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What To Wear In Las Vegas In January And Winter [2024]: 30+ Best Vegas Winter Outfits For Your Packing List

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Wondering what to wear in Las Vegas in January? Check this post for the best packing list for Vegas in the winter, and Vegas winter outfits for different occasions to copy for your next trip to the sin city.

As the neon lights of Las Vegas shine bright against the desert night, visitors flock to the famous Strip to indulge in the city’s vibrant energy.

However, while January may bring cooler temperatures to this desert oasis, it certainly doesn’t put a damper on the excitement and glamour of Sin City.

Navigating what to wear in Las Vegas during this winter month can be a delightful challenge, as you seek to strike the perfect balance between style and comfort amidst the glitzy casinos and bustling nightlife.

Whether you’re planning a night out at a swanky nightclub or a day of exploring the natural wonders that surround Las Vegas, choosing your wardrobe wisely is essential.

From chic cocktail dresses paired with statement coats for evening adventures to cozy yet fashionable layers for daytime excursions, finding that sartorial sweet spot will ensure you’re prepared for anything this dynamic city has in store.

So, let’s delve into a comprehensive guide on how to dress stylishly and sensibly for Las Vegas in January and winter, ensuring you’re ready to step out in confidence and sophistication amidst this dazzling destination.

what to wear to Las Vegas January and winter

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This post is all about what to wear in Las Vegas in January.


Is it worth going to Vegas in January?

Las Vegas in January may not seem like the typical winter wonderland, but it offers a unique and exciting experience for visitors.

With fewer crowds and milder temperatures averaging around 50°F, January presents an opportune time to explore the city without the scorching summer heat.

Whether you’re looking to indulge in world-class entertainment, extravagant casinos, or exquisite dining experiences, Las Vegas in January offers a refreshing escape from the chilly winter elsewhere.

Furthermore, with various events and shows happening throughout the month, such as concerts and comedy performances, January keeps the city bustling with energy and entertainment.

Visitors can also take advantage of discounted hotel rates and deals during this off-peak season, making it a budget-friendly option for those seeking a luxe getaway without breaking the bank.

If you’re ready to embrace a different side of Vegas away from the summer throngs, January might just be your perfect time to experience all that Sin City has to offer.


Las Vegas Weather In January

Is it cold in Las Vegas in January?

Las Vegas in January might not be what you expect.

While the city is famous for its scorching hot summers, the winter months bring a surprising chill that can catch visitors off guard.

With daytime temperatures averaging around 50°F (10°C) and dropping to near freezing at night, it’s crucial to pack appropriately for your Vegas getaway.

Layering is key as the desert climate can fluctuate throughout the day, and a warm coat or jacket will be your best friend when exploring the famous Strip or taking in a show.

Don’t let Las Vegas’s reputation as a desert destination fool you into thinking it’s always warm.

January brings cooler temperatures and even occasional bouts of rain or light snow, which means packing versatile clothing is essential for your winter trip.

Opt for stylish yet functional outfits that can go from outdoor sightseeing during the day to glamorous evening activities without skipping a beat.

Embracing cozy sweaters, scarves, and chic boots will not only keep you comfortable but also ensure you’re fashionably prepared for all that Las Vegas has to offer in January.


Does it snow in Las Vegas in January?

While Las Vegas is known for its scorching desert heat, many people are surprised to learn that it can actually snow in the city during January.

The winter months in Vegas can bring unexpected weather patterns, including occasional snowfall that transforms the famous Strip into a winter wonderland.

This contrast between the typical glitz and glamour of Las Vegas and the rare sight of snow creates a magical atmosphere for visitors looking to experience something truly unique.

When packing for a trip to Las Vegas in January, it’s essential to prepare for all possibilities, including the potential for snow.

While it may not be a regular occurrence, having cold-weather essentials like warm coats, waterproof boots, and cozy layers on hand will ensure you’re ready for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw your way.

Embracing the possibility of snow during your visit can add an element of excitement and unpredictability to your trip as you explore this vibrant city in an entirely new light.


Do you need a coat in Vegas in January?

When it comes to deciding whether or not you need a coat in Vegas in January, the answer is a definite maybe.

While Las Vegas is known for its desert climate and generally mild winters, January can still bring some chilly evenings and even occasional rain.

So, while you might not need a heavy winter coat, having a light jacket or sweater handy is definitely advisable for those cooler moments.

One thing to keep in mind is that temperatures can vary quite a bit between day and night in Las Vegas during January.

Daytime temperatures might be pleasant enough to walk around comfortably with just a long-sleeve shirt, but as soon as the sun sets, the mercury can drop significantly.

This means having layers at your disposal will help you stay comfortable no matter what time of day it is.

So while packing for your Vegas trip in January, it’s wise to include items that can easily be layered for adaptable comfort throughout the day.


Are the pools open in Las Vegas in January?

For January, many visitors wonder if the city’s iconic pools are open for a swim.

The answer to that question depends on which hotel pool you plan to visit.

Most of the larger resorts in Las Vegas keep their outdoor pools open year-round due to their warm climate and heated pool waters.

However, some smaller hotels may close their swimming areas during the cooler months or even all winter long due to budgetary concerns or extra maintenance requirements like covering them with tarps during chilly nights.

If you’re looking to take a dip while visiting Las Vegas in January, it’s best to call ahead and confirm if the hotel’s pool is open and whether there are any special restrictions or reduced hours in place before booking your stay.


What to wear to Vegas clubs in January

Ah, January in Vegas. The winter chill adds a touch of excitement to the already vibrant nightlife scene.

When it comes to hitting up the Vegas clubs in January, it’s all about finding that perfect balance between staying warm and looking hot.

This is the time to embrace luxurious textures and statement pieces that will make you stand out among the crowd.

Think chic faux fur coats, sleek leather jackets, or even a bold sequined blazer paired with a classic little black dress.

For ladies, January in Vegas is an opportunity to play with rich jewel tones like emerald green or deep burgundy.

A stylish long-sleeved bodycon dress paired with some statement heels can strike just the right balance of warmth and sex appeal.

For men, a sharp slim-fit turtleneck sweater paired with tailored trousers and modern Chelsea boots exudes sophistication while keeping you cozy during those brisk walks from club to club.

Embrace layers and don’t be afraid to incorporate unexpected elements like metallic accessories or bold patterns into your ensembles for an unforgettable night out on the Las Vegas strip.


What to wear to Vegas casinos In January

The good news is, there is generally no strict dress code in Vegas casinos.

So what should women wear when they’re looking to make a statement in Vegas casinos? Here are our favorite tips

  • Opt for a sophisticated yet cozy ensemble by pairing a chic turtleneck sweater with tailored trousers or a sleek midi dress with opaque tights.
  • Consider adding an elegant statement coat or a faux fur jacket to stay warm while exuding glamour as you make your way through the lively casino floors.
  • When it comes to footwear, choose sleek ankle boots or stylish loafers that offer both comfort and style.
  • Accessorize your outfit with eye-catching jewelry and a structured handbag to elevate your look.
  • Moreover, don’t forget to pack some versatile layering pieces such as scarves or shawls that can effortlessly transition from the outdoor chill to the indoor warmth of the casino.


What to Wear to Vegas Shows In January

Are you thinking of going to see a show in Las Vegas this January?

You’re not alone – Sin City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States.

Here are a few tips on what to wear to a Vegas show:

First, there is no strict dress code. So you have plenty of options when it comes to styling your look for a Vegas show.

Second, remember that it’s still winter in Vegas. While the daytime temperatures may be mild, the evenings can get chilly.

So, you can wear less in Las Vegas during the day, but it is a good idea to bring a jacket or sweater for an evening show.

Third, dress for comfort. You’ll want to be able to enjoy the show without being too hot or too cold.

That means avoiding anything too heavy or constricting.

Third, consider the type of show you’re seeing.

If it’s a musical performance or comedy act, stick with something that allows you to move freely and comfortably throughout the evening such as jeans and a nice blouse paired with heels or boots.

For theater performances, opt for something more formal like slacks and heels, or even an elegant dress if desired.


What To Wear In Las Vegas In January: Trendy Vegas Outfits To Copy

Want more inspiration? Scroll down to check the trendiest Las Vegas outfits to copy and shop for directly from our favorite online fashion stores.

Velvet Blazer + Flare Pants

a woman in Vegas wearing pink velvet blazer and glittering flare pants

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Fuzzy Coat + Mini Skirt

a woman in Vegas casino wearing a white fuzzy coat, and a sequin skirt set

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Sequin Top + Black Pants

a woman traveling in Vegas wearing a silver sequin long sleeve top, a pair of nice black pants, heels, and a shining purse

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Crop Jacket + Black Bodycon Dress

a woman wearing an edgy jacket, a black bodycon mini dress, sunglasses, and stylish necklaces

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Teddy Coat + Mini Dress

a woman standing in Vegas in winter, wearing a long coat, a black sweater dress, a pair of black knee boots, and sunglasses

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Hot Pink Coat + Black Sweater Dress

a woman on Las Vegas street, wearing a hot pink coat, a black knit dress, a belt, a green handbag, and a pair of black boots

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Tube Dress

a woman in Vegas club wearing stylish tube bodycon dress

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Sequin Gold Dress + Sock Boots

a woman in Vegas wearing gold sequin club wear and a pair of styish white boots

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One Shoulder Dress

a woman wearing pink glittering club dress and a silver clutch in Vegas

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Glitter Bodycon Dress

a woman in Vegas hotel wearing a brown sequin bodycon dress

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Black Cut Out Dress

a woman wearing a sexy black knit dress at night in Las Vegas

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Casual Vegas Daytime Outfits

a woman walking around Vegas during the day, wearing a hot pink sweater, a black leather skirt, and a pair of black knee high boots

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Leather Shorts + A Crop Top

a black woman wearing a pair of stylish leather shorts, and a long sleeve white shirt

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Gold Sequin Jumpsuit

a beautiful black woman wearing a stylish gold jumpsuit

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Black Blazer + Black Pants

a beautiful black woman wearaing a chic black blazer, and a pair of black sequin pants

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Sequin Tube Top + Black Pants

a hot black woman wearing a black sequin crop top, and a pair of black pants

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Cami Jumpsuit + Faux Fur Coat 

a woman wearing a cami black jumpsuit, and a black faux fur coat

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Pink Blazer + Black Leather Pants

a woman in a Vegas party, wearing a pink velvet blazer, a pair of black leather pants, and heels

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White Coat + Silver Sequin Dress

a black woman in a Vegas party wearing a white fuzzy coat, a sequin dress, and heels

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Gold Sequin Mini Dress + High Boots

a sexy woman in a Vegas club wearing gold glittering dress and a pair of brown thigh high boots

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Leather Jacket + Mini Skirt

a woman visiting in Vegas in the cold weather, wearing a black leather jacket, and a black mini skirt

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Long Coat + Sweater Mini Dress + Cowboy Boots

a woman standing in Vegas street in the daytime, wearing a cream winter coat, a beige mini skirt, and a pair of white boots

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Leather Blazer + Mini Skirt + Tights

a woman standing in Vegas street, wearing a stylish black leather blazer, navy blue mini skirt set, black tights, and a black handbag

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Little Black Dress + Oversized Blazer

a woman standing in the street of Vegas in the daytime, wearing a black slip dress, a long beige blazer jacket, and a black handbag

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Black Shirt Dress

a beautiful woman wearing a long sleeve black mini dress

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Black Long Sleeves Dress + Ankle Boots

a woman wearing a cozy black long sleeve dress, and a pair of fashionable ankle boots

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Sequin Bodysuit + Leather Shorts

a woman in a Vegas party wearing a silver sequin long sleeve top and a pair of leather shorts

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Black Feather Cropped Blazer & Skirt

a woman dancing in a Vegas club, wearing fashionable black mini skirt and a black long sleeve button down top

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Black Sequin Jacket + Black Dress + Black Boots

a black woman wearing a black sequin jacket, a black bodycon dress, a pair of black leather boots

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Black Blazer + Black Tights + Knee High Boots

a woman in a luxury hotel wearing a black blazer coat, a luxury brand belt, black tights, sleek knee high boots, and a brown handbang

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How do people dress in Vegas in January?

For daytime activities, it is important to keep warm and layer your clothing.

Depending on the exact location in Vegas, temperatures can range from 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit (10-15 Celsius).

Therefore a light jacket or cardigan should be packed along with jeans and comfortable shoes.

For nighttime entertainment or dining out, people typically tend to dress up more than they would during the day.

A nice blouse matched with stylish pants or a skirt for women and perhaps a collared shirt and pants for men should do the trick.


Conclusion: Las Vegas Packing List For January

In conclusion, if you’re wondering what to wear in Las Vegas during January,

  • Besides stylish dresses and jumpsuits, consider packing layers.
  • A light jacket or sweater will come in handy during the cooler evenings.
  • And although it’s not likely that you’ll need them, don’t forget to pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes and an umbrella just in case.
  • Pack your swimsuit and plan to spend some time in the Las Vegas sun at the city’s many pools, but remember that the water can get chilly, so bring along a cover-up.
  • Finally, make sure you bring some sunscreen! The winter sun can damage the skin too.

This post was all about what to wear in Las Vegas in January.


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