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Goyard vs Louis Vuitton [2024 Review]: Which Luxury Brand Is Right For You?

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Goyard vs Louis Vuitton, which brand is better for you? Check this post for everything you need to know about these two fashion brands, detailed comparisons between the iconic products from Goyard and Louis Vuitton, including reviews of Louis Vuitton Neverfull vs Goyard St. Louis Bag, and more LV bags, Goyard handbags, and wallets. We also provide insights on which bag to choose if you are looking for an ideal travel tote or work bags.

The French luxury fashion brands Goyard and Louis Vuitton are known throughout the world for their exquisite craftsmanship, iconic designs, and luxurious materials.

Both brands have stood the test of time, generating a loyal customer base across all demographics. But how does one decide between these two?

If you’re trying to decide between Goyard and Louis Vuitton, this article is for you.

I’ll discuss the history of each brand, their current offerings and collections, and how to decide which one best suits your needs.

I also included detailed photos of their iconic products, my honest reviews, and suggestions based on personal experience for your reference.

Goyard vs Louis Vuitton

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This post is all about Goyard vs Louis Vuitton.


Who was the first Goyard or Louis Vuitton?

The answer is Goyard.

Louis Vuitton was founded by its namesake back in 1854 as a luxurious leather goods house, and over the decades since it has grown into a powerhouse of fashion with stores across the globe.

On the other hand, Goyard is a more mysterious company that started out as an unnamed trunk maker in 1853 and had its name changed to Goyard after Edmond Goyard bought it in 1899.


Which is more expensive Goyard or Louis Vuitton?

Goyard vs Louis Vuitton


Goyard and Louis Vuitton are two of the most sought-after brands in luxury fashion.

For those wondering which is more expensive, it comes down to a few factors.

Goyard bags tend to start at around $1,000 USD while Louis Vuitton bags’ prices start at around $1,300 USD.

However, for pre-owned bags, certain styles of Goyard bags can cost thousands more than their Louis Vuitton counterparts.

In addition to this, the price of both brands will depend on the material used, country of origin and craftsmanship involved with each item.

When comparing both brands side by side in the resale market, Goyard typically carries a higher price tag due to its limited availability and exclusivity status.

On the other hand, Louis Vuitton is more accessible worldwide and offers a variety of collections that may be more affordable for some shoppers.


Is Goyard better than Louis Vuitton?

Goyard vs Louis Vuitton

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Goyard and Louis Vuitton are two of the most iconic luxury brands in the fashion world.

Both brands have their own distinct styles and appeal to a wide variety of shoppers.

But which one is better?

The debate between Goyard and Louis Vuitton has raged for years, with both sides making compelling arguments.

Goyard lovers point to its exclusivity, quality craftsmanship, and elegant designs as reasons why it is superior to Louis Vuitton.

On the other hand, Louis Vuitton admirers cite its unique monogram designs and wide selection as key distinguishing factors that make it stand out from other luxury brands.

Ultimately, each brand has something special to offer which makes them both desirable fashion choices.

So ahead, we are talking about their differences side by side, and detailed reviews of their iconic products.


Differences between Louis Vuitton and Goyard

Goyard vs Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton vs Goyard: Brand History

The French fashion industry has been an inspiration to the rest of the world for centuries.

Two iconic brands, Louis Vuitton and Goyard have led the way in producing quality leather goods since their inception in 1854 and 1853 respectively.

Louis Vuitton was founded by Louis Vuitton Malletier as a trunk-making business.

The brand is well known for its signature monogrammed canvas bags, luggage, luxury trunks and small leather goods featuring the LV logo.

It soon became synonymous with luxury and status around the world, remaining at the forefront of fashion trends today.

Like Louis Vuitton, Goyard is one of the oldest luxury brands.

It is a less well-known but no less influential brand that was founded by Francois Goyard in Paris in 1853.

Known for its distinctive chevron-patterned Goyardine canvas bags and wallets, it too has become a symbol of sophistication and elegance throughout history.


Louis Vuitton vs Goyard: Range of Items

Goyard vs Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton and Goyard both offer an extensive range of items that span from handbags to wallets, and laptop cases to jewelry boxes.

Louis Vuitton’s selection is vast and offers something for everyone; their signature pieces such as the Speedy bag or Neverfull bag are coveted among fashionistas worldwide.

Goyard family on the other hand has more limited offerings, but their craftsmanship and attention to detail make them stand out from other luxury brands.


Louis Vuitton vs Goyard: Prices

Goyard vs Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton prices range from as low as $500 up to over $5, 000 depending on the style and material used.

This makes Louis Vuitton an accessible brand compared to Goyard, whose bags start in the thousands and can exceed tens of thousands of dollars depending on customization and details added.

That being said, LV offers a variety of options that span all budgets while Goyard usually only carries more exclusive items.


Louis Vuitton vs Goyard: Style

When it comes to style, Louis Vuitton is often seen as a more contemporary brand with their classic monogram-style bags and bright colors.

They use modern materials such as canvas and leather in their designs, creating bold statement pieces that can easily transition from day to night.

On the other hand, Goyard takes a more traditional approach with its signature chevron pattern and lovely color palettes like navy blue and tan.


Louis Vuitton vs Goyard: Where To Buy

For those who want top-quality products but don’t want to break the bank, there are plenty of places where you can buy either brand.

For starters, both brands have flagship stores in major cities such as New York City, Paris and London.

The stores offer a wide range of products from bags to accessories – all crafted with exceptional attention to detail.

Additionally, online retailers such as Farfetch and Fashionphile offer an array of options from both brands at discounted prices for pre-owned products.


Goyard vs Louis Vuitton quality?

Goyard vs Louis Vuitton

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When it comes to luxury goods, the debate between Goyard and Louis Vuitton is one of the oldest in the industry.

Both brands have a long history of producing exceptionally crafted items that are coveted by style-seekers around the world.

But which brand offers a higher quality product?

On one hand, Goyard is renowned for its high-end leather and meticulous construction techniques.

From their signature monogram canvas to their intricate embroidery designs, every product produced by Goyard demonstrates skillful attention to detail.

Their leathers are among some of the softest around, ensuring excellent durability over time.

On the other hand, Louis Vuitton has consistently kept up with modern production techniques while maintaining traditional craftsmanship standards.

From the start of their LV monogram canvas to the final product, Louis Vuitton always puts in the effort to ensure that their products live up to their expectations.

Both brands have a rich history and are iconic symbols of luxury around the world.


Goyard vs Louis Vuitton Resale Value?

Goyard vs Louis Vuitton


The luxury handbag market is a highly sought-after industry, with brands like Goyard and Louis Vuitton leading the way.

But if you’re looking to make an investment in one of these designer labels, you may be wondering which brand offers better resale value in the resale market.

While both of these brands are synonymous with quality and prestige, there are some differences in their resale values that could impact your decision.

When it comes to Goyard bags, the resale value is typically higher than that of Louis Vuitton because it is more exclusive.

Goyard bags tend to hold their value better over time due to limited production and supply, while Louis Vuitton has a wider availability.

This means that Goyard bags will often retain more of their original cost when resold in the future.


Goyard vs Louis Vuitton: Detailed Comparisons Between Top Picks

Goyard vs Louis Vuitton

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Goyard vs Louis Vuitton tote?

Review: Louis Vuitton Neverfull vs Goyard Saint Louis Totes

When it comes to choosing the perfect purse, especially the first luxury bag, the most popular options are Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull PM and GM, and Goyard’s Saint Louis Totes.

All of these bags come with an impressive list of features and benefits, making them ideal for fashionistas everywhere.

But when it comes to deciding which one is best for your needs, the comparison between these two totes can get complicated.

Below please find my detailed reviews of LV Neverfull MM and Goyard St. Louis PM.

Design & Material: LV Neverfull or Goyard St. Louis

Goyard vs Louis Vuitton

The Neverfull is constructed from leather and features a signature LV monogram canvas finish with gold hardware details.

It also has an adjustable drawstring pouch for extra storage, along with an interior zipped pocket for smaller items.

On the other hand, the Saint Louis is one of the most popular Goyard products.

It is made from linen and cotton canvas coated with PVC for extra durability, plus it also has an inner pouch, perfect for carrying your everyday essentials.

Additionally, the Saint Louis bags offer so many colors to choose from, so you can choose your favorite one to match your style.

Here are some popular Goyard totes’ colors and outfit ideas I love:

Goyard vs Louis Vuitton


Goyard vs Louis Vuitton


Goyard vs Louis Vuitton

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Goyard vs Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull and Goyard’s Saint Louis tote bags offer a range of functionality, making them both desirable options for stylish women.

The choice between the two depends on what you are looking for in a bag.

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull features an iconic design with two straps and a large interior that can fit all of your essentials.

It also has several pockets inside to help keep items organized, as well as an exterior pocket perfect for quick access items.

This bag is particularly great if you need one that can carry a lot of items and want something classic in style.

Goyard’s Saint Louis tote is another great option if you want more structure from your bag.

It features a more compact design and is made from high quality leather.

The bag is a little bit smaller in size than the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, but can still hold a decent amount of items.

This bag looks great and has a unique design that will make it stand out from other bags.

One thing to note: The Goyard tote’s material is much thinner and softer than that of Neverfull.

So if you’re carrying very few things, the Goya bag will be more shapeless and probably not as good-looking as Neverfull.


Quality & Durability:

It’s hard to beat the quality and durability of Louis Vuitton Neverfull and Goyard Saint Louis Totes.

Both these bags have been around for decades, offering a timeless style that never goes out of fashion.

Both bags are made from high-quality materials and are designed to last many years. The classic designs make them popular choices for a wide range of occasions.



When it comes to price, these two handbags vary greatly in cost.

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM is typically priced at more than $2,000 USD, while the Goyard Saint Louis PM is usually priced at around $1, 200 USD.

If you are looking for used bags, the Neverfull MM can be priced at around $ 1,600 USD while the Goyard St. Louis PM at around $1,800 USD for certain colors.

Both bags offer impressive features and make a bold fashion statement, so deciding which one to buy will depend largely on your budget.


Popularity & Status Symbol:

The Neverfull is a signature piece from Louis Vuitton that has been around for over a decade now.

It is one of the most recognizable purses on the planet due to its sleek design and monogrammed pattern.

However, in recent years, the Goyard Saint Louis Tote is also highly sought after because of its classic look.

This bag is made from premium leather with an intricate weave pattern that adds an air of sophistication to any outfit.


Is the Goyard Tote Worth the Money?

The short answer is yes—if you’re willing to pay for superior craftsmanship and timeless style.

The French fashion house has been producing designer bags since 1853, which means they know their stuff when it comes to high-end leather goods.

Additionally, their totes feature unique patterns that will make them stand out from the crowd.


What is the better work bag, Louis Vuitton Neverfull vs Goyard Saint Louis Totes?

When it comes to work bags, there are two that have become the go-to for many fashionistas: the Louis Vuitton Neverfull and the Goyard Saint Louis Tote.

Both of these brands are known for their quality and craftsmanship, but which one is really better?

Let’s take a look at what each bag has to offer so you can decide which one is right for you.

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull is a timeless classic with its structured design and iconic LV monogram.

It offers ample storage space with several inner and outer pockets, making it ideal for those who need to carry around all their everyday essentials.

However, some people may find that this bag gets heavy very quickly due to its size and structure.

The Goyard Saint Louis Totes Bag is also a very practical bag with its spacious interior.

It is made of 100% cotton and has an adjustable strap, allowing you to customize it to your needs.

The Goyard bag is also lightweight, so it won’t weigh you down.

They have many fun colors to choose from so they are also perfect for after work activities.

My suggestion is that if you are looking for a classic work outfit style, then LV Nerverfull will never be wrong.

However, if you are looking for a unique and casual work style, then Goyard St. Louis is a great choice.


What is the better travel bag, LV Neverfull vs Goyard Saint Louis Tote?

For those looking to travel in style, deciding between the Louis Vuitton Neverfull and Goyard Saint Louis Totes can be difficult.

These two brands of bags offer unique design elements to make traveling easier and more stylish.

Both are made from high quality materials and have a chic look.

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull is a great choice for travelers who want a bag that stands out from the crowd with a classic style.

It features an iconic monogram canvas exterior with handles, as well as an interior pocket for easy organization of smaller items.

Its spacious interior allows you to easily fit all your travel necessities like sunscreen, beach towels, and swimwear without having to worry about overstuffing it.

However, its natural cowhide leather trim is not waterproof and can be damaged if submerged in water so it’s not the best option for people who will spend a long time near the pool or ocean.

On the other hand, the Goyard Saint Louis Totes has a more unique look that is perfect for those who want to make a statement.

It is available in several colors and can accommodate a lot of stuff within its spacious interior, thanks to its unique accordion design.

Like the Neverful, Its Chevroches Calfskin is also not waterproof so it is best used for errands and day trips rather than used as a beach tote.

So in my opinion, both of them are great travel bags. But if you are looking for an excellent beach bag, you may need to choose other brands.

Totes Review Summary (PIN it!):

Goyard vs Louis Vuitton



Shop Goyard Totes

Shop LV Neverfull 


Goyard vs Louis Vuitton Crossbody Bags?

Goyard Belvedere PM Bag vs LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Pochette Metis

Shop The Crossbody Bags


The iconic French fashion house Goyard has long been a favorite of the jet-setting elite, and their Belvedere PM bag has quickly become one of the most coveted handbags on the market.

But when it comes to luxury bags, Louis Vuitton remains king.

How do these two powerhouses stack up?

The Goyard Belvedere PM is a classic and timeless piece that won’t go out of style anytime soon.

Its signature chevron pattern is subtly eye-catching, while its chic palette makes it easily convertible for any occasion.

The lightweight design and long strap allow you to comfortably carry all your everyday essentials with ease.

On top of that, this bag also features water-resistant coating for added durability in rainy weather conditions.

The LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Pochette Metis is a chic, compact design.

Made from high-quality coated canvas, it features plenty of compartments to fit all your daily essentials.

Its signature polished gold tone hardware adds a touch of luxury to the design.

The long strap allows you to comfortably sling this bag over your shoulder or wear it crossbody style.


Goyard vs Louis Vuitton men’s wallet?

When it comes to men’s luxury wallets, Louis Vuitton and Goyard both offer superior craftsmanship and quality materials.

But which one is better?

To help answer this question, let’s look at the features of each wallet.

Louis Vuitton wallets are crafted from high-quality leather that is designed to last.

The interior of the wallets are lined with monogram coated canvas for a touch of sophistication and style.

These pieces feature an array of card slots, bill compartments and zippered pockets to keep your belongings safe.

Goyard wallets feature classic French styling with their signature chevron patterned canvas exterior.

They are made from sturdy materials for a luxurious feel and long-lasting durability.

They offer many colors to choose from, so you can find something that fits your personal style.

They also offer a variety of styles to fit your needs, including long wallets, trifold wallets and card holders.

However, Goyard men’s wallets may be hard to find in the market so their prices are usually higher.

So if you want to choose a unique gift and have enough luck and budget, Goyard men’s wallets are a good choice.


Goyard vs Louis Vuitton wallet for women

Both brands offer high-quality leather wallets that come in a variety of designs and colors.

A key difference between Goyard and Louis Vuitton is their price points: Goyard’s wallets tend to be more affordable, while Louis Vuitton’s can cost several hundred dollars more.

When it comes to features, both offer plenty of card slots and compartments for coins and bills.

However, Louis Vuitton offers a wider selection of materials including signature monogram canvas in addition to its classic leather options.


When it comes to Goyard vs Louis Vuitton, which bag is the best overall value?

When it comes to Goyard vs Louis Vuitton, the debate over which bag is the best overall value has been going on for years.

Both brands are known for their iconic styles, high-quality materials, and status as premier luxury labels.

But when it comes to price point and longevity of use, which one ultimately comes out ahead?

Goyard is often seen as a luxurious yet slightly more affordable option in comparison to Louis Vuitton.

Its classic designs stand the test of time and many pieces have become highly sought after by collectors over the years.

So for buyers looking for an investment piece that won’t break the bank but will still be sure to turn heads, Goyard can be a great option.


More About Goyard and Goyard Bag

Goyard vs Louis Vuitton

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Is Goyard a high-end brand?

The answer is yes.

Goyard has cultivated an image of exclusivity over the past two centuries and continues to be known as one of the most luxurious brands in the world.

A piece from their collection is not only stylish but also timeless, making them ideal investments for any wardrobe.

Their craftsmanship is impeccable and they use only premium materials like leather and canvas that will last a lifetime.

This quality makes Goyard pieces some of the most expensive on the market, with prices ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars per item.


Why is Goyard so special?

One of the reasons why Goyard has gained such recognition is due to its iconic designs.

From sophisticated briefcases to luxurious handbags crafted from durable canvas, each piece features an exquisite print known as the “Chevron pattern”—an eye-catching design which lends itself perfectly to any occasion.

Furthermore, every single item is made entirely by hand in France; something few other companies can boast about.


Why is Maison Goyard so expensive?

Why is Maison Goyard so expensive? The answer lies in its reputation for impeccable craftsmanship, luxurious materials, and exclusivity.

From the very beginning in 1853, Maison Goyard has held true to its commitment to craftsmanship.

Each meticulously designed piece takes weeks or even months to make by skilled artisans who are well-trained in traditional techniques.

Leathers used in each bag must pass strict standards of quality control before they are considered suitable for use with a Maison Goyard design.

Additionally, some pieces may feature unique hardware that has been crafted exclusively for the House of Goyard.


Why is it so hard to buy Goyard?

If you’ve ever wondered why it’s so hard to get your hands on a Goyard bag, you’re not alone.

The French luxury brand has been the ultimate status symbol of style and sophistication since it first began producing its iconic handbags in the 19th century.

But despite its long history, Goyard still remains one of the most exclusive and sought-after labels in fashion today—which can make getting your hands on an item from the brand incredibly difficult.

Unlike other luxury brands that have multimillion-dollar advertising campaigns and countless stores all over the world, Goyard has stayed true to its low-key roots.

This means they don’t advertise heavily or have their own boutiques or concessions in traditional department stores.

They also don t sell their designs online or to brick-and-mortar stores. Instead, Goyard works through a network of independent retailers.

This is why it s so important for you to find an authentic Goyard store before you buy.


More About Louis Vuitton and LV Bag

What bag is comparable to Louis Vuitton?

Besides Goyard, from classic shapes to trendy designs, here are some of the best bags that are comparable to Louis Vuitton.

Fendi handbags boast modern appeal with sleek shapes, signature logo prints and luxurious materials.

Prada is another brand that offers sophisticated styles with clean lines, timeless silhouettes and high-quality leathers.

Gucci also has an array of stylish options crafted from premium fabrics like python skin and GG Supreme canvas.


Do you have any other suggestions for traveling bags?

For sleek, contemporary designs with maximum versatility, French brand Longchamp has become increasingly popular amongst travelers.

Their iconic Le Pliage collection is perfect for those wanting a timeless piece that can be used both casually and formally.

A broad selection of colors provides plenty of options to suit individual tastes and needs; each tote crafted from durable lightweight nylon material ensures it will last many trips ahead.


Conclusion: Which brand is better, Louis Vuitton or Goyard?

In conclusion, both Louis Vuitton and Goyard are excellent choices when it comes to luxury handbags.

Ultimately, the decision will come down to individual preference. Louis Vuitton is known for its iconic monogrammed designs and impeccable craftsmanship, while Goyard offers an elegant yet discreet take on luxury with its signature canvas material.

Those looking for a timeless luxury bag may opt for Louis Vuitton, whereas those wanting something more unique might prefer Goyard.

This post was all about Goyard vs Louis Vuitton.


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