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Looking for easy spring nail ideas as a beginner? Don’t worry, here we listed 21 simple but insanely cute ideas that you can easily copy!EASY SPRING NAIL IDEAS

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When I started to learn nail painting, I was always looking for cute but simple nail ideas that I can easily copy by myself. Some nail ideas out there are adorable, but they are super hard for a beginner, aren’t they?

If you are not very good at nail painting, but still want some colors and creativity on your tips in this amazing season, you definitely need to check the below genius nail designs for spring. There are pretty spring nail colors and nail ideas that suitable for beginners. You don’t need any artistic ability to recreate it at home!

If you love the minimal style, these nail designs are also suitable for you. You can find inspiration on how to play with the colors and simple shapes to create a gorgeous look!

Don’t hesitate. Simply pick up your blush and try these amazing ideas today!

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This post is all about spring nail ideas.




1. Playful shapes and colors

spring nail ideas 2021




2. Pretty Sweet Hearts

easy spring nail ideas




3. Simple Cherry Blossom

spring nail colors




4. Pastel Colors

spring nail designs




5. Green And Red

cute spring nails




6. Minimal Simple Lines

simple spring nail ideas




7. Green Tips

cute spring nails




8. Gradient Pink

spring nail ideas 2021




9. Green And Blue

cute spring nail ideas




10. Orange Tips

spring gel nail ideas




11. Magenta

simple spring nail ideas




12. Bright Colors Tips

easy spring nail ideas




13. Pink, Purple And Blue

pretty spring nail ideas




14. All Green

spring color nail ideas




15. Pastels Tips

spring nail ideas acrylic




16. Pink And Babyblue

spring nail ideas design




17. Sweet Colorful Tips

beautiful spring nail ideas




18. Gentle Glitters

spring nail ideas glitters




19. Purple, Yellow, and Orange

purple spring nail ideas




20. Pink And Grey

elegant spring nail ideas




21. Glitter Lines

great spring nail ideas



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simple spring nail ideas

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