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50+ Best Family Photoshoot Outfits For Summer (Color Schemes, Tips, and Poses)

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Looking for the best family photoshoot outfits for summer? Check this post for expert tips on the best color scheme and outfit ideas for your family summer photoshoot.

As the sun-kissed days of summer approach, families across the globe are gearing up for one of the most cherished traditions – the family photoshoot.

Capturing precious moments together has never been more stylish, with a plethora of outfit options to choose from that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of summer.

From breezy floral dresses to coordinated casual looks, the possibilities are endless when it comes to curating a picture-perfect ensemble for your family photoshoot.

summer family photoshoot outfits ideas collage

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This post is all about family photoshoot outfits summer.


Top Tips To Get The Best Summer Family Photos


How To Choose The Professional Photographer For Your Family Summer Photoshoot?

  • When searching for a photographer, seek recommendations from others. Evaluate their experience in capturing images of children or large groups. Review their past work to determine if their style aligns with your preferences.
  • Price should not be the sole factor; consider that these photos will preserve your memories for a lifetime, so investing a bit more can be worthwhile.
  • Plan and secure a booking early, as talented photographers tend to have busy schedules.
  • Be mindful of weather conditions when scheduling the shoot.
  • Have thorough discussions with your photographer beforehand about your vision for the photoshoot, including preferred poses and outfits.
  • Trust in your photographer’s expertise and artistic vision.


How To Choose The Best Places For Your Family Summer Photoshoot?

  • Explore the surrounding area with a keen eye to discover picturesque and imaginative settings for photography.
  • Ensure that the chosen location reflects the essence of your family. For instance, consider capturing moments in a park where you frequently enjoy leisure activities.
  • Additionally, seek inspiration from online sources by examining different shooting locations utilized by others.


How To Get Your Husband To Cooperate For A Family Photoshoot?

Sometimes it’s a little difficult to get your man to cooperate and participate in a home shoot, here are some of my suggestions.

  • Inform him of your shooting plans in advance to ensure he is prepared. Be transparent about the budget for the shoot from the start.
  • Explain the significance of the photos, emphasizing that they capture timeless memories.
  • Seek his input on aspects of the shoot, such as selecting a photographer and location. Find common ground on the style of photos that will resonate with both of you.
  • If he is not keen on being photographed, consider compromising by choosing poses together or opting for a more lighthearted approach with children as focal points.
  • Show appreciation for his cooperation and willingness to participate, acknowledging his efforts in a meaningful way beyond just offering ice cream.


How To Get Your Kids To Cooperate For A Family Photoshoot?

  • Inform the kids that they will be having a fun family photo session to ensure they are excited and happy about getting their pictures taken.
  • Involve the children in every step of the process, starting from selecting their outfits and props.
  • Avoid rushing through the photo-taking process to maintain your patience with the kids.
  • Ensure that the photographer you choose is engaging and can make the children laugh during the shoot.
  • Schedule the photo shoot at a time when the children are most cheerful and relaxed, like after finishing exams.
  • Give them breaks during the session so they can play on their own.
  • Encourage them to enjoy themselves during the photo shoot, capturing their genuine joy and innocence.
  • Bring along water and snacks, as well as props like toys and balloons to keep them entertained.
  • Promise them a reward once the photo shoot is done as an extra incentive.


What Should A Family Wear For Summer Pictures?

When it comes to planning the perfect summer photoshoot for your family, choosing the right outfits is key.

Opt for light and airy fabrics like cotton and linen that will keep everyone cool and comfortable in the summer heat.

Embrace bright and bold colors to add a vibrant pop to your photos, or go for soft pastels for a more dreamy and ethereal look.

Coordinating rather than matching outfits can create a cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic, allowing each family member’s personality to shine through.

Consider incorporating some fun accessories like hats, sunglasses, or statement jewelry to elevate the overall look.

Remember that comfort is key so choose outfits that not only look great but also allow you to move freely and feel relaxed during the photoshoot.


Best Color Scheme Ideas For Family Photoshoot Outfits In Summer


Soft Pink + Light Blue + White

family photoshoot outfits summer


Soft pink, light blue, and white – a dreamy combination that evokes feelings of tranquility and sophistication.

Dressing the family in these pastel hues for a summer photoshoot can create a harmonious and cohesive look for your pictures.


White + Light Gray

family photoshoot outfits summer


White symbolizes purity and simplicity, while light gray adds a touch of modernity and neutrality to the ensemble.


Olive Green + Navy Blue + White + Red

family photoshoot outfits summer


Navy blue acts as the grounding force in this color scheme, providing a sense of stability and balance to the overall outfit ensemble.


White + Pink + Denim Blue + Green + Brown

family photoshoot outfits summer


Mixing these colors strategically can create visual interest and depth in your family photos.

Consider coordinating shades of green into your backdrop or props for a cohesive theme that ties everything together seamlessly.


Green + Brown + Beige + White

family photoshoot outfits summer


The cool and calming tones of green mingle beautifully with the earthy richness of brown, creating a perfect balance between freshness and warmth in your outfits.

Adding touches of beige can bring a soft and subtle touch to the ensemble, while crisp white accents elevate the overall look with a sense of purity and sophistication.


Shades Of Blue + White

family photoshoot outfits summer


The softness of white paired with the depth of various blue hues creates a harmonious aesthetic that looks effortlessly stunning on camera.

Whether you opt for crisp white ensembles accented with touches of navy or go for a mix of light blues and whites, this color palette exudes a classic yet modern vibe.


Red + Yellow + Navy Blue + Brown

family photoshoot outfits summer

Adding red, yellow, navy blue, and brown into your family photoshoot outfits can create a beautiful harmony of colors that reflect both warmth and sophistication.


Brighter Colors: Mint + Salmon

family photoshoot outfits summer


Imagine a picturesque summer afternoon, with the sun casting a warm glow on fields of mint and salmon hues.

These brighter colors are not just visually appealing but also evoke feelings of joy and playfulness that are perfect for a fun family photoshoot.

Mint exudes freshness and tranquility, while salmon adds a touch of warmth and vibrancy to any ensemble.


Olive Green + Black + Khaki

family photoshoot outfits summer

by Kate Laraine Photography

Olive green, black, and khaki are the ultimate trio when it comes to timeless and sophisticated family photoshoot outfits for summer.

Olive green exudes a sense of tranquility and connection with nature, making it perfect for outdoor settings.

Black adds a touch of elegance and contrast, creating visual interest in group shots.

Khaki brings a warm and earthy tone that complements all skin tones beautifully.


Can You Wear Black In Family Photos?

When it comes to family photos, the age-old question of whether or not to wear black can spark quite a debate.

Some may argue that black is too formal or somber for a family photo shoot, while others believe that black can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the overall look.

The key is in how you style the black pieces – opting for different textures, patterns, or layering can help break up the monotony and create visual interest in your photos.

Moreover, wearing black in family photos can create a cohesive and timeless look when paired with coordinating colors.

Black can serve as a neutral base that allows other colors to pop and be the focal point of the photo.

It’s all about balance and contrast – adding pops of color through accessories or incorporating different shades within your outfits can elevate the overall aesthetic without overshadowing the essence of your familial bond captured in each frame.


Red + Pink + Olive Green + White

family photoshoot outfits summer


Red, a classic symbol of passion and love, can add a vibrant pop to your family’s ensemble.

Pairing red with white creates a crisp and clean look that exudes sophistication.

For a softer touch, consider incorporating pink into your outfits – this playful hue evokes feelings of joy and tenderness, perfect for capturing those heartwarming family moments.


Pink + Yellow + Navy Blue + Denim Blue + White

family photoshoot outfits summer


Embrace the playful energy of pink and yellow to add a pop of color to your portraits.

Mix in the sophistication of navy blue and denim hues for a balanced look that exudes style and elegance.

Incorporate crisp white pieces to tie everything together for a cohesive and fresh ensemble.


Shades Of Pink + White + Beige + Black

family photoshoot outfits summer


Pink symbolizes love and tenderness, creating a soft and romantic vibe in photos.


Orange + White + Khaki

family photoshoot outfits summer


Orange brings warmth and vibrancy to the ensemble, symbolizing energy and enthusiasm.

Paired with crisp white, orange pops even more, creating a fresh and summery look that is both chic and timeless.


Shades Of Blue + Cream + White

family photoshoot outfits summer

via unsplash

Shades of blue, cream, and white come together to create a timeless and elegant color palette perfect for family photoshoots in the summer.

Blue symbolizes tranquility and harmony, adding a sense of calmness to the photographs.

Cream adds warmth and sophistication, complementing various skin tones beautifully.

White brings a sense of purity and brightness, enhancing the overall lightness of the images.


White + Beige + Light Green + Black

A perfect family summer picnic photo.

family photoshoot outfits summer


When paired strategically with other colors like white or beige, black can add depth and sophistication to your visual narrative effortlessly.


Summer Family Photoshoot Outfits Ideas


Light Color Palette: White Shirt And Beige Dress

family photoshoot outfits summer

by Keeley McKay Photography

When it comes to creating the perfect family photoshoot outfit for summer, you can never go wrong with a light color palette.

A white shirt paired with a beige dress is the epitome of timeless elegance and sophistication.

The crisp white shirt exudes a sense of freshness and purity, symbolizing new beginnings, while the soft beige dress adds warmth and subtle luxury to the ensemble.


Stick To Neutral Colors

family photoshoot outfits summer

by Nicole Kirshner Photography

When it comes to choosing outfits for a family photoshoot, sticking to neutral colors can be a game-changer.

Neutral tones like white, beige, grey, and soft pastels create a timeless look that won’t go out of style.

These colors also help to bring focus to the people in the photo rather than distracting patterns or bright hues.


Add Floral Prints

family photoshoot outfits summer


Adding floral prints to your family photoshoot outfits can bring a touch of whimsy and charm to your ensemble.

For a cohesive look, consider incorporating smaller floral prints on children’s clothing and larger, bolder florals on the adults.

Mixing different sizes and styles of flower patterns can create visual interest without overwhelming the eye.


Sand Colors For Each Family Member

family photoshoot outfits summer


For a cohesive look that truly captures the essence of summer, try dressing each family member in shades inspired by the sandy beaches.


Flowy Dresses For Your Family Photo Session

family photoshoot outfits summer


Flowy dresses have a way of adding movement and grace to the photos, creating a sense of whimsy and elegance that can elevate the entire mood of the shoot.

Opt for soft pastel hues or floral patterns to complement the natural surroundings and bring out the joyful spirit of summer.


Wearing Linen Family Outfits Is A Great Idea

family photoshoot outfits summer


Wearing linen family outfits for a summer photoshoot is not only stylish but also incredibly practical.

Linen is known for its breathability and lightweight nature, making it the perfect choice for warm-weather gatherings.

Imagine the whole family donning matching linen ensembles, exuding a sense of unity and sophistication in every frame captured.


Add A Pop Of Color And Stripes To Your Family Sessions

family photoshoot outfits summer


When it comes to family photoshoot outfits for the summer, don’t shy away from adding a pop of color and some fun stripes to the mix.

Bold, vibrant colors can bring life and energy to your photos, making them visually striking and memorable.

Whether it’s a bright yellow top or a pair of colorful patterned shorts, incorporating these elements can add playfulness and personality to your family session.


Perfect Plaids And Blue Jeans

family photoshoot outfits summer

via Pinterest

The classic pattern of plaid adds a touch of charm and character to the outfits, while the reliable comfort of blue jeans allows everyone to move freely and comfortably.


Fun Dots

family photoshoot outfits summer


Incorporating dot patterns into your outfits can create a cohesive and visually striking look that will stand out in your summer photos.


A Pair of Casual Loose Pants

family photoshoot outfits summer

via unsplash

A pair of casual loose pants can be the ultimate versatile piece in any summer family photoshoot outfit.

Not only do they provide a comfortable and relaxed look, but they also offer a lot of room for movement, making them perfect for capturing those candid moments with your loved ones.


Same Color For The Dad And Son

family photoshoot outfits summer

via unsplash


Beautiful Red Dress For The Mom

family photoshoot outfits summer

via unsplash

family photoshoot outfits summer


A beautiful red dress can instantly elevate any look and exude elegance and sophistication.

Whether opting for a bold crimson hue or a softer shade of ruby, a red dress is sure to make a statement and command attention in any photo.


Simple Overall Look With Neutral Tones

family photoshoot outfits summer

via unsplash

For a sleek and sophisticated family photoshoot outfit, opt for neutral tones that exude simplicity and elegance.


Have A Great Time With Cute Boots

family photoshoot outfits summer


As you prepare for your next family photoshoot, don’t forget the impact of the right footwear.

Cute boots are a versatile and stylish option that can elevate your entire outfit.


Choose The Mom’s Outfit First

family photoshoot outfits summer


When planning a family photoshoot, one unconventional yet highly effective approach is to choose the mom’s outfit first.

The reason behind this strategy is simple: mothers often play a central role in coordinating everyone’s outfits and setting the style tone for the shoot.

By selecting the mother’s attire first, you can create a cohesive look that ties all family members together seamlessly.


Earthy Tones For The Warmer Weather

family photoshoot outfits summer


Think sandy beiges, warm browns, and soft greens for a natural and effortless look that complements the warm weather perfectly.


Pretty Skirt Outfit And Blazer Suit

family photoshoot outfits summer


Pairing a pretty skirt outfit with a sleek blazer suit can elevate your family photoshoot look to the next level.


Cute Accessories And Lighter Colors

family photoshoot outfits summer


Accessorizing with cute and unique pieces can truly elevate a family photoshoot outfit to the next level.

Lighter colors have a way of adding a soft and refreshing touch to the overall look, creating a sense of harmony and cohesion in the photographs.


A Little Bit Blue For The Entire Family

family photoshoot outfits summer


Blue hues, ranging from soft pastels to deep navy tones, have an effortlessly chic and versatile quality that can beautifully complement various skin tones and settings.


Match The Kids’ Outfits

family photoshoot outfits summer


Matching the outfits of the kids in a family photoshoot can add a touch of charm and coordination to the overall look.

Choose a color scheme or pattern that complements each other without being too matchy-matchy, allowing their personalities to shine through.

Mixing and matching pieces with similar hues or patterns can create a cohesive look while still allowing each child’s unique style to stand out.


Let The Mom’s Dress Be The Focus

family photoshoot outfits summer


Choosing a statement dress for Mom can add a touch of elegance and make her feel exceptionally beautiful and confident during the shoot.

Consider bold colors or striking patterns that complement the overall color scheme while making her truly shine in each frame.


Beautiful Floral Patterns For Summer Family Portraits

family photoshoot outfits summer

via unsplash

Opt for soft pastel florals for a delicate and elegant look, perfect for outdoor settings bathed in natural light.


Perfect Swimwear For The Summer Months

family photoshoot outfits summer

via unsplash

When it comes to choosing the perfect swimwear for the summer months, comfort and style are key factors.

Opt for versatile pieces that can take you from the beach to the poolside effortlessly.


Match The Colors Of Outfits And Props

family photoshoot outfits summer

via unsplash

family photoshoot outfits summer

via Pinterest

Matching the colors of outfits and props can elevate your family photoshoot to another level.

When choosing coordinating colors, consider complementary shades that will pop against the backdrop.


Similar Summer Dresses For The Mom And Girls

family photoshoot outfits summer

via Pexels

Finding similar summer dresses for both the mom and her daughter can create adorable moments during a family photoshoot.

Matching prints, colors, or styles can bring a sense of unity and connection to the photos.

Opting for lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen can keep both mom and girl cool and comfortable in the summer heat while also adding a touch of elegance to their outfits.


Casual Outfits For Sweet Family Moments

family photoshoot outfits summer

via Pinterest

Opt for coordinated looks that are comfortable yet stylish, such as pairing denim jeans with matching colored tops for a cohesive ensemble.

Soft pastel tones and lightweight fabrics can bring a touch of summer freshness to your family photoshoot, creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.


Denim Blue As An Extra Layer

family photoshoot outfits summer

via Pinterest

Denim blue is a classic color that adds an instant cool factor to any outfit, making it a versatile choice for layering in family photoshoots.

Whether it’s a denim jacket, shirt, or jeans, the timeless appeal of denim blue can effortlessly elevate the entire look.


Let The Man Wear Bright Colors For A Unique Look

family photoshoot outfits summer

via Pexels

Gone are the days when men were limited to a monochromatic wardrobe.

Embracing bright colors can add a touch of vibrancy and individuality to any outfit.


Trying a Bolder Color for Kids

family photoshoot outfits summer

via Pexels

Bold colors like vibrant reds, electric blues, and sunny yellows can inject energy and personality into family photoshoot outfits.


Bright Yellow Prop For Family Members

family photoshoot outfits summer

via Pexels

Incorporating a bright yellow prop into your family photoshoot can add a playful and vibrant touch to your ensemble.

Whether it’s a sun hat, a parasol, or even yellow balloons, this lively color is sure to bring out smiles and evoke feelings of joy in your photos.


Mix Different Textures

family photoshoot outfits summer


When it comes to family photoshoot outfits for summer, mixing different textures can add a dynamic and visually interesting element to your look.

Combining various textures like lace, denim, linen, or knit fabrics can create depth and dimension in your ensemble.


Muted Color Tones For A Timeless Feel

family photoshoot outfits summer

via Pexels

Muted color tones offer a subtle yet sophisticated touch to your family photoshoot outfits, creating a timeless aesthetic that will never go out of style.

Opting for soft pastels, earthy neutrals, and dusty shades can bring a sense of calmness and elegance to your photographs, allowing the focus to be on the connection and emotions shared within the family.


Bright Contrast Colors And Perfect Stripes

family photoshoot outfits summer

via Pexels

When choosing outfits for a summer photoshoot, consider utilizing bright contrast colors against crisp stripes as a way to inject personality into your family portraits.


Same Color For The Extended Family For A Timeless Look

family photoshoot outfits summer

via unsplash

Imagine the visual harmony and unity that can be achieved when the extended family opts for the same color palette for their photoshoot outfits.

Choosing a timeless and cohesive color scheme can elevate your family photos to a whole new level, showcasing not just individual style but collective elegance.


What Should You Not Wear For Summer Family Pictures?

When it comes to summer family pictures, there are a few key items you should avoid wearing to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing photo.

Firstly, steer clear of busy patterns or logos that can be distracting in a group shot.

Opting for solid colors or subtle prints will help keep the focus on your family’s smiles rather than their outfits.

Additionally, avoid overly casual or wrinkled clothing as it can give off a sloppy appearance in photos.

Instead, choose lightweight and breathable fabrics that will keep everyone comfortable during the shoot while still looking put-together.

Lastly, try to coordinate but not match exactly – too much matching can look contrived and outdated in modern family photography.

Embracing individual styles within a complementary color palette will result in more natural and timeless images that showcase your family’s personalities beautifully.


My Favorite Places To Shop For Family Photoshoot Outfits For Summer


Pink Lily

My go-to place to shop for feminine dresses, casual tops or pants, and adorable clothes for kids. And they have cute designs for little boys too!

If you like matching styles, check out their Mommy & Me collection for matching outfits or family outfits inspiration!



A great place to find affordable and uniquely designed women’s dresses and skirts for special occasions. And it has a small collection of kids’ clothes, which are adorable!



This is a cute place to shop for gorgeous clothing items for you and your kids (little girls and little boys) and babies! I am obsessed with their floral patterns, dedicated laces, and beautiful cuts that make you confident for any special occasion, and for photoshooting, too!

What I love the most is that they have a large range of sizes for you and your kids.



I love Lulus’ tons of in-style dresses for women. And you can always find trendy items with affordable prices and good quality there.


Free People

For free-spirit women’s dresses, especially for summer vacations.

And don’t forget to add some of their cute accessories to your collection, which will level up your style immediately.



Perfect place to shop for stylish outfits for the entire family. And you can find cute outfits for babies, boys and guys. You can find almost any colors for your family outfits there.


Abercrombie & Fitch

Trust worthy place for women, men, and kids. There are many color and pattern options to choose from for each design, so it’s easier to find everything for your family photoshoot there.


American Eagle

A perfect place for men’s and teens’ outfits. And I also love their simple dresses perfect for summer vacation photos.


Lucky Brand

Great linen shirts for men, a wide range of colors to choose from for each design!



Affordable place for everyone in your family.


Morning Lavender

Morning Lavender is a feminine style clothing brand. We love their cottagecore Mommy & Me outfits which are so perfect to match with your littles in summer.


Ivy City Co.

Ivy City Co. is a great option if you’re looking to shop for mommy & me outfits for summer family photos, formal parties, or festive family looks.


Banana Republic

Great place for you to choose your family outfits for the whole family. And you can easily find matchable different patterns or colors for your family members.

Banana Republic has very good quality babies’ clothes! And their babies’ clothing tends to use the same fabrics and patterns as adults’ clothing, so you can search for your favorite kids’ clothing first, and then find adult clothing made of similar fabrics.



One of our favorite affordable designer brands to shop for high quality items for women, men, and kids.

They have elegant and uniquely designed patterns for every season. Easy to match with all the other family members’ outfits, but add a little more personality to the entire family’s look.


Old Navy

Old Navy is a trust worthy brand for Mommy & Me outfits and family matching outfits. I love their comfortable and timeless designs, which are the perfect choices for your next cutest family photos!



You can shop for yourself and your kids, boys or girls, the most fashionable designer products from head to toe in Nordstrom!

In Nordstrom, you can also find high end new born and Mommy & Me outfits from brands like Posh Peanut.

I also strongly recommend Nordstrom’s family matching collection where you can find cute and unique designs by Nordstrom for your whole family! That’s one of the easiest ways to find your family’s summer photoshoot outfits!




What Is The Best Time To Take Family Summer Photos?

When it comes to capturing the perfect family summer photos, timing is everything.

The best time to take these photos is during the golden hour, which occurs shortly after sunrise or before sunset.

This soft, warm light provides a beautiful glow that enhances the natural beauty of your surroundings and subjects.

Choosing this time of day also helps avoid harsh shadows and squinting eyes that often occur with direct sunlight.

Additionally, shooting during the golden hour allows for a more relaxed atmosphere as temperatures are cooler and there are fewer distractions in outdoor locations.

By taking advantage of this magical lighting, you can create stunning family summer photos that will be cherished for years to come.


Can You Take Family Photos At Home?

Capturing family photos at home offers a unique opportunity to showcase the intimate, everyday moments that make up our lives.

From spontaneous pillow fights in the living room to baking cookies together in a sunlit kitchen, these candid snapshots can truly capture the essence of your family’s dynamic.

By choosing your own familiar surroundings as the backdrop, you’re able to create a sense of authenticity and comfort that may be hard to achieve in a formal studio setting.

This post was all about family photoshoot outfits summer.


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