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50+ Cozy And Chic Formal Winter Skirt Outfits For Parties, Weddings, And More!

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Looking for the best formal winter skirt outfits? Check this post for the best style tips on how to style a skirt for formal events in winter, and the 50+ best formal winter skirt outfit ideas to copy and shop for directly.

Imagine yourself gracefully navigating through snow-covered streets in a luxurious wool skirt paired with cozy tights and knee-high boots.

Picture yourself making a bold statement at an office gathering in a sleek leather skirt adorned with tasteful accessories.

With this comprehensive collection of outfit ideas, we’re here to help you seamlessly transition from summer dresses to winter elegance without sacrificing an ounce of style.

So grab a cup of hot cocoa and prepare to immerse yourself in the world of sophisticated winter fashion that will leave you feeling empowered and ready for whatever the season brings.

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This post is all about formal winter skirt outfits.


How To Style A Skirt For Formal Events In Winter Season

Check the dress code

Finding the perfect outfit for a formal event can be daunting, but it all starts with checking the dress code.

Understanding the dress code is essential in creating a stylish and appropriate look.

For winter formal events, consider opting for elegant and sophisticated attire that keeps you warm without sacrificing style.


Select the appropriate style of skirt

When it comes to choosing the right skirt type for a formal winter outfit, it’s important to consider both style and functionality.

A classic pencil skirt can be a timeless option, offering a sleek and tailored look perfect for professional settings.

Meanwhile, an A-line skirt provides a more feminine and playful silhouette that can add flair to your ensemble.

Consider the fabric as well—opting for wool or thick cotton can provide warmth while still looking polished.

Another key factor to consider is the length of the skirt.

Midi skirts are a great choice for winter as they offer coverage while still maintaining elegance.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to embrace bold colors or patterns during the colder months—pairing a vibrant midi or maxi skirt with tights and boots can create a striking formal look that defies traditional winter fashion norms.


Choose thick material

Choosing a thick material for your winter skirt is essential for keeping warm while maintaining a stylish look.

Opting for fabrics like wool, tweed, or knit can add texture and depth to your outfit, creating a cozy and polished appearance.

These materials not only provide insulation against the cold but also drape beautifully, adding an elegant touch to formal winter ensembles.


Avoid informal items like a fleece jacket, denim jacket, cable-knit sweater, chunky scarf, and similar casual attire.

As you curate your formal winter skirt outfits, it’s essential to steer clear of casual style pieces like fleece jackets, denim jackets, and cable-knit sweaters.

While these cozy pieces may be perfect for a casual weekend look or an outdoor adventure, they can detract from the polished and sophisticated nature of a formal outfit.

Instead, opt for tailored coats or structured blazers that will elevate your ensemble and add a touch of elegance.


Choose leather closed-toe shoes

When it comes to creating a stylish formal winter skirt outfit, opting for leather closed-toe shoes can elevate your look to a whole new level.

The sleek and sophisticated nature of leather closed-toe shoes adds refinement and elegance to any outfit, making them the perfect choice for those chilly winter evenings.

Not only do these shoes provide warmth and protection from the cold, but they also exude professionalism and class.


Add black tights, opaque tights, or fleece-lined tights for extra warmth.

Adding black tights, opaque tights, or fleece-lined tights to your winter skirt outfit not only adds extra warmth but also opens up a whole new avenue for creative styling.

Consider pairing a sleek pencil skirt with black opaque tights and ankle boots for a polished and cozy office look.

Or take it up a notch by layering fleece-lined tights under a flowy midi skirt and adding knee-high boots for an effortlessly chic ensemble that will keep you warm all day long.


What To Wear With A Skirt In Winter For Formal Events?


Long Coat with a Skirt




The combination of a long coat with a skirt is a perfect choice for those looking to stay chic and warm during the winter months.

Pairing a sleek, tailored long coat with a form-fitting pencil skirt creates an elegant and sophisticated look that’s ideal for formal occasions.

Whether you opt for a classic black coat or experiment with rich, jewel-toned hues, this pairing exudes timeless style while offering practical warmth.

For added drama and flair, consider opting for a maxi-length coat to complement your skirt.

This dramatic silhouette brings an extra touch of glamour to your outfit while providing the added benefit of extra coverage against the chill.


Skirt and Jacket



When it comes to creating a formal winter outfit, the combination of a skirt and jacket offers endless possibilities for chic and sophisticated ensembles.

Consider pairing a sleek pencil skirt with an impeccably tailored blazer for a polished office look that exudes confidence and professionalism.

Opting for rich, luxurious fabrics like tweed or wool can add warmth and texture to your ensemble, elevating your style while keeping you comfortable during colder months.

For those seeking a more modern twist on the classic skirt and jacket pairing, experiment with unexpected silhouettes and bold patterns.

A midi skirt in a vibrant floral print paired with a structured leather jacket can infuse your outfit with personality and playfulness while remaining suitable for formal settings.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures and colors to create unique combinations that express your individual style, making every winter formal event an opportunity to showcase your fashion-forward sensibility.


Sweater and Skirt


The combination of a sweater and skirt can create a chic and sophisticated look for the winter season.

A cozy knit sweater paired with a flowing, elegant skirt effortlessly blends comfort and style.

Opting for a monochromatic color scheme can create a polished, streamlined appearance, while mixing textures such as cable-knit sweaters with silk or wool skirts adds depth to the outfit.

Accessorizing this ensemble with statement jewelry or a bold belt can elevate the overall look, adding an element of visual interest that draws the eye.

Additionally, experimenting with different lengths and silhouettes of both the sweater and skirt can result in diverse outfit combinations that cater to individual tastes and preferences.


Turtleneck with a Skirt



The combination of a turtleneck with a skirt creates a sophisticated and polished look that is perfect for formal winter events.

The sleek, streamlined silhouette of the turtleneck pairs beautifully with the elegance of a structured skirt, creating a classy and timeless ensemble.

Opt for a form-fitting turtleneck in a luxurious fabric such as cashmere or merino wool to keep you warm without adding bulk, while pairing it with a tailored midi or maxi skirt for an effortlessly chic outfit.

To add an extra touch of glam to this classic combination, consider accessorizing with statement jewelry or a bold belt to cinch the waist.

Playing with textures and patterns can also elevate the look – think pairing a ribbed turtleneck with a satin or velvet skirt for added depth and visual interest.

Whether you’re attending an office holiday party or a winter wedding, embracing the turtleneck-skirt duo is sure to make you stand out in style while staying cozy during the chilly season.


Blazer with a Skirt


A blazer paired with a skirt is the epitome of sophisticated chic, offering a perfect balance between professional and stylish.

This classic combination exudes confidence and power while maintaining an effortlessly elegant look.

When choosing the perfect blazer to complement your winter skirt outfit, consider rich, textured fabrics like tweed or velvet for added warmth and a luxurious touch.

Experiment with different lengths and silhouettes to find the right match for your skirt – a cropped blazer can accentuate the waistline of your A-line or pencil skirt, while a longer boyfriend blazer adds a contemporary edge to your ensemble.


Wear A Matching Skirt Set



Wearing a matching skirt set to a formal winter event is not only stylish but also practical.

A coordinated skirt and top ensemble exudes elegance and sophistication, making it the perfect choice for glamorous occasions.

The beauty of a matching set lies in its versatility – you can easily mix and match the pieces with other items in your wardrobe for different looks, adding value to your investment.

Plus, in colder weather, the extra coverage offered by a long skirt paired with a complementary top provides both warmth and style.

When selecting a matching skirt set for a formal winter event, consider textures and fabrics that exude luxury.

Opt for rich materials like velvet or brocade to add depth and opulence to your outfit.

Additionally, choose coordinating accessories like statement jewelry or an embellished clutch to elevate the look even further.


Stylish Formal Winter Skirt Outfit Ideas


Black Skirt


When it comes to styling a black skirt for a formal winter event, the key is in the details.

Opt for a luxurious fabric like velvet or wool to add sophistication and warmth to your outfit.

Pairing the skirt with a form-fitting turtleneck in a rich jewel tone can create an elegant and polished look that’s perfect for a winter soiree.

To elevate the ensemble further, add some opulent accessories like statement earrings or a bejeweled belt to bring some sparkle and glamour to your outfit.

For those looking for a modern twist on formal winter styling, consider incorporating textures like lace or faux fur into your black skirt ensemble.

A sleek silk blouse in champagne or silver hues can bring refinement and airiness to the overall look while adding layers of warmth with a tailored blazer in a complementary color.

Tights are also essential for keeping warm while maintaining an element of chicness – opt for opaque black or patterned tights to add visual interest without sacrificing comfort.


Pleated Skirt




When it comes to styling a pleated skirt for a formal winter event, consider opting for rich, luxurious fabrics like velvet or silk that exude an elegant vibe.

Pairing a deep burgundy or emerald pleated skirt with a tailored cashmere sweater creates an effortlessly chic look and keeps you warm in the chilly weather. Add some opulent accessories such as statement earrings and a glittering clutch to elevate the ensemble and make it perfect for any formal occasion.

For a more contemporary take on styling a pleated skirt for winter, try layering with a structured blazer in a complementary shade.

The juxtaposition of the feminine flow of the skirt against the tailored lines of the blazer creates an eye-catching silhouette that is ideal for making a statement at any formal event.

Complete the outfit with opaque tights and ankle boots to strike the perfect balance between sophistication and practicality during the colder months.


Sequin Skirt


When it comes to styling a sequin skirt for a formal winter event, it’s all about striking the perfect balance between glamor and warmth.

Start by opting for a classic color like silver or gold to exude elegance while staying on-trend.

Pair your sequin skirt with a luxurious cashmere turtleneck sweater in a complementary shade such as deep burgundy or emerald green.

This combination not only adds texture and depth to your outfit but also keeps you cozy during the chilly winter evening.

To elevate the look further, consider adding statement accessories like crystal drop earrings or a bejeweled clutch to enhance the festive vibe of your ensemble.

Complete the outfit with sleek heeled ankle boots in a neutral tone or velvet pumps for an extra touch of sophistication.

Embracing this mix of textures and elegant details will ensure that your sequin skirt ensemble stands out at any formal winter event while keeping you chic and comfortable amidst the seasonal festivities.


Satin Skirt



Transforming your look for a formal winter event with a satin skirt can be both sophisticated and stunning.

Opt for a midi or maxi length satin skirt in deep jewel tones like emerald, sapphire or ruby for an elegant touch.

Pair it with a luxurious cashmere turtleneck sweater in a coordinating color to keep warm and add dimension to the outfit.

Layering with an elegant faux fur stole or jacket can elevate the ensemble while also providing extra warmth during the chilly season.

Complete the look with statement earrings, classic pumps, and a sleek clutch to tie together this glamorous winter outfit.

Embracing the luxe textures of satin and cashmere in rich hues can create a show-stopping look that is both timeless and on-trend for any formal winter event.


Tweed Skirt




When it comes to styling a tweed skirt for a formal winter event, there are numerous ways to create a polished and elegant look.

Start by choosing a high-waisted tweed skirt in a classic color such as black, gray or navy to exude sophistication.

Pair it with a fitted turtleneck sweater in a complementary hue for added warmth and style.

Consider adding an embellished belt to cinch the waist and elevate the outfit with a touch of glamour.

To complete the formal winter look, opt for opaque tights in a coordinating shade and finish off with heeled ankle boots or elegant pumps.

Accessorize with statement earrings or a delicate necklace to add extra flair without overwhelming the ensemble.

Finally, don’t forget to layer on an exquisite wool coat or faux fur stole for additional warmth and refinement that will make you stand out at any winter event.


Leather Skirt



When it comes to dressing for a formal winter event, pairing a leather skirt with the right pieces can create a striking and sophisticated look.

Consider combining your leather skirt with a luxurious cashmere turtleneck sweater in a rich jewel tone for an elegant and cozy ensemble.

Complete the outfit with opaque tights and heeled ankle boots to keep warm while exuding timeless glamour.

For those who want to add extra polish to their formal winter look, opt for a sleek silk blouse in a complementary color with tailored blazer.

The smooth texture of the blouse contrasts beautifully with the edginess of the leather skirt, while the blazer adds structure and refinement.

Finish off the ensemble with statement earrings and classic pumps for an effortlessly chic appearance that’s perfect for any formal event during the winter season.


Pencil Skirt



One way to style a pencil skirt for a formal winter event is to pair it with a luxurious cashmere turtleneck in a rich jewel tone.

The sleek silhouette of the pencil skirt contrasts beautifully with the cozy texture of the sweater, creating an elegant and sophisticated look.

Add a statement belt to cinch the waist and complete the ensemble with some classic black pumps for an effortlessly chic outfit that exudes winter elegance.

Another stunning option for styling a pencil skirt for a formal winter event is to opt for a tailored blazer in a complementary color.

This creates a polished and put-together aesthetic that is perfect for any upscale occasion.

Choose a blazer with interesting details such as velvet lapels or metallic buttons to add some extra flair, and finish the look with opaque tights and ankle boots for added warmth without sacrificing style.


Knit Skirt




Opt for a luxurious cashmere or wool-blend knit skirt in a rich, deep hue like burgundy or navy.

Pair it with a sophisticated silk blouse and statement jewelry for an effortlessly glamorous look.

Consider adding textured tights and ankle booties or elegant heels to complete the ensemble while staying cozy in the chilly weather.

For a modern twist on winter formal attire, experiment with layering by adding a tailored blazer or faux fur coat over your knit skirt ensemble.

Play with unexpected textures and colors that contrast beautifully against the knitted fabric.

Embrace embellishments like sequins or metallic threads on your skirt to add sparkle and elevate your outfit for the occasion.

Lastly, don’t forget to experiment with different hairstyles, from sleek updos to soft waves, to complement your chic winter formal look.


What To Wear With A Skirt For Winter Weddings




When it comes to winter weddings, finding the perfect outfit that strikes a balance between style and warmth can be quite the challenge.

However, donning a skirt for a winter wedding can offer an elegant and sophisticated look while keeping you cozy.

To create a stunning ensemble, consider pairing your skirt with an embellished sweater or cashmere turtleneck in rich jewel tones like emerald or burgundy.

This will not only add texture and dimension to your outfit but also provide much-needed insulation against the chilly temperatures.

For those wanting to make a statement, opt for a maxi skirt in luxurious velvet or satin that exudes opulence and glamour.

Pair it with a tailored blazer in complementary colors for a polished yet whimsical look.


Add Fur Stoles or Faux Fur Stoles

Shop The Stoles

Fur stoles, or their more eco-friendly faux fur counterparts, add a touch of vintage glamour to any formal winter skirt outfit.

These stylish accessories can elevate a plain skirt and top combination into a luxurious and elegant ensemble.

Pairing a fur stole with your formal winter skirt outfit adds texture and visual interest, making it an ideal choice for special occasions or evening events where you want to stand out in style.

When choosing a fur stole or faux fur stole for your formal winter skirt outfit, consider opting for neutral tones like black, gray, or cream to ensure versatility and easy pairing with various skirts and tops in your wardrobe.

With its ability to transform an ordinary ensemble into something extraordinary, adding a fur stole is an effortless way to infuse luxury into your winter looks.

This post was all about formal winter skirt outfits.


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