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50+ Insanely Cute Spring Nail Designs You Want To Copy 2023

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Looking for insanely cute spring nail designs? Here we list 50+ incredibly cute spring nail designs we obsess over this year for your reference. Go directly to DIY them!spring nail designs

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We can’t wait to design our nails for spring this year, right? The winter seems long but once we think that spring is coming and we can wear new spring nail designs and put on the light, bright, and cute spring outfits, we will be so happy immediately!

So what sunny and beautiful spring nail designs we can choose from to go with our spring mood? Let’s check below great ideas!

Thank you to all these beauties and artists for bringing us so many great designs! You can follow them directly via the links below.

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This post is all about spring nail designs.




1. Dreamy Colorful

spring nail designs 2021


This is one of the most popular spring nail designs! It is really versatile and can be adapted to the needs of different styles and occasions. Because it is very rich in color, but a single color is not too bright, you can basically not consider what clothes you need to wear and what makeup to match with it. In short, when you can’t think of what nail art you want to paint and want to make your nails full of spring, painting it is right.

Of course, this kind of nails may be more difficult to paint by yourself, you can also press on nails. We found the following similar one:


2. Blue Shining Stars

spring nail designs and colors


This design has a dreamy feel, which is very suitable for dates or parties when spring is coming. You can buy nail stickers to help you build it:


3. Minimal Color Dots

spring nail designs for tips


The simplicity is very artistic. If you like wearing rings and don’t want your nail design to be overwhelming, this simple design is very suitable.


4. Metallic

spring nail designs pictures


This design continues the atmosphere of winter festivals, and makes people want to embrace the colorfulness of spring as soon as possible. And if you like to wear silver jewelry, this design matches the silver jewelry very well.


5. Princess Pink

spring nail designs pinterest


Dream and sweetness are the feeling of spring. This design is really delicate and beautiful. Sequin embellishment is also one of the important nail design trends this year.


6. Dreamy Blue

spring nails 2021


This nail shows a very expensive feel in a low profile. Very suitable for prom or dating. Elegant and a bit sexy.


7. Little Cute Black Hearts

spring nail designs cute


You can easily complete this cute and simple nail design at home. Why not bring yourself a happy mood with nail art in spring?


8. Hot Romantic Red

spring nail designs colors


It is another nail design that is very suitable for spring dates. Red and pink are common colors in dating nail design, but this design uses different colors to combine, that is, it is beautiful and youthful and lively.


9. Unique Eyelashes

spring nail designs unique


Black nail design is really very popular this year. Love black, but are you afraid that the black design looks old-fashioned? Try this design above. Mysterious and cute.


10. Art Inspired

spring nail designs romantic


So many artists create art to express their love for spring, why not paint the art of spring on your nails?

This kind of abstract art nail designs are very popular, and they are actually not difficult to draw. You don’t need to copy these patterns 100%, the point is to choose similar colors, and then the accuracy of the patterns does not matter too much. It still looks very artistic and tasteful.


11. All Your Favorite Patterns

spring nail designs latest


It is also a nail design inspired by art. More and more people are now trying to paint their favorite artwork, even the patterns on textiles they see in life, onto their nails.


12. Match Your Rings

spring nail designs minimal


This is another bracket design that is very suitable for silver jewellery.


13. Show Your Passionate Love

spring nail designs cute


This design is low-key and romantic. I can’t wait to try it. I think the red color is not so bright and actually looks more gentle and lovely.


14. Butterflies

spring nail designs butterfly


Butterfly nail designs are now almost everywhere in spring! They are easy to replicate. You can easily find similar stickers to complete them!


15. Gold And Leopard

spring nail designs sexy


This design is really cute, and the placement of the pattern is also very unique.


16. Flowing Art

unique spring nail designs


This design is very popular recently. Green is of course a very popular color in spring, but it is also very beautiful to use blue or yellow to paint similar patterns.


17. Simple Daisy

spring nail designs simple


A simple flower really melts your heart.


18. Pink And White Little Hearts

spring nail designs cute




19. Abstract Art Inspired

spring nail designs for short nails




20. Vanilla Blossoms

spring nail designs flowers

There are many designs of spring floral nails. This design looks more complicated, but it is really worth trying.


21. Show Love To Candy Yellow

spring nail designs yellow


This design may not be suitable for everyone, but the reason for choosing it is that its designer likes to draw design inspiration from life, and the nail art has taken into account the match with the wear.

The following two designs also come from the same designer. We like her designs very much, they are really artistic and original. From common objects, she can extract beautiful and lovely elements and draw them on the nails.


22. Silk Scarves Inspired

cute spring nail designs




23. Sweet Grosgrain Bows

creative spring nail designs




24. Rustic Spring Florals

flowers spring nail designs


As soon as I saw this design, I wanted to try it next time I went to the suburbs! Is it full of the breath of the countryside?


25. Leopard And Roses

unique spring nail designs


This design is really cute and suitable for many occasions. And because the design of roses is added, the sexy of leopard print is downplayed, so it is also very suitable for going to class or usually going out.


26. Cute Bees

spring nail designs bees


There are also many bee nail designs in spring. We chose this one because it does not have the tacky look of normal bee nail designs, but looks expensive or even elegant.


27. Romantic Lace Flowers

spring nail designs flower


If you like white nail designs, then this lace nail design is very suitable for you. This is also very suitable for spring weddings.


28. Show Your Childlike Innocence

spring nail designs color flowers


The reason why this design appeals to us is that it has a sense of innocence and fantasy. We really can’t wait to step into the spring.


29. Purple And Flowers

purple spring nail designs

The combination of purple and gold will look very expensive, but if the flower design becomes lively.

In fact, with this design, you can also change the purple to other darker colors you like, which will make them look very suitable for spring.


30. All About Daisies

spring nail designs daisy


The designer of this drew daisies to match her clothes. However, I personally think that if each flower on the nail is slightly smaller, it will be more fresh and lovely.

We have also found daisy stickers for you to help you draw your own daisies better:


31. Small Flowers

spring nail designs easy


Look, don’t the smaller flowers make them fresher and more lovely? Of course, but for long nail design, you must remember to leave it blank. Otherwise, it will be very tacky.


32. Cute Blue Flowers

spring nail designs

via Tumblr


32. Colorful Floral Spring Nails

spring nail designs

via Tumblr


33. Purple Floral Nails

spring nail designs

via Tumblr


34. Elegant Tips

spring nail designs

via Tumblr


35. Stone Dreams

spring nail designs

via Tumblr


36. Spring Purple Nails

spring nail designs



37. Cute Pink Bunny Nails

spring nail designs



38. Animal Print Spring Nail Ideas

spring nail designs



39. Green White And Purple

spring nail designs



40. Baby Blue Nails

spring nail designs

via Tumblr


41. Blue And Pink

spring nail designs



42. Chic Purple Nails

spring nail designs



43. Neon Nails

spring nail designs



44. All The Spring Elements

spring nail designs

via Tumblr


45. Pink And Black Abstract Nails

spring nail designs

via Tumblr


46. Tulip Flowers Pink Nails

spring nail designs

via Tumblr


47. Navy Blue Flower Nail Designs

spring nail designs



48. Lovely White Flower Orange Nails

spring nail designs



49. Cute Hot Pink Flowers Nail Ideas

spring nail designs



50. Spring Floral Tips

spring nail designs


51. Simple Adorable Spring Nails

spring nail designs

via Tumblr


52. Chic Spring Tips

spring nail designs

via Tumblr

This post was all about spring nail designs.


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