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30+ Chic Straw Hat Outfits [2024]: How To Style A Straw Hat

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Are you looking for straw hat outfits to copy? Check this post for the best style tips on how to style a straw hat in summer to elevate your style this year!

Summer is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the season than with a chic straw hat?

Not only does it protect your skin from harmful UV rays, but it also adds an effortlessly stylish touch to any outfit.

From beach vacations to outdoor brunches, there’s a straw hat for every occasion.

Whether you prefer wide-brimmed or bucket styles, neutral or colorful hues, we’ve rounded up 30+ of the best straw hat outfits to inspire your summer wardrobe.

So grab your sunscreen and get ready to copy these fashion-forward looks directly!

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This post is all about straw hat outfits.


What Makes Straw Hat A Must-Have Accessory For Summer Outfits?

straw hat outfits



History Of Straw Hat And Its Significance In Fashion

Straw hats have been around for centuries, with their origin being traced back to ancient Greece.

However, they gained popularity in the 19th century as a fashionable accessory for the wealthy.

In the early 20th century, they became a popular summer accessory for people of all social classes, and this trend has continued ever since.

Today, the straw hat is not only a practical accessory but also a fashion statement.

Its versatility makes it the perfect accessory to enhance your summer outfits, and it can be paired with a range of clothing styles, from casual to formal.


How To Choose The Perfect Straw Hat For Your Outfit

straw hat outfits


When it comes to choosing a straw hat, there are a few things to consider. First, consider the occasion and outfit you plan to wear it with.

If you’re going to the beach, opt for a straw sun hat with a wide brim to protect your face from the sun.

If you’re wearing it in a more formal setting, choose a hat with a smaller brim and a sleeker design.

The shape and size of the hat should also complement your face shape and body type.

If you have a round face, a fedora or boater hat with a slightly angled brim can add dimension.

If you have a long face, a wide-brimmed hat can balance out your features.


Styles Of Straw Hats To Consider For Your Summer Wardrobe

straw hat outfits


The straw hat comes in various styles, each with its unique charm.

The boater hat has a flat and oval-shaped crown with a ribbon band, whereas the fedora features a creased crown and pinched front.

The floppy straw hat has a wider brim and is perfect for a bohemian or vintage-inspired look.

For a more modern and minimalistic vibe, consider the straw fedora, with its straight brim and refined silhouette.

And if you want to add some personality to your outfit, you can try a striped or patterned straw hat, perfect for a beachy vibe.


Chic Outfit Ideas To Style Your Straw Hat


Beach Vacation Look – Pairing A Straw Hat With A Chic Swimwear

straw hat outfits


straw hat outfits


A beach vacation is incomplete without a straw hat to protect you from harmful sun rays and add a touch of elegance to your look.

Pairing a straw hat with chic swimwear can elevate your style game and make you feel confident and comfortable on the beach.

A wide-brimmed hat is perfect for creating an ultra-glamorous look while also providing ample shade.

Choose a straw hat that complements your swimsuit color scheme, such as opting for neutral shades like beige, ivory or tan if you’re wearing bright-colored swimwear.

Alternatively, pick a brightly hued hat to add some pop to your all-white or black swimsuits.

You can even experiment with different styles of hats – floppy hats are perfect for boho-chic looks, while fedoras and panama hats work well with more classic swimwear styles.

Complete the look by adding sunglasses and matching sandals, making sure not to overdo it with too many accessories.

Keep it simple yet stylish by letting the statement piece – the straw hat – do all the talking!


Bohemian Style Outfit With A Floppy Straw Hat

straw hat outfits

A floppy straw hat is a perfect accessory to complement your bohemian style outfit.

Pair it with a flowy maxi dress in earthy tones and accessorize with chunky jewelry, such as bangles and statement earrings.

Complete the look with strappy sandals or ankle boots for an effortless yet chic vibe.

For a more casual boho look, pair your straw hat with distressed denim shorts and a loose-fitting top.

Add some texture by layering on a fringed vest or kimono, and finish off with some embellished sandals or espadrilles.

Don’t be afraid to play around with different colors and patterns in your clothing choices when rocking this bohemian style outfit.

Whether you’re headed to a music festival or just running errands around town, this look will keep you stylishly comfortable all summer long.


Denim Shorts And Straw Hat Outfit To Beat The Heat

straw hat outfits


straw hat outfits

Denim shorts and a straw hat are the perfect combination to beat the heat this summer.

Not only do they keep you cool, but they also look effortlessly chic.

The versatile nature of denim shorts makes them a go-to for casual outings or even a day at the beach.

Pairing them with a straw hat adds an extra touch of style while protecting your face from harmful UV rays.

When it comes to styling this outfit, there are many options to choose from.

For a laid-back vibe, pair distressed denim shorts with a classic woven straw hat and white sneakers.

Or opt for high-waisted denim shorts paired with a statement straw fedora, crop top and sandals for an elevated look that’s perfect for brunch or shopping.

The beauty of this outfit is how easy it is to switch up depending on your personal style.

Whether you prefer classic or trendy pieces, there’s always room to make it your own while still staying comfortable in the heat.

So grab your favorite pair of denim shorts and straw hat and get ready to take on summer in style!


Wear Straw Hat With Striped Pieces

straw hat outfits


straw hat outfits


Pairing a straw hat with striped pieces creates a classic and timeless look that never goes out of style.

Whether it’s a nautical-inspired navy and white stripe or a playful rainbow stripe, the combination of these two elements adds an effortless charm to any outfit.

To achieve this look, consider pairing your favorite straw hat with a striped sundress or jumpsuit for a chic summer ensemble.

For those who prefer a more casual vibe, try pairing your straw hat with a striped top and denim shorts or wide leg pants for an easy and comfortable outfit that still looks put together.

And don’t be afraid to mix different types of stripes – horizontal stripes can be paired with vertical or diagonal stripes for added interest.

Just remember to keep the rest of your accessories simple to let the statement pieces do the talking.

A pair of sandals and some understated jewelry will complete the look perfectly.


Wide Leg Pants And Straw Hat Outfits

straw hat outfits


straw hat outfits


straw hat outfits

When it comes to summer fashion, wide leg pants and straw hats are a match made in heaven.

The effortless combination exudes a sense of casual sophistication that’s perfect for any occasion.

Whether you’re heading out for brunch with friends or spending the day at the beach, this look will keep you comfortable and stylish all day long.

Wide leg pants come in a variety of styles, from flowy bohemian designs to tailored wide leg trousers.

When paired with a straw hat, they create an instantly chic outfit that screams summer style.

You can opt for neutral colors like white or beige for a classic look, or go bold with bright hues like pink or yellow.


Maxi Dress Outfit With A Straw Hat

straw hat outfits


straw hat outfits


A maxi dress outfit with a straw hat is the perfect combination for a summer day.

The long, flowy dress provides comfort and breathability while still looking elegant and put-together.

Pair it with a wide-brimmed straw hat to add some extra sun protection and style.

To complete the look, add some simple sandals or espadrilles and minimal jewelry.

A crossbody bag would also be practical for carrying essentials without weighing down the outfit.

This outfit is great for outdoor events such as picnics, brunches, or beach days.

There are many ways to customize this outfit to fit your personal style.

Choose a brightly colored maxi dress for a fun pop of color or opt for a more subdued shade if you prefer neutrals.

Experiment with different styles of hats, such as fedoras or boater hats, to find what suits you best.


Denim Jacket With A Straw Hat

straw hat outfits


straw hat outfits

straw hat outfits

One of the most classic and timeless summer outfit combinations is a denim jacket with a straw hat.

The combination of these two pieces creates an effortless and laid-back vibe that is perfect for any casual occasion.

Whether you’re running errands, going on a picnic, or simply enjoying a day out in the sun, this outfit will keep you feeling comfortable and stylish all day long.

When it comes to styling a denim jacket with a straw hat, there are countless options to choose from.

For a more polished look, pair your denim jacket with tailored trousers and strappy sandals.

Alternatively, you can opt for distressed jeans and sneakers for a more casual look.

To complete the outfit, add some statement jewelry or sunglasses for an extra touch of personality.


Loose Top + Straw Hat

straw hat outfits


straw hat outfits

A loose top straw hat is a versatile accessory that can elevate any summer outfit.

The wide brim provides ample shade while also adding a touch of glamour to your look.

Pair it with a flowy sundress or high-waisted shorts and crop top for the ultimate boho vibe.

One way to style a loose top straw hat is to pair it with a white linen button-down and denim cutoffs for an effortless yet chic look.

Add espadrille wedges and oversized sunglasses for added flair.

Alternatively, opt for a maxi dress in a bold print and accessorize with statement earrings and strappy sandals.

When it comes to choosing the perfect loose top straw hat, consider the size of the brim as well as the color and material.

Neutral tones like beige, tan, or ivory are easy to match with various outfits while woven materials like raffia or seagrass add texture and interest.

Whether you’re headed to the beach or brunch with friends, a loose top straw hat is sure to be your go-to accessory this summer.


Long Skirt + Straw Hat

straw hat outfits


straw hat outfits

straw hat outfits

straw hat outfits


The long skirt and straw hat combination is a classic summer look that never goes out of style.

The flowing silhouette of the long skirt provides the perfect balance to the structured shape of the straw hat, creating a harmonious and sophisticated ensemble.

This outfit is versatile enough to be worn for both casual and dressy occasions, making it a must-have in any summer wardrobe.

When styling this look, it’s important to choose the right accessories to complement your outfit.

A pair of strappy sandals or espadrilles would complete this look perfectly, while adding some statement jewelry can elevate your outfit from day-to-night wear.

Whether you’re heading out for brunch with friends or attending an outdoor wedding, this timeless combination will keep you looking chic and stylish all summer long.


White Button Down + Straw Hat

straw hat outfits


straw hat outfits


straw hat outfits

straw hat outfits


The white button down and straw hat combination is a classic summer look that never goes out of style.

This effortless outfit pairing exudes sophistication, while still remaining comfortable and practical for the warmer months.

The crisp white shirt provides a clean canvas to showcase the natural texture and color of the straw hat.

To elevate this timeless duo, consider accessorizing with statement jewelry or a bold lip color.

Opt for high-waisted shorts or linen trousers to play up the chic factor even more.

Whether you’re running errands around town or meeting friends for brunch, this look is sure to turn heads.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles of white button downs and straw hats – from oversized shirts with wide brimmed hats, to tailored blouses paired with boater hats – there’s no wrong way to rock this summer must-have combo.


How To Style A Black Straw Hat

straw hat outfits

A black straw hat is a versatile accessory that can be styled in different ways, depending on the occasion and personal style.

For a casual daytime look, pair it with a flowy sundress or high-waisted shorts and a crop top.

Add some oversized sunglasses and sandals to complete the effortless summer vibe.

To dress up your black straw hat for an evening event, opt for a more sophisticated outfit such as a maxi dress or jumpsuit.

Choose accessories in gold or silver tones to complement the hat’s color and add some statement earrings or necklace for an extra touch of glamour.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different hairstyles when wearing your black straw hat.

A messy bun or low ponytail can create a relaxed yet chic look, while loose waves or braids are perfect for bohemian-inspired outfits.

Remember to keep the balance between the size of your hat and your hairstyle, so that neither one overpowers the other.


More Stylish Straw Hat Outfits

straw hat outfits

straw hat outfits

straw hat outfits

straw hat outfits

straw hat outfits


Frequently Asked Questions About Styling Straw Hats


Can Straw Hats Be Worn On Formal Occasions?

Yes, straw hats can be worn on formal occasions if styled correctly.

Choose a hat with a sleek and polished design, such as a fedora or a boater hat.

Pair it with a suit or a dress, and you’re good to go.

What Are The Best Sunglasses To Complement A Straw Hat?

When choosing sunglasses to complement a straw hat, consider the size and style of the sunglasses.

Oversized sunglasses are a popular choice, but you can also go for cat-eye or aviator sunglasses.

Match the color of the sunglasses with the color of your hat to create a cohesive look.

How To Incorporate Straw Hats Into Your Everyday Style?

Incorporating straw hats into your everyday style is easy.

You can pair them with anything from a casual sundress to jeans and a T-shirt.

The key is to choose a hat that complements your outfit and add some accessories to complete the look.

What Are The Different Straw Hat Styles That You Can Wear?

The different hat styles that you can wear depend on the occasion and your personal style.

A fedora or boater hat can add a sophisticated touch, while a floppy hat can create a bohemian vibe.

A sun hat is perfect for the beach, and a baseball cap can give you a sporty look.

How To Maintain The Quality Of Your Straw Hat?

To maintain the quality of your straw hat, avoid getting it wet, and keep it away from heat sources.

Brush off any dirt or dust with a soft brush or cloth, and store it in a hat box or a cool and dry place when not in use.



Adding a straw hat to your summer wardrobe can instantly elevate your outfit and give off a chic and comfortable vibe.

With the variety of styles available, you can easily find the perfect straw hat to suit your style, and the outfit ideas provided in this article can help you create various looks.

So, channel your inner fashionista and rock a straw hat this summer!

This post was all about straw hat outfits.


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