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How To Kiss A Guy Well To Make Him Crazy About You & Fall In Love (MUST!)

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Wondering how to kiss a guy well to make him crazy about you, and how to kiss a man to make him fall in love? Check this post to know how to kiss a guy and make him want more.

Kissing is an intimate and complex act that can be thrilling for both parties involved.

For women, learning how to kiss a guy well can make all the difference in intensifying the connection between you two and making him fall head over heels in love with you.

Whether you’ve just started seeing each other or have been together for years, understanding how to kiss a guy well is key to creating romantic moments that will leave him wanting more of your affection.

tips on how to kiss a guy well

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This post is all about how to kiss a guy well.


How Do You Kiss A Man For Beginners?

Kissing can be one of the most intimate experiences between two people, but sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly how to kiss a man.

For women who are new to kissing men, it is important to learn the basics so that you can have an enjoyable experience.

The first step in learning how to kiss a man is deciding where and when.

Choose an appropriate time and place that won’t leave either of you feeling uncomfortable or rushed.

Before initiating contact, make sure your breath is fresh by quickly brushing your teeth and flossing if necessary.

To add some romance, light some candles or turn off the lights for a more intimate atmosphere.

Once you’re ready to start kissing, lean in close and look at him directly in the eyes before making physical contact with his lips.


Kissing Tips & Kissing Techniques for Kissing a Guy Well 

how to kiss a guy well to make him fall in love

A. Establishing physical contact

If you’re looking to kiss a guy, establishing physical contact before the big moment is essential.

This will help ensure that your first kiss is comfortable and enjoyable for both of you.

Establishing physical contact doesn’t have to be intimidating; there are simple yet effective ways to do it.

Start by lightly touching his arm or leg as you talk with him.

If he responds positively, you can move on to more intimate touches such as stroking his hair or caressing his face.

As you become more comfortable with each other, try leaning in closer and giving him brief hugs when appropriate.

To show your affection for him, whisper sweet nothings into his ear or give him gentle kisses on the cheek before planting one on the lips.

B. Making eye contact and smiling

Making the perfect kiss starts with eye contact and a smile.

Eye contact and a genuine smile are essential to show your partner that you are confident, interested, and ready for a romantic moment.

It’s also important to make sure that both of you feel comfortable in order to make the experience enjoyable.

When getting ready for the big kiss, it is important to start by making eye contact with your partner.

Maintaining strong eye contact can create an intimate connection between two people; this kind of connection helps build trust and comfort before kissing someone.

Additionally, smiling during this time will bring out your confidence, show him that you are ready for the kiss, and put him at ease so that he feels safe enough to reciprocate your affections.

C. Leaning in slowly and gently pressing your lips against his

how to kiss a guy well to make him fall in love

The anticipation of the moment is often more powerful than the moment itself.

There’s something so gentle and romantic about leaning in slowly and tenderly pressing your lips against his before you kiss.

It’s a sweet and intimate gesture that fills the air with romance and love.

Taking your time to savor these moments allows you to appreciate the beauty of this special moment together.

The warmth, comfort, and security that come from this slow press make it one of the most cherished memories for both partners involved.

By leaning in slowly, you are able to connect on an emotional level with your partner before taking part in a physical connection.

This connection adds depth to the kiss, allowing for a heightened sense of intimacy between both parties involved.

Taking your time also increases appreciation for each other as well as creating more anticipation for future kisses down the road.

D. Kiss Slowly. Moving your lips slowly and gently exploring his lips with yours

Kissing slowly is an incredible way to show your partner how much you care.

It allows the two of you to explore each other’s lips and savor every moment of the experience.

Taking your time and allowing yourself to enjoy a slow kiss can help bring out all the passion, love, and emotion that lies between you both.

When kissing your partner slowly, start by lightly touching their lips with yours.

You can then move in closer for a deeper connection by gently pressing your lips against theirs in a soft embrace.

From there you can move your lips around his or hers ever so gently and sensually as if they were dancing together without music guiding them.

This kind of passionate exchange will leave both of you feeling warm inside while also creating strong feelings of intimacy between the two of you.

E. Don’t forget to use your hands. Pulling away slowly and lightly touching his face

As amazing as lip contact is, using your hands in a kiss can add an extra level of connection and intimacy.

Pulling away slowly and lightly touching his face will show him how invested you are in the moment.

Use your hands to caress his neck or comb his hair with your fingers while maintaining eye contact.

This gentle physical touch enhances the emotional connection between two people and shows him just how much he means to you.

Taking initiative by being bold with your hands also demonstrates confidence, making the kiss even more memorable!

Using your hands during a kiss is a great way to express love, appreciation, and desire for someone special in your life.


How To Kiss A Guy And Make Him Want You

how to kiss a guy well to make him fall in love

A. Use your body language to show him you’re interested in him

The body language you use when kissing someone can tell that person a lot about your feelings.

When you want to show a guy that you’re interested in him, there are some subtle ways to communicate it without having to say anything at all.

Firstly, be sure to make eye contact with him before and during the kiss.

This will show him that you’re really paying attention and enjoying being close to him.

You can also press your body against his for a few seconds or lightly touch his face as part of the kiss – these gestures will help convey your feelings of interest in him even more clearly.

It may sound cheesy, but another way to show your interest is by smiling or laughing after the kiss ends – this sends off a signal that not only were you pleased with the moment but that you want more too!

B. Have confidence in yourself when you kiss him – don’t be afraid to take the lead

When you’re ready to take the next step in your relationship, it’s important to have confidence and not be afraid to take the lead.

Kissing someone for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience, but if you trust yourself and relax at the moment it can be one of the most memorable moments in your relationship.

Having confidence before taking that leap will help make sure your kiss is meaningful and enjoyable for both of you.

Instead of worrying about how it looks or what he’ll think, focus on enjoying the sensation of being close to him and savoring every moment.

Be mindful of his reactions and adjust as needed so that each kiss gets better than the last one.

C. Make sure he knows that you are enjoying the moment too, not just him

how to kiss a guy well to make him fall in love

Show him your enthusiasm for the experience by making eye contact with him and keeping your lips soft and inviting.

Also, use small touches such as caressing his face or neck to increase the romance of the moment.

An enjoyable kiss doesn’t have to be complicated either; simply use gentle pressure with your lips and allow yourself to relax into it.

Don’t forget to breathe while kissing so that neither of you feels overwhelmed or suffocated during this intimate moment together.

Lastly, don’t rush through it!

D. Show him affection by caressing his face or running your fingers through his hair while kissing him

This small action can evoke deep feelings of love and appreciation in your partner, no matter the stage of the relationship.

Not only does this simple gesture communicate that you find them attractive, but it also serves as a reminder that they are important to you and that you want to take care of them.

Additionally, this type of affectionate touch can help deepen intimacy between partners as it releases feel-good hormones such as oxytocin which reduce stress levels and increases the connection between two people.

E. Let him know that you feel connected to him at the moment and enjoy being close to him

This could be done verbally or non-verbally with small touches, caresses, and kisses.

Make sure he knows that you appreciate and value his presence, and take the time to savor each kiss—there should never be a sense of rush!

Additionally, don’t forget to look into their eyes during the kiss as it will help strengthen the feeling of connection between the two of you.



Do you have had a horrible kiss experience in the past?

If yes, I’m sorry for you.

The five tips we are sharing today will make a guy crazy about your kisses.

1. Don’t use your tongue too much

how to kiss a guy well

Less is more.

You don’t have to keep trying to stick your tongue deep into the guy’s throat. Because kissing is not a process of vomiting.

In kissing, your lips are the most important.

And your tongue is just a side dish in a big meal.

Of course, a guy wants to taste your tongue, but he will be more obsessed with your lips.

So, don’t focus on your tongue. Focus on your lips.

Here is a reminder, if you expect a kiss between you two, don’t forget to use lip balm.

Of course, you should always protect your delicate lips and keep them moisturized.


2. Bite his lips gently

types of kisses guys like

This little tip will turn him on.

The guy especially wants you to bite his lips, but he will never tell you.

Because if he tells you personally, it will break the romance, mystery, and charm of dating between you.

Meanwhile, if you want a man to take the initiative to kiss you, you can gently bite your lips appropriately.

If a guy is kissing you, and you want the guy to kiss you more, you can bite his lips gently.

What needs to be noted here is that you need to bite his lips gently, not forcefully.

Gently bite his lips, and then slightly pull in your direction.

This is a very sexy action, so don’t use too much force.


3. Hug him when kissing, and pull him in

how to kiss a guy well

Many girls feel that the part used for kissing is just the mouth. In fact, this is not entirely correct.

Kissing is a physical interweaving of two people.

When facing a girl they like, a guy takes the initiative to hug the girl in his arms.

This action is actually a boy using his body language to express his love and affection for a girl.

Therefore, we girls also need to treat boys in the way that boys are familiar with to express love and liking, so they can feel your passion and love for them.

So, when kissing, you also hug him and pull him in.

Compared to your usual language of liking and loving, this action can make him feel your affection for him and make him feel strongly that you want him and need him.


4. Get on top of him

how to kiss a guy well step by step

This is another way to use your body language to express that you particularly like him.

This method has a certain degree of difficulty because you cannot always find the right occasion to do this action.

But, believe me, if you have the opportunity, such as at home, in a more private space, on your sofa, if you have any possibility, you can get on top of him, this is a pretty sexy action!

If you can get on top of him while kissing him, he will really be turned on by your action!

Getting on top of someone is often what a guy does to a girl.

But if a girl occasionally treats the guy in this way, it will make him feel that no girl has ever treated him like this.

Therefore, he will be crazier about you than about other girls.


5. If you two are alone together, don’t forget to say a sentence to him

how to kiss a guy

This trick is really very, very hot!

You don’t need to do anything difficult.

You just need to say the following sentence gently in his ear.

Please note, please remember to make sure you are in a private space, your room is locked, and there are only two of you in the room.

Because what you said next will make the two of you very hot and heavy!

How to do it?

After you kiss for a while, you can slow down.

Then, you can say these words gently in his ear,

Where is your favorite place to be kissed, besides your lips?

Believe me, when the guy hears these words, his brain is already crazy for you!

He is already thinking about what will happen next!

Right now, you are the sexy queen in his eyes!

Because there has never been a girl in front of him, asking him that way.

At the same time, he may also ask you this sentence.

So, before you ask him this sentence, you also need to prepare your own answer to this question.


How Do You Know If A Guy Wants To Kiss You?

5 Signs He Wants To Kiss You Or Even Wants You To Kiss Him!

how to kiss your boyfriend romantically

Photo Credit: Fran Boloni from The Now Time

I don’t know if this has ever happened to you.

Even when you are with the boy you like, you are not sure whether the other person likes you or not, and he has not taken any practical action.

So you also want to know if he will take the initiative on your date. You don’t know what he was thinking.

This is driving you crazy.

So, today I also share with you 5 signs he wants to kiss you.

1. He asks you on a date alone.

how to kiss a guy well step by step

Whether it’s at a party, or if he messaged you alone and said “Hey, let’s do this together, it’s fun”. This is such a huge sign.

Because if a guy wants to kiss you, especially on your first date, he doesn’t want too many people to see him take the initiative. Because he may be rejected by you.

At the same time, he did not want to create an awkward environment.

Because it’s a very private thing after all.

So, generally speaking, if he wants to be intimate with you, he will try to create a more intimate environment.

An environment for just the two of you, not disturbed by others.

So when a guy hits on you and says, “Let’s hang out together”, or when you’re at a party, he says to you, “Hey, you wanna go somewhere?”

There’s a high probability that he wants to make out with you.

2. He gets really quiet for no reason.

how to kiss your boyfriend

Just when you were chatting with him, suddenly, he became quiet, and in an instant, it made you feel that the whole space and time were stagnant.

Especially if the guy you like is usually outgoing and very talkative, but when he suddenly becomes silent, it is a very obvious signal: He wants you to kiss him.

Because when he is talking, his mouth is open, and you can’t kiss him.

So when he suddenly quiets down, pay attention, this is your chance to slowly lean towards him and show your kissing skills!

3. He will get really close to you.

how to kiss him

A very key factor to judge whether a guy likes you is how far away he will keep you and how much personal space he will give you when you are chatting together.

So when you hang out with him, you talk about some in-depth topics, and then the distance between each other becomes closer and closer, often at this time, it means that he wants to hug you, or wants to kiss you, and even wants you to kiss him.

4. Long eye contact while looking at your lips.

how to kiss a man

Especially when the boy looks at you affectionately, and it makes you feel that his eyes can reach the depths of your heart, as if you will be seen through by him at a glance. This is a good sign.

Such affectionate looks often happen to two people who are attracted to each other.

At this time, his pupils will also enlarge, which means that he is deeply attracted to you.

Meanwhile, during your chat, he starts to stare at your lips.

In fact, in the process of chatting, you will be more or less aware of the shift in his eyes.

So, when his eyes wander back and forth between your eyes and mouth, it means that he subconsciously wants to kiss you.

5. He gets nervous.

how to kiss a guy well

This is the most obvious sign.

If he likes you very much, he will be very special about your feelings.

Because he doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, this is the most instinctive reaction of boys.

When guys like a woman and want to kiss her, they actually don’t know if they should pull the trigger to make actual action.

Because men don’t want to be rejected and don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.

He doesn’t even want to hurt the original relationship between you.

Therefore, before a man acts, he will become very nervous and very unnatural.

So honestly, the most ideal thing you can do is to respond directly.

The signs we share with you above will make your kisses, especially the first kiss, even more amazing.


Good Kissers Tips: Where Do Boys Like To Be Kissed?

When it comes to kissing, every person has their own preferences and desires.

As far as boys are concerned, there are certain places where they especially enjoy being kissed.

For many guys, the neck is a particularly sensitive area where they can really feel the love and passion of a kiss.

When you kiss his neck, be sure to start from the soft skin below their ears and work your way down in light kisses until you reach their collarbone.

In addition to the neck area, boys also typically like for their lips to be kissed.

Kissing on the lips should be done gently but with an undeniable intensity that shows them how much you care about them.

To add an extra spark of passion, lightly brush your tongue against theirs in a slow and steady manner which will leave them wanting more.


How To Kiss My Boyfriend Romantically?

Kissing your boyfriend is one of the most romantic gestures in a relationship.

It can make or break a moment, and it’s important to get it right.

To ensure that you have an unforgettable experience with your partner, here are some tips on how to kiss your boyfriend romantically. 

Begin by creating an atmosphere of romance. Dim the lights, light some candles, or play soft music in the background – all of these will help set the tone for a passionate kiss.

Make sure both of you are comfortable with each other before leaning in for a kiss; take his hands into yours, look deeply into his eyes, and smile.

This will give him the signal that it’s okay for him to come closer and start kissing you back.

Take your time! Don’t rush through the process as there’s no need to be overly aggressive when it comes to kissing someone special.

Instead, keep things slow and sensual until both of you become more comfortable with each other.


Conclusion: How To Kiss A Guy Perfectly To Make Him Want To Kiss You Back?

In conclusion, kissing a guy perfectly to make him want to kiss you back is all about building tension and anticipation, working your way up from gentle nibbles and caresses, to passionate kisses.

Don’t be afraid to take the lead; it can be incredibly empowering, as long as you take your time and get into the moment.

Above all else, stay in the moment and enjoy yourself; that’s the surest way to become an amazing kisser! 

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This post was all about how to kiss a guy well.


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Saturday 16th of April 2022

I am 51 years old and can say, with much experience, that these tips are solid. Less tongue is definitely better than more. Some of the worst kissers I’ve experienced have been men who overuse their tongues with kissing and even other activities. Gentle nibbling of his lips will instantly increase the temperature. Pull him close to your chest and breathe deeply. A gentle moan or yum while kissing makes the temperature rise further. One word of caution though, don’t get on top of your guy unless you are prepared to move on to further intimacy. Instead of getting on top of him, lean into and onto his upper body, as though you are thinking about climbing on top of him. Then, pull back a little bit to signal that you are not ready to go further. However remember that most guys are not good at subtle signals and you’ll probably need to verbalize your intentions if you plan on stopping at the kissing. If you are wanting to take things further, remember to protect yourselves. You can make that sexy too.


Tuesday 8th of March 2022

This was nice to read! I am in a new relationship and I haven't been in a relationship for a while now, so this was helpful! I will use all of these tips, but maybe more who knows?