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30+ Classy Las Vegas Outfits [2024] What To Wear For An Elevated Style For Every Occasion

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Looking for classy Las Vegas outfits? Check this post for the best style tips on how to dress classy in Vegas and the best outfit ideas for your Vegas trip next time.

Las Vegas, the glitzy city that never sleeps, is renowned for its vibrant nightlife, extravagant casinos, and over-the-top entertainment.

With its opulent hotels and flashy attractions, it’s no wonder that dressing to impress is a must when hitting the Strip.

Whether you’re planning a night out at a swanky rooftop bar or aiming to turn heads at a high-stakes poker table, finding the perfect outfit can be just as thrilling as hitting the jackpot.

In this fashion-forward guide, we’re diving into 30+ classy Las Vegas outfits that will elevate your style game and ensure you stand out in the city where excess is celebrated.

From sleek cocktail dresses that exude sophistication to sharp suits that command attention, we’ve curated an array of ensembles guaranteed to make you feel like a high roller.

So get ready to channel your inner James Bond or Marilyn Monroe as we explore the sartorial secrets of Sin City’s most glamorous inhabitants.

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This post is all about classy Las Vegas outfits.


Las Vegas Dress Code: What Do Ladies Wear In Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, there are no restrictions on attire, allowing you to dress as you please without judgment.

The city does not enforce a rigid dress code, and the favored fashion among residents combines allure, sophistication, and individual style.

For instance, casual jeans or trousers paired with a stylish top are suitable for daytime outings, while evenings call for sleek pants and a sequined top or cocktail dress to fully embrace the vibrant nightlife of Las Vegas.


How Do You Dress Fancy In Vegas

If you want to dress fancy and classy in Las Vegas, here are my favorite tips:


Choose solid colors or classic prints

Solid colors exude sophistication and versatility, allowing you to mix and match with ease while maintaining a sleek and polished look.

On the other hand, classic prints bring a sense of playfulness and flair to your ensemble, adding visual interest and personality.


Choose high-waisted bottoms

When it comes to sizzling in Las Vegas, high-waisted bottoms are a must-have in your wardrobe arsenal.

Not only do they accentuate your curves and elongate your legs, but they also offer versatile styling options that seamlessly transition from day to night.

Whether you opt for tailored high-waisted trousers or a flirty high-waisted skirt, these pieces exude sophistication and elegance that perfectly complement the glamor of Sin City.


Avoid baggy items

When it comes to putting together a standout Las Vegas outfit, one crucial rule to remember is to avoid baggy items at all costs.

While oversized garments might be comfortable, they can often detract from the overall polished and sophisticated look you’re aiming for in Sin City.

Instead, opt for well-fitted clothing that flatters your figure and creates a sleek silhouette.

Whether it’s a tailored blazer or a pair of slim-cut trousers, choosing pieces that fit close to the body will instantly elevate your style game in Las Vegas.


Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable

While glitzy and glamorous outfits may be tempting for a night out in Sin City, it’s essential to prioritize your comfort.

After all, feeling at ease in what you’re wearing can significantly impact your confidence and overall enjoyment of the experience.

Whether it’s a flowy maxi dress or a well-tailored jumpsuit, opt for pieces that allow you to move freely and exude confidence effortlessly.


Wear comfortable shoes

Opting for chic yet comfortable shoes such as embellished flats or low-heeled sandals can keep you looking sophisticated while also allowing you to dance the night away without any discomfort.


Don’t forget a sun hat and sunglasses

As you prepare for your classy Las Vegas getaway, don’t forget to pack a stylish sun hat and some fashionable sunglasses.

Not only will these accessories elevate your outfit, but they’ll also provide essential protection from the scorching desert sun.


Dress for the weather

Despite Las Vegas typically experiencing warm weather year-round, the winter months may bring slightly cooler temperatures.

Therefore, if you plan to visit Las Vegas during winter, pack long-sleeved shirts, trousers, and a lightweight jacket.


Leave expensive jewelry and accessories at home

It’s tempting to pack your most expensive jewelry and accessories for a trip to Las Vegas, but consider leaving them at home.

While it’s understandable that you want to look extra glamorous in the glitzy city, wearing flashy pieces can attract unwanted attention and potentially put you at risk.

Las Vegas is known for its high-energy nightlife and crowded public spaces, making it easy for valuable items to be lost or stolen.

Instead of burdening yourself with worry over your pricey possessions, opt for stylish yet more understated accessories that still exude elegance.

Consider investing in unique statement pieces that won’t break the bank but will still make a memorable impression.


Classy Las Vegas Outfits In The Winter Months

During the winter, Las Vegas experiences mild temperatures, making it suitable for wearing long-sleeved tops and lightweight sweaters.

If the weather turns chilly, consider adding a short teddy coat or a thin jacket.

For bottoms, opt for jeans, leather pants, or a leather skirt.


Long Sleeved Shirt + Mini Skirt + Booties

classy las vegas outfits

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Light Jacket + Lace Top + Black Leather Pants

classy las vegas outfits

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Teddy Jacket + Bodycon Dress + Lug Boots

classy las vegas outfits

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What Should You Wear To Vegas In The Summer Months

In the summer, you have a wide variety of clothing options to pick from for your trip to Vegas.

You could opt for casual dresses, or go for a more relaxed vibe with a cute tank top or breathable white linen top paired with jeans.

I’m also a fan of stylish items like blazer dresses, shirt dresses, and bodycon skirts.

These pieces are both comfortable and on-trend, giving you a chic retro look that’s currently popular.


Button-Down Shirt Dress + Shorts

classy las vegas outfits

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Satin Cami Top + Tight Skirt + Flip Flops

classy las vegas outfits

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What To Wear To Fine Dining Restaurants In Vegas

High-end dining establishments in Las Vegas, like most upscale eateries, have a dress code that leans towards the formal side.

To elevate your Las Vegas experience, consider incorporating a sequined or glittery item into your outfit for an extra touch of glamour at dinner.

This simple addition can enhance your overall appearance.

Additionally, don’t forget to accessorize with elegant statement jewelry and carry a delicate clutch for a refined evening out.

If you’re planning to dine at a fancy restaurant during the daytime, you can opt for slightly less formal attire.

A dress that is not overly casual or a well-fitted top paired with trousers would be a suitable choice.

It’s advisable to avoid wearing jeans or shorts when dining at high-end restaurants in Las Vegas.


Satin Bodycon Dress + High Heels

classy las vegas outfits

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Glitter Little Black Dress

classy las vegas outfits

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Long Sleeves Top + Satin Midi Skirt + A Pair of Heels

classy las vegas outfits

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Black White Cocktail Dress

classy las vegas outfits

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Classy Las Vegas Outfit Ideas For A Vegas Club

For a night out at Las Vegas nightclubs, opt for a mini dress or skirt to ensure you look your best.

Avoid sportswear such as sweatshirts, sweatpants, sneakers, and baseball caps.

Additionally, steer clear of ripped or baggy clothing that doesn’t match the nightclub vibe.

Keep it classy by avoiding overly revealing outfits and choosing high-quality, well-fitted fabrics.

Complete your look with a pair of pointed-toe heels for the perfect Las Vegas nightclub ensemble.


Sequin Bodycon Dress

classy las vegas outfits

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Cutout Waist Sequin Dress

classy las vegas outfits

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What Clothes To Wear In Las Vegas For Evening Shows

All year round, tourists from around the globe are drawn to Las Vegas shows.

The variety of shows in Las Vegas means that each has its specific dress code.

For a more relaxed show, a stylish top with jeans or black pants is suitable.

However, for more upscale shows, it’s best to opt for more refined attire.

I recommend swapping either your top or bottom for a sequined or velvet piece to add just the right touch of sophistication without appearing overly flashy.


Sequin Skirt + Oversized Knit Top

classy las vegas outfits

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Sequin Pants + White Top

classy las vegas outfits

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Sequin Blazer + A Pair of Jeans + Ankle Boots

classy las vegas outfits

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Velvet Top + Nice Pants

classy las vegas outfits

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What Do You Wear To A Fancy Casino In Vegas

There are no formal dress codes at Las Vegas casinos, but it’s advisable to avoid extremely casual attire.

Typically, women opt for cocktail dresses or elegant pants paired with a stylish top.

Some also favor jumpsuits or coordinated blazer sets.

In colder weather, leather pants can be a suitable option.

Consider accessorizing with statement jewelry to enhance your overall look.


Sleeveless Wrap Dress

classy las vegas outfits

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Halter Bodycon Maxi Dress

classy las vegas outfits

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Glitter Jumpsuit

classy las vegas outfits

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Fitted Blazer + Black Jeans

classy las vegas outfits

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Velvet Top + Black Leather Leggings + Booties

classy las vegas outfits

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How To Style For Vegas Daytime Outdoor Activities

In addition to its vibrant nightlife, Las Vegas offers a plethora of daytime attractions that are well worth exploring.

From amusement parks and exhibitions to shows and the iconic Las Vegas Strip, there’s no shortage of activities to keep you entertained.

As such, it’s essential to ensure you have a comfortable pair of shoes for your daytime adventures in the city.

Whether it’s flip-flops, sneakers, sandals, boots, or casual flats, opt for footwear that will allow you to stroll around comfortably.

If you plan on dining at a nice restaurant during the day, closed-toe shoes are recommended.

As for daytime attire, consider an elevated casual look by combining staple pieces with trendy items such as an oversized blazer, leather skirt, wide-leg pants, crop tops, or shorts to showcase your style with a touch of sophistication.


Mock Neck Tank Top + Faux Leather Skirt + Comfortable Shoes

classy las vegas outfits

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Lace Blazer + Leather Shorts

classy las vegas outfits

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Slim Top + Leather Midi Skirt + Comfortable Sandals

classy las vegas outfits

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Blazer + Crop Top + High Waist Skinny Jeans

classy las vegas outfits

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What To Wear To Pool Parties In Vegas

Las Vegas is renowned for its pool parties, especially during the summer when it becomes the most sought-after destination in the city.

Attendees can revel in the ultimate freedom at these pool parties, flaunting their stunning swimsuits and coverups.

It’s worth noting that certain hotels enforce strict dress codes for these events, so packing a long dress is advisable.

This way, you can effortlessly transition from the pool area to other parts of the hotel while maintaining a stylish look.

While summer is ideal for experiencing a Vegas pool party, winter also offers opportunities as Las Vegas rarely experiences freezing temperatures.

Even during winter, some hotels continue to host fantastic pool parties with comfortably warm water temperatures, ensuring that attendees can enjoy themselves without concerns about catching a cold.


Backless Split Thigh Cover Up + Bikinis / Bathing Suit / Cute Swimsuit

classy las vegas outfits

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Classy Outfit Ideas For A Bachelorette Party In Las Vegas

Attending a bachelorette party in Las Vegas?

Be sure to pack your best cocktail attire, whether it’s a little black dress or a stylish cami top with nice pants.

Add some flair with chic jewelry and a fancy clutch, and don’t forget to bring along some stylish stilettos for a fun night out.

Consider unique colors like dark green, burgundy, or hot pink to make your outfit pop, but steer clear of white.

And for added comfort, throw in a pair of flat shoes to switch into when your feet need a break from those heels.


Sequin Cami Top + Green Velvet Wide Leg Pants

classy las vegas outfits

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What To Wear To A Formal Event In Vegas

Dress up in elegant clothing for a formal occasion in Las Vegas.

Women have the option of wearing a cocktail dress, gown, or evening dress, and can enhance their outfit with a stylish pair of high heels.

In case of chilly weather, consider adding a blazer or fur coat to stay warm.


Chic Outfit Ideas For New Year’s Eve In Vegas

Don’t pass up the opportunity to experience New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas if you’re planning a trip there at the end of the year.

It’s widely regarded as the perfect time to visit, offering a range of attractions from breathtaking fireworks and captivating performances to lively nightclub parties and delectable New Year’s dinners at top restaurants.

To ensure you make a statement at this glamorous event, consider wearing sequins, mesh, feathers, or other eye-catching designs, and don’t be afraid to incorporate metallic tones like gold or silver for an extra touch of elegance.


Off Shoulder Crop Top + Sequin Wide Leg Pants

classy las vegas outfits

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Off Shoulder Crop Velvet Top + Leather Leggings

classy las vegas outfits

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One Shoulder Glitter Bodycon Dress

classy las vegas outfits

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Mock Neck Sequin Tank Top + Black Pants + Statement Jewelry

classy las vegas outfits

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Black Mesh Blouse + Black Pants

classy las vegas outfits

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What Classy Outfits To Wear To A Las Vegas Work Trip

Heading to Las Vegas for work? Business casual or smart casual attire is always a safe bet.

These styles are ideal for professional meetings, corporate dinners, and formal functions.

To enhance your business casual look, consider incorporating a distinctive top under your blazer, statement necklaces, or stylish hoop earrings.

Alternatively, swapping out your standard white or black heels for a pair of vibrant red or hot pink heels can inject some color into your office ensemble.


Tank Top + Blazer + Dress Pants

classy las vegas outfits

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Chic Plane Home Outfits From Vegas

Are you about to wrap up your Las Vegas adventure and prepare for departure?

I suggest opting for relaxed and stylish attire to enhance your travel experience.

Consider pairing a tank top with leggings or cozy jeans for a winning combination.

Opt for comfortable sneakers or flats as your footwear of choice. Elevate your look by adding a baseball cap or sunglasses to showcase your style.


What Should I Wear In Vegas Over 40?

To exude confidence while navigating various occasions in Las Vegas, consider donning a chic little black dress or a stylish cocktail dress.

This attire is suitable for nightclubs, shows, and upscale dinners, allowing you to move with assurance.

During the daytime, opt for a casual look with a simple top paired with jeans and comfortable flats.

For an elegant and comfortable footwear option, minimalist loafers or pointy-toe flats are recommended.

When visiting in winter, ensure to bring along a leather jacket or lightweight outerwear.

Additionally, packing a sharp blazer is highly advised as it can elevate your overall look with sophistication and style during your Vegas trip.

This post was all about classy Las Vegas outfits.


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