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45 Insanely Cute Easter Nails That You Want To Copy In 2023

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Looking for cute easter nails to copy this year? Check this post for 45 amazing easter nails that you can copy immediately by yourself!

easter nails


Spring is almost coming and Easter is around the corner!

We love Easter so much because the Easter nails are usually soft, cute, and colorful!

Can’t wait to design your Easter nails? In this post, you will see plenty of really cute Easter nails, including Easter bunny nails, Easter chicken nails, pastel nails, Easter eggs nails, polka dots nails, with dreamy Easter nail colors! We also recommend the must have Easter nails tools for you to copy these amazing ideas!

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This post is all about easter nails.



1. Easter Colors And Dots

easter nails


2. Easter Eggs On The Nails

easter nails eggs


3. Easter Pink Bunny For Short Nails

easter nails bunny


4. Gentle Easter Eggs

easter nails eggs art


5. Simple Easter Chicken

easter chicken nails


6. Yellow Easter Chicken

yellow easter chicken nails


7. Pink Simple Easter Bunny

pink easter bunny nails


8. Easter Vibes

easter nail art


9. Polka Dots

easter nail ideas


10. Blue Easter Chicken For Short Nails

easter nail designs for short nails


11. Pink Easter Eggs

pink easter egg nails


12. Dreamy Easter Nail Design For Long Nails

easter design for long nails


13. Cute Colorful Easter Bunny Nails

colorful easter bunny nails


14. Big And Small Easter Bunnies

easter bunny nails for long nails


15. Brown Bunnies

brown easter bunny nails


16. Bright Yellow And Pink

bright yellow easter nail designs


17. Different Cute Bunny Faces

cute easter nail designs


18. Colorful Bunnies For Short Nails

easy easter nails


19. Colorful Dots And Bunny

simple easter nails


20. Golden Bunnies

golden easter nails


21. Glitter Bunnies

glitter easter nails


22. Adorable Bunny Family!

adorable easter nails

23. Purple Bunny

purple easter nails


24. Pink And Green

pink easter nails


25. Cute Bunny Couple

creative easter nails


26. Blue Easter Bunny Family

blue easter nails

27. Easter Star Long Nails



28. Simple Bunny Ears Nails

easter nails pastel


29. Pink Miss Bunny

cute pink easter nails


30. Blue Bunnies

cute blue easter nails


31. Sweet Bunny Smile

cute easter nail ideas


32. Easter Eggs In The Grass

easter nails inspiration


33. Abstract Blue Easter Bunny

simple bunny nails


34. Waterfall Easter Nails

creative easter nail colors


35. Easter Inspired Patterns And Stripes

easter nails patterns


36. Gold Speckled Nails

beautiful easter nails


37. Pink And Purple Bunny

bunny easter nails


38. Red Easter Egg Nails

easter nails acrylic


39. Purple Flower Easter Egg Nails

unique easter nails


40. Neon Easter Egg Nails

neon easter nails


41. Bright Yellow Easter Egg Nails

easter nails easy


42. Baby Blue Easter Bunny

blue easter nails art


43. Wonderland Easter Nails

pretty easter nails


44. Colorful Pink Easter Nails

spring easter nails


45. Glam Easter Nails

sparkly easter nails




Love these nail designs above? Don’t forget to get the below MUST HAVE Easter nails tools




1. Best Easter Bunny And Chicken Stickers For Easter Bunny Or Chicken Nails:







2.Foil Nail Art Set For Golden Nail Decorations


3. Nail Lacquers Set For Pastel Nails


4. The Nail Liner Pen For The Easter Egg Nails


5. Glitter Polish For Glitter Designs


6. Nail Striping Tape Line To Get Clear Stripes Designs



Happy Easter!

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