepare a big meal for yourself, as many self-care tutorials say. Then, let yourself eat slowly. Eat one bite at a time. After taking a bite, take a deep breath. You will be much better.

6. If there is no way to clean up the room, tell yourself that it is acceptable

You may see many self-care tutorials telling you that you need to tidy up the room. However, sometimes, tidying up the room will make you feel frustrated when you are exhausted already. In that case, tell yourself that it is acceptable.

If changing your living environment now makes you feel tired, don’t implement it. Skip this item.

7. Even if you have a self-care routine, tell yourself that it can be changed flexibly

Do not turn a self-care routine into a new burden. A self-care routine that suits others is not necessarily suitable for you. Don’t increase your burden.

You don’t need to execute all the new ideas all at once. Pick your favorite one or two, and execute them first. Perform at your own pace.

8. If there is no way to take care of your body in all aspects, start from one small part

Self-care does not mean that you have to take care of yourself from head to toe all at once. You don’t need to make your schedule that full. You don’t need to complete the hair mask, facial mask, neck mask, body scrub, body lotion, and so on all at once. Start with your favorite steps.

For example, if you like your hands very much, then carefully apply hand cream, enjoy the aroma of hand cream, or try a new scented hand cream. A small improvement can make yourself feel happy already.

9. Learn to refuse

Learn to say no when you don’t like suggestions or requests given by others.

Believe me, most people do not blindly make unreasonable demands, but they don’t know what you really think.

Start by saying “no” and learn how to communicate frankly and give feedback to others.

Best Self Care Checklist Ideas

10. Help others

You don’t need to be a philanthropist, but giving others a small help can also make you feel good.

Even if you live alone, do you see someone complaining about the despair of life on social media? Then please leave them a message and encourage them.

This little kindness will make you, who may have been tired and depressed, feel your own usefulness, and will replenish you with vitality.

11. Write down your feelings

When you feel tired and anxious, but you may not find someone to talk to, write your thoughts down.

You don’t need to tell yourself in the text what is right and what is wrong. Just write down your thoughts, truthfully. Even if it is angry or irritable, record it. After writing it down, close the notebook without reading it.

12. Shake your body with music

Physical relief will bring spiritual relief. If you don’t have a music player, hum the tune yourself, shake your hands, and walk around.

13. Smile in the mirror

When you notice that you are unhappy, smile once in the mirror. Look into your eyes and observe the curvature of your mouth. Do you feel your care for yourself? Is it better?

If you think you look pretty when you smile, take a selfie!

14. Take a hot bath for three more minutes

Don’t think about anything during these three minutes. Let hot water and steam surround your body. Then raise your hands, stretch out to the top of your head, and then slowly put down your hands. Imagine that nature gives you power.

15. Embrace yourself

Cross your hands, and lower your head. This action can make you feel comforted.

16. Wrap yourself with your favorite coat

Put on your favorite coat or even a blanket to wrap your body. This will make you feel as if you have returned to the mother’s body and will make you feel relaxed and at ease.

17. Put your head out of the window

How long have you not seen the sky well? Lift your head and take a look. If you think the sky looks good, take a photo and use it as your phone wallpaper.

18. If you love the above ideas, share them with those you care about.

Sharing is an excellent way to make you feel better.



This post is all about simple and cheap self care ideas.

Sharing is caring!

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