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101+ Best Family Photoshoot Outfits For Summer [2023] What To Wear For Family Summer Photos

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Looking for the best family photoshoot outfits for summer? Check this post for expert tips on the best color scheme and outfit ideas for your family summer photoshoot.

Summer is a perfect time of year for family activities. Taking family photos in the summer is an essential activity in family life, not only to leave a precious record, but also to create good memories of the family spending time together.

Whether you want someone to take the picture for you, or you take the picture yourself for your family members, the outfits you wear when taking pictures are definitely the focus of family photos in summer.

If you are looking for the best family photoshoot outfits in the summer weather, you’ve come to the right place!

So in this post, I am sharing you top tips to get the best summer family photos, what are the best color schemes for your family summer photoshoot, and the best family photoshoot outfits for summer.

And at the end of the post, I am also sharing with you the answers to common questions including how to take photos at home for summer, and the best places to shop for perfect family summer photo outfits!

So scroll down to check these tips and outfit ideas, and don’t hesitate to pin the outfit ideas you like!

family photoshoot outfits summer

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This post is all about family photoshoot outfits summer.


Top Tips To Get The Best Summer Family Photos


How To Choose The Professional Photographer For Your Family Summer Photoshoot?

  • When looking for a photographer, ask other people’s opinions. Check whether they have experience in taking pictures with children or a large group. Check the photographers’ previous works to see whether like their styles.
  • You do not necessarily look for the most expensive photographer, but remember that you will be shooting your lifelong memories, so it is worth investing a little more money.
  • Schedule in advance. A good photographer usually has a busy schedule, so you need to book the service in advance and pay attention to whether the weather is suitable.
  • Communicate deeply in advance with your photographer on how you want to be photographed, what kind of poses or outfits you like, etc.
  • Trust your photographer.


How To Choose The Best Places For Your Family Summer Photoshoot?

  • Walk around the neighborhood, pay close attention, and find beautiful and creative shooting scenes.
  • The location needs to fit the character of the family. For example, shoot in a park, because you often go there to have fun.
  • Browse the Internet and look at other people’s locations.


How To Get Your Husband To Cooperate For A Family Photoshoot?

Sometimes it’s a little difficult to get your man to cooperate and participate in a home shoot, here are some of my suggestions.

  • Tell him about your shooting plans so he can be prepared. Be honest about the budget for the shoot in advance.
  • Tell him the meaning of the photos, for example, that they are lifelong memories.
  • Also let him provide advice in the shooting process, such as which photographer to choose, where to shoot, etc. Compromise with each other, the photos should be taken to make you feel like, but also to meet his ideas.
  • If he really doesn’t like to shoot, then choose the pose with him, or avoid the heavy and choose the style of shooting with children as the main character
  • Give him a reward, not ice cream of course, but express your happiness that he is willing to cooperate and so on.


How To Get Your Kids To Cooperate For A Family Photoshoot?

  • Explain to the children that they will be taking family photos with excitement so that they will feel happy to have their pictures taken.
  • Let the children participate in the whole process from the beginning, such as choosing outfits and props.
  • Do not be too hasty in taking pictures, or your patience in taking care of the children will also be reduced.
  • Make sure the photographer you invite can attract children and make them laugh during the shooting process.
  • When planning the time to shoot, choose a time when children are most happy and relaxed (for example, after exams)
  • During the shooting, let the children have a break, so they can go play on their own.
  • Let them have fun during the photoshooting and capture their most innocent and happy side.
  • Bring some water and snacks.
  • Use props to cheer them up, such as toys and balloons.
  • Promise them that they will be rewarded after the shooting is completed.


Don’t deliberately pose, use the Pinterest Board to collect your favorite Poses as reference.

When taking pictures of your family, you should try to keep everyone in a happy mood to avoid any bad moods that may eventually affect the whole shoot.

For example, do not deliberately let everyone shoot poses, because in most cases, deliberate posing will make it difficult for some family members with less coordinated posture and body movements to cooperate. And if once a pose is maintained for too long, people may be tired.


Best Color Scheme Ideas For Family Photoshoot Outfits In Summer


Soft Pink + Light Blue + White

A perfect color scheme for the whole family in summer. Choose a soft pink flowy dress to embrace the breeze outside.

family photoshoot outfits summer



White + Light Gray

I love the cool summer vacation vibe expressed by the clear color scheme. Wear simple style clothing items and a few pieces of statement jewelry and you will look stunning!

family photoshoot outfits summer



Olive Green + Navy Blue + White + Red

There is a saying that never uses dark colors. But sometimes it is not true.

Your little girl could wear much darker colors than you because they always occupy very small areas of the pictures. And the strong and interesting color contrast is quite cute.

family photoshoot outfits summer



White + Pink + Denim Blue + Green + Brown

This color scheme is perfecting showing the nature’s beauties in summer. All the colors remind you of trees, grasses, flowers, and beautiful sunshine that you can never forget when you are taking the family summer photos.

family photoshoot outfits summer



Green + Brown + Beige + White

A unique but perfect color scheme for the beach sunset.

family photoshoot outfits summer



Shades Of Blue + White

Blue is always one of the best colors for summer family photos. Mix different shades of blue together for your entire family. And add some white in to brighten up the whole look.

If you don’t have white pants, white accessories like a white hat, white shoes, and white bandanas are also great!

family photoshoot outfits summer



Red + Yellow + Navy Blue + Brown

This is a great example of color combinations. These colors look perfect on the grass.

family photoshoot outfits summer


Brighter Colors: Mint + Salmon

Don’t hesitate to try bold colors.

family photoshoot outfits summer



Olive Green + Black + Khaki

Olive green is not common for family photoshoot outfits in the summer months, but they actually great.

Consult with your family photographer for the outdoor environment where you are going to take photos, and check whether the olive green you choose can be amazingly blended with the outdoor setting.

family photoshoot outfits summer

by Kate Laraine Photography


Red + Pink + Olive Green + White

I love how lively the colors look below.

family photoshoot outfits summer



Pink + Yellow + Navy Blue + Denim Blue + White

Bright yellow is one of my favorite family outfits. Choose some of your members to wear the lovely bright yellow to spice up your family photos!

family photoshoot outfits summer



Shades Of Pink + White + Beige + Black

These pink shades are so stunning.

family photoshoot outfits summer



Orange + White + Khaki

I always suggest the family’s mom try bold or unusual colors for the family photos, then let the rest of the family wear simple solid clothes. Then your family photos will be perfect.

family photoshoot outfits summer



Shades Of Blue + Cream + White

Another great example of shades of blue and lighter colors.

family photoshoot outfits summer

via unsplash


White + Beige + Light Green + Black

A perfect family summer picnic photo.

family photoshoot outfits summer



Summer Family Photoshoot Outfits Ideas


Light Color Palette: White Shirt And Beige Dress

Choosing light colors will never be wrong for a family summer photo.

family photoshoot outfits summer

by Keeley McKay Photography


Stick To Neutral Colors As Main Colors

And the neutral colors. They are always in style.

Add some small areas of black or dark brown to make your portraits more stylish.

family photoshoot outfits summer

by Nicole Kirshner Photography


Add Floral Patterns To Balance Different Colors

These floral patterns make the simple styles look so amazing immediately. And they also help your different color combinations look great. 

family photoshoot outfits summer



A Perfect Outfit Of Sand Colors For Each Family Member

Choose sand colors to record the sweet family outings in the summer time.

family photoshoot outfits summer



Flowy Dresses For Your Family Photo Session

Embrace the wind outside with your flowy dresses. The wind is your best friend for a gorgeous family summer photo.

family photoshoot outfits summer



Wearing Linen Family Outfits Is A Great Idea

Linen clothes look amazingly on your family members. And they are breathable, so you will never be worried about the hot weather in summer.

family photoshoot outfits summer



Add A Pop Of Color And Stripes To Your Family Sessions

Besides solid color clothes, choose stripes to be more stylish.

The small areas of dark blue perfectly balance the warm vibe brought by the red, adding a cool feeling to the picture.

family photoshoot outfits summer



Perfect Plaids And Blue Jeans

And the plaids are also perfect for summer time. Make your family outfits rich by changing the solid colors to stripes or plaids.

family photoshoot outfits summer

via Pinterest


And The Dots

Don’t forget the cute dots to create a chic look. And I love the hat.

family photoshoot outfits summer



A Pair Of Casual Loose Pants Is Also A Great Choice

Want to be more unique? Try loose pants.

family photoshoot outfits summer

via unsplash


Same Color For The Dad And Son

Your man will love this idea.

family photoshoot outfits summer

via unsplash


Beautiful Red Dress For The Mom

Try bright and warm colors to express how much you love the summer. Red and blue is a combo that will never be out of style among summer family photo outfit ideas.

family photoshoot outfits summer

via unsplash


Simple Overall Look With Neutral Tones

If your outside scene has beautiful bright colors, let those colors be the focus of your family photo, then choose simple and neutral tones to make the color scheme perfect.

family photoshoot outfits summer

via unsplash


Have A Great Time With Cute Boots

I love the boots ideas.

family photoshoot outfits summer



Choose The Mom’s Outfit First

One easiest way to choose family photo outfits is to choose your favorite outfit first then let the others’ outfits match yours.

family photoshoot outfits summer



Choose Solid Colors For The Warmer Weather

Solid colors with stylish designs will never be wrong.

Wear big hoops to add chic details and a personal style.

family photoshoot outfits summer



Pretty Skirt And Blazer For A Classic Look

A classy look for your family.

This maxi skirt is perfect to pair the style of the man’s suit.

family photoshoot outfits summer



Cute Accessories And Lighter Colors

Bring your kids’ favorite accessories to add so much fun. And don’t forget to wear your favorite statement jewelry to pair with your cute white dresses.

family photoshoot outfits summer



A Good Idea To Blend The Perfect Color Combo

Most of your family members can wear the same or similar colors to the environment, then add the contrast color in to make the whole look cute.

family photoshoot outfits summer



A Little Bit Blue For The Entire Family

A little bit of blue looks great with the whole white outfits.

family photoshoot outfits summer



Match The Colors Of The Kids’ Outfits

Don’t want the whole family to wear matching outfits? You can only let your little boy and little girl wear matching outfits instead.

family photoshoot outfits summer



Let The Mom’s Dress Be The Focus

Again, let the mom be the focus of the family photo. Choose your most beautiful outfit first!

family photoshoot outfits summer



Beautiful Floral Patterns For Summer Family Portraits

A floral print top and shorts are also cute for summer photo shooting. And I love this casual natural feeling.

Go to your kids’ favorite place to record the sweet summertime!

family photoshoot outfits summer

via unsplash


Perfect Swimwear For The Summer Months

A creative family summer photoshoot outfit idea.

family photoshoot outfits summer

via unsplash


Match The Colors Of Outfits And Props

Add the prop to blend the family outfits’ color scheme perfectly. What a great way to add visual interest!

family photoshoot outfits summer

via unsplash


Similar Summer Dresses For The Mom And Girls

How sweet the idea is! A white look is perfect for girls and women.

family photoshoot outfits summer

via Pexels


Casual Outfits For Sweet Family Moments

Communicate well with your professional photographer to capture the everyday moment of your sweet summer.

family photoshoot outfits summer

via Pinterest


Denim Blue As An Extra Layer

This a cute outfit idea for a stylish family.

family photoshoot outfits summer

via Pinterest


The Color Of Fruits

Fruits are great props! This is a cute idea for summer photos.

family photoshoot outfits summer

via Pinterest


Let The Man Wear Bright Colors For A Unique Look

Why not let the guy try some bright colors?

family photoshoot outfits summer

via Pexels


Trying a Bolder Color Is A Great Option For Kids

Or let the kids try more beautiful bold colors.

family photoshoot outfits summer

via Pexels


Bright Yellow Prop And Cool Colors For Family Members

If you stick to simple colors, a small bright yellow prop can make the photo so much cuter!

family photoshoot outfits summer

via Pexels


Mix Different Textures Is One Of My Favorite Tips

Mix different textures to make your family photos look stylish. But remember to choose natural and breathable fabrics to avoid the summer heat.

family photoshoot outfits summer



Muted Color Tones For A Timeless Feel

Muted colors and loose styles are perfect for a family picnic in summer.

Wear similar style hats with your girls.

family photoshoot outfits summer

via Pexels


Bright Contrast Colors And Perfect Stripes

I love the colors and stripes. Blue and orange are great colors full of summer vibes.

family photoshoot outfits summer

via Pexels


Same Color For The Extended Family For A Timeless Look

One tip: If you choose the same color for the entire family, make sure some of you wear unique and stylish designs to make you look more fashionable.

family photoshoot outfits summer

via unsplash


Common Questions And Answers To Have Professional Photos For Your Family


What Should A Family Wear For Summer Pictures?

You can’t go wrong with light neutrals. soft pink, green and blue is also very popular colors, either monochromatic or in stripes or dots patterns, which are perfect for summer photos.

But you can also use dark or bright colors in small areas, such as dark blue, brown, bright yellow, red, etc., to give the picture a more layered look, while being more fashionable.

Another tip is to choose natural breathable and thin materials, silk, cotton, and linen, which are perfect for summer photos.

You don’t have to choose the exact same fabrics for all different outfits for your family members, but make sure the clothing is similar in style. For example, the more conservative style of clothing is less suitable with other bohemian style clothing, and so on.


What Should You Not Wear For Summer Family Pictures?

Less black clothing. Black is more suitable for family photos in autumn and winter, and less suitable for the atmosphere of spring and summer.

Also, avoid choosing neon colors. Neon colors can make your skin tone look less natural, and it’s harder for photographers to take great neon photos.

Likewise, try to avoid other unnatural colors, which is why I suggest you choose natural fabrics, which usually have very natural colors, especially when under natural light. Usually, natural colors and warm tones are more likely to help you take the best family photos.

Finally, avoid high heels. You may need to stand for a long time in the family photo shoot session, so free your feet by wearing comfortable low heels or flats to have a better time.


Can You Wear Black In Family Photos?

As I said above, wearing less black will be better for taking great family photos.


Can You Take Family Photos At Home?

Of course, you can. When taking summer family photos at home, try to set up the bright summer vibe, such as setting up greenery, cotton and linen home decor full of summer feeling, fruits, cold drinks, etc. to make the pictures rich and cute.

When taking family portraits at home, everyone in the photo should be relaxed and natural, from facial expressions to body posture should be in a very relaxed state.

So, whether you hire a professional photographer or do it yourself, you should try to adjust the atmosphere of the shooting while concentrating on it, for example, let kids move around and play games as a family, and then you record and capture the moments.

Or think outside of the box, and create some poses that we can interact with, such as running and jumping together, lying down together to put your heads together, and so on.

One important thing: If you shoot at home, you need to let the photographer understand the layout of the home in advance so that there is a prior plan to know approximately where to shoot better.


What Is The Best Time To Take Family Summer Photos?

In the morning or at dusk, that is, from 8:00 to 10:00, and from 4:00 to 7:00 in the afternoon is more suitable for taking pictures, because at this time there is no direct sunlight, and it will not form a strong shadow on the face.

And while the sun at this time is very gentle, it will make the faces look better. You will fall in love with the golden hour idea.


How To Prepare Perfect Props For Your Family Photos?

  • Don’t use too many props, and use them wisely.
  • Add props that fit your family’s characteristics, such as the family’s daily interests or hobbies.
  • Some props can help the main character to pose differently, such as sitting on a chair in one pose and leaning on the back of the chair in another pose.
  • Bring your children’s favorite toys as props, you can make them happier and more willing to cooperate.
  • Bring some props that can be used for family communication, such as a ball activity that can be played together, etc.
  • Pay attention to whether the color of the props does not match the clothes and background.


My Favorite Places To Shop For Family Photoshoot Outfits For Summer


Pink Lily

My go-to place to shop for feminine dresses, casual tops or pants, and adorable clothes for kids. And they have cute designs for little boys too!

If you like matching styles, check out their Mommy & Me collection for matching outfits or family outfits inspiration!



A great place to find affordable and uniquely designed women’s dresses and skirts for special occasions. And it has a small collection of kids’ clothes, which are adorable!



This is a cute place to shop for gorgeous clothing items for you and your kids (little girls and little boys) and babies! I am obsessed with their floral patterns, dedicated laces, and beautiful cuts that make you confident for any special occasion, and for photoshooting, too!

What I love the most is that they have a large range of sizes for you and your kids.



I love Lulus’ tons of in-style dresses for women. And you can always find trendy items with affordable prices and good quality there.


Free People

For free-spirit women’s dresses, especially for summer vacations.

And don’t forget to add some of their cute accessories to your collection, which will level up your style immediately.



Perfect place to shop for stylish outfits for the entire family. And you can find cute outfits for babies, boys and guys. You can find almost any colors for your family outfits there.


Abercrombie & Fitch

Trust worthy place for women, men, and kids. There are many color and pattern options to choose from for each design, so it’s easier to find everything for your family photoshoot there.


American Eagle

A perfect place for men’s and teens’ outfits. And I also love their simple dresses perfect for summer vacation photos.


Lucky Brand

Great linen shirts for men, a wide range of colors to choose from for each design!



Affordable place for everyone in your family.


Morning Lavender

Morning Lavender is a feminine style clothing brand. We love their cottagecore Mommy & Me outfits which are so perfect to match with your littles in summer.


Ivy City Co.

Ivy City Co. is a great option if you’re looking to shop for mommy & me outfits for summer family photos, formal parties, or festive family looks.


Banana Republic

Great place for you to choose your family outfits for the whole family. And you can easily find matchable different patterns or colors for your family members.

Banana Republic has very good quality babies’ clothes! And their babies’ clothing tends to use the same fabrics and patterns as adults’ clothing, so you can search for your favorite kids’ clothing first, and then find adult clothing made of similar fabrics.



One of our favorite affordable designer brands to shop for high quality items for women, men, and kids.

They have elegant and uniquely designed patterns for every season. Easy to match with all the other family members’ outfits, but add a little more personality to the entire family’s look.


Old Navy

Old Navy is a trust worthy brand for Mommy & Me outfits and family matching outfits. I love their comfortable and timeless designs, which are the perfect choices for your next cutest family photos!



You can shop for yourself and your kids, boys or girls, the most fashionable designer products from head to toe in Nordstrom!

In Nordstrom, you can also find high end new born and Mommy & Me outfits from brands like Posh Peanut.

I also strongly recommend Nordstrom’s family matching collection where you can find cute and unique designs by Nordstrom for your whole family! That’s one of the easiest ways to find your family’s summer photoshoot outfits!


Want to click to shop the outfits directly? Check below our favs:

Shop For Women


Shop For Men


Shop For Little Girls


Shop For Little Boys


This post was all about family photoshoot outfits summer.


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